Influences of Alignment and Derailment – January 2016

I’ve enjoyed looking at Astro and Human Design influences. I’ve been using my own chart, but the transits are relevant to everyone in some way. I decided in the interest of space on the blog, to do monthly sections instead of weekly. Clearly my life gets in the way at times, but the book is published, and I think (hope) I’m done with any more revisions, so I should be able to be more consistent. This is a learning experience for me. I have some knowledge, but I’ve really been taken with Human Design although I dearly love Astrology. I like to look at how different viewpoints interact, so that’s some of what I’m doing here. Doing this monthly will result in less pages under the Astro/Human Design section, which will be more manageable I think. Plus, there will be a sense of continuity that daily or weekly doesn’t give. I’ll begin each month with a Lunar Return chart and talk about what’s interesting there, and then I’ll post Human Design transits daily. So, here we go with January’s influences. I mean, can you believe it’s 2016?!!

Sunday, 3 Jan 2016

Lunar Return chart

jan 2016 lunar return

The expansive energy of Jupiter continues the personal transformation I’ve experienced over the last year. It suggests strong intuition and a need to follow my inner knowing. In Virgo, Jupiter suggests my health is a focus, which is true. My tendency to go my own way is supported here as I continue to create my own alternative medicines for my remission from rheumatoid arthritis, again maintaining balance is important.

Mars in the Sixth House suggests partnerships are important but again, to avoid imbalance by staying focused in the present moment and not in someone else’s drama. Mars in Libra counsels balance in dealing with others as well. For this Libran, life has always been a balancing act. Saturnian influences point me in the direction of self-reliance, a long-running theme in my life, leaving behind self-doubt. Waiting to respond, as a Generator-type person, is key to overcoming the reactionary influences of the Moon in Gemini and in the First House.

Morality and high ideals have always led the way in my life and the influence of Uranus in the Eleventh House supports my activist tendencies. Uranus in Aries suggests originality and strong intuition, reinforcing my empath traits. But it also suggests that I can be easily derailed by the energy around me, so again, alignment with Self is key.

A spiritual focus regarding career goals is in play with Neptune in the Tenth House. A desire to help others gives the greatest satisfaction. Neptune in Pisces speaks to the empath in me with awareness of the multi-dimensional aspect of self. Connection with Higher Self is the focus as well as oneness with others. Empathic awareness is high during this period of time.

Chiron in the Eleventh House further suggests this desire to help others involves a need for family or community, or a need for belonging. However that should be kept in perspective so that my goals aren’t compromised. The need for family or belonging could speak to a more wounded aspect of self, so balance and self-determination are important.

The time to blaze new trails continues into this new year, to go my own way, have new experiences, and break new ground. Life is unfolding around me, almost on its own schedule. I’m merely observing the experience.

Chiron in Pisces contributes to an empath’s tendency to feel apart from others. But since I know that I give the world around me the meaning it has, so it’s always possible to choose another way of seeing things. It’s possible to move through life, creating our own possiblities without the need for approval from others. We exist in value and worthiness, as extensions of Source Energy, and it’s not possible to ever be anything else or. Nor are we ever alone. Although the empath may have difficulty connecting with others at times, it’s typically because of the enormity of the energy involved. So, I’ll relax into being, stay aligned and focused on the now, relegating the wounded part of me to the perception of the past.

  • Neptune in Pisces (7° Pis 22′); Neptune in the Tenth House
  • Chiron in Pisces (17° Pis 15′); Chiron in the Eleventh House
  • Mercury in Capricorn (20° Cap 30′); Mercury in the Ninth House – Ruler of rising sign
  • Mars in Libra (24° Lib 03′); Mars in the Sixth House
  • Saturn in Sagittarius (10° Sag 15′); Saturn in the Seventh House – Angular planet – conjunct Descendant
  • Moon in Gemini (12° Gem 12′ 50″); Moon in the First House – Angular planet – conjunct Ascendant
  • Uranus in Aries (16° Ari 34’R); Uranus in the Eleventh House
  • Jupiter in Virgo (22° Vir 52′); Jupiter in the Fifth House

Human Design Transits

Jan - Transit 132016    Jan - rave wheel 132016









The Channel of Transitoriness (35-36) is still in effect today, so crazy energy is possible. Staying aligned is important so that I experience the energy without becoming derailed by it. Transiting Moon at Gate 50 (Cauldron), Line 4 (Corruption) counsels to stay aligned with my strong value system as a means of defense against corrupting, crazy influences. Mars transits at the same Gate and Line strengthen this counsel.

Current transits with the South Node (36 – Darkness; 3 – Transition) suggest embracing change that comes from crisis, focusing on creating something new. The influence of limitation is felt at Gate 60, but the influence of Line 5’s leadership allows me to either work within or possibly move beyond any limitations felt. Staying in the now helps me to trust in the process, allowing transformation to unfold. Jupiter’s transit at Gate 6 (Conflict), Line 1 (Retreat) suggests a time out is better than staying within any conflict.

So it sounds like although I may experience some limitations today, I’ll trust that my life will unfold in resonance with Self. A little tunnel vision may be in order..or a Shameless marathon.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 4 Jan 2016

Jan - Transit 142016Two ideas come up today as the bodygram remains essentially the same except for transits with the Moon and Venus. Here we have a more inward focus in play today. Venus at Gate 9 reflects the taming power of the small, and at Line 2, misery loves company influences. It’s essentially having the focus to attend to the minutiae of life. Careful focus on detail can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Moon at Gate 1, The Creative, with Line 4, creativity born of solitude or inner work, ties in well with transiting Venus. Gate 1, Line 4 lays the groundwork for successful implementation of Gate 9, Line 3: inner work bringing focused results..

I love that! See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, 5 Jan 2016

Jan - Transit 152015

Changing tranists for Tuesday involve the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

The Sun transits at Gate 54 – The marrying maiden along with influence, Line 1 – achieving influence through private relationships. Values don’t have to be sacrificed simply because I’m embracing new directions, and it’s okay to ask for and receive help from others along the way.

The Earth transits at Gate 53 – development and Line 1 – accumulation. New projects are unfolding, with skills developed over a lifetime serving me well.

Transit Moon at Gate 14 – possession in great measure, and Line 5 – arrogance, involves how we embrace power from grace to arrogance. Power is not necessarily defined as aggressive, but instead true power is in quiet grace. Gate 14 is one side of the Channel of the Beat, a channel that’s newly active today, along with Channel 35-36 (crazy energy). The Channel of the Beat is about wealth acquisition and management. Although I’m not certain about the wealth part, I’m definitely doing a bunch of managing. The new affiliate store is active and the kindle version of the book is published, and I’m waiting on the review of the print version. I think I’ve spent most of my time trying to remember what I’ve forgotten to do.

I’d say these transits describe my life right now quite well. Although I’m embarking on some new projects, their basic framework is familiar. I have no idea what the outcome will be, and I’m having too much fun to care!

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016

Jan - Transit 162016 The Moon transits again, today at Gate 9 – the taming power of the small, and Line 2 – misery loves company. Taking care of business will again be the theme today. Focus on detail assures a positive outcome. Transiting Venus in opposition with my natal Moon suggests I should take a break and relax a bit. So while relaxing, I decided to look at how Lilith is affecting my day.

Pluto’s transit with Lilith counsels that I remain aligned with my purpose while continuing to grow and change is suggested. Honesty with self and others along with living my truth is critical to positive outcomes and success. I love outer planet influences. I relate so much more to them than closer planetary influences, other than the Moon of course.

Chiron, thastro transits 162016e wounded healer aspect of self, encourages sensitivity to feelings and intuition at this time. Oh, like I ever could not be an empath. All snark aside, remaining aware of the energy around me is important right now and how that influences my own focus and expression in the world. This is supported by Jupiter’s expansive influence. As a Generator-type personality, I should definitely observe and not get involved, and above all, wait to respond to situations that may not be as big as they appear.

Awareness of self is influenced by Lilith transiting the Moon. It’s best to sit with anything that comes up, positive or negative, allowing truth to come into focus without resistance. What may have been previously thought as good or bad is now understood to be only experiences, nothing more. I can take what serves and leave the rest as a memory. Standing in my power involves presence in the now, not in past memory, where I tend to be far too hard on myself. None of us us here for that. We’re here to create and to experience life as it unfolds.

  • Transiting Venus in strong opposition (forming, 3.1 degrees) with natal Moon – Leading planet of planetary pattern
  • Transiting Pluto in strong sextile (forming, 0.4 degrees) with natal Lilith
  • Transiting Chiron in strong conjunction (fading, 2.1 degrees) with natal Lilith
  • Transiting Lilith in strong trine (fading, 2.7 degrees) with natal Moon Leading planet of planetary pattern
  • Transiting Lilith in strong conjunction (fading, 1.1 degrees) with natal Jupiter
  • Transiting Earth in strong trine (fading, 0.3 degrees) with natal Lilith

I also wanted to include some reference material I’ve found helpful in my research on Human Design. You’re welcome to click on any that interest you for further details.

Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu

Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are  by Karen Curry

And the cards are wonderful! Human Design, Rave I’Ching Card Deck


~Blessings to all!

Thursday, 7 Jan 2016

Jan - Transit 172016The crazy energy of Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) is still active today, along with a new Channel of Surrender (26/44). Specific Gate transits involve Mars and the Moon.

Mars transits today at Gate 28, Line 1 – preparation. This energy aligns well with the creative energy flowing from Channel 26/44. Attention to detail supports that flow of energy moving toward a successful outcome.

Channel 26/44 is the channel of surrender, of allowing ideas to manifest in nonresistance. The Moon is transiting at Gate 26 – censorship – allows me to stay focused on what matters, letting go of what doesn’t serve. Gate 44 from my natal chart indicates honesty and integrity.

Although many of the Gates remain the same, the Lines do change sometimes. Each line corresponds to a line on the I Ching hexagram and moves the primary energy of the Gate in either an intrapersonal or transpersonal influence. Intrapersonal influences make up Lines 1, 2 and 3, the focus is on the self; Transpersonal influences make up Lines 4, 5 and 6, with the focus on relationships with others. So when we see a movement in the Line numbers from self to self in relationship to others, depending upon the line involved, the energy influencing the Gate can change. Besides being an incredibly beautiful deck, this is where the Human Design Card deck is so useful. Each card discusses the meaning behind each gate, also listing each line influence. It’s easy to see how the flow of influence changes that way. I highly recommend them as a handy resource when studying Human Design.

Each line represents:

  1. Investigator
  2. Hermit
  3. Martyr
  4. Opportunist
  5. Heretic
  6. Role Model

After a bodygram is done for someone, a profile is created reflecting which of these six lines is the dominate influence during both the Design phase (88 days prior to birth) and the Personality phase (day of birth). In my case, I have a 6/2 profile, one of a Role Model and Hermit. The first number reflects influences within conscious awareness and the second influences that are more unconscious in nature. So, as both an empath and a witch as well, I tend to hide out while still wishing to express myself. But with the Emotional Inner Authority of the Solar Plexus Center dominate, I have to wait for an invitation before expressing myself. Because empaths think so quickly, it’s tough to wait, although it’s always the best choice for me to make.

Line 4 is the influence for both Gates in Channel 26/44. Human Design tells us that Line 4 is the Opportunist. That can have a negative connotation, but not so here. In Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology, Karen Curry defines Line 4 this way:

If you are a fourth line profile (1/ 4, 4/ 1, 4/ 6), your relationships are very important to you. You probably have gotten some of your greatest opportunities in life from your social network and your friends. The fourth line energy is gregarious and deeply rooted in relationships. If you are a fourth line, you have a lifetime process of getting to the foundation of what it means to be in relationships. You care, and you care deeply.¹

Change can also be an issue with an Line 4 influence. Living with the unknown is not always comfortable. I prefer to know the road ahead and these days that’s not really possible. Which makes the influence of surrender and nonresistance so important to successful outcomes. I’ve been learning to let go and not try to know all aspects of everything under the sun. Hard for an empath, so I’ll rephrase that and say that I should not focus upon all aspects of everything under the sun. Knowing them..well, I have no choice there.

So this was cool looking at channels. I really love Human’s so interesting and so right on.

See you tomorrow!



  1. Curry, Karen (2013-10-01). Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are (p. 114). Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Jan - Transit 182016Today’s influences involve Venus at Gate 5, Line 1, along with the Moon transiting at Gate 10 creating two new active channels in my transit chart with Gates 57 and 34. From my natal body gram, my Personality Sun is at Gate 57,  Line 6 – utilization. Gate 57 is the Gate of Intuition, while Gate 10 is Love of Self. Karen Curry writes:

Gate 10 is one of the most significant gates. It is rooted in the Identity Center and associated with empowerment. The energy of empowerment in this gate is lived out by example: someone with this gate empowers others to live out their magnificence by demonstrating their own magnificence.¹

Channel 10/57 is the Channel of Perfected Form. The Moon transiting at Gate 10, Line 5 brings the influence of the heretic in the form of principled behavior. For an empath, it’s not really about kicking the beehive, as my husband is fond of saying. An empath’s life path involves standing in Higher Truth.

Channel 10/34 is the Channel of Exploration, or following my convictions and is activated by Gate 10. In my natal bodygram, Channel 34/57 (Power/Intuition) is active, so with the addition of Gate 10, the influence of the energy within the entire multi-channel is available to me. This channel also helps me, through right action, empower others on their path.

Venus makes an appearance today at Gate 5, Line 1 – perseverance. Standing strong when faced with adversity is the influence here, which aligns well with the energies present in the new channels.

A couple of Gates remained the same; however, their lines shifted from intrapersonal to transpersonal in nature, and I wanted to look at how the influence on the Gates shifts. Personality Sun shifted from 54.2 to 54.4. Personality Earth shifted from 53.2 to 53.4.

In the case of Gate 53, Development/Starting Things, the influence changes from one of personal momentum to the purest form of transformation, reminding me of the rune, Dagaz, pure enlightenment. It’s all about experience, with positive and negative as judgments only. We each sit in the middle of that experience, witnessing, perhaps interacting, but never in judgment.

Dagaz (middle)

Gate 54, the marrying maiden, shifts from the influence of discretion to selflessness and magnanimity. So one can easily see the flow of influence as it shifts from self to other.

Expressed in the rune of enlightenment, Dagaz, staying aligned with our Source within is really the only way we move through our lives with nonresistance. And it’s through that nonresistance that we remained aligned.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Curry, Karen (2013-10-01). Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are (p. 135). Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jan - Transit 192016On this new moon, Personality Moon transits at Gate 61, Line 5 – occult knowledge. Well, it is the Dark Moon after all. The Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) remains active, so a little unstable or crazy energy along with occult knowledge will make for some interesting intention-setting during ritual. I prefer the Dark Moon over all other moons. It’s Crone energy at its purest. With the influences happening today, it suggests a wonderful time for hedgeriding, or shamanic journeying.

The Full Moon is exciting, but when in her Dark phase, I feel a quiet resonance with Goddess. It’s a time for gathering energies back to Self, recentering and aligning for the month to come. The energy flows inward, as intentions are set, a genesis of something new, of something more.

The Dark Moon is the time of beginnings and endings, of balance and renewal. Align with Self; align with Goddess. It’s the night of the Crone. Let the world disappear as you embrace Her resonance and power. And know.

~Blessed Be

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Transit 1102016As new intentions were set on the Dark Moon, transcending limitations in a realistic manner comes up today as the Moon transits at Gate 60 limitation, Line 5 – leadership. Any fluctuations in the line numbers don’t cross from intrapersonal to transpersonal influences, but do move from Line 5, heretic to Line 6 role model for both the Sun and Earth Gates.

As restless energy continues with the Channel of Transitoriness, Venus transits bring a loving influence to communication with others. Conversations are filled with clarity and kindness, and spending time at home with family is favored. Mars transiting with Venus may heighten energy to the point of conflict, so staying aligned with Self is important. That way the energy can be used for creative experiences instead of drama. All the more reason for this Generator type to wait to respond.

TJan transits 1102016ransiting Mercury with natal Neptune brings energies of both inspiration and confusion. Again, another reason to wait to respond. Waiting for things to settle a bit brings a clarity that just doesn’t happen when energies are restless or in conflict. I’ll definitely take inspiration over confusion. But emotions may run high today, and avoiding snap decisions is important.

I think the key to managing fluctuating energies is to observe them, but not feel in. It always seems like I’m at the most risk of derailment when I’m feeling in and focusing on something for too long. I’m easily caught up in the drama of the moment, and when that happens, my alignment suffers. That’s where that confounding waiting to respond tactic becomes so important. I’ve noticed that becoming caught up in drama also involves initiating. Otherwise, the drama really isn’t all that interesting. And without drama, my energy flows in aligned nonresistance.

Well, this was cool! Until tomorrow!


This post will be added to the rest of January over on the Human Design/Astrology page.

  • Transiting Mars in semi-sextile (fading, 0.1 degrees) with natal Venus – Ruler of sun sign – sun’s ruler
  • Transiting Venus in strong opposition (fading, 1.9 degrees) with natal Moon – Leading planet of planetary pattern
  • Transiting Venus in strong sextile (fading, 1.9 degrees) with natal Mercury
  • Transiting Mercury in square (fading, 3.6 degrees) with natal Neptune
  • Transiting Moon in inconjunct (exact at 15:16) with natal Pluto 

Jan - Transit 1112016Monday, 11 January 2016

In Monday’s transits, a new Channel emerges. Gate 33 (privacy) Personality Uranus – Line 4 connects Transiting Moon with Gate 13 (the listener) at Line 1 – empathy, creating the Channel of the Prodigal (33/13), the design of the witness. The Sun, Earth and Moon are the other new transits for Monday. The Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) continues its restless influence.

On the New Moon, we also saw occult influences in play. Now it’s the Sun that transits at Gate 61 (mystery) Line 1 – occult. Karen Curry writes:

Gate 61 is the initiating sequence to mutative thinking and has the task of transmitting its knowingness without the benefit of logic. Gate 61 knows, period. The end. And if you try to get Gate 61 to explain how it knows, you’re missing the point. Gate 61 reaches out to know the unknowable. It contains the energy for discovering or thinking about mystery and even the occult. But without an invitation to express what it knows, we just think it is a bit strange.

The madness of Gate 61 is rooted in the desire to know why and the need to wait for clarity. The knowingness of this gate can often run ahead of itself, knowing what’s ahead without knowing the pieces in between. It can skip steps and move to a bigger awareness without acknowledging the places in between that could tie it all together. Gate 61 has to wait to know more, and if they are not honoring the invitation of life to simply enjoy thinking in the meantime, they can go crazy trying to understand more.

Gate 61 has to wait for right timing to know whether what they know is of value.¹

The Channel of Awareness – Channel 61/24 – is active in my natal chart. Expansive awareness, clarity of knowing allows me to move through the influence of transiting Earth at Gate 62 – details, Line 1 – routine while still allowing inspiration to flow. But again, timing is important, and waiting to respond is key for this Generator personality.

The Channel of the Prodigal (33/13) reflects energies of the witness, the listener and the understanding that privacy should be both protected and respected. This quality is accentuated and supported by empathy influenced by Transiting Moon at Gate 13 – the listener, Line 1 – empathy.

As an empath, the information that Human Design gives me is so helpful. Strategy is everything, from how I get through the grocery store emotionally intact to participating in relationships in a way that doesn’t leave me feeling completely drained. So in a sense, I have to figure out how to stay the observer or witness and not let everything I encounter derail my alignment.

Understanding how I can move through each day, asserting my strengths instead of my weakness for drama can be found in both the natal bodygram and daily planetary transits. It’s not that standard astrology isn’t helpful, because it is. But Human Design gives me information that involves energy flow, and resonates for me in a way that traditional astrology doesn’t.

For the empath, staying aligned is so essential so that we make the best use of our energy. Otherwise, life becomes difficult to manage. Staying aligned in Self allows empathy to flow without getting stuck in another’s issues. And for this empath, it’s a really nice place to be.

  1. Curry, Karen (2013-10-01). Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are (p. 211). Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1122016It’s raining on the High Desert this morning making it a wonderful time to look at today’s transits. The Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) continues as the undercurrent of the day and I wanted to give a little more information on it since it seems to be active all the time. This channel connects the Throat center with the Solar Plexus center. Gate 35 from my natal bodygram deals with change. FromKaren Curry:

There is a maturity rooted in experience with Gate 35. It knows life and knows how to learn what’s necessary. People with Gate 35 are rarely stymied about life. They understand the life experience and can, with little hesitation and limitation, learn just about anything.

The challenge of Gate 35 is finding an experience that can light it up and turn it on. Gate 35 is not inspired by the mundane. It seeks the experience that is worth its investment in time, energy, and resources. Gate 35 offers stories of life rooted in personal experience. You never know what story a person with Gate 35 may be waiting to tell. In the mature expression of this energy, Gate 35 knows that the real gift of the story isn’t in the excitement, it’s in the process, the emotions and the lessons learned.¹

While Gate 35 deals with change, transiting Gate 36 brings energies of crisis.

Gate 36 is always longing for the next new experience. It is plagued by boredom and has a tendency to leap into things without waiting for clarity purely in pursuit of the next new experience.²

When this energy flows smoothly the boredom of Gate 36 is tempered and balanced by Gate 35. But that depends upon alignment with Self. Derailment from that leaves only restless energy for me to deal with and that’s uncomfortable. I view the Channel of Transitoriness as my primary unfocused creative energy that I need to keep in balance so that I can continue creating throughout the day. When I don’t keep that energy in balance, it’s far easier for me to start focusing on and becoming caught up in the drama of others. Then I begin reacting to someone else’s reality, instead of creating my own.

Transits for today again involve the Moon at Gate 30 – desire, Line 4 – burnout, and Mercury at Gate 61 – mystery, and Line 6 – appeal.  The first is easily understandable, as I tend to run about trying to get everything done all at once, with burnout as the eventual result. How I convey inspiration to others in a manner that provides clarity is reflected in Mercury’s transit today. Again, staying aligned in Self is key to keeping my energy flowing nonresistantly so that I don’t become distracted in my communication with others. Otherwise, I would do well to keep silent. Experiencing everything at once, I tend to give too much information when I’m explaining things. Everything at least seems important, and I don’t dare leave anything out. But my expansive way of relating things can be confusing, so embracing Mercury’s influence here really helps my focus.

Tomorrow, I will begin talking about the Centers in which each of the transiting Gates appear, to give a little background on each one as we go along.

Until tomorrow!



  1. Curry, Karen (2013-10-01). Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are (p. 173). Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.
  2. Curry, Karen (2013-10-01). Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are (p. 174). Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1132016Today’s transiting Moon at Gate 63 – doubt, Line 1 – composure accepts achievement with grace while still allowing for the possibility of more. And of course, my Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) still ongoing and active.

Transiting Venus at Gate 26 – the trickster, at Line 1 – a bird in the hand helps me to transcend limitation through dreams and activates once again the Channel of Surrender with my natal Personality North Node at Gate 44 – energy, Line 4 – honesty.

The Channel of Surrender (26/44) gives full expression and integration of the the trickster and energy respectively. An Ego Circuit Channel, Karen Curry tells us that this channel is the energy for sales and the presentation of ideas.¹

She also writes:

It is also the energy for truth and integrity, understanding the lessons from the past and transmitting these lessons.²


With the 44/ 26 we see intuitive awareness to move an idea into form.³

I feel an inward composure today. I’ve been trying to slow things down a bit and take stock of everything that’s unfolded to date. Yesterday I indicated that I wanted to begin going over the nine Centers that make up the bodygram. Similar in nature to our chakras, they also correspond to various systems/organs within the body itself.

Personality Types, Channels and Gates

There are five personality types in Human Design. The Generator and Manifesting Generator types make up around 70% or so of the population, with Projectors next, then Manifestors, and then the rare Reflector type. But each person has a flow of energy that moves between centers in the bodygram, interacting with other centers via channels, or waiting for transiting planets or energies from others to activate the channels, or simply bringing a new energy to the day.

Here is an example of how one Gate (or end of an channel) can be affected by another’s active Gate on the other end. In our natal bodygrams, my husband (a Manifestor) has Gate 19 – advancing active, while my Gate 49 – revolution is also active. Together, these energies activate the Channel of Love and Marriage. We’ve been married for over thirty-six years, which is supported by the energy of intimacy engaged by this active channel.


Centers can be open or defined (white or filled with color), meaning only that the Center is either defined in a more fixed manner or it’s not. Beginning with the Head Center at the very top of the bodygram, energy moves downward to the Anja Center. From there, energy moves to the Throat Center, and at that point, energy can travel directly to the Spleen, Identity, Heart/Will and Solar Plexus Centers.

Next in the downward flow sits the Identity Center connecting directly with channels going to the Throat, Heart/Will, Spleen, Sacral. Downward to the right sits the Heart or Will Center. It connects directly to the Throat, Identity, Solar Plexus and Sacral Centers.

Continuing straight down from the Identity Center we find the Sacral Center. It’s connected to the Identity above, the Solar Plexus to the right and the Spleen Center to the left. And it’s the first Center we’ve come to that connects to the Root Center at the bottom of the bodygram.

To the right of the Sacral Center sits the Solar Plexus Center, the center of my Inner Authority which I’ll get to a moment. It also connects to the Root Center as well as Sacral, Heart and Throat Centers. The Spleen Center is positioned to the left of the Sacral Center connecting directly to the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart/Will, Identity, and Throat.

Finally, we come to the Root Center at the bottom of the bodygram. It connects directly to only three Centers, the Spleen, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

The Bodygram

So when a bodygram is done, either for yourself or for someone else, a report is generated that tells you what type you are, your Inner Authority, Definition type, your profile numbers, and lastly, your Incarnation Cross. Let’s just say that I’m glad I have the software.

In my case, as we know, I’m a 6/2 Generator type with an Emotional Inner Authority. My bodygram shows three separate areas giving me a Triple Split Definition. The 6/2 profile is one of a Role Model/Hermit. The Emotional Inner Authority is Solar Plexus Center based, and my Incarnation Cross reflects a Left-angled Cross of the Clarion.

The Solar Plexus Center involves the kidneys and pancreas and expresses itself as an emotional wave. It seems appropriate to begin there given my Emotional Inner Authority.

If you are part of the 50 percent of the population that has a defined Emotional Solar Plexus, you carry emotional energy at all time. (5)

Because you experience emotion in waves, it is crucial that you honor your process. Emotional definition is always your authority, so no matter what type you are, wait until you have emotional clarity before you take action or respond. (6)

Understanding emotional authority will help you make better choices and significantly improve your chances that your mood won’t affect your commitments. If you have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus, you are not here to be spontaneous, though others will often put pressure on you to leap into things. Leaping into things without waiting for clarity will only create chaos in your life if you have emotional authority.

When you have emotional authority in your chart, you still use your strategy, but you need to wait until it feels right.(4)

So, I’m am empath that likes to share what I know. My Emotional Authority tells me however, that I need to wait for clarity before said sharing. My biggest struggle probably lies in the waiting. For me, everything is expansive and NOW. There’s an urgency in a wave’s peaks and valleys and I have a difficult time not initiating. Although I find it frustrating if I have to wait before sharing, particularly if I’m experiencing an energy wave that’s in either extreme, things always seem to go better when I do. And it’s not uncommon for me to reconsider sharing in the first place when I wait for clarity and calm to return.

What I really like about Human Design is its focus on our Inner Authority to craft the best strategy for successful interaction. As much as I might like to jump in to things, I’ve proven to myself time and again that it’s not the best choice. It’s great when we know whichever planet is having an impact on us, but Human Design gives us a way around it all, to respond in a way that’s proactive instead of reactive. And for an empath, that’s a real blessing indeed!

I’ll go back to the top and begin with the Head Center in tomorrow’s post.

See you then!



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Thursday, 14, January 2016

Jan - natal 1142016Both the Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) and Surrender (26/44) continue to influence the day. There was a movement from intrapersonal influences of the martyr to the transpersonal influence of the opportunist activated by both the transiting Sun and Earth. This particular movement illustrates how experience gained can be used to create new opportunities.

The only Gate change in Thursday’s bodygram happens as the Moon transits at Gate 22 – openness, Line 5 – directness, giving me the ability to deal directly with a situation irrespective of the emotion involved. It’s the energy of standing in my own power.

The energies are really in alignment here for sharing new ideas resulting a positive outcome.

As promised, I want to continue looking at the Centers contained within the bodygram. The first time I saw a bodygram it reminded me so much of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. I had been studying the late Donald Kraig’s book, Modern Magick, and the graphic resonated with what I had been learning. The Tree of Life depicts in my view the energy of creation into form, a sort of how we get here chart. Of course I believe that the energy flow is constant throughout our focus into form, otherwise we’d cease to exist. So, it’s our constant flow of energy that we experience as thJan - Transit 1142016ought, behavior, choice..everything that is us is about that flow in either resistance or nonresistance. In nonresistance, we move through life easily. And we all know what happens when we choose the opposite.

Yesterday, I moved ahead to the Solar Plexus Center because that’s where I derive my Inner Emotional Authority. I wonder how many other empaths have the same, because it really does describe how typical empaths experience energy.

Defined or Open

But before I talk about the Head Center, I wanted to talk a little about the Defined and Open nature of Centers.  Each Center can be either defined (filled with color) or open (white). Defined centers have more stable aspects about them, less likely to be influenced by surrounding energies. When the Center is open, the individual is more likely to be influenced by surrounding energies. Either can be advantageous or not depending upon whether I live within my Inner Authority. In my case, my Head Center is Defined.

From Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be by Chetan Parkyn we learn:

A center defined with color indicates a function or tendency that is fixed and consistent. These aspects are set in stone, a constant part of you. They are the part of your being that you can always count on — energy that’s available to be harnessed 24/7.

If a center is undefined and white, its specific energy is not consistent, making this part of you malleable and flexible. This means you’re open to the influence of those who do have this center defined. When in their company, you effectively adopt their energy and may be swayed or conditioned by it. This is what we call a conditioning influence.

But this doesn’t mean you’re a helpless puppet. Instead of absorbing that energy, you can learn to recognize what’s happening, how your undefined center is being engaged, and say to yourself: “This influence is not me; it’s them.” This will allow you to stand back and adopt a detached objectivity, transforming such an influence into what we call impassive wisdom.¹

The Head Center

Regarding the Head Center (or Crown Center), Karen Curry writes:

The Head Center is associated with the pineal gland in the brain. It is the center for inspiration, and it is always under pressure to answer questions. Depending on the gates that define the center, the questions the head center answers can be abstract, logical, or individual in nature. It is not motorized, but it is a pressure center.²

Peter Schoeber elaborates further:

The biological equivalent of this centre is the pineal gland. It controls the flow of information between the neocortex and the deeper layers of the brain; i.e. it allows information from the deep grey areas of the brain to arrive at the neocortex and vice versa.³

It’s unsurprising given that I’m an Air sign that I’d live in my head..

When the Crown is defined, it follows that the Mind will be also. The Crown can only be defined through its link to the Mind, meaning you’re someone who is always thinking, reviewing, and searching for exciting insights and fresh realizations. You can be of high intellect but need to understand that intellect and intelligence are not one and the same, because you must learn how to use that intellect.(4)

The Crown is one place where the sense of spirit can be found within you, whispering, wanting to be heard. It is the nature of the Crown to handle lofty concepts and this can, sometimes, lead to great stress about how to make these concepts practical or communicate them to others in a coherent manner. There is a deep-seated need to understand and explain everything, which, if unchecked, has the potential to send even you around the bend. (5)

The Head Center contains Gates 61 – inner truth, 63 – doubt, and 64 – diverse possibilities. My Design Earth is active at Gate 61, Line 2 – natural brilliance, exalted by the Moon creating a gift for inspiration (6). The pressure to create is in this Center, with a focus at least initially in the Design aspect of the bodygram on expressing my inner truth.

But just by looking at the energies of each Gate, it’s easy to see how the three interact to then pressure the Anja or Mind Center to think about the inspiration thoughts it sends its way. Which is what I’ll talk about tomorrow. Until then..



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Friday, 15 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1152016Both Channels from yesterday remain active, but today’s Transiting Moon at Gate 21- the treasurer, Line 1 warning suggests the use of force as a last resort. This gate is about control of possessions, resources or wealth, and of controlling others. Line 1 is suggesting that any control on my part be as a last resort. Good advice, since I seem easily distracted today by sounds, movement, air quality and temperature, something that happens when I’m in the valley of the emotional wave. Lots of influence for derailment and I’ve been feeling that energy build for the last couple of days.

Jan astro transits 1152016From my astrological chart, the Moon is in a strong sextile with my natal Moon, suggesting moodiness is possible, with home and family in the forefront of my thoughts. Numerologically, I’m in a 3 day, so it’s not that I shouldn’t socialize, I just need to be aware of my response to everything. The bottom or valley of the wave is a tough place for me. I try to do too much in that time when I should simply relax into being and wait for it to pass. The same is true on the high point of the wave, but I tend to be happier. The idea is to observe the wave without being immersed in its effect. Easier said than done sometimes.

So, let’s go back to looking at the Centers in the Human Design bodygram. Yesterday, I talked about the Head Center at the top. Today, I’ll move on to the Ajna or Mind Center, which is a Center of awareness. Its function is to gather and think about information within its awareness.  Peter Schoeber tells us in Human Design System – The Centres that:

The Mind can only speak at the Throat. When looking at the Mental Field, we are looking at an internal process that precedes speaking. The unique thing about the Mind is that it is practically infinite. While the Spleen displays a potential for awareness which can only ever function in the moment, for the moment, the Mind opens up a field for practically unlimited possibilities. We can remember the past, observe the present, project into the future. All restrictions presented by the real world are lifted. We can imagine a conversation with a dead person that takes place in the future. We can think up worlds that have nothing or little to do with reality.

The Mental Field is the first virtual world. In this virtual world we do not handle objects but concepts. If those concepts conceive the material world very accurately, we can even experiment with our thoughts in order to save a lot of time and effort.¹

In my natal bodygram, my Anja is Defined. From Understanding Human Design, we know that:

The defined Ajna Center is colored in green. The defined Ajna is designed to hold information. It is trustworthy and reliable, but it is fixed in how it works. It is important to note again that the mind is a great resource, but it is a terrible place to make decisions. Remember that no decisions should come from the mind.²

Think about that for a moment. No decisions should come from the mind. It’s basically suggesting that there are many viewpoints, and all sorts of things can be true at the same time. A Defined Ajna needs to allow for other viewpoints.

Contrast this with an undefined or Open Anja:

Someone with an open Ajna Center can see many sides to an issue. They are fair, judicious, empathetic, open-minded. An open Ajna can be very intellectual. An open Ajna doesn’t have a fixed way of thinking, so they are able to process and understand information in a myriad of ways. People with an open Ajna who are able to relax can become great mind readers.³

Sometimes people with an open Ajna have a tough time making up their minds. They see the wisdom in various options and may have difficulty making a decision, whereas the Defined Ajna may tend toward rigidity. Allowing for all possibilities while discerning the right choice is the challenge here.

Six Gates are located in the Ajna Center, with the following energetic influences, all having to do with mental processes:

  • Gate 4 – Answers
  • Gate 11 – Ideas
  • Gate 17 – Opinions
  • Gate 24 – Rationalization
  • Gate 43 – Insight
  • Gate 47- Realization

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at current transits and learn about the Throat Center.



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Sunday, Jan - Transit 117201617 January 2016

I’m sorry for missing yesterday. I needed a day to catch up on my herbal studies. After days of minimal change, today the Channel of Transitoriness is replaced by the Channel of Curiosity (56/11). Neither of these channels appear in my Design or Personality charts, so this is total Transit energy between the Earth (56) and Venus (11). The influences of this Channel lie in storytelling (56) and sharing ideas with others (11). Sharing with others is favored over going it alone. It’s the energy of experience and the sharing of that energy.

The following six Gates are newly active today:

  • Sun at Gate 60 – acceptance, Line 2 – decisiveness – awareness of and working with limitation
  • Earth at Gate 56 – storyteller, Line 2 – linkage – genius that will find support through others
  • Moon at Gate 24 – rationalization, Line 6 – the gift horse – rational thinking that recognizes opportunity
  • Mercury at Gate 54 – drive, Line 5 – magnanimity – ability to relate to others without polarity when in position of authority
  • Venus at Gate 11 – ideas, Line 1 – attunement – in the right place at the right time
  • Mars at Gate 44 – energy, Line 1 – conditions – establishing a framework for success through interaction and patterns

I like Mercury’s influence of magnanimity. Although I take charge easily, I’ve never been comfortable with idea of authority over others. I prefer to have a team approach to things, with everyone knowing their part in a shared goal. I might facilitate everyone’s success in a support capacity, but a sense of shared purpose is my comfort zone. Transiting Mercury supports this.

With the Channel of Curiosity as a basis for all other energies, it seems like transiting planets are helping me stay focused and in alignment. Moving past limitation with dignity and grace, recognizing opportunities as they arise keep my focus and energy flowing in a productive and creative direction. Focusing upon what I want to happen, instead of what’s going wrong at the moment keeps me there as well.

The Throat Center

This is the center for communication and represents the thyroid and parathyroid.

Like the Self, the Throat does not fit any scheme. This centre also has no energy, nor does it exert any pressure or have any awareness. Nevertheless, it represents something like the mid-point of the bodygraph, its actual central point. A telling indication is its complexity, as it has eleven gates and is thus the most complex centre by far.

Its main function is metamorphosis, which means transformation. The Throat transforms something that arrives from another part of the bodygraph into something perceivable; i.e. through the Throat we reach the outside world and become noticed. Yet the Throat on its own is not capable of anything. What is crucial is its connection to another centre.¹

As we know, Centers can be either open or defined. My Throat Center happens to be defined.

The defined Throat is colored in brown. The defined Throat Center is designed to speak, but how it speaks is controlled by what it is connected to. Understanding where the Throat is connected is vital to understanding how you relate to others. For example, if your Throat is connected to your Ajna, you can speak your mind. If your Throat is connected to your Emotional Solar Plexus, you are able to talk about your feelings effectively.

For the defined Throat to be heard, it is vital that they enter into communication according to their strategy: Manifestors and Manifesting Generators can just talk, Generators need to respond, and Projectors need to wait to be invited to speak. Reflectors will never have a defined Throat Center.²

My Throat Center is connected to my Solar Plexus Center via the Channel of Transitoriness (35-36). So you never know what I’m going to say, but it’s either analytical or emotional. As a Generator, it’s necessary that I respond more than I initiate for a successful interaction. Those with an open Throat Center might sometimes speak without thinking, but they also can talk to anyone. So each has it’s own set of positive aspects as well as challenges.

The Throat Center has the following Gates:

  • Gate 8 – Contribution – connects to Identity Center
  • Gate 12 – Caution – connects to Solar Plexus Center
  • Gate 16 – Skills – connects to Spleen Center
  • Gate 20 – Metamorphosis – connects to Spleen, Identity & Sacral Centers
  • Gate 23 – Assimilation – connects to Ajna or Mind Center
  • Gate 31 – Democracy – connects to Identity Center
  • Gate 33 – Privacy – connects to Identity Center
  • Gate 35 – Change – connects to Solar Plexus Center
  • Gate 45 – The King or Queen – connects to Heart or Will Center
  • Gate 56 – The Storyteller –  connects to Ajna or Mind Center
  • Gate 62 – Details – connects to Ajna or Mind Center

Again, looking at the details of each Gate illustrates the flow of energy to and from the Throat Center. Tomorrow, we’ll move downward to the Identity Center and learn what energies move around there.

See you tomorrow! (I promise)



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Monday, 18 January 2016

The Moon Transits at Gate 23 – erosion, decline, Line 6 – fusion bringing the positive communication skills necesJan - Transit 1182016sary to influence a group or collective. It’s my only Gate changing transit, although some line influences have changed within their own group. Communication and relationships are also favored in my astro transits today with Pluto’s influences perhaps bringing a more serious tone to the conversation.

Everything in my life is still in a state of flux. I’m learning to let go of situations and relationships that require me to live according to someone else’s needs, supported by the influence brought by transiting Chiron in conjunction with my natal Lilith. So with the energies of transformation floating around, it’s time to put them to work in a positive way. For others, this kind of transforming energy may be confusing, but for me, it feels right. But then I’ve always embraced change.

As Lilith continues transiting in my natal sign Libra, following my intuition is supported as well as the need to follow my Inner Emotional Authority. In the 1st House, Lilith brings energies of fairness in partnerships and other relationships, but staying centered and aligned is necessary to avoid impulsive action.

I definitely feel the need to recalibrate my life these days. It’s the feeling of not being done yet. In my Crone years now, I feel more alive than ever and so eager to move in directions I’ve either dreamed about or never been. A woman tends to live for others, for her partner, her children, her friends, her co-workers. She’s always last on her list, never wanting to appear selfish or unconcerned about others. We dive in, forgetting that we have our own needs that are just as valuable as anyone else’s. And then you reach menopause and become someone no one recognizes. The signs were there throughout, but no one paid attention, and now no one knows what to think of Mom anymore.

But that’s just fine. I’m living the life I was born into. And I’ve really stopped caring what anyone else thinks. Instead of saying I freely embrace change, I should have said that I’ve always freely embraced my inner Lilith.

The Identity Center

Continuing with our look at the components of Human Design, downward from the Throat Center sits the Identity Center, the center of who we are. Karen Curry writes:

The Identity Center is one of the most important centers in the Human Design system. It is the center for love and direction, the place where the soul is seated. The liver is represented by this center. The Identity Center, sometimes called the “G-Center” or the “Magnetic Monopole,” is the diamond in the middle of your Human Design chart¹

Those with an open Identity Center tend to take on the personas of others and may appear at times vulnerable, their self-expression appearing to depend upon the expression of others.

Individuals with an open Identity Center understand other people’s sense of self and direction. They will take in another person’s identity and amplify it, giving them insight into another person’s perspective.²

Conversely, individuals with defined Identity Centers have a more solid sense of self.

While you know who you are and where you are going, you might not always know how you are going to get there.

Individuals who have a full channel connecting their Identity Center to the Throat Center can be very vulnerable to criticism, as their creative expression comes straight from their identity.³

I have to agree with the above assessment. My Channel of the Alpha (31/7) is active in my natal bodygram, signifying the influence of democratic leadership based on recognized skills. When my sense of self is dependent upon the recognition of others, I feel a sense of vulnerability that I don’t feel when that sense is self-derived.

Identity Center Gates

Eight Gates comprise the Identity Center with potential Channels to other Centers including the Throat, Spleen, Sacral, and the Heart/Will.

  • Gate 1 – self-expression
  • Gate 2 – keeper of the keys
  • Gate 7 – self in interaction
  • Gate 10 – love of self
  • Gate 13 – the listener
  • Gate 15 – extremes
  • Gate 25 – love of Spirit
  • Gate 46 – love of body

The energies of these respective Gates express who we are in our relationships and the world at large. Tomorrow, we’ll move to the Heart/Will Center and see what information lies there.

~ Until tomorrow..blessings to all!


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I didn’t write yesterday because I was thinking about Glen Frey’s death from complications associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I wrote instead about how my own RA has impacted my life. So, today I looked back at yesterday’s influences and thought it might be a great time to show how planetary transits move from one influence to another by comparing yesterday with today. Besides, it gave me the opportunity to include a table..which I love. I love anything that organizes information in one place. I’ve created some other tables over in the Witch Section of the blog for spellcasting and rune references. I downloaded a plug-in called Table Press that really works great.

Jan - Transit 1192016
19 January 2016 Transits
Jan - Transit 1202016
20 January 2016 Transits

Transits for 19 and 20 January 2016

Planet19 Jan20 Jan
Active ChannelsBrainwave (57/20)
Transitoriness (35/36)
Charisma (20/34)
Curiosity (56/11)
Transitoriness (35/36)
Curiosity (56/11)

As we can see from the table, the same planets are actively transiting on both days, with only the Moon changing its active Gate. Other than that, the Sun, Earth, and Venus move from intrapersonal influences to those of a transpersonal nature, while the Moon, along with changing Gates, does the opposite, moving to more intrapersonal energy.

The Sun, at Gate 60 – acceptance – prefers careful, deliberate change to take place. On Tuesday, Line 3 – conservatism – brought the energy to maintain self-interest in spite of any limitations felt; whereas, on Monday, we see a movement to Line 4 – resourcefulness – bringing a more transpersonal effect to my energy where I can now maximize my self-interest or potential, transcending limitations felt.

Moving on to the Earth transiting at Gate 56 – the storyteller. Tuesday’s influence of Line 3 brings energy of alienation. This is an energy of derailment as pressure is felt from within to push view that others might not be ready or willing to hear. Today, however, the Line moves to 4 – expediency, allowing me to use even superficiality to protect myself if necessary. Which of course I won’t take advantage of because it’s dishonest. That kind of energy is actually painful for me to experience, so I have a tough time being anything other than completely real. And not everyone appreciates the honest expression of an empath.

The Moon transits change daily to different Gates, and on Tuesday, Gate 20 – metamorphosis was active at transpersonal Line 4 – application. Karen Curry tells us that:

Gate 20 has the potential to meet with empowerment, the self, intuition, power, and life force in a mutative way. It is an individual voice that can mutate and empower, or stagnate and disempower. (Remember, not all individual voices can be adaptive.)

When Gate 20 exhibits its highest potential, it is the expression of integrity— doing the right thing even if it isn’t what others are doing. This can mean wearing green face paint in the forest when others are wearing bright pink or any other kind of “right” action that may be going against the flow.

Because Gate 20 is the expression of integration, it has within it inherent wisdom. In traditional I Ching, the twentieth hexagram is the wise king standing on a hill, watching the wind to see which direction it will settle on before he takes action. As part of integration, Gate 20 takes time to express its wisdom. It watches and waits to express its higher knowledge, insight, and awareness. It metamorphoses awareness and recognition into action.¹

Gate 20 is a powerful gate for me because it doesn’t appear in my natal bodygram, and when it appears, it creates channels with Gates active in my chart. 20 is part of a multi-gate channel that includes Gates 10, 57 and 34. The Channel of Power (57/34) is active in my natal chart and on Tuesday, with the activation of Gate 20, there is a fuller expression of that energy. With the Channels of the Brainwave (57/20) and Charisma (20/34) active, we can see how the energy is strengthened between the Throat, Spleen and Sacral Centers. The only Gate not active is Gate 10.

The Channel of Charisma is comprised by Gate 20 – metamorphosis and Gate 34 – power and is part of the Integration Circuit. 

This is the most powerful channel in the Human Design system, which brings sustainable, generated energy to the Throat. This channel is the archetype of the Manifesting Generator, as it is the only channel that directly connects the Sacral Center to the Throat. Power and charisma are contained within this channel, but because it is connected to the Sacral, true power in this channel is expressed in response. That means that even though these people are very, very powerful in a sustainable way, they cannot truly live out their powerful destiny unless they respond. If they are initiating with power and charisma, they will get into big trouble and no one will follow them. If someone with this channel is not living his or her power and charisma, they can become very, very frustrated. Inside, they know how powerful they are, but they can’t move that energy unless they respond.²

The Channel of the Brainwave (57/20) continues the metamorphosis brought by the Channel of Charisma and influences the intuition felt at Gate 57.

This channel is pure intuition to the Throat Center. Its awareness is penetrating, splenic, and in the now. When people with this energy speak, they speak from their intuition and a sense of what is to come in the future.

Normally, Individual energy does not care. It is an energy that is involved with the self and the experience of the self. But in the Knowing Circuit we see a different possibility for this energy. In the stream of energy from the Root to the Spleen to the Throat, the 57/ 20 is forced to intuitively unify the right people with the right skills to create an expression of what is truly valuable in manifested form.³

It’s easy to see how the transforming energy of Gate 20 can create all sorts of possibilities when connected to the other Gates. And it only lasted a day. Today, the Moon has transited to Gate 45 – gathering together, Line 1 – canvassing. That’s an odd word, canvassing. I interpret it to mean that energies of generosity are favorable to gather others together in harmony.

Moving on to Mercury’s transits, Tuesday’s Mercurial influence was felt at Gate 54 – drive, and Line 3 – covert action, influencing my ability to covertly work around obstacles. Today’s transiting Mercury at Line 2 – restraint – remains in its intrapersonal range with supportive energies of restraint while still accomplishing what I need to do. In other words, transcend the chaos of others.

Lastly, Venus transited on Tuesday at Gate 11 – ideas, Line 3 – the realist.  This is the energy of realistic knowing that whatever is happening may be transitory in nature. The line changes today to a transpersonal 4, allowing me to freely express my ideas in a manner fostering harmony and peace.

The remaining active Channels continue to include Transitoriness (35/26) and Curiosity (56/11). So it seems like the alienation that might have derailed me yesterday has moved into something more positive, so that’s a good thing. Sometimes I have a bunch of planets transiting, but typically it’s the Moon that has the most significant influence on my day. Her influences are dramatic and at times challenging, but She always has something to teach.  And I’ve always been a willing student.

We’ll continue the discussion about Centers tomorrow focusing on the Heart/Will Center. Mine is open, the only one I have open besides the Root Center. I wonder how many other empaths have those two Centers undefined or open. I’ll bet it contributes to the feeling of not being fully in the body, particularly with the Root Center open. Anyway, we’ll look at that tomorrow.



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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1212016Transits primarily affect the Line numbers today, other than the Moon of course, which transits at Gate 52 ~ stillness, Line 2 ~ concern. Gate 52 is about concentration, focus and creative energy. With the influence of Line 2, that creative focus takes into account the needs of others. A new channel is active today involving Gate 52, the Channel of Concentration(9 focus/52 stillness). So my focus today will be inward, but with an awareness of the presence and needs of others.

One line change that adds influence to the continuing presence of the Channel of Transitoriness (35-36), is Saturn transiting still at Gate 51 ~ shock, but today, the line moves from 1 to 2 ~ withdrawal. This creates a need to step back when a situation becomes too much. There hasn’t been any change with this transit in a while, and it’s interesting that it seems to align with the stillness and inward focus I feel today. The Channel of Curiosity (56/11) also continues to be active.

The Heart/Will Center

This Center appears as a triangle downward and to the right from the Identity Center. Karen Currywrites:

The Will Center is the motor that is responsible for bringing things forth on the material plane. It is part of the business circuitry in the Human Design system, and energetically it is all about value, business management, allocation of resources, and the energy to get things done even when the going gets tough.¹

In my natal bodygram, my Will Center is open or undefined, and it reflects how much willpower I either have or don’t. In the case of an open Will Center, I have to work at having willpower, so it’s more important than ever to function according to my Emotional Authority, waiting for clarity so that I use my willpower proactively instead of in an impulsive or reactive manner. And given this Center’s business orientation, waiting for clarity before making any decisions is vital to a successful outcome. Curry also counsels:

Because the Will Center is also all about value and the material plane, it is also very common that you may have a tendency to undervalue yourself. It is common for people with open Will Centers to undercharge for their business services or even give their services away, even when no one asks them to. I always encourage my clients with open Will Centers to check out the going rates for their services and make sure that they are charging enough. If you are employed by someone else, make sure that you are being paid what you are worth.²

Remember that the open centers are our deepest sources of wisdom. The open Will Center can help you become very wise about what is truly valuable in life. You may, with time and experience, become very wise about what you are worth, both in the business arena and in your personal life. You may also become wise about knowing when it is time to work and when it is time to rest.³

Will Center Gates

Four Gates comprise the Will Center:

  • Gate 21 ~ the treasurer ~ connects to the Throat Center
  • Gate 26 ~ the trickster ~ connects to the Spleen Center
  • Gate 40 ~ loneliness ~ connects to the Solar Plexus Center
  • Gate 51 ~ shock ~ connects to the Identity Center

With an Open Will Center, valuing myself has always been an issue for me. Having to sell myself in any way at all is at times an impossible task. So I tend to stand aside of, instead of within, my full presence. It’s not uncommon for witches to live their truth in secret. We drop hints along the way, because how can we not? We’re energetic beings, and magick flows freely whether we like it or not. So it wasn’t until a few years ago that I acknowledged who I was.

A witch has a presence. It can’t be helped. And if folks don’t know who we are, they tend to fill in the blanks with whatever they choose. Because many of us are empaths, we make most people uncomfortable. Being honest about who I am has helped immeasurably to stand in my own presence. I can’t not be who I am, so it makes no sense to hide it anymore. While having an open Will Center can be a challenge, it also allows me to understand my worth. I’ve accomplished much in my 58 years, and there’s no reason for me not to be proud of those accomplishments.

The magickal will of this Crone witch is stronger than ever, and I credit my Open Will Center for that gift. All things are possible with the unrestrained will of a witch. Below is a graphic of tomorrow’s biorhythms. It shows how energy fluctuates throughout the day. Lines above the zero point are positive. Until tomorrow then..

~ Blessed Be

biorhythm 1232016



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Friday, 22 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1222016Moving around obstacles with a single-minded focus is in play as the Moon transits at Gate 39 ~ provocation, Line 5 ~ single-mindedness. This is supported by confidence born from awareness of self influenced by Venus as it transits at Gate 10 ~ love of self, Line 1 ~ modesty. Whatever needs doing, I will accomplish it irrespective of any obstacles placed in my path. It’s the energy of understanding my true worth and ability, moving forward, undeterred.

Three Personal Connection Channels are active today. The Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) is still in effect, along with Venus activating at Gate 10 the Channel of Exploration (10 love of self/34 power) involving following one’s convictions, and the Channel of Perfected Form (10 love of self/57 intuition), a design of survival. Karen Curry writes this about the Channel of Perfected Form:

In the evolution of the human, this was the second channel that evolved: the perfected form of intuition. This channel contains the intuitive, perfected awareness of how to survive in the now.

People with this channel are great people to follow. They always know how to survive. They intuitively know the safest route out of disaster or the best way around an obstacle.

Channel 57/ 10 people are perfectionists. It is common for this channel to stop taking action if they think they will make a mistake. But it is deeper than just a fear of making a mistake. This is a deep desire to get it perfect, and intuitively they know how to do this.¹

Channel 57 is active in my natal chart, and with Gate 10 active, the channel’s energy influences and strengthens my natural empathic intuition. This is also supported by today’s biorhythms, showing an average of 90% in intuitive function today. Refer to yesterday’s entry for that graphic.

The Channel of Exploration (10/34) reflects someone who follows their convictions. Gates 57 and 34 comprise an active channel in my natal chart known as the Channel of Power and connect the Sacral Center with the Spleen Center. Blending intuition and power with love of self creates a powerful energy of knowing and accomplishment. Add the single-minded focus brought by Gate 39, Line 5, and we have a positive day where alignment is assured. Just stay in the knowing.

Sacral Center

Karen Curry tells us about this important Center:

It is the energy center for work force and life force energy, and it is associated with the reproductive organs— the ovaries and the testes.²

When this Center is undefined/open, the individual can work intensely for short periods of time. My Manifestor husband has an open Sacral Center, in fact, the only defined Centers in his bodygram are the Throat and Solar Plexus, and I can say with complete assuredness that he never stops, in other words, he lives his not-self. When we had our dojo, I finally conspired with our students to restructure classes so that he’d get a day off. He was fine with that, but apparently needed me to impose it on him. He thinks he’s supposed to work all the time, but he tends to burn out after a point, and yet he still keeps going. Curry writes further that:

..a person with an open Sacral Center cannot maintain a high level of energy for a prolonged period of time without really burning themselves out. What that means is that if you have an open Sacral Center, you are not here to work a Monday through Friday, nine-to-five job. And for most people with open Sacral Centers, hearing that they are not designed to work in the traditional sense is a great relief! That doesn’t mean that if you have an open Sacral that you can’t work or that you don’t need to work. But you will probably do best finding a way to work that has some level of flexibility built into it.

Many of my Human Design clients are non-Sacral people who are around forty and have literally fried their circuits. It is not uncommon for non-Sacral beings to “crash” somewhere around forty years of age and to struggle trying to keep up with their former busy lifestyle. Because sustainability is such an important factor in a non-Sacral being, it is important for you to always ask yourself if you are doing more than enough and to help yourself recognize when enough is enough.³

My Sacral Center is defined.

If you have a defined Sacral Center, it will be red. This red square is what makes you a Generator. The most important function of the Sacral Center is work. When you have a defined Sacral motor, you are designed to work. The challenge is, of course, finding the right work that you love.(4)

And here’s where it gets tricky, waiting for “things to show up”. It seems counter productive and I don’t do that well, and apparently, Curry as a Manifesting Generator doesn’t either. She explains the dilemma that Generators and Manifesting Generators experience.

We have been taught to “manifest our destiny.” But, as many of you may have already experienced, if you have a defined Sacral and you go out and try to make things happen, you usually just feel frustrated because nothing turns out the way you had planned.

If you have a defined Sacral motor you are designed to wait for things to show up. This can be very difficult, because that Sacral energy hums and buzzes and is just longing to do something. Sacral beings are very busy people. They are designed to be “doing.”

But the Sacral Center is all about waiting and the responding to whatever shows up in your outer reality. Think about this. If you have a defined Sacral Center, how many times have miraculous and unexpected things happened to you out of the blue?

And what happens to you if you go out and try to make things happen?

I am a Manifesting Generator, and I have had to work very hard to learn how to wait for things to show up. I am not the most patient of Sacral beings. I remember when I first learned about my Sacral motor and its wait and respond energy. I really wrestled with the whole idea. I had not waited for anything in my whole life! But I had to admit that my life had felt pretty frustrating up until that point.

Sacral energy works best if you learn to wait for the right thing to show up and then respond to it. Remember, though, just because it shows up doesn’t mean you have to do it. You do have the freedom to choose.

Defined Sacrals are designed to wear themselves out every day. They should be experiencing exhaustion and then falling asleep. It is very important to sleep when you are exhausted. If you are waiting for your second wind, you are running on energy that you don’t really have, and eventually your health will suffer.(5)

I can attest to the idea of wearing myself out every day. If I don’t, then I don’t sleep. And the waiting for something to show up is so odd, but it really does work. I’ve always been proactive, which is fine, but I need to simply stay in that type of resonance, ready for the next great thing to show up and embrace whole-heartedly. Use the proactive energy at that point, instead of trying to initiate something from its genesis.

Sacral Gates

Nine Gates comprise the Sacral Center each influencing our life force:

  • Gate 3 ~ ordering ~ connects to the Root Center
  • Gate 5 ~ patterns ~ connects to the Identity Center
  • Gate 9 ~ focus ~ connects to the Root Center
  • Gate 14 ~ power skill ~ connects to the Identity Center
  • Gate 27 ~ responsibility ~ connects to the Spleen Center
  • Gate 29 ~ perseverance ~ connects to the Identity Center
  • Gate 34 ~ power ~ connects to the Spleen, Identity, and Throat Centers
  • Gate 42 ~ finishing things ~ connects to the Root Center
  • Gate 59 ~ sexuality ~ connects to the Solar Plexus Center

Well, that was cool! I always learn something when I’m writing these posts, which is the whole point. I’m learning along with everyone else, so be sure to click on the highlighted links and check out the reference material I use. I tend to use Karen Curry’s book the most because of the way she arranges everything, and I like her clear writing style. I found another book that seems to be arranged in a similar way, so I’ll probably be including information from that one as well in the future. I want to finish reading it first, but so far it looks good.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll take a look at the Spleen Center. I began with the Solar Plexus Center which should have come after the Spleen, but I did that because it’s where my Inner Authority exists. After the Spleen, I’ll finish with the Root Center, the only other Center besides the Will that’s undefined or open in my bodygram. And I’ll also start including a biorhythm chart illustrating my energy flow for the day. So until then..

~Blessed Be


biorhythm 1232016


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Transit Influences for 23 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1232016I changed the title a bit, the other was becoming annoying to type every time. Today is the Full Wolf Moon. I’ve been cleaning the she cave for ritual tonight. It’s nice to get outside and get things ready for the new garden season. The new bees have been ordered and the two new hives will be going in the apiary soon. The bees in our Langstroth hive are already bearding a bit at the hive’s entrance, enjoying the warmer temperatures we’ve been having the last couple of days.

New transits for Saturday involve the Sun, Earth and Moon, wth Venus and Mars advancing Line numbers. The same Channels, Perfected Form, Transitoriness and Exploration remain active today. Biorhythms remain stable and positive. With luck and Goddess blessings, the Moon will be visible during ritual tonight, making it the perfect end to a wonderful day!

The Sun transits today at Gate 41 ~ fantasy, Line 2 ~ caution. Risking myself for the sake of others isn’t favored today. Interesting. I’ll have to think about that one. Gate 41 is about manifesting ideas into form. Evidently I should take a conservative approach with that today.

Transiting at Gate 31 ~ democracy, Line 2 ~ arrogance, energies of this Earth transit influence my leadership skills. I should approach any leadership situation with humility and respect for the needs of others. I need to lead according to the needs of others, rather than imposing any direction of my own. This may explain the caution I’m to observe brought by the transiting Sun’s influence.

Today’s Full Wolf Moon transits at Gate 56 ~ the storyteller, Line 1 ~ quality, suggesting that even the smallest activity be one of quality. This is certainly a conservative theme for today. Which is fine, really. Full moons are typically a fairly active energy, so a little quiet time before tonight’s ritual is a welcome change.

Venus remains at Gate 10 ~ love of self, but changes her Line number to 2 ~ hermit. Again, the energies align with the others. Finally, Mars remains at Gate 44 ~ energy, but moves from the intrapersonal line 3 to transpersonal Line 4 ~ honesty or the refusal to engage in hypocrisy. Well that’s me in a nutshell. I don’t do weird well, nor do I tolerate dishonesty or hypocrisy. Witches do NOT suffer fools gladly as they say. So, it’s probably best to keep my silence today.

I’m going to finish with the Root Center tomorrow..Full Moon and all. So, until then..

~Full Wolf Moon Blessings to All!


biorhythm 1232016

Transit Influences for 25 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1252016The North and South Nodes transit at new Gates today along with the Earth and the Moon. The Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) has finally moved along its way leaving only the Channels of Perfected Form (10/57) and Exploration (10/34) to influence the day.

Beginning with the Earth, it transits today at Gate 31 ~ democracy, Line 4 ~ intent reminds me to stay aligned so that any influence I have is of pure, grounded intent. The Moon at Gate 4 ~ answers, Line 5 ~ seduction seems to suggest guarding against achieving success through the favor of others. Success gained in this manner isn’t success that is truly earned. Again, intention grounded in purity is necessary.

Conversely, these are also transit energies that I could be experiencing from others. I need to be alert to the intention of others so that I’m not drawn into something that’s ultimately counterproductive. The energy of manipulative people feels sharp and pushy. And I usually just wait to see what happens.

The North Node tells us where we’re going and the South Node where we’ve been. I’m sure that’s an oversimplification, but it’s how I see it. The North Node transits today at Gate 47 ~ realization, Line 6 ~ futility, suggesting that perhaps basic survival is all I can hope for right now. Oh that’s nice. Another movie day.

The South Node transits at Gate 22 ~ openness, Line 6 ~ maturity, which provides the energy and space for leadership. Given the blending of the two, I would say that as a Generator Type with Emotional Authority, it’s best to let whatever leadership opportunities available drop in my lap rather than generating them on my own.

In fact, the North Node may be reinforcing that idea with the influence of futility. Forcing things for someone with my inner authority and strategy truly can be an exercise in futility. Maturity gained from the South Node’s influence provides some balance between the two. Might as well live my inner authority because it’s an exercise in futility not to. And the goal really is to move through my life creating instead of reacting, so focusing upon anything other than creating only deters me from my goal.

The Root Center

The Root Center is the final Center in the Human Design Bodygram. It’s also the only other Center I have besides the Heart/Will Center that’s Open/Undefined. Yes, I float about like a wish, untethered to the ground. I need the energy of others to do that. Karen Curry tells us:

This is the center for adrenaline. It is also considered one of two pressure centers in the system (the other one being the Head Center). The Root Center energy operates in pulses.¹

This Center is all about handling the stress of life. With an Open Root Center, the pressure to get things done never leaves, and the tendency is for the individual to work quickly in an effort to reduce pressure that’s felt. The problem is, the pressure is always felt. Staying aligned, i.e. living one’s authority and strategy allows me to notice the pressure without feeling “pressured” to act unless the timing is correct for me to do so.

Regarding an individual with a Defined Root Center:

If you have a defined Root Center then you are somewhat immune to adrenaline pressure. That doesn’t mean that you don’t experience stress. However, your stress may come from other factors or through other open centers that you may have in your body graph. Simply put, when you have a defined Root Center, things get done when they get done.²

With my Open Root Center, dealing with anyone who gets things done on their own timetable is tricky. I feel continual pressure to check in with them to see how things are going, which really isn’t fair to do. If parents expect too much of the child with a Defined Root Center, then they’ll pressure that child unnecessarily into doing things he/she’s not ready to do. We should instead recognize that this child has his/her own timetable and trust that things will get done.

I know, I had my share of trust issues. I have two sons, one with a Defined Root, the other Open. Fortunately, I also read Whole Child, Whole Parent by Polly Berrien-Berrends, which lovingly guided me to an understanding of children as seeing beings. So I already saw them as individuals, and as they grew, they really seemed to create their own integrated expression of Yin/Yang energies.

I guess that’s why I like Human Design so well. There’s a concept in Human Design called living your not-self. In other words, we tend as humans to live opposite to our natural state, or in Human Design terms, Type. In my case, living my not-self would mean that I would initiate something instead of waiting for the universe to give it to me in its own time. I would be endlessly impatient, busying myself up in everything everyone else was doing, stressing myself out to the max. Or some variation of that nightmare.

I admit that I have a difficult time trusting that the universe will give me what I need at the right time, although I know it to be true. So I often jump in and initiate when I should wait. Each type also has an certain kind of aura associated with it and understanding that has been a big help. My aura is enveloping, so I draw others in. My Manifestor husband has a repelling energy associated with his aura, so when he stands up while talking to me, and I’m sitting down in a chair, I feel that energy blast over me to the point that sometimes I have to ask him to step back, or sit down. Anything to break that energy from pushing at me, which because of my enveloping aura, I also draw to me. Because of the intensity of his energy, it can feel as if he’s angry with me when he’s not. Now that he knows more about the impact of his aura, he’s more sensitive to how he engages with me.

Well, I must say, I’ve learned quite a bit from including information on Centers in my posts. I hope I’ve at least stimulated some interest in Human Design. I find the whole thing fascinating, but then anything that describes how our energy flows draws me in. We’re here not only to survive the physical experience, but to transcend it. Remaining aligned with our Source within as we move throughout our day accomplishes that. It’s fine to notice the chaos around us, for there’s plenty of that, but it’s best to stay focused on creating. Anything else is reaction to someone else’s reality, having little to do with our own. The Human Design bodygram give us a blueprint in much the same way an astrological chart does, but with more information. So check it out over at Jovian Archive and get your free bodygram done. You’ll be glad you did!