Full Moons

I really love tables to gather information together for future reference. Tables are handy that way. Anyway, I’ve gathered together some moon information from various sites and created a table. It doesn’t have everything in it, just the stuff I’m interested in. I’ve included some references I used below to click on for more information. Even within each category you’ll find there are many names used for each month’s Full Moon. I find one that resonates and then go from there..


MonthAlgonquianCelticCherokeeChoctawMedieval EnglandWiccan
JanuaryWolf MoonQuiet MoonCold MoonCooking MoonWolf MoonCold Moon
FebruarySnow MoonMoon of IceBony MoonLittle Famine MoonStorm MoonQuickening Moon
MarchWorm MoonMoon of WindsWindy MoonBig Famine MoonChaste MoonStorm Moon
AprilPink MoonGrowing MoonFlower MoonWildcat MoonSeed MoonWind Moon
MayFlower MoonBright MoonPlanting MoonPanther MoonHare MoonFlower Moon
JuneStrawberry MoonMoon of HorsesGreen Corn MoonWindy MoonDyan MoonSun Moon
JulyBuck MoonMoon of CalmingRipe Corn MoonCrane MoonMead MoonBlessing Moon
AugustSturgeon MoonDispute MoonFruit MoonWomen's MoonCorn MoonCorn Moon
SeptemberHarvest MoonSinging MoonNut MoonMulberry MoonBarley MoonHarvest Moon
OctoberHunter's MoonHarvest MoonHarvest MoonBlackberry MoonBlood MoonBlood Moon
NovemberBeaver MoonDark MoonTrading MoonSassafras MoonSnow MoonMourning Moon
DecemberCold MoonCold MoonSnow MoonPeach MoonOak MoonLong Night's Moon



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