Witch Runes

Over the years with my fascination for runes, I’ve collected images and descriptions typically associated with Witch Runes. Sets consist of varying amounts and I’ve collected them all and have come up with fourteen. A witch typically crafts her own runes. I usually make them from the branches of various trees that grow around my home. The pictures below are from one of the first sets of stone runes I crafted. I typically don’t use stone because I can’t carve them the way I can with wood. So other than this one and another Elder Futhark set I made from some flat stones I found on the beach, I typically purchase my stone rune sets.


SunSun: growth, happiness, expansiveness, strength, clarity, success, progress, masculine energy, vitality, dynamic, new beginnings, presence, Sabbat ritual

The Sun is a rune of positive energy and expansive growth. Clarity is also at hand, whether it be a clear path toward a positive end, clarity of thought, or perhaps something hidden is being revealed. Happiness should prevail at this time. Use this rune in magickal workings of increase.

Rings: relationships, attract love, bonds, connections, marriage, contracts, social groups, reunion, Ringsmaterial possessions

This rune is about connections and how they unfold. When this rune is drawn, we need to be mindful of our relationships with others. Are we moving in unison or are we experiencing some issues with that process? Are we attracting what we want in our relationships? Are we expressing love in a positive manner to then attract to us? In other words, are we using the Law of Attraction to our advantage? Used in ritual or magickal workings, the Rings can help bind together in positive and productive manner.

FlightFlight: awareness, awakening, psychic ability, movement, unexpected visits, news, travel by air, progress, communication

Flight covers several types of thought-expression. It can indicate movement with respect to travel, news received, or perhaps you may have an unexpected encounter or visit with someone. In the nonphysical sense of thought-expression, we may experience an awakening of some kind or an increase in our empathic or psychic awareness. Flight indicates a need to be aware. Flight can be used in meditation or trancework to increase nonphysical awareness.

Ear of CornEar of Corn: growth, change, unexpected news

The convergence of all in physical form. That’s what it takes for something to grow. It needs all Elemental energies and qualities to become. The Ear of Corn is about the blending of energies to create something new and can be used on the altar during magickal workings for that purpose. In that process of creation, we may experience unexpected results and we need to understand that we cannot control everything around us. Watch a garden grow. Can you predict every outcome? Can you control every outcome? Or do other energies contribute to the outcome of that growth?

Crossed SpearsCrossed Spears: arguments, opposition, frustration, stagnation, no results, challenges ahead, misunderstandings, need to make a decision

Lots of things happening around us, some of which may be hidden from view. We need to ignore the chaos surrounding us. It’s time to center, align, see through Source Vision, and then know the way forward. Place on the altar for ritual or magickal workings involving vision and revelation, or keep in a pocket when dealing with chaotic situations as a focus for alignment.

The EyeThe Eye: vision, realization, awareness, clarity, transformation, psychic ability, protection

Awareness is available if you choose to see. The way forward is clear and transformation is at hand. You are protected at this time by loving energies. Go within and know. A particularly intuitive rune for magickal workings, place or draw the Eye on the altar or talisman to aid clarity.

HarvestHarvest: abundance, harvest, prosperity, money, positive growth, benefits, reap what we sow, on the right path, responsibility, don’t become complacent

As progress is made, remain engaged in the process. Harvest is a continuous, cyclical process of flow and ebb. Appreciate both aspects and own your result. In ritual, Harvest can be placed on the altar in gratitude for or in anticipation of a productive harvest or outcome of some kind. In magickal workings, it can be used to bring about prosperity and growth.

ManMan: catalytic, male figure, strength, vitality, gods, courage, perseverance, war, chaos, action, challenge, resources, increase, instability

This rune represents energy that is catalytic and projective. It either tells us of our inner strength or strength that is needed, or may represent a male figure in your life. There may be chaos surrounding you at this time. Courage and steadfastess is required. Assertiveness need not always be outwardly-focused. Quiet perseverance may be all that’s needed. In magickal workings, Man may be used as a catalyst in some form, or as a sending rune in the same manner as Fehu from the Elder Futhark.

MoonMoon: subtle, long-term change, feminine energy, transitions, emotions, instability, impulsive action, secret actions, magick, Esbat ritual

The Moon brings receptive energy to the forefront. Subtley is the key when this rune is drawn. Avoid impulsive action at this time for emotions may be high. There may be manipulation from others in play, hidden from your view. Used in magickal workings, the Moon can illuminate what’s hidden. The Moon also indicates the transitory nature of our lives. Change is as much a given as the Moon’s effect upon the tides. We must learn to move effortlessly, through and around change, in loving non-resistance.

The ScytheThe Scythe: breaks curses, hexes or bad luck, dissolving a relationship, endings, danger, death, something needs ending, swift change, caution

Useful to include in binding spells as well as with more definitive magickal workings, the Scythe brings swift change to any endeavor. When drawn in a reading, it may indicate that a relationship is either ending, or needs changing in some significant way. At any rate, center, align, and know is the rule of this rune, because moving forward in truth is essential at this time.

The StarThe Star: desire, wishing, attract fortune, hopes, destiny, faith, ideals, inspiration, opportunity, unattainable love

As children we learn about wishing upon a star. The Star represents our hopes and desires. In a reading it may indicate opportunity ahead of some kind. It also may mean that we need to remember to live our ideals. It’s when we’re aligned with our true purpose that we can achieve anything. The Star reminds us to embrace who we truly are. In magickal workings, the Star may be used to strenthen our magickal will and knowing.

The WaveWave: travel by water, friendship, family, relationships, intuition, spirituality, transformation, inner essence, emotion, illusion

Another rune of movement, the Wave reflects Elemental Water. It reflects the spiritual transformation of Self as well as how we relate to others. When drawn in a reading, the Wave indicates that our intuition and knowing can discern truth from illusion. In magickal workings, the Wave can be used to hold the intention of clarity.

WomanWoman: female figure, divine feminine, Goddess invocation, birth, fertility, nurturing, healing, Motherhood, relationships, birth of something new

Woman, the rune of Goddess blessing and energy, representing the Divine Feminine in physical form. This rune can be placed on the altar for such magickal workings involving blessings, fertility, or healing. In a reading, the Woman appearing suggests nurturing is either available or needed, or may indicate a nurturing female presence in your life.

Black/Blank runeBlack/Blank Rune: negativity, difficulty, painful experiences, lack of alignment, center/align/know, what’s hidden

Some refer to this rune as the Blank rune. But it’s not blank and the symbol represents alignment to me, so I prefer its other name, Black Rune. This rune indicates that alignment is needed to gain clarity over a situation. We really need to see with Source Vision when this rune appears. What we see as the world is an expression of collective thought or consciousness. If we understand that a nightmare isn’t real, how is it that we don’t give the same meaning to the world around us? If it’s all a projection of collective thought, then we can see it any way we choose. We give everything around us the meaning it has. When this rune is drawn, it tells us to center, align with our Source Energy, and see with Source Vision. It’s the ONLY way out of the abyss. Hold this rune while in meditation or trancework and feel its energy of alignment.