Ogham Runes

Ogham runes, or staves as they’re also called, are another language from my Druid ancestors used for communication or divination.

BeithBeithBBirchDecember 24 to January 20adaptability, stability, express creativity, explore new directions, good fortune
LuisLuisLRowanJanuary 21 to February 17Value intuition when making decisions. Look beyond the surface. Magickal protection and healing rune.
fernFearnF/WAlderFebruary 18 to March 17Stand in your own power, have courage of convictions. This rune embodies strength and wisdom.
SailSailleSWillowMarch 18 to April 14Psychic ability, intuition, and imagination are facilitated by this rune. The rune of Seidhr, of the Volur.
NionNuinn/NionNAshApril 15 to May 12Renewal and rebirth; finding your place, spiritual ascent and transformation
UathHuathe/UathH/YHawthornMay 13 to June 9Growth through trial, balance and breakthrough, stay centered to remain on your path
DairDuir/DairDOakJune 10 to July 7Strength, power, understanding, liberation and finding new avenues
TinneTinneTHollyJuly 8 to August 4Balance and strength during difficult times, staying the course, rely on internal balance
CollCollC/KHazelAugust 5 to September 1Express creativity born from inspiration, divination, convey knowledge and widsom
CeirtQuert/CeirtQ/KwAppleSeptember 2 to September 29Beauty, love, abundance, difficult choices, new perspective, healing
MuinMuinnMVineSeptember 30 to October 27balanced life, inner purpose and development, protection, trancework
GortGortGIvyOctober 28 to November 24Tenacity, strength, perseverance in difficult situations, self-transformation, resistance
NgeadalNgetalNg/GwReed/BroomNovember 25 to December 23Approach change with flexibility, stay centered in chaotic situations, cleansing, healing
StraifStraifZ/Sw/TsBlackthornUnexpected challenge, turning difficulty into advantage, rebirth, awakening
RuisRuisRElderCycles of renewal, the Wheel, moving from one phase to another
AilmAilmASilver/White Fir/PineThe future is clear, new projects, purification, clarity of purpose and self
OnnOhn/OnnOGorseStay on your path, harmony, share knowledge, stay centered and focused, prosperity and positive results
UrUrUHeatherLove, wealth, passion, creative expression
EadhadhEadhadhEPoplarFaith, self-determination, steadfastness through difficulty, self-transformation
IodhadhIodhadhIYewTransition, renewal, transformation, passage, new beginnings, past life awareness and connection
Eabhadh.jpgEabhadhEaAspenconflict resolution
OrOrOiSpindle Treeright thinking, fulfilling responsibilities
UilleannUilleannUiHoneysuckleLive life to the fullest, honor your needs
IfinIfinIaPineSelf-transformation and personal responsibility, honor and respect for others
EamhanchollEamhanchollAeWitch Hazelunknown as of this printing