Materia Medica

Herbs are useful in magick, ritual and healing. The following is my Materia Medica, with information on herbs that I’ve gathered over the years. And yes, it’s in table format. I’m nothing if not obsessive about such things. A reading list follows.

NameBotanical nameCommon namesPart usedConstituentsPropertiesUsesDosage
AngelicaAngelica officinalisArchangel, masterwort, garden angelicarootSpicy, warm, bitter, volatile oil, misc sugars, acids, flavonoids, sterolsastringent, tonic, diuretic, vulnerary, cholagogue, anti-inflammatory Respiratory infections (wet, mucousy), rheumatic complaints, digestive weakness,Decoct: 1 tsp root per cup - simmer 2 min then let stand 15 min TID
Black CohoshCimicfuga racemosaBlack snake root, rattle root, squaw root, bugbaneDried rootTriterpene, glycosides, isoferulic acid, salicylic acid, vol oils, tannins, cooling/relaxingEmmenagogue, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, alterative, nervine, hypotensiveRepro system normalizer & relaxant, painful or delayed menses, RA, OA, neurological pain, tinnitus, menopause, perimenopauseTincture: 2-4 ml TID
Decoct: 1/2-1tsp to 1 cup water
Blessed ThistleCnicua benedictusHoly thistleSeeds, aerial partsBitter, similar to salicin, cooling, dryingAntiseptic, expectorant, tonic, stimulant, diaphoretic, emetic, emmenagogueHeals woundsTincture: 2-4 ml TID
Infusion - 1oz hb to pint boiling water
Blue CohoshCaulophyllus thalictroidesPapoose root, squaw root, blueberry rootrootSteroidal saponins, alkaloids, cooling, drying. relaxingUterine tonic, emmenagogue, anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumaticUterine tonic, miscarriage threat, false labor pains, colic, asthma, cough, rheumatic painDecoct: 1/2 - 1 tsp dried root/1 cup, simmer 10-15 min - TID
BorageBorago officinalisDried leaves, flowerspotassium, calicum, mucilageDiuretic, demulcent, emollientEyewash, calcium source, adrenal stress1 oz dried herb to 1 cup water
BuchuAgathosma betulinaOval buchu, short buchu, sap, bookooleavesEO w/barosama camphor, pungent, warmDiuretic, stimulant, aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, bladder, stomach, lungsCystitis, urinary infectionstincture - 10-30 drops
combine with other herbs in tea
Burdock RootArctium lappaCocklebur, hardock, grass burdockRoots, seeds, leavesEO, almost 45% inulin, flavonoid & bitter glycosides, alkaloid, anti-microbialalterative, depilatory, diuretic, diaphoretic, nutritiveskin diseases, blood purification, urinary problems, blood tonic, arthritis, sciaticaStd decoction
CalendulaCalendula officinalisflowerscarrotenoids, saponins, bitter, sterols, flavonoids, EOVulnerary, diaphoretic, alterative, astringentSkin conditions
not for internal use during pregnancy
Tincture - 10-30 drops
Std infusion
California PoppyEscholtzia californiacaCalifornia poppywhole plantOpiate, alkaloids, zinc, bittersedative, analgesic, hypnotic, antineuralgicinsomnia, pain, neuralgia, psoriasis, depression, agitationTincture: 15-30 drops
Std Infusion
ChamomileAnthemis nobilis, matricaria chamomilla, chamomilla recutitaRoman chamomile, German chamomile, ground appleflowersAnthemic acid, coumarin, flavonic heterosides, glycoside, azulene tonic, stomachic. anodyne, antispasmodic, tonic, stomachic. anodyne, antispasmodicappetite, dyspepsia, pain, menstrual cramping, inflammation, nervous tensionStd infusion
CatnipNepeta catariaCatmint, catnip, nipWhole plantEOs, tannins, nepatalic acid, spicy, bitter, coolstimulant, tonic, alterative, carminative, anodyne, anti-spasmodic, aromaticinsomnia, fevers/colds, diarrhea, pain, spasms, gas pains Std infusion
CayenneCapsicum annuumfruitFlavonoids, EO, VC, carotenoids, capsaicinstimulant, tonic, alterative, carminative, antiseptic winter colds, congestion, infection, inflammation, regulates blood flow, strengthens the
infusion - 1/2-1 tsp/cup boiling water..steep 10 min,..drink 1 T mixed with hot water
Chaparral LeafLarrea tridentataCreosote bush, chaparralLeaves, stemsBitter, acrid, anti-oxidantalterative, diuretic, tonic, depurative, astringent, anti-arthritic, antirheumaticarthritis, tones/rebuilds tissue, bladder/kidney, cancer, kidney stonesStd infusion
Tincture 10-30 dr TID
ChickweedStellaria mediaIndian chickweed, starweedaerial portionSaponins, mildly bitterdemulcent, emollient, expectorant, antitussive, antipyretic, alterative, vulneraryinternally - weight loss, fluid retention, fever, inflammation
external - skin irritation
Std Infusion
CinnamonCinnamomum zeylanicuminner barkTannins, vol oils, gum, coumarins, mucilage, sugarsCarminative, astringent, aromatic, stimulant.antispasmodic, tonic, antiseptic, uterine stimulantdigestion, diarrhea, colic, promote sweatingtincture - up to 5 ml in hot water
CleaversGalium aparineBedstraw, goosegrassaerial portionsBitter, asperuloside, glycoside, iridoidsdiuretic, alterative, aperient, mild astringent/lungs, stomach diuretic, reproductive organ inflammations, hepatitis, venereal disease, scalds, burns, fevers Std infusion
ClovesSyzygium aromanticumEO, flower budsVol oilsantiseptic, anodyne, antispasmodic, carminative, stimulant, anti-nauseaprevents vomitinginfusion
tincture on a sugar cube
ColtsfootTussilago farfaraHorsehoof, coughwortleaves, flowersMucilage, glucose, fructose, flavonoids, tannin, bitter antitussive, expectorant, antiinflammatory, astringent, demulcent, respiratory nervine, antibacterialcough remedy, asthma, bronchitisInfusion - 1 oz/pt water 2 T/adult; 2-3 tsp kids
ComfreySymphytum officinaleKnitbone, boneset, bruisewortleaves, rootsMucilage, allantoin, alkaloids, vol oil, resin, tannin, gumdemulcent, expectorant (T) vulnerary, astringent regulates blood sugar, dryness and irritation, wound healing, respiratory problemsinfusion - leaf
decoction - root for poultices
Tincture - 10-30 drps
CornsilkZea mayssilkSaponins, sterols, allantoindiuretic, lithotriptic, demulcent, cholagoguefluid retention and urinary infectionsStd Infusion
Tincture 10-30 drps TID
Cramp barkViburnum opulusGuelder rose, snowball treebarkBitter, arbutin, tannins, coumarins, catechins, hydroquinonesAntispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, nervine, hypotensive, astringent, emmenagoguemuscle spasms, uterine cramps, dysmenorrheaDecoct - 2tsp - 1 cup water
Tincture - 4-8ml TID
DaminanaTurnera aphrodisiacadried leaves/stemsVolatile oil, bitter, resin, tannin Nerve tonic, anti-depressant, urinary antiseptic, laxativestrengthens male repro system, nervous system, antidepressantStd Infusion
Tincture 1-2ml TID
DandelionTaraxacum officinaleLion’s tooth, pirest’s crown, puffballwhole plantGlycosides choline, potassium, lactones, terpenes, sterols, flavonoids, polysaccharides, inulin, bitterdiuretic, cholagogue, anti-rheumatic, laxative, tonicFluid retention, major source of potassium, promotes bile formationStd infusion - leaf
Decoct - root
Dong QuaiAngelica sinensisrootBitter, acrid, warmuterus, blood and muscles; uterine tonic, antispasmodic, alterativeuse with other herbs instead of alone
Insomnia, hypertension, cramps, blood purifier
Infusion - 1 tsp/cup TID
Echinacea RootEchinacea augustfolia, purpureaPurple coneflower, echinacea, snakerootcone flower, rootGlycosides, phenolics, EO, echinacoside, Vol oil, echinaceine, saccharidesanti-microbial, alterative, anti-septic, tonic, stimulantDon't use daily
Respiratory complaints, asthma, boils
Powder - 1-2 gr
Tincture 1-4ml TID
ElderberrySambucus nigraBlack elder, common elderbark, flowers, berries, leavesacrid, bitter, cool, flavonoids, EO, sugar, fruit acidsbark - purgative, emetic, diuretic
Leaves - externally - emollient, vulnerary; internally - purgative, expectorant, diuretic, diaphoretic
Flowers - diaphoretic, anti-catarrhal
Berries - diaphoretic, diuretic, laxative
bruises (leaves), colds, flu (flowers), rheumatic (berries)Tincture - 10-30 drops TID
Decoct the berries and bark
ElecampaneInula heleniumScabwort, horseheal, nursehealrhyzomeInulin, EO, triterpenes, mucilage, sweet, acrid, bitter, warmcarminative, diuretic, vermifuge, expectorant, stimulant, relaxant, astringent, and toniccoughs, bronchitis, chronic lung ailmentsStd decoction
Tincture - 10-20 dr TID
FenugreekTrigonella fornumgraecumBird’s foot, Greek cloverseedsMucilage, bitter, vol & fixed oil, steroidal saponinswarming, stimulant, demulcent, expectorant, tonic, galactogoguestimulates breast milk production, bronchitis, woundspoultice
decoction = 1 1/2 tsp/cup water - steep 10 min
Tincture - 1-2 ml TID
FeverfewTahaietum partheniumleavesbitteranti-inflammatory, vasodilatory, relaxant, digestive bitter, uterine stimulantDo not use in pregnancy
migraine headaches, arthritis, dizziness, tinnitus, painful periods
1 fresh leaf 1-3 times/day fresh or frozen
GarlicAllium sativumbulbvolatile oil, mucilageantiseptic, anti-viral, diaphoretic, hypotensive, anti-spasmodicbacteria, viruses, parasites, respiratory infection, blood pressure, cholesterol, ringworm (ext)1 clove TID
GingerZingiberis officinalisAfrican gingerRootVolatile oils, starch, mucilage, resinrubefacient, carminative, stimulant, aromaticpromotes perspiration, circulation, digestion, relieves congestionStd infusion - steep 5 min
decoct 1 1/2 tsp/cup simmer 5-10 min
Gingko BilobaGingko bilobaGingko nut, maidenhair treeLeaf, nutFlavonoids, terpenes, Vits ABC, lignans, Essential oils, tanninsexpectorant, antitussive, antiasthmatic, sedative, mildly astringent, vasoactiveenhances brain function and memory, peripheral circulationStandardized Extract
GinsengPanax ginsengrootSteroidal glycosided, sterols, Vit D, adaptogenStimulant, cardiac tonic, alterativeNormalize BP, lower cholesterol, blood tonic, regulates blood sugarpowder - 5-10 grams
decoct - 1/2 tsp pwdr rt/1 cup water, simmer 10 min
Goldenseal RootHydrastis canadensisEye balm, ground raspberry, tumeric rootrootAlkaloids, berberine, canadine, trace Essential oil, resin, bittertonic, astringent, laxative, bitterindigestion, gastritis, colitis, ulcer, female repro tonic, skin disordersdecoct - 1 tsp root to 1 C water
Gotu KolaCentella asiaticaaerial parts pungent, sweet, coolingdiuretic, nervine, tonic, astringentnerve tonic, memory loss, nervous stress, mental fatigueTincture - 2-4 ml TID
Gravel RootEupatorium purpureumJoe-pye weed, Queen of the MeadowrootBitter, pungent, volatile oil, flavonoidsdiuretic, lithotripic, nervine, tonic, antirheumatic, carminativediarrhea, cancer prevention, urinary problems, gravel, stones, frequent urinationStd decoction
Tincture - drps
Hawthorn berryCrataegus oxyacanthoidesberrySaponins, flavonoids, acids, tannins, glycosidescardiac tonicTones and balances the heart and circulatory systemStd infusion
Tincture - 2-4 ml TID
HorehoundMarrubium vulgareHoarhound, bull’s blood, Even of the Star, Soldier’s teaLeaves, flowering topsSesquiterpine bitters, Essential oils, mucilage, tanninspectoral, aromatic, tonic, expectorant, vulneraryRespiratory conditions, digestion, indigestion, sore throatsInfusion - 1/2-1 tsp/cup water TID
Tincture 1-2ml TID
HorseradishArmoracia rusticanaGreat railfort, mountain radishfresh/dried rootEssential oils, sinigrin  stimulant, aperient, rubefacient, diaphoretic, diureticdigestive complaints, kidney, skin, respiratory issues, low blood pressure, flu, fever
HopsHumulus lupulus Beer flower, flores de cervezaflowerLupulin, resin, tannin, bitters, volatile oil, estrogenicsedative, antiseptic, astringent, nervine, tonic, diuretic, anodyneinsomnia, tension and anxiety, headache, indigestionStd Infusion
Tincture - 10-30 drps
HyssopHyssopus officinalisHyssop herb, IsopoleavesVolatile oils, flavoinoids, tanninAromatic, expectorant, pectoral, tonic, carminative, sedativeRespiratory complaints, fluStd Infusion
Tincture 10-30 drps TID
Irish MossChondrus crispusCarrageenin, pearl mossseaweedPolysaccharides, mucins, iodine, salts, bromine, proteins, amino acids, manganesedemulcent, nutrient, emollient, expectorant, anti-inflammatorylung diseases, gastric conditions, ulcersTincture - 10-30 drops TID
Std Infusion
Juniper BerryJuniper comunisGin berry, gin plantberriesSugars, Vit C, resin, volatile oilscarminative, antiseptic, diuretic, stimulant, anti-inflammatoryurinary complaints, gout, rheumatic conditions, flatulenceStd Infusion
Lemon BalmMelissa officinalisLemon balm, melissa, balmleavesEssential oils, bitter, tannin, acids, spicy, cooldiaphoretic, calmative, antispasmodic, carminative, emmenaogue, stomachicdigestion, fever, tension, depressionInfusion - 1 oz to pint of boiling water
LicorceGlycyrrhiza glabraLicorice root, sweet woodRootGlycosides, flavonoids, Volatile oils, courmarins, estrogenic, asparagine, saponins, bitterDemulcent, emollient, stomachic, anti-inflammatory, expectorantRespiratory complaints, digestion
liver tonic
Tincture - 10-20 drops
Decoction - 1/2 to 1 tsp root/cup water TID
LobeliaLobelia inflataBladder pod, wild tobacco, vomit rootflowering herb and seedLobeline, lobelic acid, resin, fixed oil, potassium, gum, bitter glycosidesdiuretic, antispasmodic, emetic, nervine, expectorantrespiratory, inflammation, externally for bruises, strains, skin diseasesTincture - 10-30 drp
Ma Huang (ephedra)Epedra sinicaMa Huang, ephedra, sea grapestems/branchesAlkaloidsvasodilator, stimulant, expectorant, anti-allergicrespiratory conditionsDecoct - 1-2 tsp/1C water, simmer 15 min, TID
Tincture - 10-30 drp TID
Marshmallow RootAlthaea officinalisCheeses, marshmallow root, high mallow, cheese flower, common mallowroot, leaf, flowerscool, sweet, bland, Mucilage, starch, Vit A, anthocyanidinsExpectorant, emollient, demulcentulcers, sores, urinary issuesInfusion - 2 oz/qt water
MotherwortLeoncrus cardiaeamotherwortaerial partsIridoids, labdane, flavonoids, alkaloids, volatile oils, tannins, diterpenes, caffeic acidAntispasmodic, nervine, emmenagogue, cardiotonicmenopause, heart tonic, anxiety, uterine issuesStd Infusion
Tincture - 10-30 drp TID
MugwortArtemis vulgarisFelon herb, moxa, St. John’s plantleavesBitter,acrid, essential oils, bitterCholagogue, vermifuge, emmenagogue, hemostatic, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, mild narcoticLiver, stomach and intestinal problems, worms, promote menstruation, nervousness, for ritual purificationStd Infusion
Tincture - 5-20 drops
MulleinVerbascum thapsusBlanket leaf, hag’s taperleaves, flowers, rootMucilage, saponins, volatile oils, glycosides, flavoinoids, gumDemulcent, expectorant, antispasmodic, anodyne, vulneraryrespiratory complaints, earachesInfusion - 1/2 tsp/cup water TID
Tincture - 10-30 drp
MyrrhCommiphora myrrhaGuggul, myrrh tree,resinVolatile oils, bitterexpectorant, antiseptic, stimulantused w/goldenseal for cold/flu, respiratory, arthritis, infectionInfusion - pwdr - 1-2 tsp/cup water TID
Tincture - 10-30 drp TID
NettlesUrtica dioicaStinging nettleaerial partsHistamin, formic acid, iron. Vit C, serotonin, glycosides, protein, bitterhemostatic, astringent, tonic, expectorant, nutritiveRegulates blood sugar, liver tonic, rheumatic conditions, urinary issues, asthmaStd infusion
Tincture - 10-30 drps TID
Oat/OatstrawAvena sativaseed/strawproteins, glycosides, starchantidepressant, tonicdebility, nutrient, depressionStd Infusion
Tincture 10-30 Drp
Oregon Grape RootBerberis aquifoliumMountain grape,holly mahonia, barberryrootAlkaloids - berberine, bitter, coolliver alterative, tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-catarrhalliver/kidney issues, rheumatic complaints, blood purifier, chronic skin conditionsTincture - 10-30 drops TID or 1-4 ml TID
Decoct - 1-2 tsp root/cup water TID
Parsley RootPetroselinum crispum Devil’s oatmeal, persil, rock parsleyleaves, seeds, fruit, rootRoot - Mucilage, sugardiuretic, carminative, expectorant, antirheumatic, emmenagogueurinary inflammationsStd Infusion
Tincture - 10-30 drps
Passion flowerPassiflora incarnataLeavesalkaloids, flavonoids, sterols, sugars, gumsantispasmodic, anodyne, mild sedative, hypotensiveinsomnia, nervous tensionTincture - 1-2 ml TID
std Infusion
PennyroyalMentha pulegiumMock pennyroyal, mosquito plant, squaw balm, tickweedleavesspicy, bitter, warmemmenagogue, mild sedative, antispasmodic, diaphoreticpromote perspiration, menstration, calm gas and nervous tensionStd Infusion
PeppermintMentha piperatapeppermintleafbitterCarminative, antispasmodic, stimulant, aromaticinsomnia, cramps, digestion, cough, nervous tension, headacheStd Infusion
PippsissewaChimaphilla umballataFalse wintergreen, ground hollyleavesEssential oils, Vit B/C, potassium, tannins, flavonoidsdiuretic, astringent, alterative, aperient, bitter tonicrheumatic, urinary conditionsInclude in tea blend - std infusion
PlantainPlantago majorPlantain, ribwort,whole plantglycosides, iridoids, flavonoids, tannins, plant acids, bitter, coolexpectorant, astringent, demulcent, vulnerary, diuretic,respiratory, diarrhea, cystitis, poultice for skin irritation/insect bites, blood poisoningInfusion - 2 fl oz 3-4 x per day
Pleurisy RootAsclepias tuberosapleurisyrootGlycosides, EOStimulant, carminative, anodyne, antispasmodic, pleurisyStd infusion
Tincture 1-2 ml TID
Prickly AshZanthoxylum americanumNorthern prickly ash, toothache barkberries, barkalkaloids, coumarins, tannins, resin. vol oilastringent, cardiac stimulant, bitter tonic, alterative  poor circulation; rheumatic conditions; asthma, respiratory issues
Psyllium seedsPlantago psylliumBranching plantain, fleaseedseeds demulcent, purgative, detergent, laxativeColon-related issues
Raspberry leafRubus idaeusDried, flowering herbdry, astringent, generaly cooling; fragarine (uterine tonic), tannins, polypeptidesastringent, childbirth preparative, digestive remedy, tonic, diuretic, laxativeuterine stimulant, diarrhea, diuretic, rheumatic conditionsStd infusion (use in last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy only)
Red CloverTrifolium pratenseHoney stalks, shamrock, trefoil, wild cloverflowersglycosides, flavonoids, volatile oils, resins, minerals, vitamins, sweet, salty, coolalterative, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, anti-tumorcancer, tumors, skin diseases, fevers, colds, coughsTincture - 10-30 drops
Std Infusion
SageSlavia officinalisGarden sage, red sage, white sage, salvialeavespungent, warm, oily, astringent astringent, expectorant, tonic, aromatic, antispasmodic, nervinechronic illness, congestion, sore, inflamed throats, gargle, dries up milk, joint pain, diabetesInfusion - pinch of fresh/dried leaf/cup water..
Don't take longer than 3 weeks of if continuing breast feeding
SarsaparillaSmilax officinalisrootmild, bitter, sweetalterative, diureticstrengthens the liver, purifies the blood, relieves arthritic and skin conditionsStd decoction
Tincture - 10-30 drops
SassafrasSassafras albidumAgue tree, saxifrax, cinnamon woodRoot barksafrole, tannins, sesamin, resin, spicy, warmAlterative, diaphoretic, diuretic, carminative, anti-rheumaticeczema, psoriasis, gout, infection and fever, cold/flu, rheumatic complaintsStd Infusion - do not boil
Saw PalmettoSerenoa repensSabal, seronafruitEssential oils, sesamin, resin, tannins, sweet, moist, warmdiuretic, expectorant, sedative, endocrinewasting conditions, prostate, urinary infectionStandard decoction
SkullcapSkutellaria laterifloraBlue skullcap, helmet flower, hoodwortaerial partsflavonoid, scutellarin, vol oil, bitterdiuretic, sedative, antispasmodic, tonicnervous tensionTincture - 10-30 drops TID
Std Infusion
Siberian GinsengEleutherococcus senticosusSiberian ginsengrooteleutherosides A-E, glycosidesadaptogengeneral stress tonic, chronic illness support, trauma, surgeryTincture - 50-100 drps TID
Slippery ElmUlmus rubraRed elm, slippery elm, American elminner barkproteins, mucins, amino acids, iodine, bromine, and manganese saltsNutritive tonic, expectorant, demulcent, emollient, astringent, vulnerary respiratory, digestive, ulcers, woundsDecoction 1 pt pwdr to 8 pts water..simmer 10-15 min 1/2 cup TID
SpearmintMentha spicataSpearmint, lady’s mint, lamb mintLeavescooling, EOs, V-B&C, flavonoids, potassium, tannins Antispasmodic, sedative, antispasmodic, carminative, aromaticgoes where needed, calms, energizes, stimulates blood flowStd Infusion
Tincture - 10-30 drops
Squaw vineMitchella repensPartridge berry, checkerberryaerial partsalkaloids, saponins, tannins, mucilage, glycosidesemmenagogue, diuretic, astringentuterine complaints, diarrheaStd Infusion
St. John’s WortHypericum perforatumGoatweed, amber, Klamath weed, Johnsworttops, flowersCool, bitter, essential oil, hypericin, flavonoidsaromatic, nervine,diuretic, astringent, expectorant, vulnerarySkin conditions,rheumatic conditions, chronic painTincture 1-2 ml TID
Strawberry leafFragria vescaMountain strawberryleafcool, moist, sweet, sour, citric acids, mucilage, sugarastringent, diuretic, tonicDiarrhea, digestive upset, rheumatism, gout, arthritisStd Infusion
Uva UrsiArchtolstaphylos uva-ursiBarberry, bearberry, kinnickinnickleavesbitter, cool, astringent, arbutin, flavonoids, iridoids, tannins, acids, vol oilsdiuretic, antiseptic, astringenturinary disorders, blood in urineStandard infusion TID do not boil
Valerian RootValeriana officianlisAll-heal,setwall, garden heliotrope, valerianrootyellowish green to brownish yellow oil containing valerianic, formic and acetic acids, borneol, pineneAromatic, stimulant, anodyne, nervineNervous tension, promotes menses, reduces pain, hysteria, sleepStd infusion - do not boil
vitexVitex agnusChaste tree, chasteberryberrycool, bitter, acrid, flavonoids, glycosides, vol oilAstingent, tonic, diureticemmenagogue, tonicTincture - 10-30 drps
Wild Cherry BarkPrunus serotinaBlack cherrybarkwarm, acrid, tannin, acids, glycosidesedative, astringent, carminative, antitussiveRespiratory conditions, stomach issuesStandard infusion
Wild Yam RootDioscorea villosaWild yam, colic root, rheumatism rootrhysomealkaloids, tannins, starch, phytosterols, saponinsdiaphoretic, expectorant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatorymenopause symptoms, urinary conditions, asthmaStd Decoction
Tincture - 10-30 drps TID
Wood BetonyBetonica officinalisWood betony, herb Christopher, beefsteak plant, lousewortLeavesAlkaloids, tannins, choline, bitter, coolastringent, anthelmintic, diuretic, carminative, expectorant, vulneraryhysteria, neuralgia, rheumatic issuesStd Infusion
WormwoodArtemisia absinthiumaerial partsabsinthol, EO's, thujoneanthelmintic, cholagogue, anti-inflammatoryexpels worms and parasitesconsult a clinical herbalist
Yarrowachillea millefoliummilfoil, bloodwort, Soldier's wouldwortherb
whole plant in flower
bitter, essential oilsdiaphoretic, antipyretic, hemostatic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, carminative, astringentfevers, respiratory conditions, rashstd infusion
Yellow Dock Rootrumex crispusyellow dock, curly dockrootglycosides, rumicin, tannins, oxalatesastringent, alterative, chologogue, mucilaginous, purgativeskin disorders, cancer, liver disorders, fever, respiratorystd decoction
tincture - 1/2-1 tsp
Yerba Santaeriodyction glutinosumholy herb, mountain balm, gum plantleavesbitterexpectorant, stimulant, sialogogue, carminative, alterative,tonic, astringent,respiratory conditions, digestive conditions, rheumatic conditionsstd infusion TID
Tincture - 10-30 drops



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