It’s odd knowing things. My parents assumed I was an eavesdropper. There was no other explanation that made any sense. It wasn’t true, but truth evidently was too uncomfortable. To know when bad things are coming is almost too much for a child to bear. And yet I did that every day of my life growing up in an unsafe home. In fact, the only real safety I had was in knowing. At least, I wasn’t caught unaware, but it wasn’t enough.

When an empath grows up unaccepted and unable to communicate with others in a way that validates who they are, life can be incredibly difficult. You have no one who understands you or even knows how to talk to you. It can be such an isolating experience. And when you’re a witch on top of everything else, life is never normal.

Most people believe empaths are just people who are over-sensitive. But that’s not the whole picture. We’re extremely complex and our awareness can be expansive. Because everyone’s aura overlaps with everyone else’s aura, empaths tend to pick up the emotions of others. I’ll become upset for no reason at all, but it will feel as if the world just ended. And then it’s gone. I can’t even work up feeling even remotely the same way. That’s an example of feeling the emotions of others. I may have simply been in the vicinity of someone who was upset and then began experiencing those emotions. Any boundaries provided us by our physical form doesn’t apply to our nonphysical vibration. That vibration is collective in nature, one with everyone else, so it makes a certain amount of sense that an empath would experience other vibrations so intensely. We’re experiencing another’s focus into form. Of course, it’s powerful and intense. It would be odd if it were not.

Experiencing another’s emotional vibration, an empath knows when others are lying and we don’t suffer fools as they say. Of course, this applies to witches as well. And we’re crushed when we’re not believed. But that’s how it is when you know things that make others uncomfortable. And it’s not easy for empaths to not convey what they know. But in the process, it can felt by others as disapproval, even when it’s only an awareness of what is. Not everyone wants to disclose everything about themselves. Being around an empath makes that impossible.

At the end of the day, we may be one in Source, but we’re not in physical form. Physical form is tricky. Tread lightly.

Things to be aware of:

  • Stay in your own lane. Staying aligned in your own Source Energy keeps you out of others’ energies. Otherwise, you’ll be shielding all day every day
  • You attract what you focus upon. Create your own reality. Don’t participate in another’s. Thought is everything.
  • Everything is a form of thought energy and energy moves about. Stay in positive energy, move quickly away from anything negative.
  • Develop various methods of shielding because not all intrusive energy is the same.
    • Tunnel method – visualize a tunnel that you walk through, with everything else on the outside of that tunnel. This works great when in big box stores or crowds.
    • Suit of Armor – visualize any type of protection garment that resonates. I prefer anything from a Shield Maiden to a Ninja.
    • Spreading your aura apart
    • Bubble or Crystal of Light – I prefer the Merkaba as my symbol, with me inside. Color can be infused into the bubble or crystal, whatever resonates is fine. And if all else fails…
    • Cast a Circle. It’s simplest to find a word that you like, such as circulare, or something like that. I happen to like Latin, but words are words. Snap the circle into place, and then go about your business.
  • Energy vampires exist. Most don’t mean to be intrusive, but they are anyway. They might be needy or just have unhealthy boundaries, but some are invasive with their energy. Gently set boundaries if you can with most, but with true vampires, you must shield.
  • Vampiric energy is sticky. Another method of shielding for those empaths accustomed to dealing with intrusive or vampiric energies is to align first, visualize your cells as energy, and then move them apart, giving the incoming vibration enough room to move on through without sticking. This one takes trust and it can be hard to have any when sticky icky vibrations are covering you. But the fact is, the vibration won’t stick to you if you don’t actually focus on it. Relax, center, pull inward to alignment and then let your aura spread out. It’s like hiding in plain sight.
  • Sometimes we can sense the direction of a vampiric attack. Shield or quickly cast a circle. Bring your focus to your still point. Extend your receptive hand and move either deocil or widdershins in a circle, feeling the energy coming in. I prefer widdershins because it seems like I can feel discrepancies more easily than when I move deocil. But that’s just me. When you sense the change in energy, then you may have found the direction the vampiric energy is coming from. It’s not always close by.
  • We are multidimensional metaphysical beings. We are extensions of Source Energy. We are powerful and resonant energy beings. We can move best in the in between, in the space between physical and nonphysical form. Try to stay there as much as possible. It’s our place of knowing, and our place of oneness with all.
  • It’s common to feel separate from the body. That feeling tells you that you’re here to observe. The challenge for empaths is to observe, not absorb, the energy around them. What that truly means is that we are the observer, the perceiver of the projection of collective consciousness that we all participate in. The empath knows we are one in Source Energy. So the feeling of separateness which translates into feelings of not belonging, or of being different, is not really true. It’s not remembering who we are that makes us different. The empath already knows who s/he is. It’s just difficult waiting for everyone else to awaken. But they will.
  • We know when people are lying. Their energy changes. We begin to associate the subtle changes with the severity of the lie. Empaths must learn to tell the difference between someone who is guarded and someone who is trying to deceive them, and respect privacy.
  • Feeling in is something an empath will do to see what’s up with someone or with a situation. It tends to be automatic, and because an empath’s focus is so intense, people can feel uncomfortable in our presence. Staying aligned helps in this case so that you don’t stay too long in someone else’s energy. It’s really unnecessary to feel into everything. It’s not our business anyway.
  • Transcend the opinions of others. As an empath, you make others uncomfortable without them even knowing why, finding out you’re a witch as well typically puts the final nail in the coffin. So stay aligned, away from judgment and see everyone with loving Source Vision. They just don’t understand how special you are.

Find a support group or online community if necessary, even if only to know that you’re not the only person who experiences life this way. Everyone is in varying stages of awakening. For whatever reason, empaths are just more aware of the nonphysical aspect of self. Eventually, that awareness will be the norm and it will be odd not to experience life this way. But until then, staying as aligned as possible is the only way I know to get through the day without derailing myself into the abyss.

Blessings to all!