This is a different sort of grimoire, because I’m a different sort of witch. However, it occurred to me one day that I might not be so different from others for whom witch resonates. So I decided to create a grimoire as a beginning point for someone who may not want the structure of a coven and may prefer to let the witch in them unfold any way they like. I’m in my Crone years now and I’ve never belonged to a coven, and I really don’t have any interest in joining let alone creating one. I’m sure it’s fun and all, but it’s not me. I’ve always been Solitary, but I find many traditions to be fascinating and have incorporated various ideas in my own version of the craft. I prefer the term Witch or Wicce from the Old English. I identify most as a hedge witch given my obsession with all things herbal and hedge riding. I do like the notion of doing what I want as long as I don’t hurt anyone. Apologies to Wiccans everywhere for butchering the Wiccan Rede. It really is a beautiful sentiment.

I believe that we’re all one in Source Energy, and that we only appear separate in physical form. I believe time is a linear construct used to make sense of physical form but does not exist in the nonphysical realm. With that, our various lifetimes happen simultaneously. It can be thought of as different dimensions, or perhaps viewing our lives after the fact. I also believe that we choose the overall theme of our life here prior to our focus in to form.

Additionally, we never stop being nonphysical beings while focused into physical form, so we should experience life through that creative lens, otherwise known as remaining aligned with Source. Understanding this enhances the magickal will of the witch as her focus remains true.

I’ve never been one to develop a personal relationship with this god or that goddess. I believe that the gods and goddesses were in all likelihood tribal rulers and/or royalty. Or they were descended from those who seeded this planet. Of them all, Hecate is my favorite. I’m apparently related to Elen of the Ways (also known as Saint Helen of Hosts) as well as Odin. He’s a grandfather according to my ancestry research. King Solomon, as well as various Druid Kings and the Plantanaget family, are also part of my lineage. Evidently I trace back to Adam and the Blessed Virgin is a cousin. However, as I also believe we were originally seeded here and manipulated genetically by Goddess knows who, I view the Biblical story of creation from a historical perspective.

I try to observe some of the traditional pagan holidays, but honestly, I don’t make it a focus. I prefer to observe the change of seasons that the Sabbats follow, although I do confess to loving Halloween, or Samhain, as it’s also called. It’s my all-time favorite holiday. Mabon is nice as is Ostara, representing endings and beginnings for me. I suppose I like what they represent more than the holiday itself. I do love Moon, or Esbat, rituals, with the Dark Moon ritual my favorite.

Northern Tradition involving runes resonates the most for me, although other traditions feel familiar as well. But my Druid heritage is uppermost in my awareness. I love the stewardship and oneness with the land and nature found in Druid practice. It’s something that I’ve naturally gravitated to all of my life although I’ve never formally followed that path. Although I mentioned before that I don’t develop personal relationships with gods or goddesses, I have made an exception with the Disir. Similar to the Norns of Fate, they are three female witches in Spirit who travel together in nonphysical form. Some say they may be female ancestors. They can be accessed in meditation, trance work, or hedge riding. They feel like family to me and I call on them for assistance in ritual and spellwork.

Below is my basic philosophy of who we are and how I express myself as a witch:

We are not the bodies we inhabit. We are primarily nonphysical in nature and what we view as physical reality is merely a projection of collective consciousness. It’s not for any of us to judge another, but to focus on creating. Remaining aligned with our Source Energy keeps us in our magickal presence. We always begin and end there.

We are One in Source, yet we express ourselves in apparent duality. That gives the impression that dark/light also means good/evil. There is light, and the absence of light. Anything else is judgment and unnecessary to consider.

We are pure, loving Source Energy; therefore, there is no dark aspect of Self. There is only dark aspect of ego. We control our thoughts and our perceptions and see all through Source Vision, understanding that each one of us is here doing the same.

Ours is a constant flow of Source Energy, eternal and everlasting. Stay in that flow and do not become distracted by the projections of others.

We are expressions of Source Energy and consideration of that must be made in all magickal workings. Therefore, spellwork focuses primarily upon enlightenment and awakening, instead of binding and curses. A witch arises, and should extend that energy to all. However, should protection be necessary, a measured response is preferred.

It’s not up to the witch to control anyone. We’re all here for the same purpose. We each play a part in the other’s experience. Observe. Align. Know. A witch stands in her own resonance, enfolding others in that loving energy.

A witch holds the balance and the resonance, standing in between physical and nonphysical form. We’re here to observe, influencing only to bring back balance.

There is no need for initiation, or for another to define a witch. She derives her essence from Source, and she alone defines her expression and her way.


I guess that sums things up for the most part. Being a witch is about harmony and balance and feeling immanence with all. The rest is, as they say, filler.

~Blessed Be