Where We Focus

Source Vision

Where we focus matters. I know that when my focus isn’t through aligned Source vision, my balance is upset until I realign. An empath often has an other-directed focus to her awareness. In other words, my focus moves in an outward direction. Empaths absorb the auras of everyone around them, and we don’t always realize when it’s someone else’s emotions that we’re experiencing.

I’ve been thinking lately about an inner or self-directed focus to my awareness and how that might help me align more easily. If my focus remains inward and about how I’m feeling at any given moment, then I don’t have to figure out whose energy it is. I realize this may seem odd to those who don’t experience life this way, but rest assured, it’s just as odd to an empath. Mostly, we just try to sort through the confusion in an effort to figure out if we’re insane. Eventually, we figure out that we’re just fine, but it may take nearly a lifetime to realize that. In the meantime, many of us experience an emotional rollercoaster that we’re never sure is our own making.

Except that it is.

Source Energy is all that ever is. And each of us is Source Energy. What we see around us is a projection of collective consciousness. It’s not separate from us, yet it’s not actually us. At least, it doesn’t reflect the eternal aspect of us. We are the creator of what we see and experience and then each of those creations merges with all others to form what we experience as the world around us.

This creative process is never-ending. But at times, we are drawn into our creations and stay too long, becoming stuck there. It’s like a traffic accident. The direction we’re going stops and we focus on what just happened. At some point, the exchange of information needs to end and we need to move back into the creative aspect of self. Yet many will relive and relive and relive and relive that singular moment in time until it’s all that’s in their awareness. They become the individual from the automobile accident. Nothing more, nothing less.

Over time, more experiences will happen that we will fixate upon, adding them to the personal story we tell. The story focuses on past happenings instead of present creation and we really go nowhere in the process. We try to tell others about our story and their eyes glaze over. They want creation as well. It’s the direction that we all want to take. It’s the direction of Source Vision over ego vision.

I remember when my RA was out of control and although I never wanted to be a sick person, nevertheless, I was. Visually, people saw someone who was chronically ill, and as much as I didn’t want to, I became that person. It drove me nuts. At some point, I decided that I didn’t want to be ill anymore. I told my body that enough was enough, telling it that our situation was not permanent and to stop behaving as if it was. I then became a cannabis patient and I healed.

I had allowed myself to become so out of balance emotionally that chronic illness took hold. Fear dominated my thoughts instead of a more dispassionate view of my life and my focus stayed there. I forgot that I have complete control over how I see and react to everything around me. Fear wasn’t the only choice I had, but I chose it anyway. And that’s when everything unraveled.

When I allowed myself to make a different choice that was creation-based instead of fear-based, resistance left and health returned. The conflict we experience and feel a victim to is a choice. We can choose to see and experience life in a non-judgmental and non-resistive manner. Conflict is nothing more than resistance. Drop resistance and then see how you feel about what’s occurring. Does it matter as much as you initially thought? Even if the answer is yes, you still have control over your reaction.

I really think it’s more about how we feel at any given moment, than our response to that moment. Are we creating through Source vision, or the ego’s illusory version of it? Where do we focus? With what are we choosing to align? If it’s not our Source within, then it’s our projection of ego.

Alignment, or the abyss. Choose with Source vision and the answer is clear.