Non-Thought, Observation and Relaxing Into Being

Non-Thought, Observation and Relaxing into BeingWe get into trouble sometimes when we think too much. We stop noticing, becoming caught up solely in our own thoughts, progressing to the point where we forget that everything we experience is our choice to do so. In the process, we’ve just made everything too real. Non-thought, observation and relaxing into being is the answer.

We don’t need to get anywhere. If we’re in a place that’s uncomfortable, move to a place that is. When we think, we create. We don’t understand that’s what we do, yet we do it just the same. Initially, the key is to strive for no thought. Try it. It’s meditative, but not meditation. Simply observe. It may be helpful to go outside and observe the beauty of nature but the idea is to observe without thinking about what you’re observing. Don’t regard its perfection or imperfection because those are both judgments. Just observe. Be the Source Energy that you are and see differently.

When we relax into being, what are we really doing? Perhaps I should capitalize Being to truly illustrate what that is. When we relax into our Being, we align with who we really are as extensions of Source. We let go of the stress of physical existence because it doesn’t factor into our essential Truth.

And in that letting go, we understand that we have no problems that need solving, nothing that we need to work through. We simply must stop giving these things truth. And yes, it requires that we let others off the hook for stuff that’s never going to get fixed. But here’s the thing. The so-called stuff that needs fixing is typically all in the past. It’s not happening now. And if you think about it, it’s not uncommon to have to work to recreate all of those negative feelings associated with whatever it is that supposedly needs fixing. We then stack all of those memories together, not in an effort to fix anything, but to preserve the status quo, and we have no idea that we’ve done that. We’ve convinced ourselves that we’re doing all of this to repair something. In reality, we’re preserving the very thing we want to end.

Empaths naturally feel everything so it’s easy for us to connect a feeling with a happening. It’s probably why others think we overreact to everything. We don’t just see things. We experience them physically, emotionally, and psychically. And please don’t think that an empath is someone special because we’re no different than anyone else. I think we just experience less resistance than others do. Our focus is more expansive, allowing for nonphysical awareness to add to our experience in physical form. We’re all born this way, but many tend to lose the more cohesive aspects of it, so we miss synchronicities that are occurring all the time.

The point is, when we relax into Being, our experience of the world changes. It may be subtle at first, but at some point, by letting go of resistance, life feels lighter. And then you find yourself relaxing into Being all over the place.