When Energy Surrounds Me


When Energy Surrounds Me

Sometimes energy surrounds me and doesn’t let go. It feels curious at best, but even so, it’s typically distracting and occasionally uncomfortable. Recently, however, I had an experience that was profoundly terrifying. My husband touched my back with his hand and the next thing I knew, it was as if an entity had surrounded my whole being. It was terrifying. I’ve been hesitant to write about it, but enough time has passed since it happened, so here goes.

The energy was sticky and clingy, and I couldn’t get away from it. It spread out all over me, holding on with such an intensity that I could barely breathe. Despite my terror, I stayed present and aware throughout, but the energy felt intentional. It didn’t seem demonic or hostile necessarily, more curious than anything, as if it wanted to know something and wasn’t leaving until that purpose was accomplished.

When I was able to stay in control, I told the energy to leave and it did so. But the first time it happened, I became overwhelmed and unable to cope with how it felt. Fortunately, my husband was there, and although it wasn’t happening to him, he was disturbed enough by the experience that we were unable to speak of it until a couple of days later.

It happened several more times, but each time I pushed back, feeling into the energy to know. I felt a pressure, as if it didn’t want to leave, but thankfully, it didn’t become aggressive. I had the feeling that it really didn’t intend harm, and perhaps my pushing back allowed it to know that it went too far. So I relaxed into being when it came near, and it hasn’t visited me in a week or so.

I’ve been taking the precaution of not just shielding, but casting a circle as well wherever I am. Normally I wouldn’t go to such lengths, but until I have a better sense of what happened, I want the additional protection. I always cast a circle when performing Reiki. Some practitioners ground and center. I do that and cast a circle as well. I believe this same energy visited me when I was performing Reiki on my husband. I became overwhelmed shortly after beginning, feeling that same energy move over my back, and collapsed on my husband while he lay on the table. Then, I was fine and continued the session. A minute later, it happened again. Three times in total that day, but it’s never happened since.

It’s interesting that my husband was involved both times. It could be an energy that knows him, and simply wants to learn about me. Or it could be a coincidence given we’re together all the time. Either way, experiencing other energies can be odd, even for an empath. Energies will feel into and surround an empath all the time. It’s when we’re not paying attention that we have a difficult time staying in control. But I learned my lesson, and I’m much more cognizant of the energy around me.

I hesitate to say the energy was truly vampiric, although it surrounded me in the same way. But it didn’t feel icky, just overwhelming. In fact, I’m staying open to experiencing it again. Maybe I’ll figure out who it is next time.

~Casting circles and sending blessings to all!