Energy Working


Magick is desire made manifest. Energy is manipulated and directed with intention. Reiki and other healing arts provide a channel for Source Energy to come through, healing both the recipient and the practitioner. This can be performed on a specific individual, or at a distance. Source Energy is All That Is, so it doesn’t matter if we’re in the same room or in different countries. All are Source Energy, and Source Energy reaches all.

Empaths who also practice energy work such as Reiki may find they need to shield when offering Reiki. I prefer to cast a circle because entities tend to bother me if I don’t. So, take any precautions you feel you must. It won’t adversely affect the healing session.

Chakra crystals can be used in a healing session to further direct and enhance the healing process. Be sure to ground and center before offering Reiki and drink some water or tea when finished to help ground yourself again. The following grounding exercise may be helpful:

Begin by taking a few breaths. Feel your breath move in and out easily. Breathe in Source Energy. Breathe out any imbalance you feel.

Feel your body sink into the earth, connecting to its resonant energy. Allow earth energies to rise, up through your body and out the top of your head.

Feel Source Energy move through you, around you, above and below you, blending with earth energies.

And when you’re ready, expand your focus into form, widening that channel until you feel Source Energy flowing into, through, and out of your hands.

Bring your hands together, and then slightly apart, forming the shape of a ball. Observe the energy as it moves between your hands. Do you see it, or do you only feel it?

Infuse the energy ball with color, observing its motion. You may see wispy, smoke-like energy, moving away from your fingers as I do. Or you may see something else. It’s the same process as observing auras. You may find it helpful to unfocus your eyes a bit in the beginning. You may feel it before you see it, and that’s just fine.

Whether you’re performing Reiki or other magickal workings, you’ll want to ground again, and this may be done by touching the ground with your hands for a short time, and then drinking water. Some people like to have a light snack as well. It’s important to balance yourself before and after all energy work, whether it’s Reiki or magick.