This will be a section for everything beekeeping-related. A Witch in Store has an area for beekeeping supplies, so feel free to click on the link and head over there to see what’s there! We still haven’t decided about the natural approach to beekeeping versus treating for mites, etc. but we’re leaning in the natural direction. Below are some supplies from A Witch in Store to get you thinking about the process involved in beekeeping. It’s not for everyone, but it should be.

I really recommend that J shaped hive tool. The typical one that comes in a beekeeper’s kit isn’t shaped this way and the J hook is better for breaking frames loose when you’re taking them out for inspection. The other one works too, it’s just the J hook is better. And I recommend the smoker pellet fuel as well. It’s not always easy to keep a smoker going and it always tends to go out when you least need it to, so these little guys really help. Those new to beekeeping might want to start with Langstroth-style hives and I have one below. But you’ll need more boxes than just one, so prepare to spend some money. Getting started in beekeeping isn’t cheap.

I have two traditional Langstroth hives as well as a long hive that’s Langstroth based. I also have a Warre. In the future, I’ll probably use top bar hives. I like the foundationless frames because it allows the bees to do what they do best: build comb. There’s nothing like it. It’s white and pure and amazing. Watching the bees create their comb in the new Warre hive has been nothing short of magickal. The long have also has foundationless frames, but those frames have a top, bottom and sides. The Warre has a top strip. That’s it. I think I like the long hive’s version better. Less risk.

As far as bee suits go, I have an Ultra Breeze suit. They’re far more costly than other brands, but when you’re in your Crone years and you’re hot, you need something that lets the air through. Trust me on this one. I have another one, but unless it’s cool out, I don’t wear it although I do wear the hat when I don’t want to put the other one on. But if you don’t have such issues, buy a less expensive one. If you don’t like the gloves, latex gloves work every bit as well. But face it. You’re going to get stung. It’s not the end of the world. Typically it happens when I move a bee out of the way and she doesn’t want to go. Then she lets me know.

Oh, and check out my YouTube page has bee videos. Plus chickens.

Beekeeping is so cool!