A truly prescient individual would know that the way to a witch’s heart is through rocks. Give a witch a rock, especially if it’s a hag stone, and she’ll love you forever. I work with crystals in ritual and when offering Reiki. You’ll find some crystal wands on the Reiki page for sale on Amazon. I use them along with the crystal tuner just above the crystal section. The tuner activates the crystal, sending that resonance through the crystal and into the individual. It’s interesting.

Every rock, every crystal, has its own vibration, resonating with different chakras and other areas on the body. Some are healing, some remove negative energy, and some stimulate the third eye for shamanic journeying. There are probably as many uses for crystals as there are crystals. And of course, I can never have enough. Crystals are like handbags and containers. I’m obsessed.

I thought I would use this section to talk about the crystals I use. I have some favorites, such as various quartz pieces, but I also like those that enhance the third eye and crown chakras. I use smaller crystal chips in ritual oils, adding a gem elixir quality to the oil. I also use them while offering Reiki.

It’s also nice to have crystal grids placed around the home. I have several. As an empath, I tend to absorb energies so I like to have crystals that are used to prevent such intrusions. I had trouble for a while at night when going to sleep, or at least while trying to go to sleep. I eventually began casting a circle and keeping a bowl of crystal spheres next to my side of the bed. I included amethyst, hematite, obsidian, and apache tears in the small bowl and I’ve not experienced anything since. The bowl is on an altar that is next to the bed where I also have a small crystal grid that includes herkimer diamond, aqua aura quartz, apatite, and angel aura quartz that sits in the middle of the altar. I really don’t like uncomfortable energy and I find that having crystals nearby helps ward off or dissipate that energy so that it doesn’t bother me. So without further ado, the crystals! Oh, and feel free to click on any picture you like. It will take you to Amazon where you can check them out further. I’ll add more from time to time, so check back to see what’s new.

The Crystals:

Herkimer Diamond ~ Found in Herkimer, New York, this stone isn’t actually a diamond, but a form of quartz. Herkimer diamond balances the Crown and 3rd eye chakras and is useful in Reiki. I love Herkimer diamond. It’s one of the crystals I really like holding because of its resonance.

Fluorite ~ You can never have too much fluorite. Its colors vary and correspond to more than one chakra but I use it to align with Higher Self and during meditation. Fluorite is wonderful to carry in your pocket to help shield against vampiric or negative energy and it’s said to increase intuition. Like I said, you can never have too much fluorite.

Selenite ~ A wonderful crystal that evokes the Moon, I use selenite during moon rituals. I also keep it on my divination altar to align energies. Selenite creates a sense of peace and calm. I have a larger piece that I often use during ritual and it helps align the third eye and crown chakras.


Malachite A beautiful healing crystal, malachite cleanses the chakras and balances energy throughout the body. It’s said to absorb negative energy so it can be placed around your home, particularly around computers and other high energy areas. An extremely transformational crystal, some have found it necessary to use malachite in small doses.


Rose Quartz ~ A lovely crystal to balance the Heart chakra, rose quartz is a stone of love in all forms. It brings peace and harmony and can be carried in the pocket to support positive relationships with others. It has a nice feel to it and I have a set of runes made from rose quartz.


Smokey Quartz Natural Chunks (Mostly 3/4" - 1-1/4") - 10pc. Bag

Smokey Quartz ~ This has been one of my favorite crystals to use and have on the altar for as long as I can remember. As an empath, I naturally gravitate toward certain crystals that either help balance my energy or protect me for the energies of others. Smokey quartz is a great crystal for protection and as a Root chakra crystal I use smokey quartz often to help ground my energy. It comes in many shades and shapes and is another crystal I buy in bulk.


Obsidian ~ Another grounding crystal, obsidian comes in various flavors, rainbow and snowflake among my favorites. But the plain obsidian stone is a wonderful crystal for dispelling negative energy and to let go of what no longer serves. Carried or worn, obsidian helps prevent vampiric energy from taking hold.


Moonstone ~ I love this crystal. I have a set of runes made from it and it’s a wonderful stone for balancing emotions. I include it on the altar during moon ritual. A crystal for the higher chakras, moonstone helps align with Higher Self and brings healing energy into any situation. Another crystal to buy in bulk.


Amethyst ~ Another crystal to buy in bulk, amethyst is great when working with the higher chakras. I keep a small amethyst point in whichever rune set I’m using to activate divination energies. Amethyst increases intuition, brings a calm feeling, and aligns with our nonphysical aspect of Self.


Citrine ~ Although this stone is wonderful for cleansing and balancing the lower chakras, I use it for protection, like I do most of the crystals I have. Citrine reportedly helps remove toxicity from the body and is useful in Reiki work. A stone of Libra, an Air sign, citrine enhances clarity and communication with others.



Quartz ~ A powerful healing crystal, quartz comes in many forms. Although they share characteristics, each has its own particular focus and it makes sense to include a variety of quartz crystals in your crystal work. It protects, amplifies, and balances all chakras. Tumbled or rough cut, it doesn’t really matter. Another stone to buy in bulk. Quartz is great for use in crystal grids and is supportive on the altar.


Jaspar ~ A Root chakra stone, jaspar grounds us to the Earth. It’s great to carry in your pocket for protection or as a worry stone. During Reiki, jaspar can be placed on the body to facilitate balancing the Root chakra and enhancing energy.


Labradorite ~ Oh I love this crystal so much! It balances the aura, increases intuition, and provides protection. Labradorite helps us cut through illusion, making it a constant companion for an empath. It comes in various colors and shapes and I just love it!

Celestite ~ This is a lovely stone to work with. It enhances intuition and any meditation session. Useful in Reiki, celestite can be used to balance the upper chakras. A stone of Libra, celestite improves communication with others. I like its delicate nature and I use it in crystal healing grids.

Lapis Lazuli ~ A great stone to balance the Throat chakra as well as the other upper chakras, Lapis Lazuli is healing and promotes clear communication with others. I have a set of runes made from Lapis Lazuli which typically give me some inspiring runecastings.



This should be enough to get people started on their crystal obsession  journey. I’ll be adding more as I remember the more obvious crystals I forgot to include. I’m pretty sure something is in retrograde right now, so I’ll go with that.. Anyway, click on the pictures for more information on Amazon’s site!

Many Crystal Blessings!