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Reiki Self-Healing Ritual

Reiki is our universal life force or Source Energy. Invoking it, the Reiki master or practitioner expands the intensity of her focus into form, allowing that universal life force to flow through for others to take as they will. Reiki is nothing that a practitioner does to anyone. We only provide an expanded channel for Source Energy to flow.

Although a Reiki practitioner receives Reiki while channeling Reiki for others, it’s always a good practice to perform a daily ritual to realign our disparate energy. I decided to create one for self-balancing or self-alignment for daily use.

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The Sounds of Healing

Sound resonates through me so I’ve always loved music. Whether it’s a full orchestral arrangement or a beautiful guitar solo, all music envelops me. And sometimes I’m not sure where the sound begins and I end.

I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was a child, ultimately receiving a Martin D-28 for Christmas when I was fourteen. I loved that guitar, but I eventually gave it to my youngest son as a college graduation gift. Self-taught as well, he plays far better than I ever did and I don’t regret giving it to him.

Pineal activation

I recently purchased a small tuning fork for pineal gland activation. The idea is that you strike the fork on what looks remarkably like a hockey puck and then hold it slightly away from your pineal gland and feel its resonance. It’s interesting and I liked it. My husband really likes working on his own pineal gland for shamanic journeying and was excited about sound therapy so, of course, I bought some more tuning forks.


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