ripperwise seedsmale plants When we breed new strains we do it using pollen we’ve collected from a male plant. When we realize a plant is male, we isolate it away from the girls so that we don’t have any unintended seed production. We freeze the collected pollen and then take it out when we find a good female to breed with. Ideally, you find a female and male whose properties you like and then carefully paint some pollen on a branch with buds. I like to do a lower branch or two, then cover the branch with a bag so that the wind from the fans in the grow room doesn’t spread it to any other branches. After a few days, I remove the bag and then wait for seeds to grow. As you can clearly see, painting one or two branches will give you a ton of seeds, so you don’t have to do the whole plant. If you are doing the whole plant, however, the easiest way is to let a male grow in the same room with the female and then either shake the male plant, or just let the air from the fans blow the pollen around the room. When I bred Pennywise male to Jack the Ripper female, I created Ripperwise. Jack the Ripper is part of Pennywise anyway, and I wanted to increase those properties in an already high CBD plant. Not that I advocate high CBD plants over a more balanced ratio, because I don’t. I think that the high CBD plants were created so that parents would find treating their kids with cannabis more palatable. Of course, that led to the rise of hemp CBD products – legal in all 50 states – and not at all the medicine that comes from actual cannabis. There’s nothing wrong with higher CBD plants, but we really need all of it, THC in particular. So, this focus was for naught I believe.



Here we have an exaFemalemple of a female plant. If you look at the two upward extending calyxes, on the right is a white hair extending outward. The male cannabis plant doesn’t have this same hair. Two hairs are visible on the Mickey Kush plant to the right.¬†Mickey Kush female






male pennywiseTo each side of the calyxes in this picture, you see small ball-l00king sacs. This is what differentiates the males from the females.