Sound Healing

Sound resonates through me so I’ve always loved music. Whether it’s a full orchestral arrangement or a beautiful guitar solo, all music envelops me. And sometimes I’m not sure where the sound begins and I end.

I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was a child, ultimately receiving a Martin D-28 for Christmas when I was fourteen. I loved that guitar, but I eventually gave it to my youngest son as a college graduation gift. Self-taught as well, he plays far better than I ever did and I don’t regret giving it to him.

Pineal activation

I recently purchased a small tuning fork for pineal gland activation. The idea is that you strike the fork on what looks remarkably like a hockey puck and then hold it slightly away from your pineal gland and feel its resonance. It’s interesting and I liked it. My husband really likes working on his own pineal gland for shamanic journeying and was excited about sound therapy so, of course, I bought some more tuning forks.

I decided immediately that I would utilize them while performing Reiki. Sound healing has been used successfully in many healing settings for years and I’ve always wanted to explore its use. My husband has lower back issues and the forks when applied to his lower back give him relief from the pain he experiences. I have a knuckle on my right middle finger that was damaged by a customer at my former business who decided it was appropriate to crush my hand when he shook it one day. He knew I had rheumatoid arthritis and he could clearly see my hands were swollen, but it was evidently more important to hurt me. Assholes are like that. This happened back in September 2007, and as of this writing, my knuckle is still swollen with nodules surrounding it.

Any attempt by doctors to inject the finger have been largely unsuccessful so I thought I’d try my weighted Ohm tuning fork on the knuckle, and to my delight, I’ve had some success. My doctor can’t actually drain the nodules, so I’m hoping that the sound frequency put forth by the Ohm tuner will break them up. Time will tell, but so far I’m encouraged.

weighted tuners
Weighted Ohm Tuners

There are two types of tuning forks used in healing: weighted and unweighted. Regardless of type, the forks are cut to a specific frequency or hertz rating. The Ohm fork, for example, is tuned to 136.10Hz, the frequency of Earth. I also bought a low-Ohm fork that resonates at 68.05Hz. I have yet to purchase the 128 tuner, but that’s next. The weighted forks are for placement on meridians and trigger points and can be used together or individually.

body tuners
Body Tuners C/G

Unweighted tuning forks are used over the body for chakra and other energy balancing. I purchased a body tuner set as well as a full chakra set and I just love them! The body tuner set is really nice because one is tuned to C-256Hz and the other to G-384Hz and when held up to each ear, they create a perfect fifth and are said to balance yin and yang energies. I plan to use them to begin and end a Reiki session. The blended sound they emit is so relaxing.

crystal and moon
Crystal and Moon Tuners

I also purchased an unweighted crystal tuner as well as a planetary tuning fork having the frequency of the Moon for balancing emotions. I like the idea of using crystals in healing and after activating the crystal, the crystal tuner sends its sound frequency through the crystal and into the body. So of course I added a couple of more crystals to my existing ones I’ll use for this type of healing.

Needless to say, my husband is thrilled. He loves his Reiki sessions and he’s also quite taken with the sound therapy. The crystal healing is an added bonus! Reiki blends so well with other treatment modalities. All we are is a frequency, so it makes sense that we balance and heal ourselves using the same.

chaka set
Chakra Tuning Set

There are more unweighted tuning forks to try but I think I have enough to start with. As time goes on I’ll post my results. But all things considered, I really like using tuning forks. My mood is better, I have more energy, and I feel more aligned. And who knows? With daily use on my finger, maybe my finger will stop bending to the right and straighten back up. It’s on my dominate hand and it affects my flipping off ability and these days, Goddess knows a Crone needs options.