Witch Notes

I have a subreddit on Reddit called Witch Notes. I post stuff from the blog there when it doesn’t fit into the other subreddits I moderate. I wanted to have the same sort of section here as part of the Grimoire as a unofficial journal of sorts, not really private in nature, but a place to record musings and things I wonder about, or anything else for that matter that might interest a witch. I’ll date them in the event I get chatty and end up with a bunch. So without further ado..

14 Nov 2016

Jerry joined me for tonight’s Esbat ritual. It was his first time. Normally my rituals are solitary, but since it was the Super Moon, I thought it would be nice if he experienced some of what I do during ritual. Began with casting a circle, Blessing the Norns, followed by the Pentagrams of Protection. Chants for Higher Self Vision and the blessing and consecrating of a bindrune born from a runecasting. It was windy and one by one the candles extinguished themselves. As the last two began flickering, they both re-ignited so that I could finish casting the intention of the bindrune, alignment in Source Presence, to the universe. The moon was visible periodically amid the clouds and rain. All chants were performed in Latin other than the smudging ritual which I performed at the end of the esbat ritual. I ended and closed the ritual with repeating the Blessing of the Norns, thanking them for their protection and blessing.