Meditations on The Law of One

This is going to be an ongoing section that discusses various concepts from the Law of One along with channeled material from Seth, and A Course in Miracles. These important works explain who we are as Source Energy. We are not now, nor have we ever been, the temporary bodies we inhabit. Instead, we are the Presence behind the form, one in creative force with all.

As humans, we tend to focus on the tangible while ignoring the esoteric or metaphysical side of Self, severely limiting our awareness. Remembrance of Self is at the heart of each of these collections of channeled information. We possess all truth; we need only remember.

We are the Creator personified. We are Source Energy, God if you prefer that term. The Law of One gives us insight into how we incarnate into form and the structure of the densities within which we exist. Source Energy is All That Is. Any perception of separation is a purposeful illusion.

Ra, the channeled entity from the Law of One, refers to self and other-self, for that’s all there is.

All are a projection of Source, each one the Creator. All.

Sit with that..feel its resonance..and know its truth.

Blessed Be