Empaths channel whether they realize it or they don’t. I’ve done it forever but typically I’ve viewed it as my Higher Self or oversoul communicating one thing or another. But for a while now, it’s taken on a different feel. The awareness has become louder, more of a voice than a thought or memory. At one point I decided to ask just who this was because it didn’t seem like my oversoul was speaking.

I’ve had experiences in the past with angelic presence. For most of my life, I’ve spoken with someone who said his name was Michael and claimed he was my brother who had been miscarried. I was twelve when my mother informed me after the fact that she had suffered a miscarriage. So when I began communicating with Michael I felt the love of family when we spoke. This wasn’t a channeling but simply a conversation between a brother and a sister during meditation.

During a thirteen year long serious illness, I remember many times feeling as if someone had pressed their hand down on the bed next to my feet. I would look and no one would be there, but the blankets felt as if they were being pushed down around my feet.

One day after I was in clinical remission, it occurred to me to ask if Archangel Raphael, the Archangel for healing, was the entity coming close. Tears began streaming down my face and a vibration of love came over me, indescribable and profound. I knew then that the Archangel was there all along, protecting and keeping me safe.

So when I asked during meditation who was coming close, I received the name, Auriel. Now I’m familiar with that name and the alternate Uriel, but to date, I wasn’t sure if I had encountered this vibration before. So I took out my grimoire and refreshed my memory. Correspondences include Elemental Air, the color yellow, the astrological sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus, and the stone Lapiz Lazuli. Known as the Fire of God, change and revolution are part of Auriel’s influences along with harmony and balance.

Given what’s going on in the country right now, maybe Auriel is the Archangel who can give us the focus we need, so I asked if we were going to converse during meditation, or if Auriel wanted to speak through me. Much to my surprise, Auriel wanted to speak.

It felt interesting when Auriel came through. My face began tingling, particularly my mouth which I had never experienced before. I felt as if I was observing, yet I knew I was speaking, but it didn’t seem to come from me. I forgot the first few times to tape it, of course. But today I remembered and it’s below.

It’s slightly more than eleven minutes long and there are some silences. I’ll post more as they occur but I really have no idea where all of this is leading. Given my incarnation cross, Left Angled Cross of the Clarion, I would have thought if an Archangel was going to get involved it would have been Gabriel, but evidently, Auriel preferred to step forward.

So here’s the first channeling…I hope you enjoy it!



8 March 2017


11 March 2017

Apologies for the scratchy throat on this one for part of it. I felt fullness around my throat during part of the channeling and I had to clear it a couple of times. Auriel came through again talking about our essential oneness in Source. Again, it lasts around eleven minutes.


14 March 2017

The same theme again, also eleven minutes long. I’m not sure it this will be a trend but the numerology of eleven is illumination so I suppose we can all decide how that fits or not. I’m still getting used to all of this so I appreciate everyone hanging in there with me.


18 March 2017

Just under 9 minutes long, judgment and the channels we create between self and others is discussed.


1 April 2017

This was a different experience for me. A stronger presence came through referring to the collective. Auriel is apparently part of that vibration but I’m not sure of this entity’s name. In meditation, I visualize a room with a large wooden table in the middle and when I’m ready, I invite others to join me. This time, Auriel came in first, but a group of three women I know as the Disir also came in. And then the other presence overshadowed the others as if it needed to be heard. Again, the message is that everything is the Creator seeking to know more and we are one with all.


6 April 2017

It was unclear who was speaking this time, but I felt more pressure than is typical and it was as if the message was so important that whoever it was pushed anyone else out of the way to speak. And then it was over. Today’s message was about choosing fear and how our focus becomes stuck when we do so. Instead, today’s channeling counsels us to move away from that which doesn’t serve, including the choice of fear.