LED lighting

For the record, I like LED lighting. It’s great for the vegetative state of any plant, and cannabis just loves it. Flowering is with HID lighting, but as prices come down and LED lighting focuses a little more on that spectrum, I’ll be able to use it for flowering as well. I can now, but […]

They Act With Impunity

I watched Rachel’s show last night and, as always, I was impressed at how she told the story of Reagan’s crime against this country. He wasn’t supposed to sell arms to Iran, yet he arrogantly did and others took the fall. This country changed when he was in office. I had my first child in […]


So many things I’m thankful for: The woman in the car today who, along with her husband, circled our building three times looking at all the metal we’re having recycled. She thinks I’m a bitch. I’m not, but it doesn’t matter. I learn so much from unpleasant people. Sorry they couldn’t have anything from the […]

Looking to the future

The day I left the message on our voice mail at the shop that we have to move and we didn’t know at the time what the future held, was difficult. Then the first messages started coming in. One guy, who really should know better, was sorry it was happening, but “needed a call back […]

Pay Attention

If something doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t. This nutty world we all live in requires that we pay attention to that inner voice we all possess. Where others fail us, the inner voice won’t. Even if it just means that we take a second look at something, paying attention results in acting with […]

Heritage for the Blind Donation

We donated three cars today to Heritage for the Blind. From the phone call to arrange pick up, to the tow company who came today, this process was easy and the people involved were just great! I highly recommend calling 1800-DONATE-CARS if you have any vehicles that are just sitting around, and in our case, […]

And another chapter begins

Our business is probably ending. It’s not our choice, but our landlord’s. If we can’t find another location within a few days, we’re basically done. 13 1/2 years and it all ends when we finally stand up for our rights. Listening to Melissa Harris-Perry’s show this morning, I learned about a woman who did the […]

GW Pharma gets a patent on cannabinoids.

GW Pharma was awarded a patent recently on cancer-killing cannabinoids. Nice that the federal government is acknowledging what many of us have known for some time now. Cannabis is an essential part of our pharmacopeia. But when you consider the arrests, trials and convictions of innocent medical cannabis users who are only following their state […]

Maybe I should just stay home on the weekends.

I’m so glad President Obama signed the expanded version of the Violence Against Women Act into law. It provides needed support for survivors that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Of course the Republicans have sent us into sequester so part of the funding will not get to where it needs to go until this is resolved. […]

Reflections on the struggle..

VAWA passed this week. I would like to think that our collective voices standing up for women’s  rights helped. I felt better doing so, and I know others did as well. But that’s only one of the myriad issues that women face today. I thought that at some point, as a country, we would have […]