Judge Baugh MUST resign.

I listened to Melissa Harris-Perry as she read her letter to G.Todd Baugh, the judge in Montana who stupidly blamed the 14 year old child for her teacher raping her. Although he subsequently apologized for his misogynistic statements, his apology appears to be falling on deaf ears. Instead of sentencing the rapist to a minimum […]

Did we just open the door to legalization?

Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that as long as states don’t let it be a free for all, they can move forward on recreational use of cannabis. And apparently, this applies to the states with legal medical cannabis as well. Now that we have legalized dispensaries here in Oregon, and reduced cannabis to a […]

At the Portland VA yesterday…

So my husband had a root canal scheduled yesterday at the Portland VA Hospital. He’s a disabled VietNam vet and the VA takes care of him. I know all the problems that exist with the Veteran’s Administration, particularly now, but in my husband’s case, his care has been pretty good. We left before we were […]

Hempfest 2013 – Saturday

What a happy place! I’ve never seen so many smiling faces in one place, ever. We couldn’t have had a better time. We walked down to Seeley and listened to Tribal Voices. They said they’ve been opening Hempfest on Saturday for the last 17 years. Jerry and Jorge Cervantes Tribal Voices We listened to great […]

Hempfest 2013 – Friday

Friday..It’s pretty cool that this is the first Hempfest where cannabis is legal. For everyone. I had this guy stop me who was selling a cannabis spray. He sounded like a used car salesman. I smiled, and told him I make my own. Lots of cannabis fairies in attendance. Seriously, and they’re not all women. […]

An Idiot Came to my Door Tonight Wearing a Gun

So around 8pm this evening, someone knocked on my front door. Now, we have five acres and our home sits down at the bottom of it..over 700 feet off the road. No one comes to my house without my knowing in advance, so I carefully went to the door to see who was there. My […]

A Gardening Update

I flood irrigate 4.6 acres of pasture. I do it because I’m better at it than my husband. He put in several new headgates for me to use so that I don’t have to use tarps. I hate tarps. I much prefer to open and close little gates. Easier on my nails. This year, since […]

Wow, Sanjay!

I have to confess, I’ve always liked Sanjay Gupta. I remember something about him assisting in brain surgery with the Devil Dogs in Kuwait or somewhere over there. He was there as a journalist I guess, but it didn’t matter. And it was cool to see his focus change and go into doctor mode. Only […]

More Roadside Cavity Searches in Texas???

Mercy sakes. What the hell is going on in Texas? Why are cops doing cavity searches on women by the side of the road? I read yesterday, that a female cop who did this was reinstated on the force because the powers that be decided that in view of the fact that she’s a trainee, […]

And now the DEA’s involved in spying..

Here we go again..only now it’s the DEA who is spying on us. So much is making sense now. The deck has been stacked against us for so long now that they think nothing of trampling on our civil rights. We’ve been lied to and manipulated by pros. Huffington Post has a great article from […]