Reflections on the struggle..

VAWA passed this week. I would like to think that our collective voices standing up for women’s  rights helped. I felt better doing so, and I know others did as well. But that’s only one of the myriad issues that women face today. I thought that at some point, as a country, we would have […]

VAWA passes!

Well, VAWA is headed to the President’s desk for signing.  286 Yes and 138 No.  You can guess who the no votes were from.  But 59 Republicans voted Yes.  That’s really encouraging.  We thank you for voting to protect us..all of us.  The rest of the GOP needs to find their hearts.  Stop obstructing. Stop […]

Medical Cannabis Laws are a Blessing…not a Given

I just read an article about a couple in Arizona who have medical cannabis cards and then flagrantly violated state law to open a “bakery” in their home, complete with customer counter and hours of business sign. Great.I know our economy isn’t great. Cannabis is prevalent and it’s tempting to make money with it. Growers, […]

Oh Mike Pence…

There’s something wrong with these governors who want to put probes in my vagina.  And now, Mike Pence, the new governor of Indiana wants to put not one, but two of the damn things in there. His idea is that any woman who takes the abortion pill should be forced to get the ultrasound before […]

So I’m Going to Stupidly Weigh in on this…

I guess Melissa Harris-Perry stepped in it when she took issue with President Obama’s seemingly connecting single moms and, in turn, the lack of dads, as one reason for gun violence. I caught that “slip of the tongue” as well and thought at the time, well this won’t be good. The Twitterverse went nuts. Now […]


I recently joined Unite Blue and OneBillionRising, two organizations which are both concerned with progressing forward in our society and around the world.  And you can get the cool Twibbons on your avatar if you’re on Twitter or Facebook.  Check out  At some point, our social welfare must be more important than any political ideology […]

Here’s a list of the misogynistic assholes who voted against the VAWA

Of course they’re all Republicans: Pat Roberts (KS) Marco Rubio (FL) Jeff Sessions (AL) Mike Johanns (NE) Ron Johnson (WI) Mike Lee (UT) Mitch McConnell (KY) Rand Paul (KY) Jim Risch (ID) Ted Cruz (TX) Mike Enzi (SC) Lindsay Graham (SC) Chuck Grassley (IA) Orrin Hatch (UT) James Inhofe (OK) John Barrasso (WY) Roy Blunt […]

Own Your Health

I’ve been thinking about how prescription drugs cause more problems than they seem to treat or cure. It seems odd that I have to take other drugs to counteract the side effects of the primary drugs I have to take. The alternative is to either stop the drugs I need, or to suffer with their […]

Hearing in Salem re: adding PTSD to the OMMP

Please attend the hearing to add PTSD to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program’s list of qualifying conditions.  It will be held on Thursday, February 7th at 3:00pm at 900 Court Street NE in Salem, Oregon in Hearing Room A.Adding PTSD to the program will help thousands of Oregonians who deal with post-traumatic stress for whatever […]

Confused again..

This is one of those moments when I look around and I really don’t understand what’s happening.  I’ve been dealing with some really dishonest people lately.  I’m not sure what to do about them either because I can’t get a read on why it’s happening.  I’m torn because sometimes people lie out of fear.  It’s […]