This is getting really old..

Apparently Boehner can’t get the votes for his Plan B, which is short for bullshit anyway. I’ve never understood the GOP’s denial of reality.  I guess they don’t understand that we don’t want what they’re selling.  At least I don’t.  I want to see us move forward, leaving behind all this drama.  It’s demeaning to […]

About that cannabis

In 2010, I became a cannabis patient. I have RA and it’s helped immensely. Cannabis has basically saved my life. Although I still use Humira and one other drug, I don’t take narcotics, anti-inflammatories or blood pressure pills anymore. My eleven year nightmare seems to be reduced to some lesser symptoms which is a blessing. […]

An Introduction of sorts…

My youngest son, when learning that I’m on Twitter and Facebook, said, “Mom, you really need a blog.”  So, here it is.  I plan to use it for random musings about all the things I don’t understand, and those that I do. Or at least think I do.  I figure, if Margaret and Helen can […]