Spoiled Children are Holding our Country Hostage

I don’t get this.  President Obama comes back early from a much deserved vacation to deal with this “fiscal cliff” issue, and the GOP bails on both him and us.  Harry Reid apparently said today that time has run out for a deal to get made.  Folks on extended unemployment lose that.  What will they […]

Making Cannabis Oil

Today I made cannabis oil. I used Rick Simpson’s www.phoenixtears.ca  recipe as a guide. It wasn’t difficult to do or anything – just time consuming.  Here’s how I did it: Weighed out a pound or so of Flav bud.  I like Flav.  It’s mostly indica and has a really nice feel. I use it in […]

This is getting really old..

Apparently Boehner can’t get the votes for his Plan B, which is short for bullshit anyway. I’ve never understood the GOP’s denial of reality.  I guess they don’t understand that we don’t want what they’re selling.  At least I don’t.  I want to see us move forward, leaving behind all this drama.  It’s demeaning to […]

About that cannabis

In 2010, I became a cannabis patient. I have RA and it’s helped immensely. Cannabis has basically saved my life. Although I still use Humira and one other drug, I don’t take narcotics, anti-inflammatories or blood pressure pills anymore. My eleven year nightmare seems to be reduced to some lesser symptoms which is a blessing. […]