To recap…

So, we got the fiscal cliff deal; Boehner told Reid to go F**K himself; Reid reportedly threw the President’s bill in a burning fireplace; Christie learned what it is to be a Republican when no Sandy relief came his state’s way; the GOP said fuck you to women (there, I said it) when they didn’t […]

The Fiscal Deal so far…

The House is currently meeting about the deal struck between the White House and the Senate.  Slate’s Will Oremus has the latest on that deal.  The ending is fun.  Give it a read…

Was 2012 the Year in Misogyny?

It was an interesting year to say the least.  In many respects, it represented a turning point in my life.  I finally realized that my happiness doesn’t depend upon the happiness of others.  You have no idea how freeing that realization was.  Okay, I realized that years ago, but I have trouble with implementation.  I […]

Spoiled Children are Holding our Country Hostage

I don’t get this.  President Obama comes back early from a much deserved vacation to deal with this “fiscal cliff” issue, and the GOP bails on both him and us.  Harry Reid apparently said today that time has run out for a deal to get made.  Folks on extended unemployment lose that.  What will they […]

Making Cannabis Oil

Today I made cannabis oil. I used Rick Simpson’s  recipe as a guide. It wasn’t difficult to do or anything – just time consuming.  Here’s how I did it: Weighed out a pound or so of Flav bud.  I like Flav.  It’s mostly indica and has a really nice feel. I use it in […]