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I’m happy to now offer Distance Reiki! Prospective clients should first email a request to me using the Distance Reiki Request form below and then when a time is agreed upon, only then should the client place an order for the session. Reiki Blessings!


I was drawn to energy healing after graduating from college. I had a job at a mental hospital (my BA was in Psychology) and one of the supervisory nurses offered classes on Therapeutic Touch, basically another method of offering Reiki. She found that many of the patients at the hospital, particularly when bedridden or suffering from dementia, would calm down after a session without the use of medication. As an empath, I was immediately fascinated with this treatment technique. Later on, I found Reiki which appeared similar to Therapeutic Touch. But the difference with Reiki is that Reiki can be offered either in person or at a distance. Everything is Source Energy, so distance doesn’t matter when opening a channel for healing.

Various methods of visualizing the recipient can be utilized during the distance healing session. The Reiki Master will find what he or she connects with the most and use that as a focus. Whether a prop is used or only visualization, the Reiki Master is able to open a channel to the recipient, allowing healing Reiki to be drawn through by the recipient. Essentially the Reiki Master acts as a conduit for healing Reiki energy to flow to others. I know that it works because I tend to offer Reiki to my husband when he hasn’t asked for it. He has pain from martial arts and from his work as a mechanic, and he tends to suffer in silence much of the time. So we have an agreement that I can connect any time I think he needs it. He’s remarked many times that he senses what I’m doing while it’s happening. Or he’ll say later, “did you do Reiki a little bit ago?” So Reiki can most assuredly be offered from a distance.

Retired now, my life has taken some interesting turns in the last few years, and finishing my Reiki Master training was high on my list of what was next in my life. But I wanted to be ready before extending Reiki to others. So here’s what I would like to do. Like with the Tarot readings:

  1. fill out a request for Reiki using the contact form below.
  2. I’ll contact you via email to set up a day and time for Reiki.
  3. After we agree on a day and time, go ahead at that time and add the Reiki Healing to your cart and then check out.
  4. I’ll watch for your transaction to come through Paypal and I’ll contact you before our Reiki session if something goes sideways.
  5. Otherwise, I’ll email you again on the morning of the session as a reminder and then we’ll get together at the appointed time.

I include the use of sound therapy in my Reiki work. So I’ll use non-weighted forks as well during the distance healing session to bring balance to the recipient’s chakras as well as the outer energy field surrounding the recipient’s body. I’ve found that using both weighted and non-weighted tuning forks adds an additional dimension to the healing session, so I love using them.

So thanks in advance and Reiki Blessings!

~ Jan

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