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tarotThis is general tarot reading via email. Prospective clients should first email a request to me using the Tarot Reading Request form on the right and then when a time is agreed upon, only then should the client order the reading.

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This is a place for those interested in exploring how Tarot can influence and inform their lives. I love Tarot and I use a variety of decks in my own personal Tarot readings. And unless you want a specific deck, I’ll choose the deck that feels right at the time of the reading.

I prefer to touch base before doing the reading, so please email me below or at imsteppingaside@gmail.com to let me know what you’d like the reading to center on. I see Tarot as a landscape of influences affecting the individual, whether they be overall influences of the Higher Self found in the Major Arcana to the more mundane influences of the Minor Arcana.

I don’t view Tarot as something that necessarily predicts the future, but instead indicates possibilities for consideration, so you’ll never hear me say that this or that will happen. So nothing is ever a given. But it’s interesting to look back and see how or if the reading applied to the situation or concern in question.

When we agree upon a time for the reading, go ahead and place your order at that time. I’ll draw the cards and take a picture and immediately email that to you so you know what the reading consists of. Then I’ll take a closer look and email you my interpretations in pdf format. If you need it in Word, I can do that as well.

Feel free to email any questions you have after looking over the reading. I interpret based on the cards themselves along with any intuitive feelings I have surrounding the entire spread. I find that a three card spread is the most useful one to use because I can always add more if I need more clarification.

So thanks in advance! And let’s have some fun!


~ Jan



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