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In Peace Amid The Chaos ~ Tarot for 11 June 2017

I ordered a new Thoth Tarot deck, this one larger than the first one I bought. I typically use a magnifying glass when looking at the cards anyway, but the larger cards provide a better look at Lady Frieda Harris’s interpretations of Crowley’s work. From the colors used to the flow of the cards, her impressions bring forth an emotional resonance unlike any other deck I own.

Swords and Cups comprise today’s reading along with two cards from the Major Arcana as well as one Court card. The overall numerology is 5 or change. Elemental Air and Water are represented signifying our intellectual and emotional presence. The two cards from the suit of Swords involve the astrological sign of Libra, beginning with the 2 representing the Moon in Libra, and ending with the 3 representing Saturn in Libra, moving from peace to sorrow with a Knight and two Majors in between, a change of some kind possibly in awareness taking place.

I like the suit of Swords given that my astrological sign is Libra and because it represents balanced intellect and clarity. The 2 of Swords in the Thoth deck depicts two swords piercing a blue rose as they cross in balance. Two daggers appear above and below, one piercing an upward turned crescent moon, and the other the glyph for Libra. Four geometric symbols appear behind the sword suggesting an evolving intellectual process while angels in prayer adorn both swords’ hilts. The card’s title is Peace illustrated by the swords in balance. A decision has been made and peace and calm have returned.

A winged Knight bursts forth on a white steed holding a golden chalice with a crab balancing on its rim. A peacock appears on the right-hand corner of the card, its tail feathers extending out fully behind it. The Knight of Cups represents an individual who is both self-disciplined and a thrill-seeker. He can be loving and wise as well as insensitive and shallow. Somewhat passive-aggressive, the Knight’s vacillates between a focus on self and others, wishing to do the right thing, but at times becoming caught up in the drama of the moment finding it difficult to let go of what no longer serves.

Card nine from the Major Arcana, The Hermit represents Thoth, Hecate, and the Creator within. He stands on the mountain top in retreat from the world, receiving wisdom from the divinity we all possess within. In alignment, his light of wisdom extends to all.

In the position of hidden influence, The Fool stands ready to take the leap of faith into his journey through form. The Fool represents our infinite potential and the development of the individual through life. He has no expectations as he lives in the present moment, eagerly embracing the diversity of new experiences.

And then we come to the outcome card, the 3 of Swords. Crowley titles this card Sorrow as we see three swords tearing apart a rose, piercing its center. A serpent coils around the handle of the largest sword, offering the possibility of rebirth and renewal, yet the dark colors suggest a lack of clarity or confusion exists. A drama triangle may be represented but the chance of rebirth suggests an opportunity for clarity exists if we balance our intellect with our emotions. As the geometric shapes appear to break around the main sword, the scene suggests that in alignment, the deceptive agendas around us will fall away, replaced by understanding and substantially more dignity than when we began.

We each make a choice when incarnating to either live in service to self or in awareness of our greater unified presence. We make every attempt at living peacefully but occasionally others enter our lives providing a catalyst for something more interesting and at times, confounding and upsetting. Truth is like that. It may not always be pleasant, but it’s far better to live in truth than to continually be drawn into lies and deception.

If ego drives the human experience then the drama becomes real instead of something to merely observe and experience for the lessons it has to teach. The Hermit teaches us to see the world through a higher perspective, experiencing life without judgment. Remaining aligned amid the chaos of the world allows us to experience the world as observers instead of reactors.

We begin in peace and balance, but as time goes on, our innocence is threatened by the drama around us. Alignment in higher self-awareness assures peace amid the chaos as we calmly navigate our experiences irrespective of how emotionally charged they may be. Although the outcome of these experiences can certainly be sorrow, in alignment sorrow falls away, replaced by clarity and vision.

Blessed Be

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Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath's Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

I’ve been experiencing some panic attacks lately due to the antics of a handful of manipulative people. It’s one of the downsides of being an empath and has nothing to do with any fear on my part. It’s just an empathic awareness that becomes so overwhelming that panic results. When people seek to deceive, I experience their thought process, their intention, their choices, and the energy associated with all of it in one fell swoop. It’s not that I’m afraid of any of them because they’re far too silly for that, but that their deception is so great that it has taken on a momentum all of its own and feeling all of it as I do, a panic attack results.

Deception is emotion-based. Someone wants something so much that they’ll do anything to achieve it including deceiving others. Empaths are like lightning rods for such machinations, typically becoming hyper-alert when deceptive energy comes close. My physical response is usually commensurate with the level of deception, so when it’s a panic attack, it tells me that someone is either really intent on getting what he wants or that he has assistance. In this case, it feels like both. At the end of the day, nothing will ever come of the deception or the game that’s played, but it makes things uncomfortable nonetheless.

Normally I look at daily influences instead of at specific questions when I look at the cards, but with what I’ve been experiencing, I decided to ask for clarity and for help in remaining calm and I found it prescient when I drew both Swords and Cups for the tarot reading. The 7 of Swords, Daughter of Cups, and the 2 of Cups are the cards I drew with an overall numerology of 9 or completion and alignment. Somehow I knew that would be the case.

Beginning with the 7 of Swords, six black swords are suspended in the air above a fox curled up over the seventh suggesting separate agendas are in play. He sleeps with one eye open, aware that all is not as it seems. It’s time to tread carefully until a clearer picture is possible, staying in observation mode only. Envy and jealousy are at the root of the deception that’s occurring and the best thing I can do at this point is to not create any thought channels toward that emotional vibration. Otherwise, it’s easy to absorb that emotion with my panic attacks the end result.

I must confess to finding Court Card annoying so I appreciate Kim Krans’s animal depictions instead of people. She uses snakes in the suit of Wands, swans with Cups, Owls with Swords, and deer with Pentacles. The Daughter of Cups (the Princess or Page in other decks) depicts a baby swan or cygnet peacefully floating on the water. Rainbow colors spill before her, reflecting emotions in balance. She remains in her bliss, unaffected by the world around her as she floats peacefully about. Her youth suggests undeveloped potential, imagination, and intuition as well as positive messages and new experiences.

The 2 of Cups is beautiful in any deck, but the simplicity of this card is striking. And I have to say that I love the directionality of the backgrounds in Krans’s cards. This one feels like a night sky with stars in motion. Beneath the starfield stands two cups with two red roses standing overtop in a crossed fashion. A unity of polarity is felt with this card, perhaps the unity or balance between intellect and emotions. Additionally, the card suggests harmony and partnership, the crossed roses depicting a strong connection. Normally, I would interpret the 2 of Cups in terms of a relationship between two people, but with respect to my empathic-driven panic attacks, this is about alignment within. Empaths pay too much attention to the goings-on around us creating all sorts of headaches for ourselves in the process when we can’t stay in observation mode. In other words, we have a tough time minding our own business because everything is so interesting.

In a sense, what I’m experiencing is vampiric energy and since witches don’t suffer fools well, I’m not sitting still for it. I’m honest and that bothers people. It’s both a witch and empath thing, but truth-telling comes with the territory, and there’s nothing I care to do about it even if I could. I have the Left-Angled Cross of the Clarion in my Human Design chart, which should explain all of it as well as the Christ Consciousness Field for my godhead. So they might as well just stop now because I’ll always be one step ahead of them.

But in the meantime, the answer lies with that adorable baby swan, floating about in her own bliss, focused on the present moment. This is alignment in its purest form, expressing the full truth of as above, so below. Because if we think about it, the expression isn’t as below, so above. We express ourselves as the Creator into the form that each of us takes. The trick of it is to not forget who we actually are as the Creator personified. And yet we do just that, absorbing the negative vibrations that seem to hold the physical world together. But that’s an illusion as well because we choose at every moment the experience we wish to have. Focus on something negative, and we create a thought channel or pathway to that negative situation, oftentimes unable to find our release. So, we visit it again and again and soon it dominates our awareness. We take up residence in the past instead of continuing to create the experience we wish to have, placing our emotional balance at certain risk.

I found relief from the situation by pulling weeds in the garden, my bliss evidently found there. Their screwy vibration still taps me on the shoulder but at least I’m no longer having panic attacks. So either their own focus is waning, or I’ve been successful in shutting down their vampiric asses.

But if not, it’s not as if I’m without options.

Blessed Be


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Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Sometimes we become scattered, each one of us off on our own path, unable to come together in unity with others. And yet we instinctively know that together we can accomplish far more than we can alone. Even when we have a clear responsibility to each other, we still find it difficult to come together in unified purpose. So I decided to do a ritual for unity of purpose, offering the energy of that intention to the collective consciousness for anyone who might find it useful.

To cast my intention, I chose Thursday (today) during the 7 pm hour. I chose black and white candles for balance and a blue lapis lazuli merkaba and candle for positive Soul communication. Additionally, I created a sigil for unity of purpose using the Square of Jupiter. The planet corresponding with Thursday, I also chose Jupiter for its expansive influence as well as its teaching qualities. Sometimes a little education is required so that people understand the wisdom of unified purpose, so using that particular square to create a unity sigil made sense.

I chose 7 pm as the appropriate time for the ritual as its correspondences include diversity, care for others, and healing differences. Amethyst as well as various quartz pieces, fluorite, and selenite also appear on the altar to bring in energies of Higher Consciousness to the ritual. Frankincense is the incense that I used.

After lighting the incense and candles, I cast the circle, performed the Blessing of the Norns as well as the Pentagrams of Protection before the actual ritual.

Blessings of the Norns

  • Face East and visualize rays of light moving through you as in the symbol for Awen
  • Dea
  • Beo existere, Verdandi
  • Beo existere, Skuld
  • Beo existere, Urdh
  • Perfectus in caritate
  • Et fiduciam
  • Awen

Pentagrams of Protection

  • Face East, drawing a banishing pentagram in each quarter
  • Dea Aradia…erigo navitas   (east)
  • Dea Brigid…erigo navitas   (south)
  • Dea Tiamat…erigo navitas   (west)
  • Dea Elen…erigo navitas    (north) 
  • Coram animus imperium
  • Tergo aqua imperium
  • Dextera incendium imperium
  • Laetrosum terrenus imperium
  • Cinctus excandesco stellae
  • Voluntate servavit et Dea benedictus

Repeat the Blessings of the Norns

Come to alignment and place right hand over the sigil and say:

  • ab initio     (from the beginning)
  • ab intra     (from within)
  • ab origine     (from the Source)
  • alea iacta est     (the die has been cast)
  • audemus jura vostra defendere     (we dare to defend our rights)
  • et simili animos     (and bring like minds)
  • unum est in proposito     (in unified purpose)
  • concilio et labore     (by wisdom and effort)
  • concordia cum veritate     (in harmony with truth)
  • consummatum est     (it is completed)

Repeat the chant three times or as many times as you feel necessary and then close the ritual in your preferred manner. Witches are as individual as the next person and working magick or performing rituals are the same so feel free to begin and end the ritual in a way that makes sense. My rituals begin and end with establishing the circle or sacred space and include various correspondences including the day, hour, moon phase, color, etc. But I don’t belong to a coven or subscribe to any one tradition so I do what resonates for me.

I like sigils whether they’re made using magick squares or circles, or runes. I like how they flow and combine energies in service to a greater purpose and I use them often in magickal workings. I made a smaller version of today’s sigil to be carried in a pocket when communicating with others to help align and unify the moment. Sigils can be drawn on any surface, or carved above a doorway, or in the sand at the beach. I like to draw sigils in the sand and then observe the ocean absorb their resonance, all of Gaia becoming one with my intention.

I offer this ritual with love, my intention only to create the space for unity to exist. It’s a choice that we make, to live in service to self or in loving awareness of Self in others. Unity is our natural state of consciousness, but so many have forgotten that truth. Let this ritual for unity of purpose serve as a reminder of who we are to each other and allow its blessings to fill us with love and joy.

Blessings to all!

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Tunnel Vision: An Empath’s Sanctuary

Tunnel Vision: An Empath's Sanctuary

Tunnel vision is traditionally thought to be a hindrance, but for an empath or other sensitive humans, it can be our sanctuary. Empaths have all sorts of strategies when coping with uncomfortable energy and creating a tunnel is one such strategy. A tunnel is visualized providing a safe space from which to either exist or move about. It’s a great strategy to use in crowds or in large stores. Add a witch walk to it and people really move out of your way, especially men.

Coping strategies for empaths are often thought of as a response to our surrounding energetic environment instead of as a sacred space in which we reside. As we prepare our sacred space by creating what we wish to experience, at least in visual terms, challenging or vampiric energies that we experience are easier to deal with. In my case, I have trees that create natural archways around my property and I typically visualize walking under them while in chaotic or otherwise uncomfortable situations. The apple trees are blooming and their smell is pure nirvana, so I’m sure to include their smell in my visualization.

I focus on the sound of bees as they visit each flower and I’m just fine if it seems as if I’m not paying attention anymore because at that point, I’m probably not. Chaos and conflict can be impossible for empaths to handle with all the disparate and conflicting vibrations that we experience. We struggle to make sense of people and situations when retreating to our sacred space is in order. We naturally want to balance the energies that are swirling about us when we really should be minding our own business.

Empaths don’t simply experience what’s unfolding before them, but all the truth or lack thereof that’s behind it, and with each reaction, a energetic channel is created, locking us into an engagement we no longer control. Instead of observing what’s happening, we fully invest our emotional presence in that experience, absorbing vibrations that aren’t our own.

We see a way forward that others just don’t see. The struggle is an illusion that we create, not a fundamental truth that is eternal. The conflict, the strife, is nothing more than a choice; therefore, a different choice can be made. Empathic awareness is soul awareness. It originates from our unified presence with all and empaths benefit greatly from remaining in whatever sacred space we can create.

I’ve found watching the antics of the current regime to be exhausting. But it’s becoming ever more clear that our one family needs to see the effects of this type of chaos so that we refocus our efforts for the betterment of all. Because that’s all it takes, really, the choice to see all that we can accomplish together.

The process of ascension is a given, but it doesn’t mean that catalysts won’t occur to goose things along as it were. Our current president is apparently one such catalyst. With luck, we won’t need too much more to convince us of our folly and he and his friends will go back either to where they came from or to a prison of our choice.

But until that happens, empaths cannot allow the drama and vitriol that’s resulted from all of this mess to derail their peace. Create a tunnel with anything you like. I plan to put some wire over the hoop greenhouse I have and grow all of my melons and gourds out there so that I can go inside as they hang down around me. I also have a dome greenhouse which if my sweet peas cooperate will create a beautiful living flowered cover for my vegetable garden to grow under. Or I have the trees that arch over my path. All serve as a wonderful visualization for sacred space.

Whether we’re empaths or not, our peace of mind invariably takes a back seat to everything else that’s happening around us. We have to stop doing that and begin creating the sacred space from which we view our experiences. It’s a place of strength amid the confusion and deception that we’re experiencing now and one each one of us should make every attempt to cultivate. Otherwise, we absorb the problematic vibrations surrounding us, reacting instead of staying in control, which for empaths is the last thing we need.

A narrow focus, some tunnel vision, provides respite from the storm that’s raging. Create your sacred space making it as beautiful and detailed as you like, and then engage from that blessed still point. We can be of no help to anyone when overwhelmed by the vibrations of others, so take the time to create your own sanctuary of sacred space. Our peace of mind matters that much.





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Finding Our Inner Sun ~ Tarot for 7 May 2017

Finding Our Inner Sun ~ Tarot for 7 May 2017

I love The Sun card in the Thoth tarot. Its rays spiral outward overtop an egg-shaped orb surrounded by twelve astrological symbols. Two winged cherubs dance in complete joy at humanity’s awakening and rebirth. Clarity, success, happiness, and freedom are among The Sun’s influences. The 19th card from the Major Arcana, The Sun suggests expansion and new beginnings.

Moving next to the Knight of Disks, the Knight and his steed take respite in a field ripe for harvest, the sun’s countenance felt across the land. He holds a flail in one hand and a shield in the other in protection while the horse lazily takes in sustenance. They are home from battle surveying the fields heavy with grain. The Knight, a King in other decks, is industrious and self-disciplined, and a powerful ruler. His wealth lies with home and hearth and he is steadfast, productive, and responsible.

Tattwa symbols appear in the center of each pentagram point with Spirit pointing downward into matter or form on the 5 of Disks. Astrological glyphs representing Mercury in Taurus appear above and below the pentagram, on their own suggesting practicality and business skills. But with the addition of the 5, Worry over finances comes into play. Dark grayish blues are used suggesting our emotions aren’t yet clear. Gears appear in the background suggesting proper fitment, or perhaps a solution found in the present moment.

The Priestess appears in the position of hidden influence in today’s tarot reading. Her arms raised in supplication to the seven moons above her head, The Priestess peers through a lemniscate, shaping the fabric of space and time. Her bow sits on her lap. Flowers, crystals, a pinecone, grapes, and a camel sit below her feet. She is the Feminine Divine, possessor of secret knowledge, intuition, and revelation. She reflects inner wisdom, representing the Triple Goddess and the Moon. When she appears, particularly in the hidden position of a reading, she’s telling us to align in stillness and look within for answers. Whatever worries we have may be in fact fostered by our own belief system.

She also suggests that change is not only inevitable but necessary for our growth and stability. The seeds we plant may find their own genesis irrespective of our presence and upon our return, we may find that abundance was awaiting us all along.

Set within an open shell, the Ace of Cups spills forth new emotional presence. All worry has dissipated as love and trust replace any fear. The Ace signifies emotional beginnings and nourishes us in overflowing joy. A card of elemental Water, when the Ace of Cups appears it’s telling us to take a heart-centered approach to achieve a satisfying outcome.

It’s easy to fall prey to worry. We all do it when challenges seem insurmountable. But as this reading illustrates, taking a moment to survey all that we do have gives us the understanding that abundance is not just found in material possessions but also in balanced emotional resonance. Like The Priestess, we align and find our center, expressing ourselves from that balanced state.

And with so much drama coming out of the new regime, we’ll all need some alignment to get through all of it. Because when the smoke clears and the indictments are handed down, we’ll survey what’s left and begin from there.

Blessings to all!

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A Circle Of Protection To Bind Their Fate

A Circle of Protection To Bind Their Fate

Protection can take many forms. It can be defensive or offensive in nature as with martial arts, or it can be born of inner awareness. Rune magick is a method of bringing runic influences together in sigil form for a specific purpose. It can be divination-oriented, or it can bring about a change of some kind. I use sigils in general because they represent a focused intention. I like how they organize my thoughts around whatever situation I’m concerned with. Lately, my thoughts have been on protection.

I was listening to a woman speak today on a podcast who was talking about how unsustainable it is to provide financial assistance to people in our country. She had a Darwinian bent and appeared to believe that survival of the fittest was the best way to solve our problems. I don’t share her premise or perspective because I know that we’re one collective consciousness and how we live should reflect that truth.

It would be like expecting each cell in our bodies to survive on its own without the integration required so that our bodies exist and function properly. The same concept is true in a bee colony. I’m someone who is kept by bees. I’d say I’m a beekeeper, but bees don’t need a keeper so it feels odd to call myself that. Anyway, the hive wouldn’t survive long if a survival of the fittest attitude swept the colony. Then they probably would need a keeper. You know, like the so-called new guy seems to need.

Today’s runecasting centers around protection. But it doesn’t necessarily reflect the intention of protection against something or someone. Sometimes our greatest protection involves how we interpret what’s happening around us. As A Course in Miracles tells us, we give everything we see the meaning it has. Now the bulk of humanity may agree with our assessment, but we’re still giving everything we experience the meaning it has.

If we can look dispassionately at situations that are concerning, then we’re better able to view them with more clarity than when we’re caught up in our reactions to whatever is occurring. So in a real sense, protection should also involve our choice of reaction.

Additionally, our state of mind, be it loving or not, should also influence our feeling of protection, again reflecting that dispassionate view that helps keep us centered and aligned. So when I was looking at some bindrunes I’ve created over the last few months, I selected those that protected, aligned, extended love, and invoked a centered and unified presence to surround today’s runecasting creating a greater a circle of protection to support its message.

Othala, Gebo, and Hagalaz are today’s runes and bring influences of our Akash and ancestral heritage, balanced energy exchange, and then a little destruction in preparation for impending change with some hawthorn twigs rounding out the protection influences. Othala represents our collective nature, both in physical and nonphysical form. It asserts that our greatest achievements are accomplished together, Darwin be damned.

Moving deocil around spread, the witch invokes change and Hagalaz as the witch rune accomplishes this task. It provides the balanced structure necessary for positive change to unfold and provides blessings to speed the process.

Gebo reflects both inner and outer balance and teaches us to live in harmony with each other. Again, Darwin’s not finding a home here. Using the example of our bodies again, when the body is not in balance then disease or ill health results. If the imbalance is left unchecked, the body may not survive. It’s the same with humanity. We won’t survive if we don’t bring our polarities back into balance. The masculine has run amok and the feminine has had enough. The answer is a more balanced approach but the masculine energy disagrees and here we are now, in need of some protection.

But we don’t need a savior, even if he’s back from vacation. We need clarity. We need truth. And when we have that, the answers will be clear. But until that happens, we need to remain as aligned as possible in Higher Self awareness, viewing what’s unfolding with discernment, taking a dispassionate stance.

Disinformation and distraction seem to be the mantra of the new regime. But in time the proverbial man behind the curtain will be revealed and then heads will roll, the circle of protection binding their fate. We’re being shown a future that few anticipated or wanted. A country reflects everyone within. The people make up its heart and vitality, its blood supply extending life to all.

We’re not a business decision, a deal to be made, or a company to be closed. We’re the very life force without which this country would not even exist and we have always been more than the sum of our parts. We cannot be dismissed as irrelevant because we most certainly are not.

We see you, in all your predatory ugliness. We know what you’re doing and you’re not going to get away with it. You believe you can strip mine us into oblivion all while making a buck off of the deal.

But then you’re a fool.

You’ll create a mess that you won’t be able to clean up. But don’t worry. The rest of us, in our unity of purpose, in the protection of all that we have co-created together, will be happy to do that for you.

Blessed Be

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Alignment In Higher Consciousness ~ Runecasting for 9 April 2017

Alignment In Higher Consciousness ~ Runecasting for 9 April 2017

When we think about higher consciousness it may feel as if it’s unreachable, confusing the body we inhabit with the truth of who we actually are. In truth, each one of us is our higher consciousness and it’s to that reality that many are awakening to now. I like to use the shape of runes themselves when laying them out in a spread or pattern. Algiz, or the rune of higher consciousness, is one rune that I use frequently in alignment rituals. The last rune I drew from the bag was, in fact, Algiz itself reinforcing my choice of spreads. With everything that’s happening around the world, it seems that the Unified Presence has something to contribute to the conversation.

Magick can take various forms primarily dependent upon a witch’s focus or perspective. Some witches get involved in responding to this or that concern with anything from healing spells to love or prosperity magick. Some curse and some prefer instead to bind. Magick can further be delineated into magickal workings focusing on the shadow side of self or blessings of love and light. Some witches invoke angelic presence into their spellcraft, and some prefer to control demons.

Traditions influence as does the need to push beyond boundaries. The overall story of our lives influences as well which is where I make my own departure from the traditional narrative. I’ve always believed that the Creator/Source/God/Goddess is All That Is. As such, I don’t believe in a Creator that’s separate from the creation because the Creator is the creation. I believe that although our bodies are a creation over time by visitors to Earth, our higher consciousness remains one in unified presence with all as the Creator personified. Our bodies are only vessels that we inhabit for a time, our higher consciousness driving the bus so to speak.

We incarnate into form with an overall theme or purpose with others in agreement with their own participation. We’re interwoven together in the fabric of creation, separation from each other impossible. And because of this belief, my magick has changed considerably over the years. I’m more apt to allow things to unfold around me without becoming involved in any of it. It’s not that I won’t perform a binding spell if I really think someone or a situation is spinning out of control, but I’ve realized that at least some of my response is predicated on believing my perception of what I see.

If I stay away from judgment, then it’s easier to observe and then move on. It’s less reactionary that way. In Magick And The Aligned Witch, I discuss performing magick from an aligned state. The hazard of performing a binding spell is that I could be preventing the full expression of something that was chosen before incarnating. After all, experience can be our best teacher, so why would a witch interfere with another’s process?

Much of my magickal workings now focus on aligning in higher consciousness or unified presence. Now that ascension is in full swing, aligning and raising frequency allows everyone else to experience awakening’s resonance, our natural state. Runes are similar to the Major Arcana in tarot in that they represent archetypal influences reminding us of who we are. In essence, they keep us on track and are useful in aligning with higher consciousness.

Runes are similar to the Major Arcana in tarot in that they represent archetypal influences reminding us of who we are. In essence, they keep us on track and are useful in aligning with higher consciousness.

In today’s runecasting, I drew Gebo, Othala, Thurisaz, Isa, and Algiz and placed them in the Algiz pattern for higher consciousness. Gebo, a Water element rune, creates balanced energy exchange with others. Also known as the gift, Gebo promotes generosity and mutual benefit with all.

Othala is the rune of sacred space and our Akash. It’s said to combine all runic energies into one providing protection, peace, and prosperity. Othala balances order with chaos and its focus is on the greater community at large.

The catalytic energy of Thor’s Hammer is contained in Thurisaz. Protection and defense are this rune’s primary influence along with catalyzing change for the better. It can be used in weather and love magick, stimulating positive outcome. But along with protection, Thurisaz asks us to avoid impulsive and self-centered action, allowing anger to cool before responding further.

Isa brings stillness and alignment to the runecasting, allowing further development of the will. A rune of becoming, Isa represents Verdandi, the Norn of the static realm or present, securing our aligned focus until clarity is achieved.

In the final position, Algiz represents Air, Fire, and Water and the connection between the physical and nonphysical realms. Appearing at the bottom of the spread, it suggests that higher consciousness is our real foundation and our choices in life should reflect that truth.

The runes are arranged together in a sigil or bindrune bringing together the energetic influences of the runes contained within. They can be carried as a talisman for alignment throughout the day or used as a focus in ritual or magickal workings. The idea is to visualize the runic influences combining together into a greater resonance and then offer it to the unified presence by casting the intention for all to align if they choose. It’s like shouting out that there’s room over here at the table for anyone who wants to sit down.

Today’s runecasting is reminding us that instead of being in conflict with others, living in unity reflects who we are. When aligned in unified presence you realize that separation is an illusion. You’ll know that there is no other and that all are the Creator here to know more. The imperfections we see in others don’t exist outside of form, and when as witches we talk about living in perfect love and perfect trust, it really references our true reality as one with all. We feel the unified presence of creation. The bindrune is an expression of that truth.

Blessings to all!

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Defining A Witch

Defining A Witch

Every week or so I read another essay on what constitutes a witch. I know I shouldn’t respond to this stuff but sometimes I can’t help myself. Some rant on about the so-called Wiccan three-fold law of return, claiming they have no need of such a thing. Honestly, it’s simply about cause and effect albeit a more eloquent expression of it in my opinion. And I’m not Wiccan.

Another concern seems to center on how we initially came to the craft. Did we have a witchy grandmother? Or perhaps a friend of a witchy persuasion? Or maybe we felt compelled at some point, drawn by the Goddess to her unifying resonance. For some witches, belonging to a coven is the right path, while for others the solitary path feels right.

Some of us have witches in our ancestry as I do, with some burned for their truth. But does any of this make a witch? Do we really need to stand in judgment of those who walk a similar path because they may take a different approach?

Instead of seeing all as other expressions of self, witches included, we see only the other, finding reasons to define them as less than. In this time of ascension, the awareness of witches can help guide others to awakening so it makes no sense to be at odds with each other.

Traditions are nice but they depend upon a historical record that isn’t necessarily accurate. My own witch history moves throughout ancient Europe and Asia, influenced by, among many others, King Solomon and the Druids. Does that magickal history make me more of a witch than someone else?


I think if we all knew how manipulated our historical record has been over thousands of years (unfortunately it appears by my ancestors..I’m so sorry about that) we’d be shocked. Or maybe not. I’ve come to the conclusion, however, that we know very little about our history because it tends to be written by those in power. Spend some time reading the works of Howard Zinn and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

From channeled texts such as A Course In Miracles, Seth Speaks, and The Law of One we’ve learned that the One became the many in an effort to know more. Although we appear separate, it’s an illusion of form the Creator uses to experience life in an ever-expanding manner. So in a sense, we write our own story, one that is as valid as anyone else’s. Instead of defining another witch as real or not, why not express an interest in how witches define themselves?

You never know. You just might learn something.

Witches understand the world from a unique perspective irrespective of how they came to the craft. We sense the underlying connection between self and the physical world, experiencing unity where others see separation. We use that experience in our magickal workings to align in unified presence, raise energy, casting our intention to the universe.

In alignment with our unified or Source presence, we hold the space for others to embrace that resonance in full awareness of their fundamental truth. And with so many awakening now, witches need to remain focused.

It’s not that a binding spell now and again isn’t appropriate, or a curse or hex if that’s your persuasion, but magickal workings which focus on alignment and awakening allow others who are ready to bring themselves into alignment with our unified presence. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed and it’s the greatest gift we can give others.

We cannot make that choice for anyone else. All we can do is remain aligned and ready.

Blessed Be

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Reaching Ever Higher Toward Unified Presence ~ Tarot for 27 March 2017

A young boy reaches toward an open window while the girl fiercely protects her material possessions. The Devil represents the choice within between a focus on self and one that embraces the greater good. Each of the three initial cards, the 8 of Cups, The Hermit, and The Devil reflect the choice to abandon emotions that no longer serve, choosing retreat to find wisdom within, and the ultimate choice we make.

The World appears in the hidden position of the reading while the Knight of Cups signifies the outcome. The suit of Cups, or our emotional presence, dominates the cards of the Minor Arcana with three Major cards providing the overall influence. When more than one card from the Major Arcana appears in a reading it suggests archetypal or foundational influences are in play and we should pay close attention to their message.

The overall numerology of the reading is eight, a Saturnian number signifying structure, discipline, and strength suggesting that a more grounded attitude might be needed at this time. This is supported by the illustration of the cloaked figure from the 8 of Cups leaving eight golden cups behind, staff in hand, as he ascends the mountain before him to a more fulfilling emotional awareness.

The Hermit suggests retreat in order that we find inner wisdom. He stands atop a mountain, his lantern shining its light in all directions. He is the Creator personified giving light to the world withdrawing in meditation and alignment with the Unified Presence.

The Devil is always an interesting card irrespective of the deck. In the Robin Wood tarot deck, it really illustrates how we balance our instincts with our Higher Self, reflecting the illusion of polarity within as one side of self protects the material side of life while the other reaches for a higher purpose.

We’re reminded by The World in the hidden influence position of the reading that the Fool’s journey toward awakening is a given. We can live life fractured by our experiences typically brought about by a focus on self, or we can choose a more compassionate experience that acknowledges the greater good. We ascend to new experiences either way at journey’s end.

The second card from the suit of Cups in the reading, the Knight of Cups, appears in the outcome position. A young Knight sits atop a white steed holding a golden chalice as they both emerge from the surf. Wearing a conch shell as a helmet, fish adorning his armor, it appears that the horse itself is part fish with its rear haunches resembling a large fish jumping from the water.

Emotional awakening is felt with the Knight of Cups as he takes a leap of faith into new emotional clarity. It’s a quest of sorts the rider and horse take, his passion in synchronicity with his dreams.

Sometimes we go as far as we can with a situation. When clarity is lacking sometimes the best choice is to step back and regroup. The Devil requires that we acknowledge the choice we make to remain self-absorbed or to seek a higher purpose in life. Trusting our inner voice can be difficult when life seems uncertain, but it’s exactly where we find the light of truth and the strength necessary to press on.

Awakening to our higher self, our Unified Presence, is inevitable; however, the journey we take is our choice.

Blessed Be


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Trusting The Process With Strength Found Within ~ Tarot for 19 Mar 2017

The Knight gathers strength as he sits atop his steed holding a golden pentacle in preparation for a new journey. The Knight of Pentacles is practical and trustworthy, living his life with purpose and integrity. His appearance in a reading can also suggest movement of a financial nature, positive and hopeful. The significator for the reading, the Knight expresses purposeful exchange with others in balance and harmony. All suits and elements are represented in the reading with an overall numerology of one or wholeness and new beginnings.

Surrounding the Knight are the 9 of Wands and the 8 of Swords. I’ll go into the interesting numerological synchronicities in the reading later on in the interpretations, but suffice it to say that everything centers on the idea of inner strength.

A man stands defensively holding one of nine staffs in his hand. Rays of light extend in all directions from the staff’s crystal tip suggesting clarity is available if he would only drop some resistance. The man appears to stand his ground but it feels like the eight additional staffs in line behind him are less about his defense and more about holding on to his perceptions.

The 8 of Swords in the Robin Wood Tarot is so cool. A blindfolded woman looks away, her arms and torso bound by a rope. Eight swords impale the earth around her as the choppy water appears to be receding while dark clouds dissipate from the sun’s rays beaming forth. Her eyes are blindfolded, the woman’s scattered thoughts binding her focus and preventing her from seeing clearly. The 8 of Swords asks if we are blocking our own process, our own forward momentum.

As we take our journey through life our choice is to do so in unity with others or to go it alone. But as we see with the man in the 9 of Wands, although he stands in his own power, his perceptions prevent any clarity. We can block our own process as with the woman in the 8 of Swords, but at some point, we have to ignore the noise both around and within us and find our divine strength within.

The numerology of the two cards reduces to 8 or strength, the title of the eighth card of the Major Arcana. And here we have the synchronicity I referred to earlier. The Strength card depicts a woman peering lovingly at a large lion. Grace, acceptance and unconditional love are represented by Strength along with the balance between our instinct and intelligence. Representing influences that are hidden or subconscious in nature, the card is telling us that our greatest strength lies in allowing.

The 3 of Cups appears in the outcome position of the reading. Three women dance happily about in a circle, free spirits all. They represent life lived in harmony and joy. Mind, body, and Spirit are one with the 3 of Cups, our emotional presence in balance.

Cups represents Elemental Water and as an empath, I can say with certainty that our energetic vibration or signature is emotion-based. We gauge everything by how it all feels to us. We can interfere with that process by becoming either stuck in or bound by our perceptions, or we can trust in and engage fully with the process and allow ourselves to flow effortlessly in creativity and joy.

We’re here to experience life in nonresistance, without judgment, and with clear sight. Given the chaos of the world that may seem like a daunting task. We can spend our time in resistance to the world, in reaction to others, or we can allow ourselves to experience life as intended. In resistance, we feel fragmented and off balance, bound by our own subjective perception; whereas, in nonresistance, we summon the strength within to ignore the drama around us and make the conscious decision to live in joy.

Or we let the orange guy win.