Energetic Channels And Strategy

Energetic Channels And Strategy

When we look at a Human Design bodygram or chart we see nine flow-chart style symbols connected by channels resembling a cross between the Tree of Life and the Chakras. The natal chart is divided into two sections, Design and Personality, which are determined by our date of birth. Design influences begin roughly eighty-eight days prior to […]

New Moon 10302016

A New Moon in Scorpio ~ Finding Sacred Space

Tomorrow’s New Moon transits in Scorpio (9° Sco 25′ 29″) in the Ninth House. Emotions will be heightened and we take pleasure at the beauty that surrounds us. But as emotions run high during this time we should stay aligned in an effort to keep overreaction to a minimum. Just sit back, enjoy your process […]


Power and Knowing ~ Human Design Channels for 18 October 2016

  It’s been a while since I did a Human Design post, and I thought I would incorporate some I Ching cards into today’s transits. I like looking at channels that are either active in my natal bodygram, or result from transiting planets. As the planets move about in the sky, the six lines on […]

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Jupiter in Libra: Inner and Outer Expansion

Jupiter has an expansive effect on us. In my chart, Jupiter is transiting Libra at 0° Lib 02′ and is beginning a journey that will last for approximately one year. The struggle of the last few years will give way to positive and productive opportunities bolstered by expansive and abundant energy. The material side of life […]

Dark Moon Influences: Runes and Thoth Tarot

  Ehwaz, Dagaz, and Uruz align with three cards from the Thoth tarot, the Prince of Disks, the 7 of Wands, and Adjustment. Apologies for not posting this yesterday to honor the Dark Moon. My husband was having some dental surgery and I had just learned that my constitutional rights are in the crapper because […]

Human Design Transits 7182016

Integrity, Self-Sabotage, and Unsustainable Choices: Human Design Transits for 18 July 2016

Today’s transits suggest that we may be sabotaging our own actions, in turn creating an unsustainable situation for ourselves and others. In Human Design, the 64 Gates represent the 64 hexagrams or guas from the I Ching. Even numbered lines represent Yang or creative/projective energies, and odd numbered lines represent Yin or receptive energies. Six of today’s transiting […]

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In Presence, We See Past Illusion

Before I begin, I wanted to send blessings of love and healing to all of my LGBT friends and family. It’s sometimes in tragedy that we understand how important and necessary we are to each other. We cannot lose our love and compassion because both will see us through these impossible moments that happen all […]

Resources for Success: Human Design Channels

Nine channels are active in my Human Design bodygram today. Four are part of my natal bodygram, but an additional five are activated by transiting planets today. From my natal chart the Channels of Power, Awareness, Mating, and The Alpha are active. Transiting Channels include The Brain Wave, The Wavelength (a new one for me), […]

There’s a Merkaba in my Astrological Chart

  I recently purchased a new astrology software. I normally use Time Passages, which I really love, but I had heard about Solar Fire and I wanted to see what it was like. It’s more involved and less user-friendly than Time Passages, but I’m learning how it’s set up and it’s really interesting. What jumped […]

My Transit Report for 14 March 2016

  It’s been a while since I’ve looked at my transit chart. That software is on my other laptop and I can’t find my unlock codes for the new one. The outer planets seem to have the most impact on my life as a witch and empath, but daily transits impact as well. I can […]