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The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

Awakening and enlightenment are the themes from today’s runecasting. Dagaz, Gebo, and Kenaz are today’s runes and a closer look shows us that Dagaz contains both Gebo and Kenaz within its structure. Gebo provides the center and Kenaz opens to all sides. Balanced energy exchange along with the bright light of clarity form the energy of awakening and enlightenment expressed by Dagaz.



The twenty-third rune of the Elder Futhark, Dagaz signals the ending of one phase and the beginning of another. We stand in the middle of the rune, one phase transforming into new awareness and experience. Perfection and synchronicity are attained with Dagaz in full remembrance of our Unified Presence.

We bring ourselves into balance with Gebo, the seventh rune of the Futhark that appears in the center of Dagaz. Aligning in our Unified Presence, we create a link between all. Gebo is the rune of partnership and gifts, fostering generosity and mutual benefit.

Kenaz follows as the sixth rune of the Elder Futhark representing light and clarity. Appearing on all sides of Dagaz as well as Gebo, it’s rays awaken and transform the creative self, intensifies intuition, and as the rune of openings, Kenaz reveals what others would keep hidden, providing the clarity necessary for awakening and enlightenment.

When other runes are visibly present in a given rune so are their influences. The clarity found in Kenaz influences the enlightenment achieved by Dagaz. Living in balance or alignment with our Unified Presence provides the structure necessary for enlightenment. So it’s easy to see how one rune influences the interpretation of another.

In rune magick, specific runes are combined together in a pattern meaningful to the runecaster, blessed and consecrated, and then used in magickal workings or ritual for casting a particular influence or intention. Individually, the runes carry all the magickal influence necessary for any kind of work, but together they become something more and the reason for their continued use by witches who also cast runes.

But typically, when we cast the runes, we’re asking for what influences are in play. At least that’s why I do it. I’m looking for a higher focus, one that doesn’t derive its interpretation from perception so I more often than not refrain from asking specific questions. Divination, from my perspective, should be reserved for what the Unified Presence wishes to share and not a question and answer session.

A bindrune isn’t necessary in this case because Dagaz can serve that purpose. It can be drawn on anything as a focus for clarity and can be worn or carried as a talisman to encourage positive exchange with others. Enlightenment is achieved when we understand and fully embrace the nature and resonance of Dagaz.

The overall numerology of the runecasting is nine or completion reinforcing the influence of our runecasting. It’s time for a new approach, one based on an awakened and enlightened presence. It’s the result of the ascension we now experience as we choose love over hate, peace over conflict, and unity over division.

Our lives in third density are all about choice. Do we choose a focus on self over a commitment to loving exchange with others? Is a focus on self really the best choice to influence our awakening to awareness of our Unified Presence?

The choice we make determines everything.

Blessings to our one family, united in purpose, enlightenment is assured!

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As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

Swords, Cups, a crumbling Tower and an expansive and brilliant Sun comprise today’s tarot reading from my Thoth deck. Our intellect as well as our emotions are in play today. The overall numerology of the reading is 16, 9, and 19 reducing to either the Master Number 44 or 8. If left as a Master Number, 44 is viewed in a variety of ways by numerologists including as a master healer, divine inspiration, and it suggests that we carefully consider our approach to challenges in our life. Structure, organization, and self-discipline are felt with 44. Strength of character is included as well. Twice the Master Builder number of 22, 44 reinforces how we manifest our material foundation.

Taking an overall look at the cards The Tower jumps right out with its chaotic and vibrant colors. The All Seeing Eye looks on as fire explodes from a mouth wide open, tearing asunder the castle’s tower. Geometric figures fall from the tower as it crumbles to the ground. A card of Mars, The Tower’s destruction is catalytic and final. A dove carrying a branch flies in the sky promising a new day is in store when the rubble clears away, a coiled snake signifying rebirth and renewal.

The Prince of Cups in the Thoth deck is beautiful. The shades of blue utilized by Lady Frieda Harris appear cold and somewhat frigid. The Prince sits on his chariot at water’s edge, his eagle pausing to drink. He carries a chalice with a snake coiling upwards in one hand and a flower in the other. Although the Prince can be passionate, he can also be vampiric in nature, preferring a secretive approach to actual honesty. Crowley views the Prince of Cups as:

“completely without conscience in the ordinary sense of the word, and is therefore usually distrusted by his neighbors.”¹

The 9 of Swords reflects cruelty in the Thoth tarot. Typical interpretations of Swords, particularly the odd numbered cards, reflect negativity of some kind. In this card, we’re bound by our perceptions and are now experiencing despair and sorrow. It’s another long night of the soul card that suggests we’re experiencing a difficult period in our lives. Sometimes it reflects the actions of others but primarily the 9 of Swords signifies our own descent into illusion. It reflects self-imposed fear and negative self-talk.

The last card of the reading is The Sun, another card from the Major Arcana suggesting humanity’s rebirth or awakening. A beautiful and enigmatic card, The Sun’s rays extend throughout, two cherubs suspended below, arms raised in celebration and supplication. The light of The Sun has returned providing success, clarity, and revelation.

It seems counterproductive to tear everything asunder in order that we bring change. But sometimes that’s what happens, particularly when we can do nothing to repair the current situation. However, it’s not required that we always take a destroy everything approach to try something new when in truth sometimes all that’s needed is a change of perspective.

The Tower illustrates that everything is crashing down around us, signifying the disruption of the material side of our lives or it can signify a release of old thinking so that a better approach can be used. Although it can seem like everything is out of control, in reality, it illustrates a willingness to take back our control from those who, like the Prince of Cups, may not have our best interests at heart, preferring to use and manipulate us for their own end.

However, the most important aspect of this reading is the 9 of Swords which is telling us to control our thoughts instead of allowing our thoughts to control us. Where we place our focus matters. In light of recent events, many of us are watching the horror show that is unfolding with the so-called new guy. His ratings have gone down and he’s at risk of cancellation so he’s in Florida this weekend getting his ego stroked by his supporters, the first of no doubt many campaign rallies he apparently needs to feel better about himself. He hasn’t even been in office a month and he’s already costing us more than President Obama did in his first year in office. And it doesn’t even address the lives lost in the botched raid he was goaded into approving, or the lives of immigrants now threatened by this overgrown man-child.

This particular expression of The Tower actually reminds me of his bloviating and arrogant bullshit, all orange and screaming at all his perceived enemies. But as he spins out of control, we need to control our thoughts and focus our intention on doing everything in our power to disturb his process at every turn.

The guy who he tapped to replace Flynn apparently referred to his regime as a shit sandwich and declined the offer to serve. I’d say that someone with integrity finally said no to his orangeness, but then that would be ignoring Sally Yates who was fired for telling this nutjob the truth and she deserves that position. And it’s lovely that people are posting on social media pictures of journalists who were killed doing their jobs after our bloviator in chief went after journalists with integrity for telling the truth about him.

However, The Sun tells us that this nightmare will end and the chaos will give way to our awakening and success, free from oppression and hate, united in our true purpose. It’s easy for the general public to be manipulated by those in positions of authority in our government. So much is kept from us that in turn keeps us at odds with each other. Those in power tend to want it that way so that we never see the truth of what they’re doing. Instead of focusing on the proverbial man behind the curtain, we turn on each other, assuring that the powers that be will remain in control.

As The Tower crumbles, separation and hate fall away allowing us to build our lives on a foundation of love and unity. If today’s reading tells us anything it’s that we have to be alert to the hidden machinations of others and to control our negative thinking. Separation and hate are our true enemies. The so-called new guy is just a shiny set of keys designed to distract us from the real threat we face.  But we’ll get through this as we always do. And with any luck, we’ll find our way back to each other in the process.

Blessed be



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 186). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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An Imbolc Runecasting ~ 4 Feb 2017

Today’s runecasting has an Imbolc feel to it. I’ve been drawing the same tarot cards the last day or so and switching decks doesn’t seem to be helping reset things so when I began drawing male Court cards today, I knew I had enough. Court cards are odd to interpret sometimes. The interaction between Court cards is important as is determining whether or not they’re people or the qualities thereof. With all the extreme personalities the world is currently dealing with that seem to influence tarot readings of late, I need a break. And now that the snow is indeed melting (YAY!) I decided to set up an Imbolc altar and cast the runes there.

Imbolc fell on February 1st this year and signifies the beginnings of Spring. With the snow beginning its break up today Hagalaz, Ehwaz, Berkano, and Inguz are significant runes to draw. Although Phil has spoken and we’re in for six more weeks of winter, maybe the runes have a different perspective on the matter.

I can begin the reading with Hagalaz or Berkano, but I think I’ll start with the witch rune. Appropriate as its also known as the cosmic ice egg, Hagalaz, the 9th rune of the Elder Futhark and a rune of Elemental Water brings positive change. Like the witch, Hagalaz disrupts the existing framework and casts a protective influence. It’s chaos crystallizing into form.

From there, Berkano, the 18th rune, signifies fertility and healing. New beginnings and growth are influenced by this rune of Elemental Earth. It reflects Goddess as Earth Mother, invoking Gaia energies of rebirth and healing. Like Hagalaz, its numerology reduces to 9 or completion.

Ehwaz binds Goddess energies in partnership to bring change that is significant if not abrupt in nature. The 19th rune of the Elder Futhark, its numerology is 10 reducing from there to 1, or new beginnings. It suggests overcoming obstacles and safe travel and represents the merkaba or vehicle of our etheric presence. As such it’s useful in trancework as well as hedge riding or astral travel.

garden bindrune
garden bindrune – front/back sides

The 22nd rune of the Elder Futhark, Inguz corresponds to the master builder number and as the seed, it signifies the sudden release of energy. Interesting in that another way of drawing the rune is to draw two X’s, one above the other resembling DNA. Life emerges from the seed. Inguz completes the energy of Berkano, as it focuses the energy of fertility into form. It governs sexuality and conception and the promise of a successful outcome. This makes it a wonderful rune to use in the garden, alone or as a bindrune to hang around the garden or greenhouse to promote growth and a successful harvest. The bindrune to the right shows front and back sides, the front side depicting a witch rune for a successful harvest.

Growing up in Alaska, the snow melting was known as the break up, an experience that seemed to take forever. Days grew longer and signs of life would begin appearing everywhere. The high desert of Central Oregon feels a little like my childhood with the snow still here after two months. Typically we get a break between storms. This is the first time in the 35 years we’ve lived here that snow has stayed this long and at this depth. Of course, it’s only melting because our snow blower arrived the other day. But with melting, there’s hope of actually doing a walk. So I’ll take what I can get.

The process begins with the witch as Goddess who brings life back to the earth. She casts her intention, bringing new life into being, her desire within invoking inner energies of expansion. Everywhere, life springs into being. The final numerology is 5 or change but if I leave out the 22 as the Master Builder number, the numerology becomes 10, reducing further to 1 or new beginnings.

Ultimately this Imbolc runecasting describes the cyclical nature of life, intelligent and self-sustaining. Winter gives way to Spring, with all its beauty and benevolence, the Sun’s rays fostering growth through Summer into Fall’s bountiful harvest, returning once again to its Winter slumber.

But what it also tells us is that we will continue irrespective of the challenges we experience for we can never assume they are insurmountable. Life always finds a way and with Goddess blessings so shall we.

Blessed be.

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The Huntress Within ~ Tarot for 18 Jan 2017

The Devil card is so interesting in the Haindl tarot deck. A three-horned goat-like creature with three eyes is depicted, a crystal above its head and a snake below. Card fifteen of the Major Arcana, its numerology is six, or the I Am presence of self. Transformation and rebirth are depicted, the Devil appearing to look to the future with a sense of wonder. In other decks, the Devil looks controlling and menacing so I like this depiction. Reflecting our physical aspect of self, our instinctual nature is transformed and elevated by our Higher Self.

A card of Capricorn, the Hebrew letter Ayin or eye along with Algiz from the Elder Futhark appear at the top of the card suggesting higher consciousness and divine vision. We are protected with clear sight, our physical and nonphysical aspects of self in balance.

The Ace of Stones in the West is such a powerful card that aligns Spirit with matter. An eagle lands on a huge boulder, a rainbow in the distance, as above so below. Strength of purpose and stability are depicted by this card, Spirit manifesting into form.

Interference is the theme of the 8 of Swords. Eight swords cross in a pattern, threading through two trees. The hexagram from the I Ching is called Biting Through, or the use of power to overcome interference. Power has been exerted and things are brought to a standstill. Looking more closely at the card, we see the tree on the right bound more completely by the swords. Viewing the two trees as depicting polarity, the right side seems to be more constrained than the left.

Polarity of self is more than a balance between the feminine and masculine. It reflects the interaction of our nonphysical and physical aspects of Self, as well as our choice between service to self or others.

Biting Through is an interesting title for this twenty first hexagram or gua. Strength and Will, the Hunter and Huntress, we either retain or regain power by asserting control over the environment surrounding us. It would appear that the masculine side tends to control more than does the feminine side suggesting that moving in nonresistance might result in a better outcome.

Acting with compassion when asserting control gives the Huntress an edge over the authoritarian perspective of the Hunter, her wisdom reflecting the light of Divine Self. She reserves judgment, instead going with the flow, embracing each moment with grace, the Hunter trapped by his own thoughts and choices, more focused on control over others than of self.

The final numerology is 5 or change. It also reflects the downward pointing pentagram symbolizing matter controlling Spirit. An imbalance has resulted with this overemphasis on instinct and aggression, binding our thoughts into a focus on self. We’re experiencing a self-imposed resistance to needed change.

The wonder on the face of the goat-like Devil reflects amusement as well. His focus on the material aspects of form, allowing instinct alone to guide his choices, has only imprisoned him. And now he makes a new choice, his instincts in alignment with Higher Self awareness, the Hunter allowing the Huntress to emerge.

Blessed be the Huntress within..repressed no longer..extending love and light to all!

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Awakening As One ~ Tarot for 27 Dec 2016

The Queen of Disks, The Aeon and the 7 of Wands or Valour from the Thoth deck comprise today’s tarot reading. Both Earth and Fire are represented and the numerology for the reading is 9 or completion. Looking at the three cards, it seems that awakening is today’s focus, The Aeon in the center with the two surrounding cards bringing some information to the process.

Right away it’s easy to see that the surrounding cards bring a sense of peace and serenity with the Queen of Disks and the courage to stand our ground with the 7 of Wands. We balance the receptive or feminine aspect of self with the projective or masculine side. The Queen sits in quiet reflection, looking out over the land, holding her world in one hand and her scepter in the other. A ram looks in the opposite direction, keeping guard for his Queen. She’s practical and trustworthy, the Earth Mother who gives birth to creation. The wise Crone has learned to balance ambition with generosity, her connection to nature evident in the card as she reflects upon a life well lived.

On the other side of The Aeon sits the 7 of Wands. Crowley calls this card Valour with its six ornate wands crossed in a balanced pattern behind the single wooden wand of the adept, flames throughout depicting Mars’ catalytic presence. 7 is not only the number of divinity but also the number for magick. Strength is depicted in this card of valour, telling us to remain steadfast in our values and principles. We meet challenges with courage and honor, living our truth with love and dignity while avoiding destructive influences from others.

The Aeon asks us to see the bigger picture, to see beyond the drama and live with intention in the present moment. The tarot itself reflects the journey we take from the forgetting during incarnation to the eventual remembrance of our Source Presence. The Major Arcana gives us archetypal information to help us on our path of remembrance and awakening of Self as Source. When The Aeon presents in a reading, it indicates that a change of consciousness has either occurred or is about to occur.

A sense of duality is contained within our consciousness. We experience it in form and in the duality between the physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. Receptive and projective energies are referred to as feminine and masculine; we see separation and refer to that as self and others; and, we also reflect a self or other focus within. We divide things up as humans, male versus female the most obvious, catalytic versus receptive in nature, with judgment at its core. Either/or, us versus them.

Awakening is achieved when we realize that we are not separate from anyone, that in fact we are one Source Presence. Any appearance of separation is an illusion of form. We’ve learned over our lives to respond to all with love and compassion irrespective of present happenings, our catalytic presence driving us on to remembrance and awakening, our journey back to Oneness. We seek not to oppress others, but to lift them up in loving unity.

Our world has taken a dramatic turn and we don’t yet know the outcome. We’ve lost our balance and masculine energies have overshadowed the feminine resulting in such oppression and harm. But what I keep seeing with the cards I draw is the focus on unity and balance, not the drama and destructiveness that’s currently going on. I really don’t know how we deal with what’s coming other than to use our catalytic presence to stand our ground and continue building the unified world in which we wish to live.

Maybe we need this for our awakening, to be certain of what we already know. We’re stronger together than we are ever apart. In time, we’ll remember that. Goddess knows our next nutball in chief and his minions will give us plenty to be certain of.

Blessings to all

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Awakening of Self ~ Tarot for 22 Dec 2016

Awakening of Self

Parcival looks wide-eyed at the Grail cup, his spiritual path clear. The Court cards in the Haindl tarot deck take a different focus, replacing the Queen, King, Knight, and Page with Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son. Parcival represents the Son of Cups. Romantic and chivalrous, the Son of Cups can be both passionate and ruthless. Finding the Grail may suggest an end to his quest, however awareness of his future path seems to indicate his journey may have just begun.

The chalice appears again in The Lovers, the 6th card of the Major Arcana. The woman as Goddess, her earthen hair representing her ancient presence. A card of Gemini, she takes a consort, the two Lovers stand together in synchronicity, their arms reaching behind the golden chalice, their promise to each other true. A crescent moon looks down on a rose, the mystery of love embraced. A merkaba shines forth from the rose as a unicorn also observes the couple, the merkaba representing two souls coming together as one. Lastly, a spear points downward into the chalice, signifying the inherent sexuality of their union as well as the seeds planted for the future.

Although I draw this differently, the rune is apparently the same as Kenaz or Torch from the Elder Futhark, representing light and clarity. It tells us that our union is our natural state, that we are one with each other. It doesn’t give light to this situation, but describes who we really are as a collective Source Presence.

In the 7 of Wands, we see seven spear-like wands pointing upward to the sky. The number for divinity and intuition, each point on the spear is bursting forth with catalytic energy. The rock formations behind denote strength; the water in the distance seems choppy. We have the strength to overcome obstacles in our path. The hexagram represents liberation or survival of the community so what we have with the 7 of Wands is the transformation into awakening of Self.

The separation we experience is an illusion of form. We are forever one in Source Presence. The Fool’s journey is about navigating the waters of form while still remaining aware of his eternal oneness with all. Emerging from Gaia, the spears represent our emerging remembrance in all its catalytic presence. We need only remember who we are to proceed aligned and one with all. The Lovers are meant to illustrate that our natural state is to come together in unity, to reinforce that our reality in form. The catalytic energy felt in the 7 of Wands reminds us that we are more powerful that we remember and it’s time to embrace our truth.

We’re living in the time of ascension where we will finally remember that we’re one with each other. Our forgetting that takes place for most when incarnating will give way to our remembrance, separation and division giving way to unity and love.

Might as well get on board now.

Blessed Be.


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The Clarion’s Call ~ Tarot for 14 Dec 2016

The Judgment card in the Major Arcana has always represented the clarion’s call to me. Crowley renamed it the Aeon, and DruidCraft renamed it Rebirth which I prefer. It follows the 2 of Swords and the 10 of Wands in today’s reading, the 2 representing balanced force, dual nature, and potential decisions to be made, and the 10 representing many commitments, a heavy burden, and growth.

The numerology, 2, 10, and 20 reduce to 5 or dynamic change. It’s no wonder the cards end with Judgment.

A woman stands before water, her arms crossed in front, two double-edged swords pointing upward in her hands. A moon is in the background reflecting Dark Moon energies. The woman is blindfolded, her decision unclear. She goes within to gain clarity. Away from distractions, she embraces the dispassionate view in complete self-awareness.

We see a different scene in the 10 of Wands where a man is bent forward, carrying ten wands. His vision is obscured, his burden evident. Here, instead of choosing to block his external vision to go within as in the 2 of Swords, the man is fully committed to letting his burden guide his way. He’s either taken on too many commitments or lacks the ability to set boundaries.

It can be challenging to set boundaries with both self and others. It typically interferes with achieving or preserving a desired outcome, but in not setting any we tend to give ourselves away to others. Going within, we seek clarity, away from the influence and agenda of others. Clearly allowing others to take advantage isn’t the best choice we can make, resulting in an unrealistic burden to bear. It also reinforces manipulative behavior by others. We tell ourselves that we have no other choice when in fact we probably do.

The 2 of Swords sets the tone for the rest of the reading. We must live our own truth instead of the expectations of others. It’s a burden that no one needs. Doing so brings integrity and balance to the relationship whereas unrealistic expectations only challenge it.

Judgment counsels us to live in the present moment, to see the larger picture. Awakening, transformation, and renewal are possible as we embrace a change in perspective, taking the dispassionate view suggested by the 2 of Swords.

It’s interesting that whether I’m casting runes or drawing tarot cards, I’m getting the same impressions. We’re in the time of ascension. We’ve seen what amounts to cataclysmic changes occur around our world of late. But what the collective consciousness seems to be suggesting is that we raise our collective vibration out of the muck, irrespective of what dark forces want from us. It’s like ignoring the bully on the block while still finding a way to suggest he move. Moms do it when they both ignore and watch their kids at the same time. It’s continuing to work for peace when war rages around us.

We can take the dispassionate view about everything that’s going on. Nothing the dark forces do will ever prevent our awakening. Eventually the balance will shift and light will win out. The key now is to keep our vibration positive and away from lower energies. It’s not that we draw them to us, but that we willingly vibrate there along with everyone else who’s vibrating there. The more of us who pull away from that lower vibration and remain aligned in Source Presence, the stronger our collective resonance will be.

We’ve reached a tipping point and decisions must be made. Our moment of truth has arrived, the clarion’s call heard and felt by all.

Will our focus be on conflict or on unity?

Blessed Be

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Choose Awakening ~ Tarot for 11 Dec 2016

Choose Awakening

Cups, Swords, and a card from the Major Arcana are present in today’s tarot reading. The numerology is 4, 19, and 6 reducing to 11, or the Master number for illumination. The 4 of Cups, The Sun, and the 6 of Swords bring energies of Fire, Water and Air to today’s influences.

In the 4 of Cups, we see a young man sitting with his back against a tree, his focus on three empty cups in front of him. A cup is offered, but he doesn’t seem aware of that gift. The young man sits bereft, wrapped up in his own emotional state unable to feel anything else.

But the The Sun appears and the light returns to the young man. Not all is lost and the birth of something new is on the horizon. Success and happiness abounds as we see a young child, smiling and free, on horseback, a field of sunflowers in full bloom behind the rock wall. Inspiration and clarity return with the promise of material happiness at hand.

The other aspect of The Sun is awakening, not just of self but of humanity. The 19th card of the Major Arcana, its numerology is 1, or new beginnings, unity, and inner development. Our personal power is shining forth when this card appears in a reading.

And then we see the 6 of Swords, the young man, his wife, and their child are in a boat, moving toward a new life. Four of the six swords stand together in front of the family with the remaining two on the verge of joining them. Many options are available and coalescing before them. He’s resolved whatever concerns he has and is ready to begin a new journey to a new home, or perhaps with The Sun appearing just before, it reflects a journey toward awakening.

It’s so easy to lose our perspective when emotions are involved. And while it’s understandable that this happens, we must be ever mindful that we can always choose another viewpoint. We give everything we experience the meaning it has, so we can choose another meaning, another vision.

Today’s reading suggests a change in focus to one of awakening. As we align in Source Presence, the clarity we gain unfolds into new possibility. We’re being given an opportunity to see clearly the dark forces before us, and to make an awakened choice. It’s where we place our focus that determines the outcome. A focus on awakening raises the collective vibration of all and the dark forces in question will have no real or lasting effect.

Blessings to all!

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Dark Moon Awakening ~ Rune & Tarot for 29 Nov 2016

Lady Frieda Harris’s impression of The Tower from Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck explodes with energy. Our world is torn asunder as the All-Seeing Eye of Source Presence watches from above. The tower is burning and imploding before our very eyes and nothing will ever be the same again. Our awakening is at hand.

Along side The Tower sits Dagaz, the 24th rune of the Elder Futhark reinforcing our awakening and enlightenment. We are one with Source Presence, with universal Consciousness, and a new day is dawning. We’ve gone as far as we can and in synchronicity with our creative force we stand on the precipice of something new.

Today is the Dark Moon, the phase attributed to the Crone Aspect of the Goddess. As it’s also Tuesday, the colors for today are red, black, and orange. The Tower reflects the energy of Mars and Elemental Fire, and we are purified by their fiery and catalytic presence. With this influence we have the strength of our convictions as we stand in defense and protection of our ideals. We know that anything is possible as change for the better, even from conflict, is ahead.

In Sagittarius, this Dark Moon brings energies of expansion and inspiring debate, truth at the heart of everything we wish to experience. The challenge will be to deliver our point of view without negatively affecting the outcome.

The ground has shifted under us and the future is uncertain. But with our own all-seeing eyes of Source Vision, we proceed in synchronicity with our own Source Presence. And we will be victorious.

The Dark Moon is beneficial for new projects and forgiveness of self and others. Secrets may be revealed and although protection and banishing are often performed during the waning phase of the moon, I like to use the Dark Moon for protection spells when Mars is influencing. With the additional energies of Crone wisdom present, I have the clarity and purity of focus necessary to cast my intention of protection to the universe.

The numerology of the divination is 16 and 24, reducing to 7 and 6, and from there to 13. Either leaving it there or reducing it further to 4, as we bring energies into alignment, our magickal presence will provide the structure needed to secure our future.

The Tower suggests that fire cleanses and purifies. What no longer serves us is carried away by winds of change. But it also reflects a witch’s intention. When nothing moves, when everything remains the same, by her intention, the witch can disrupt and disturb. We protect self and others when no other options are left.

But as both The Tower and Dagaz counsel, awakening is ours if we choose. The wolf is at the door, and as we cast our collective intention, we send energies of protection and vision. Protection for obvious reasons, but vision so that we bring everything into alignment with Source Presence.

We are one family even though we forget that more often than we remember. Maybe the house has to fall into ruins before we realize all that we have built together. The truth is there for all of us to see. We are stronger together than we are divided, far stronger than the wolf at the door. It’s time to let go of our pre-conceived notions, of our feelings of otherness. It’s time to reaffirm our fundamental unity.

At 6:55pm I’ll be performing a protection spell. I would love it if others joined in, either using mine which you can find here or on the blog’s Facebook page or using your own. The blog post has the methodology for determining the time, so if you’re interested in that, click on the first link. Otherwise, a streamlined version is on the Facebook page.

I’m at such a loss about all that’s happened. All I can think of doing is casting my intention of peace and harmony to the collective consciousness. It may sound odd that I consider that to be a protection spell but I do. It reflects the when they go low, we go high attitude of our First Family. I’ll miss their positive and steady presence which we’ll sorely need in the days to come.

Today’s divination tells us that we are awakening to the fact that the power for change belongs to each one of us. And in unison, we can’t help but succeed.

Blessings to our One Family. We need each other now more than ever.




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Awakening, Renewal, and Present Moment Consciousness ~ Tarot for Wednesday 9 November 2016

Awakening, Renewal, and Present Moment Consciousness

The Great Sword of the Magus depicted in the Ace of Swords begins today’s tarot reading. Invoking Elemental Air, the Ace of Swords cuts through illusion with brilliant clarity as thought manifests into form. In this card from the Thoth Tarot, we see a green sword, a snake wound around its hilt, extending upward from the clouds up through the middle of a golden crown of light. The Great Sword of the Magus invokes Divine Authority, triumphing over all challenges, all odds. Elemental Air influences our intellectual presence, our integrity and balance. When this card appears it indicates we have the power to achieve our goals.

Of course then we have the 8 of Swords which Crowley calls Interference. Now that we’ve cut through illusion with our brilliant clarity, we have to be careful to not interfere with our own thought process. I love this card and although many interpretations of Swords are negative, I see Swords as addressing our focus. So for me, Swords is synonymous with alignment in Source Presence. This card displays two large, identical swords pointing downward covering six varied swords, three pointing to the right, and three pointing to the left, possibly indicating that we could be pulled in many directions. If used correctly, our minds have unlimited intellectual potential. Allowing ourselves to break focus risks the achievement of our goals, so staying aligned is essential so that distractions don’t interfere with or thwart our progress.

The Aeon is an interesting card. It’s one of the cards whose name Aleister Crowley changed to reflect his own idea of the card. In other decks it’s known as Judgment, in DruidCraft I believe it’s called Rebirth. The only card from the Major Arcana in this reading, Aeon counsels us to live in the present moment. We hear this all the time and it does sound cliché, but it’s true nonetheless. There is no past or future in the present, just the now. We tend to live everywhere but in the present moment, typically judging everything and everyone through the lens of the past. In the present, however, we’re able to fully live our lives in nonresistance, while seeing everything through the past leaves us stuck.

We experience a continual rebirth in the present, and when we leave behind the past, our consciousness is continually transformed by our experiences. The Aeon counsels us to see the bigger picture, embracing the truth of our lives. Clarity is ours as we let go of what no longer serves.

The world of form is an interesting place these days. Via something called the Electoral College, Americans can vote and have their vote not count at all. Even when the popular vote goes for one candidate, the other can win, which is what happened last night. Hillary Clinton won. But the other guy is going to be our President.

Irrespective of what happened, for most of us, there’s nothing we can do to influence the next four years, and it’s looking like many of our basic rights are in jeopardy. We can see the tarot spread as an indicator of new ideas coming which may be true, but as fragmented and scattered the crazy guy is, it will be interesting to see how much he blocks his own thought process.

Any rebirth our country experiences may just be at the expense of our constitutionally protected rights. So the lawyers will get rich and 20 million people will lose their health insurance among Goddess knows what else.

In the coming days, we’ll need to stay aligned in our Source Presence more than ever. As devastating as all of this seems, we really have no idea how all of this will unfold. We help nothing by letting ourselves become derailed by this outcome. The truth remains the same. Seeing a brother as the other only further creates separation and division. We know what racism, sexism, and misogyny has cost us. Regardless of this election’s outcome, that truth will continue to resonate throughout the world.

Love will always trump hate, no matter what anyone says or does. We will come full circle. We always have. The United States of America will arise from the ashes in which we now find ourselves. While this travesty plays out, our rebirth will continue, ready to take hold when all of this nonsense is over. We’ll let our integrity shine bright, our clarity of purpose driving us on. We’ll stand strong as we wait for the consequences of this choice to be felt by all.

It’s a genesis of sorts, this election outcome. But the genesis that will happen is not what the new guy will expect. He’s too wrapped up in himself letting his thoughts bind his way forward to understand the energy that’s building. Apparently some of us haven’t experienced enough drama. So we’ll wait until they’re done, and then we’ll get to work.

It’s what we do.

So stay strong, my sisters and brothers, the family is still intact. Stay strong, stay aligned, and stay loving, and let present moment consciousness be your guide.

Blessed Be.