Manifesting Our Eternal Presence ~ Tarot for 30 June 2017

How we manifest new ideas, structure and progression, along with a fair distribution of material wealth comprise the primary influences of today’s tarot reading. Swords and Pentacles reflecting our intellectual and material presence are present in the reading representing Elemental Air and Earth respectively. The numerology of the cards is 1, 3, 6 for the primary […]

The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

Awakening and enlightenment are the themes from today’s runecasting. Dagaz, Gebo, and Kenaz are today’s runes and a closer look shows us that Dagaz contains both Gebo and Kenaz within its structure. Gebo provides the center and Kenaz opens to all sides. Balanced energy exchange along with the bright light of clarity form the energy of […]

As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

Swords, Cups, a crumbling Tower and an expansive and brilliant Sun comprise today’s tarot reading from my Thoth deck. Our intellect as well as our emotions are in play today. The overall numerology of the reading is 16, 9, and 19 reducing to either the Master Number 44 or 8. If left as a Master […]

An Imbolc Runecasting ~ 4 Feb 2017

Today’s runecasting has an Imbolc feel to it. I’ve been drawing the same tarot cards the last day or so and switching decks doesn’t seem to be helping reset things so when I began drawing male Court cards today, I knew I had enough. Court cards are odd to interpret sometimes. The interaction between Court cards […]

The Huntress Within ~ Tarot for 18 Jan 2017

The Devil card is so interesting in the Haindl tarot deck. A three-horned goat-like creature with three eyes is depicted, a crystal above its head and a snake below. Card fifteen of the Major Arcana, its numerology is six, or the I Am presence of self. Transformation and rebirth are depicted, the Devil appearing to […]

Awakening As One ~ Tarot for 27 Dec 2016

The Queen of Disks, The Aeon and the 7 of Wands or Valour from the Thoth deck comprise today’s tarot reading. Both Earth and Fire are represented and the numerology for the reading is 9 or completion. Looking at the three cards, it seems that awakening is today’s focus, The Aeon in the center with the two […]

Awakening of Self

Awakening of Self ~ Tarot for 22 Dec 2016

Parcival looks wide-eyed at the Grail cup, his spiritual path clear. The Court cards in the Haindl tarot deck take a different focus, replacing the Queen, King, Knight, and Page with Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son. Parcival represents the Son of Cups. Romantic and chivalrous, the Son of Cups can be both passionate and ruthless. […]

The Clarion’s Call ~ Tarot for 14 Dec 2016

The Judgment card in the Major Arcana has always represented the clarion’s call to me. Crowley renamed it the Aeon, and DruidCraft renamed it Rebirth which I prefer. It follows the 2 of Swords and the 10 of Wands in today’s reading, the 2 representing balanced force, dual nature, and potential decisions to be made, and […]

Choose Awakening

Choose Awakening ~ Tarot for 11 Dec 2016

Cups, Swords, and a card from the Major Arcana are present in today’s tarot reading. The numerology is 4, 19, and 6 reducing to 11, or the Master number for illumination. The 4 of Cups, The Sun, and the 6 of Swords bring energies of Fire, Water and Air to today’s influences. In the 4 […]

Dark Moon Awakening ~ Rune & Tarot for 29 Nov 2016

Lady Frieda Harris’s impression of The Tower from Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck explodes with energy. Our world is torn asunder as the All-Seeing Eye of Source Presence watches from above. The tower is burning and imploding before our very eyes and nothing will ever be the same again. Our awakening is at hand. Along side […]