It’s Over. You’re Done.

It’s hard I guess for you to grow up. To continue to act like a child when you don’t get your way. To be so full of yourself that you don’t realize the trail of evidence you leave behind, thus sealing your fate. To let anger drive you on into more and more inappropriate behavior. […]

Empath As Adversary

Empath As Adversary

I saw another article explaining why one should never mess with an empath. I tend not to read them anymore because I have a different take on who I am even though I understand why these articles are written. I’m turning sixty in October and I was born both a witch and an empath, so I understand the […]

Invoking Spirit and the Pentagram of Protection ~ Tarot for 17 Feb 2017

Invoking Spirit and the Pentagram of Protection ~ Tarot for 17 Feb 2017

Pentagrams can be used as sigils for protection. A pentagram is placed in the middle of today’s five-card pentagram spread. The pentagram signifies the four elements as well as Spirit. When pointed upward, its focus is on Spirit. Pointed downward, its focus is on matter or physical concerns. Encircled, a magickal container for ritual or […]

Moon Over Sacred Space

The Challenges of Empathic Awareness

I recently read a somewhat bleak piece on life as an empath. Although empathic awareness can be overwhelming at times, even when we understand what we’re experiencing, it doesn’t have to ruin our lives. As if an empath is so emotionally vulnerable that we’re unable to ever cope without tremendous support, when in truth, we have […]

Where We Focus

  Where we focus matters. I know that when my focus isn’t through aligned Source vision, my balance is upset until I realign. An empath often has an other-directed focus to her awareness. In other words, my focus moves in an outward direction. Empaths absorb the auras of everyone around them, and we don’t always realize […]

Outside or Inside, It’s A Matter of Focus

Am I on the outside looking inward, or is it the other way around? All of my life I’ve felt on the outside of things. Until I understood what it meant to be an empath, I felt as if I didn’t belong anywhere. Life can be so confusing if empaths spend their time reacting to […]