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A Circle Of Protection To Bind Their Fate

A Circle of Protection To Bind Their Fate

Protection can take many forms. It can be defensive or offensive in nature as with martial arts, or it can be born of inner awareness. Rune magick is a method of bringing runic influences together in sigil form for a specific purpose. It can be divination-oriented, or it can bring about a change of some kind. I use sigils in general because they represent a focused intention. I like how they organize my thoughts around whatever situation I’m concerned with. Lately, my thoughts have been on protection.

I was listening to a woman speak today on a podcast who was talking about how unsustainable it is to provide financial assistance to people in our country. She had a Darwinian bent and appeared to believe that survival of the fittest was the best way to solve our problems. I don’t share her premise or perspective because I know that we’re one collective consciousness and how we live should reflect that truth.

It would be like expecting each cell in our bodies to survive on its own without the integration required so that our bodies exist and function properly. The same concept is true in a bee colony. I’m someone who is kept by bees. I’d say I’m a beekeeper, but bees don’t need a keeper so it feels odd to call myself that. Anyway, the hive wouldn’t survive long if a survival of the fittest attitude swept the colony. Then they probably would need a keeper. You know, like the so-called new guy seems to need.

Today’s runecasting centers around protection. But it doesn’t necessarily reflect the intention of protection against something or someone. Sometimes our greatest protection involves how we interpret what’s happening around us. As A Course in Miracles tells us, we give everything we see the meaning it has. Now the bulk of humanity may agree with our assessment, but we’re still giving everything we experience the meaning it has.

If we can look dispassionately at situations that are concerning, then we’re better able to view them with more clarity than when we’re caught up in our reactions to whatever is occurring. So in a real sense, protection should also involve our choice of reaction.

Additionally, our state of mind, be it loving or not, should also influence our feeling of protection, again reflecting that dispassionate view that helps keep us centered and aligned. So when I was looking at some bindrunes I’ve created over the last few months, I selected those that protected, aligned, extended love, and invoked a centered and unified presence to surround today’s runecasting creating a greater a circle of protection to support its message.

Othala, Gebo, and Hagalaz are today’s runes and bring influences of our Akash and ancestral heritage, balanced energy exchange, and then a little destruction in preparation for impending change with some hawthorn twigs rounding out the protection influences. Othala represents our collective nature, both in physical and nonphysical form. It asserts that our greatest achievements are accomplished together, Darwin be damned.

Moving deocil around spread, the witch invokes change and Hagalaz as the witch rune accomplishes this task. It provides the balanced structure necessary for positive change to unfold and provides blessings to speed the process.

Gebo reflects both inner and outer balance and teaches us to live in harmony with each other. Again, Darwin’s not finding a home here. Using the example of our bodies again, when the body is not in balance then disease or ill health results. If the imbalance is left unchecked, the body may not survive. It’s the same with humanity. We won’t survive if we don’t bring our polarities back into balance. The masculine has run amok and the feminine has had enough. The answer is a more balanced approach but the masculine energy disagrees and here we are now, in need of some protection.

But we don’t need a savior, even if he’s back from vacation. We need clarity. We need truth. And when we have that, the answers will be clear. But until that happens, we need to remain as aligned as possible in Higher Self awareness, viewing what’s unfolding with discernment, taking a dispassionate stance.

Disinformation and distraction seem to be the mantra of the new regime. But in time the proverbial man behind the curtain will be revealed and then heads will roll, the circle of protection binding their fate. We’re being shown a future that few anticipated or wanted. A country reflects everyone within. The people make up its heart and vitality, its blood supply extending life to all.

We’re not a business decision, a deal to be made, or a company to be closed. We’re the very life force without which this country would not even exist and we have always been more than the sum of our parts. We cannot be dismissed as irrelevant because we most certainly are not.

We see you, in all your predatory ugliness. We know what you’re doing and you’re not going to get away with it. You believe you can strip mine us into oblivion all while making a buck off of the deal.

But then you’re a fool.

You’ll create a mess that you won’t be able to clean up. But don’t worry. The rest of us, in our unity of purpose, in the protection of all that we have co-created together, will be happy to do that for you.

Blessed Be

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The Arousing of Goddess Presence ~ Tarot for 14 April 2017

The Arousing of Goddess Presence ~ Tarot for 14 April 2017

My maternal grandmother, Bridget Murphy, was from County Kerry in Ireland. She was Roman Catholic and no doubt named for Saint Brigid. But before this co-opting by the Roman Catholic Church occurred, Brigid was considered a Celtic Goddess. And she appears in the hidden influence position of today’s Haindl tarot reading.

Goddesses and witches go hand in hand and Brigid has always been a favorite of mine. Women were, at one time, held in higher regard than currently exists. Celtic tradition viewed the mother’s lineage as establishing their primary ancestors instead of the father and conferred civil rights on the women of the clan or tribe. In Brigid: Survival of a GoddessWinter Cymres’s excellent piece on the Goddess, Cymres writes that:

Motherhood demanded the utmost reverence. Rape was a crime of highest severity, subject to the greatest punishments and not pardonable or subject to leniency (Later, in Her evolved role as the Lawgiver, Brigid would make certain that women’s rights were retained in some form within the new religion).²

And further:

In keeping with the Old Ways, men were not permitted to impregnate women against their will, against medical advice or the restrictions of her tribe. A man was not permitted to neglect the sexual needs of his wife. Irish law also provided extensively for the rights of women in marriage, for pregnancy out of wedlock‚ and for divorce.

In one incident, clearly defining the position of women in this new warrior class, a woman petitioned Brigid for justice. Her lands and holdings were about to be taken from her after the death of her parents. Brigid, however, ruled that it was the woman’s decision to either take the land as a warrior, being prepared to use arms to protect her holdings and her people. If she decided not to take on this privilege‚ half her land should go to her tribe. But, if she chose to hold the land and support it militarily, she was permitted to hold the land in its entirety.²

And from Wikipedia:

She appears in Irish mythology as a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the daughter of the Dagda and wife of Bres, with whom she had a son named Ruadán.

She is the goddess of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions such as high-rising flames, highlands, hill-forts and upland areas; and of activities and states conceived as psychologically lofty and elevated, such as wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship (especially blacksmithing), healing ability, druidic knowledge and skill in warfare. In the living traditions, whether seen as goddess or saint, she is largely associated with the home and hearth..¹

Goddess stories provide such a rich legacy. I wanted to spend some time acquainting readers with the Goddess before interpreting the cards because of the extreme form of patriarchy that’s in control throughout the world. As we see from both articles, there was a time at least in the Celtic tradition when women had stature and respect that is sorely lacking now. In the hidden position, Brigid represents the resonance of the Feminine Divine ready to reemerge in her rightful place in the world.

Two cards from the Major Arcana, Justice and The Sun appear with the 6 of Wands as the general influences for today, with Haindl using Brigid to represent the Princess of Cups and the 4 of Stones as the outcome. Fire, Water, and Earth are the elemental influences and the overall numerology is interesting. Justice is the eleventh card and as a master number, I won’t reduce that any further or include it in the overall result. Adding up the other cards, a synchronicity appears as we arrive at eleven once more.

11 is considered the master number for illumination, instinct, and a connection to the unconscious. The patriarchal imbalance under which we all live is unsustainable and a course correction is necessary. 11 is counseling us to reawaken the unconscious and unified Self within. With two 11’s appearing in the reading along with Goddess presence in the Princess of Cups, Justice, and Sun cards, awakening and illumination are strengthened and reinforced.

Beginning with the 6 of Wands, six upward-turned spears align in cooperation before a barren background, a vine of ivy winding through the scene. Victory is the title of the card of elemental Fire, suggesting that success is assured by meeting challenges together. Its hexagram is The Receptive and represents yin energy or the feminine aspect of self, reminding us that conflict is best approached when masculine and feminine energies are in balance. A sense of higher knowing, with compassion as our guide, promotes cooperative effort in lieu of a more aggressive approach.

The scales of Justice appear before peacock feathers standing resolutely in the background. A bubble appears suspended above each scale indicating the presence of higher consciousness with this influence. Nauthiz appears at the top right describing the need within. A Norn rune representing Skuld or the future, Nauthiz shapes the self and the world at large. By including it on the card Haindl is telling us that the need within to extend and receive Justice is an intrinsic part of humanity’s foundation.

Aligning with Brigid as the Sun Goddess, The Sun shines brilliantly in the sky, its rays extending outward toward the earth. A single large rose appears in the lower half of the card, a tree-lined road extending in the distance. Unfolding hope and new beginnings are The Sun‘s joyful influence.

The translucent and peaceful countenance of Goddess Brigid appears on the Princess of Cups which Haindl retitles the Daughter of Cups in the North. A narrow creek winds between six large monoliths with a cave in the distance suggesting feminine mystery and inner wisdom. The Goddess waits in calm resolve for balance to return to humanity.

But the 4 of Stones suggests that she may not be waiting for long. The Power of the Earth is this card’s title and illustrates four stones suspended in water. Each stone represents the four elemental influences which comprise the building blocks of the universe and the power of Gaia to rebalance life. The Arousing is the title of the card’s hexagram referencing humanity’s ability to adapt in response to shock and chaos. We feel empowered and willing to take the risk necessary to rebalance our world, recognizing the fallacy of separation and oppression.

The Mother principle is returning, arousing, her voice suppressed no longer. The boys have run amok for too long and women and children have suffered as a result. And now in the words of the so-called new guy, he’s bombing the shit out of anyone his generals choose, thereby washing his hands of any responsibility for the outcome. He needs to be sent home and to his room to think about all that he’s done, confiscating his phone in the process.

Although he claims there’s no one who respects women more than he does, lots of women apparently disagree. He loves women so much that he signed an order authorizing states to drop funding for Planned Parenthood. And now, millions may lose health insurance that they waited a lifetime for all because the so-called new guy can’t understand that the right to affordable healthcare is not only about compassion and dignity, but primarily about that inner sense of Justice that we all so desperately wish would outwardly manifest.

Things have to make sense. And these days, nothing does. And if the bombs continue to fall, our arousing will continue to grow and we’ll be all too willing to take that leap of faith with blessed Gaia in reawakening Goddess presence within, and ensure balance without.

Blessings to our One Family!



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The Conflict Within ~ Tarot for 2 March 2017

The Conflict Within ~ Tarot for 2 March 2017

The conflict within is reflected in today’s tarot reading. We can interpret Court cards as the individuals represented or their qualities therein. In today’s reading, it feels more like qualities than reflecting specific individuals. The overall numerology is eleven or the Master number for illumination and the elements represented are Earth, Air, and Fire.

I like to take an overall look at the cards to see if a pattern emerges. Sometimes I move them around to see if in a particular position they make more sense than in the original way they’re laid out. Today, however, a pattern emerged right away. The two numbered cards from the Minor Arcana seem to suggest inner work when interpreted together.

Crowley renames the suit of Pentacles, Disks and both the Prince and the Queen give the feeling of quiet reflection. Both people are intelligent and aware, practical and realistic. There’s a sense of grounding with both of these cards as well as integrity and generosity. A calm, reflective attitude is expressed by the Queen of Disks as she sits quietly while looking out over the land, her ram looking on inquisitively. The Prince sits on his chariot watching as his bull pulls him along. He holds a globe in one hand and a staff in the other possibly beginning or returning from a journey.

Perhaps we need time to reflect on those experiences which have caused some imbalance. The illumination or clarity we seek can be found in the respite of the 4 of Swords where we take time out allowing our disparate thoughts to settle. 4 swords come together in the center of a flower with geometric star-like shapes scattered around in the background representing thoughts that are in disarray. Titled Truce, the 4 of Swords removes conflict and brings balance.

The 7 of Wands illustrate seven wands, six crossed in balance with a rudimentary wand upright in front. Flames flicker throughout the wands suggesting that while the situation is still somewhat inflamed much of the conflict has passed with one stepping forth to end the struggle. Valour is the title signifying bravery and honor. The number for magick, seven brings energies into harmony and then casts its intention to the collective consciousness. It gives us the courage to meet obstacles and balances projective and receptive energies within.

Although conflict between people is challenging, the conflict within can be far more significant. How many times do we wish we had a few moments of silence just to hear our own thoughts? We remain engaged when removing ourselves from the situation and assessing it without distraction could be just what we need to realize the best outcome. The 4 of Swords encourages us to allow our scattered thoughts to settle before continuing any further interaction. Engaging with clarity and calm allows us to resolve the conflict within, meeting challenges before us from a position of strength, sure in our own truth.

Blessed Be

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The Nonresistance Found Between Initiation and Retreat ~ Tarot for 22 Feb 2017

The Fool, The Hermit, and the Princess of Wands comprise today’s tarot reading dealing with initiation, retreat, and nonresistance. The Fool represents our creative potential, infinite and without expectation. Androgynous and innocent, The Fool as initiate begins the great work of life in physical form. From Lon Milo DuQuette:

In essence, there are not really twenty-two trumps, there is only one— the Fool. Al the other trumps live inside (and issue from) the Fool. Of all seventy-eight tarot cards, none is more revered and misunderstood.¹

In the Thoth deck, Lady Frieda Harris draws The Fool quite differently than in traditional decks giving voice to Kabbalistic symbology. Three rings surround The Fool depicting the three veils of negativity. A dove of peace, a butterfly, and a caduceus appear to flow along the center ring before him. The sun covers his groin, with a flowery phallic symbol hanging in mid-air above two entwined bodies.

A tiger appears to chew on The Fool’s leg while a crocodile lies below, an upturned crescent moon barely visible above the crocodile’s body. Astrological symbols appear to the right on a bluish cloth. He is smiling and wide-eyed as he takes the leap into physical form and into conscious awareness.

The Hermit is flowing and enigmatic. He looks out at a field of flowing grain, an egg with a snake coiled around it in his view suggesting fertility. This notion is reinforced by the appearance of a single sperm below. The Hermit carries a sunlit lantern with the three-headed dog Cerberus at his feet. His light of divine wisdom shines bright illuminating his path. He is in retreat, in meditation, withdrawing from the world to align in Source Presence.

She has a tiger by the tail, our Princess of Wands. She flows in nonresistance, riding the wave of passion and creative desire. A card of elemental Fire, the Princess of Wands radiates flowing energy and complete joy as she lives in the now using opportunities to her advantage.

The overall numerology is nine with only The Hermit considered. Initiation and completion are part of nine’s influences as well as inner work. We begin our lives as The Fool, an initiate into life’s possibilities. As our creativity flows in nonresistance, we soar ever higher in command of our experiences. We find our balance in meditation and alignment, taking time for inner work and rejuvenation.

The Hermit’s lantern represents the Source Presence within each one of us. We see the same brilliant energy with both The Fool and the Princess of Wands suggesting that while we take this journey in form, we remain the Creator personified. Alignment in Source Presence is our natural vibration and state and mindfully doing so allows us to step away from the world and see with greater clarity.

Like The Fool, we begin our journey in joyful nonresistance, eagerly experiencing all that life has to offer. Taking time for retreat allows us to rebalance and seek inner guidance. We learn the value of retreat from The Hermit so that we allow the light of divine wisdom to illuminate self and others. And from our natural state of alignment, we soar like the Princess unrestrained in present moment awareness.

Depending on one’s worldview, some may be feeling the need for retreat and self-care these days. I highly recommend taking it, and frequently. The so-called new guy is redundant enough that no one will miss much and we’ll gain far more from that inner experience than following this guy’s antics. So take the time and enjoy the quiet respite.

Our initiation into life begins in joy and along the way we realize the blessings found retreat and alignment. Through wisdom gained through our alignment with Source Presence, we know that our greatest strength lies in our nonresistant flow through and around our challenges and experiences. Met with resistance, we remain attached to challenges instead of moving effortlessly beyond them.

We are the Creator personified, here to experience life in love and joy instead of as an endless struggle. Like the Princess, as we stay present in the moment, we allow nothing to get in our way, choosing our experiences in happiness and joy. We’re stronger than the so-called new guy and together we are unstoppable.

Blessed Be



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 97). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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Synthesis and Reawakening ~ Tarot for 20 Feb 2017

Synthesis and Reawakening ~ Tarot for 20 Feb 2017

Synthesis of hearts and minds cannot be imposed but instead achieved through quiet reflection. Negative thoughts can have a destructive effect upon our emotions. Channels we create by repeatedly visiting past issues become our present reality affecting our peace of mind which we inevitably visit upon others. Finding harmony within extends the same without and stepping aside from the drama in quiet reflection brings a clarity that escapes us when we remain engaged in all of it.

In today’s reading two cards from the suit of Cups along with one from Swords and one from the Major Arcana describe how awakening results when we bring our intellect and emotions into balance and align in Source Presence. The numerology of the cards is 10, 21, and 8 reducing to a final numerology of 3 or a catalyst for unification and wholeness.

The 10 of Swords from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot depicts five swords coming together in the top half of the card with four swords positioned over a small red heart in the lower half of the card. The tenth is in the middle, pierced and broken into pieces by the four swords below. Its title is Ruin and suggests a betrayal of some kind or perhaps one’s own faulty reasoning. Our thoughts are in disarray but the scales on the hilt of the center top sword suggest a need for balance. Our thinking has become destructive with our emotions taking a back seat to our intellect.

From DuQuette:

Sol in Mercury-ruled Gemini brings a complete identification with the mind and the intellect, which, in this card, are in the very process of being destroyed. “It is the ruin of the Intellect,” Crowley intones, “and even of all mental and moral qualities.”¹

The excess continues as the 8 of Cups with eight cups giving a sloppy, indolent feel hence its title Indolence. It feels listless and without energy. We feel bereft and abandoned, the dark clouds suggesting a lack of clarity or confusion derived from lost focus.

The Queen of Cups is loving and dreamy. Intuitive, she is a natural witch and empath. Like her reflection in the pool below she aligns in Source Presence invoking the vibration of as above so below into her awareness. Her heart and intuition guide her choices as she casts loving intention to all.

The numerology of The Universe card aligns with the overall numerology of 3 or the catalyst for unification and wholeness. When we incarnate into form, we experience a forgetting of sorts and over time our attention becomes focused on our immediate environment in lieu of our true nature. In other words, we forget we’re the Creator and begin reacting in judgment to everything we experience. We believe the separateness that we see and find justification for that belief. In short, we move further and further away from others as well as from a healthy balance within.

I have the sense that we’re tired of the conflict. Our hearts really cannot take much more. All attempts to reason our way find no purchase given the heightened emotions that many are experiencing. Like the Queen, we find benefit in going within considering our options with grace and compassion. The Universe card marks the end of the Major Arcana where awakening is ours.

The All-Seeing Eye looks down upon the Goddess, her foot resting on the head of a serpent that appears to emerge from the Eye itself. Rebirth and renewal, understanding embraced, her journey of awakening complete. Her unfettered joy is felt as she spirals through consciousness both in ending and beginning in unification and wholeness.

As we go within we reawaken and remember that our hearts and minds were once in synthesis and harmony and with certainty can be again. We are one as the Creator, not a mere cliché but a reality. In quiet reflection we know this to be true. As we balance reason with compassion our response to others is softened, extending forgiveness and love to others as we receive the same in gratitude and joy.

Besides, it’ll keep our minds off all those terrorist attacks happening in Sweden right now.





  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 254). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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A Graceful Presence ~ Tarot for 7 Feb 2017

A Graceful Presence

It’s difficult to retain a graceful presence when the so-called new guy is running amok, potentially sending us all off the cliff while he vacations on a golf course after only two weeks in office. Calming our emotions can be difficult during these unsettling times, but as much as we all need to stay calm, it’s really the out of control antics by the so-called new guy that are the most troubling.

In today’s tarot reading the Empress sits serenely on her throne, the Goddess in her Mother aspect. A waxing crescent moon depicting the Maiden appears on the top left while a crescent moon that’s waning appears below on the left depicting the Crone.  A swan sits on her nest looking lovingly at her chicks. A double eagle appears on her shield to her left. The Empress is our Earth Mother, her swollen belly pregnant with new life. The blues and greens of the card suggest serenity and alignment. The 3rd card of the Major Arcana serves as the significator for the reading depicting the synchronicity of mind, body, and Spirit.

The Ace of Wands, 4 of Swords, and both the Princess and Queen of Cups comprise the reading itself. Fire, Air, and Water are specifically represented with The Empress providing the Earthy feel although she embodies all elemental energies. The numerology of the reading is 8, representing cycles, inner aspects, and triplicities.

A pattern initially emerges between The Empress and the Princess and Queen of Cups. Emotional and psychic or empathic presence and control are at issue in today’s tarot reading evidenced by the colors shared by the cards. The Princess of Cups simply flows in graceful emotional presence. She is imaginative and full of inspiration. The Princess holds a large shell, a tortoise peeking over its edge. A swan floats overhead and a fish and lotus blossom appear on either side, her lavender dress casting loving intention.

The Princess traditionally represents the student or message-bearer full of undeveloped potential. But the Thoth tarot takes a different view of the Princesses in the deck, believing them to be the culmination of the Aces, and view them with complete devotion. There’s such energy with this card along with the promise of something new.

The Queen of Cups stands above a pond, like the reflection of herself barely seen in the water. She is a natural witch, the empath, intuitive and psychic. She observes all, this loving Earth Goddess, and is loved beyond measure. Considered the watery part of water, her qualities are easily reflected in others. She can be ruthless when aware what others would keep hidden reflecting back to them who they are. Nothing is hidden from this Queen and no one can hide who they are around her.

Looking at both the Ace of Wands and the 4 of Swords, they appear to illustrate bringing our emotions into alignment by balancing our catalytic and creative presence with our intellect, creating a more aligned mind, body, and Spirit. A fiery wand arises, flames bursting in all direction, greenish lightning bolts extending behind. Aces are considered the root of each suit and essentially contain all the suits’ qualities therein. The Ace of Wands embodies our creative expression in all its catalytic expression. It’s the beginning of passion and courage, power and energy exploding from its center.

Unlike the projective or masculine nature of the Ace of Wands, the 4 of Swords signifies truce or a time of reflection representing a more feminine or receptive response. Four swords point to the middle of a mandala-like flower suggesting retreat and reflection. Chaotic thoughts expressed by the random star like designs appear in the background, away from our awareness as we go within to achieve alignment and to heal.

Emotions are running high these days with the recent election and unfortunately, it’s not an overreaction. The so-called new guy’s authoritarian and dictatorial attitude coupled with his extreme gullibility will in all probability create a long lasting negative impact but he’s on a roll and running amok and unable to see the true effect of his actions. Balance is sorely needed but out of his reach given his extreme reactions and lack of impulse control. He’s above it all and doesn’t seek advice from anyone who actually understands government and the world at large and his decisions reflect that arrogance.

It’s not that the world doesn’t need a reset. It does. Those in control have forever kept us in the dark as to how our world truly functions. We believe we have a voice in what happens but clearly, if this election tells us anything, we don’t. In time we’ll come to know how all of this happened but it’s clear at this juncture that manipulation is at its heart.

Instead of a Commander-in-Chief, it appears that we now have a Fleecer-in-Chief as a new report surfaced the other day discussing a lawsuit filed against a media outlet from his wife. I really can’t refer to her as the First Lady because it sure appears like his daughter is filling that role. A Washington Post article stated in her filing that:


An attorney for first lady Melania Trump argued in a lawsuit filed Monday that an article falsely alleging that she once worked for an escort service hurt her chance to establish “multimillion dollar business relationships” during the years in which she would be “one of the most photographed women in the world.”

The suit — filed Monday in New York Supreme Court, a state trial court, in Manhattan — against Mail Media, the owner of the Daily Mail, said the article published by the Daily Mail and its online division last August caused Trump’s brand, Melania, to lose “significant value” as well as “major business opportunities that were otherwise available to her.” The suit said the article had damaged her “unique, once in a lifetime opportunity” to “launch a broad-based commercial brand.”

“These product categories would have included, among other things, apparel accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care, skin care and fragrance,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed on Trump’s behalf by California attorney Charles Harder.¹


“…during the years in which she would be “one of the most photographed women in the world.”” Let that sink in for a minute. It’s a little disgusting to think these people are only there to make money off the taxpayers. One of his sons just went to Uruguay to the tune of $100,000 on OUR dime and it’s costing us in upwards of a million a day to protect his wife and son in their golden tower in New York City. I couldn’t vote for her husband because of the allegations of predatory sexual assault. But even without that, his campaign rallies sickened me to the point that I would change the channel anytime they came on the television. I can’t listen to his voice or anything that comes out of his mouth. I believe this man constitutes a clear and present danger to all we hold dear in this country. He’s conned his supporters into believing he won’t abandon them but he’s doing that on a daily basis. His spokespeople lie continually and are being lampooned by everyone. He hasn’t even been there a month and protests are occurring daily.

The Resistance is in full swing and it’s only getting started.

So let’s keep our heads about us, observe and then when the time is right, act in unison to stop this man at ever turn because evidently, a graceful presence is beyond him.

We cannot let a fatigue-fueled clown destroy us. He has a choice to make every second of every day. Does he serve only self or does he live in loving service to others? So far, the answer is clear.

Blessed be to all in the struggle to restore sanity to our nation



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Balanced Choice ~ Tarot for 24 Jan 2017

Balanced Choice

Patterns continue in today’s tarot reading from my Morgan-Greer deck. A young woman stands before the water holding two swords crossed in front of her. She is blindfolded, a waxing crescent moon behind her. The 2 of Swords signifies going within, assessing all facts, arriving at a balanced decision.

Two nines and two sixes comprise the woman’s considerations with all suits represented as well as a card from the Major Arcana. The numerology is 5 or energetic change, interesting because of the pentagram spread. From The Complete Book of Numerology:

FIVE is the centre of the soul (feeling) plane and the very centre of the total Birth Chart. It is the spiritual number representing love and freedom of expression.¹

And from Numerology, The Complete Guide: Volume 1:

There is a time for expansion, for dealing with change, unexpected happenings, adventure. This lesson usually gives a person an abundance of talents in every direction, the capability of accomplishing almost anything for which an opportunity is presented— and many opportunities are presented. With the freedom that this abundance of talent and opportunity brings, life can be exciting. But the lesson is more difficult: the individual must learn the CONSTRUCTIVE use of FREEDOM.²

Beginning with the 9 of Pentacles, we see a beautiful dark-skinned woman, one of my favorite cards in this deck, gazing off in thought. A bird sits on her hand just over her shoulder, her other hand placing the grapes she’s just picked in a golden bowl on her lap. Her purple and green robe is adorned with 9 pentacles expressing wealth and abundance as she lives an active and productive life.

Moving over to the 9 of Cups, a rosy faced man stands smiling against nine cups in the background. Cups signify our emotional presence and nine, the fulfillment and completion illustrated in both cards. The six crossed laces on his vest signify a progression toward happiness with nine cups above on a blue table with a yellow background symbolizing happiness and fulfillment.

Equal weight is given to material and emotional fulfillment given the nine synchronicity.

Next we have the 6 of Wands showing a warrior home from battle on his noble white steed. A wreath hangs on his staff symbolizing victory in battle. His stoic look reflects weariness, his horse no longer on alert. The six denotes balance, community, and the Higher Self. The five other staffs behind him indicate he has support in battle and in life.

The Lovers finish out the reading depicting a man and woman in loving embrace. Four lilies emerge from the lush greenery, with a promise of another breaking through to the sunlight. Their nakedness illustrates their complete devotion to each other, unafraid to show that love to the universe. The Lovers suggests a balanced relationship with others as well as an integration of inner polarities. We experience not only our own individuality but how self is expressed through others. Choice, surrender to the process, and the blending of opposites are among the energies of The Lovers.

Looking at both six cards, integration of inner and outer expressions of self are reflected.

The young woman goes within to bring balance to heart and mind, aligning mind and body with Spirit. She reflects on matters of abundance, both practical and emotional, as she weighs a more solitary path with one of partnership. It’s not a choice she makes but an awareness of self that’s considered. The warrior spirit within protects hearth and home while the lover within brings a sense of integration and balance resulting in our emotional fulfillment and happiness.

The cards show a progression as well as equal weighted concerns. We can see with the 6 of Wands, protecting hearth, home, and community can result abundance and wealth illustrated by the 9 of Pentacles. And we can also see that through the The Lovers’ expression of integration, we find the emotional fulfillment depicted by the 9 of Cups.

The Lovers, from the Major Arcana, holds more weight than the other cards in the reading. Responsibility to the material aspects of our lives is important, but integration of our inner self allows us to love and be loved, our real foundation.

Choices made can either strike a balance between heart and mind or leave them working at cross purposes . Ideally we make the choice that blends both in a way that yields the most abundance and joy.

All things flow from love.

Blessed Be



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Truth as Power ~ Rune and Tarot for 29 Dec 2016

Truth as Power

Speaking truth to power almost is too much these days. The push back that’s experienced is so volatile and abusive that it’s almost not worth it. But if the recent election has told us anything it’s that we cannot give up on expressing our truth, particularly with the destructive changes that are apparently in store. Those on social media have already experienced targeted hostility and abusive comments. The nastiness abounds as its momentum continues to rapidly build, oppression its focus.

In the Haindl deck, Hermann Haindl chooses another focus for the Court cards using gods and goddesses and Native American elders to express their meaning. The deck itself represents a conscious return to the Earth and to the Goddess Presence within. He believed that we’ve lost our collective balance, with power and division overshadowing love and unity. This deck seeks in my view to represent the power and strength of the Mother principle, of Gaia and the Goddess. Patriarchy born from self-oriented service has created an unsustainable imbalance and one that if not corrected will bring nothing but destruction.

However, we live in a cyclical existence and are in truth, one in Source Presence. All are the Creator in individuated form, even those who have gotten off track. They provide a view of life from which we will make a choice to either continue the oppression of others or reject that notion and come together in remembrance of the collective Self. And given that we’re living in the time of ascension, as our collective choice is made in the direction of love and understanding, the dark forces that seem to permeate everything will ultimately find no purchase. Love will win in the end.

Haindl switches the elemental references of Air and Fire and considers Swords a suit of Elemental Fire instead of Air. Like many witches and tarot readers, I view it the opposite, with Swords depicting Elemental Air, so I may see this individual as more logical and analytical but still with power and authority which can go awry. He can be a stalwart friend or a great enemy. When in balance, his counsel is wise and he willingly evolves when truth is presented.

Kenaz, the 6th rune of the Elder Futhark and a rune of Elemental Fire, reinforces the catalytic presence of this divination. It’s appearance can indicate that there’s hidden truth about the Father of Swords that the light of Kenaz will reveal to all. Or it can be counseling the Father of Swords to live in truth and love, embracing spiritual enlightenment in lieu of a self-focused darkness. Kenaz opens us to truth, increases our well-being, and brings healing. It also kindles our passion to transform self and the world.

Ra is depicted on the card, interesting that I would draw this given my study of the Law of One. For those unfamiliar, this five book series was channeled from Ra, a sixth density entity, who apparently came here several times during our ancient past to bring this message of loving oneness to those of us living here at the time. Given that I’m a great believer in synchronicity, I believe this card is reminding us to awaken to the truth of oneness, our only realistic path forward.

Balance, harmony, and love are reflected in the numerology of the divination with six representing the sacred or the I Am. In other words, six represents our Higher Self awareness. And as the new person assumes the office of the president, will he open himself to that awareness, or continue to spiral ever downward? Will our own choice reflect the downward spiral into darkness, or the emergence into light of love and unity?Sometimes responding to the chaos only reinforces that chaos. Consider instead aligning with all as one Source Presence. Focus your intention, your prayer, your magick in the direction of loving unity. Pay no attention to the man-child and his minions other than to stay out of their way.

Instead of speaking truth to power, perhaps we should simply embody both, offering truth as power, transmuting hate into love. Either way, we pay attention to his shenanigans while all along continuing to build the world we all want.

We see you. But in the end, our one family will emerge victorious. Love trumps hate..always.

Blessed Be

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Strength and the Feminine Divine

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Venus of the Willendorf represents the Goddess as the Mother of Cups. Known as the Queen of Cups in other decks, Hermann Haindl paints her in her donii form, her abdomen bulging with life, her breasts full of milk. She is the loving Earth Mother, the matriarch who, aligned in Source Presence, guides her family and the community at large. She observes in quiet reflection, her intuition her guide.Venus of Willendorf

The stone artifact depicted on the card was unearthed by an Austro-Hungarian archaeologist by the name of Josef Szombathy in 1908 near the village of Willendorf, Austria and has been determined to have been carved between 28,000 and 25,000 BCE during the paleolithic time in our history. Artifacts such as this one are believed to depict the Goddess as Mother and were carved in reverence to her blessed Divinity.

Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when women were actually revered instead of what we experience now.

The 2 of Cups continues the emotional presence of the Mother with a peacock lovingly gazing at two golden chalices made all the more magickal by the seven stars arising from each. A sense of things to come, perhaps children in the future are felt with this card. The magick of love heals everything. But also, this card is about balancing the masculine and feminine nature within, a balance that’s sorely missing in today’s world. Are we in service to others, or service to self? It’s not that service to self can’t be a rewarding and loving experience, but when it turns to the oppression we experience today, then it’s clear our balance has been lost.

The 10 of Stones, Pentacles, Coins, or Disks in other decks, is called Richness. This suit of Elemental Earth indicates the richness of our foundation. Depicting ten stones in balance, the card reflects strength and prosperity as well as legacy. When in balance, we create a successful outcome for all. When we’re not, then we fail to see the larger picture and the strength that unity provides. Instead, we seek to oppress others in an effort to be a winner as our upcoming president is fond of saying.

Win at all costs. Never for one minute be responsible for the lies it takes to win, just do whatever it takes to win. Find strength in the oppression of others because it’s all about the money and control you believe you have.

The cards today suggest another approach. A return to the strength of the Feminine Divine in all. Love is the only way forward. The 2 of Cups fully illustrates this with the promise of richness ours when the Mother presence is respected.

The numerology is 2 and 10, resulting in 3, or the principle of unity. Mother and Father unite in creation of a child, thereby expressing their unified presence. We’ve lost that these days, the creation becoming far less than it could be.

Today’s reading illustrates that a loving and balanced presence is our only way out of the nightmare we’ve created. Disunity must give way to our fundamental unity in Source. We are one in Source Energy. That doesn’t change while while appearing in individuated form.

When we oppress others, we oppress our own Selves. All are a reflection of the Creator, of Source Energy, and although we may appear different, we are in fact one infinite vibration of love.

Go within and remember.

Blessed Be

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Venus of Willendorf 

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Balance as Our Catalyst ~ Rune & Tarot for 28 Nov 2016

Good luck and material gain are present in the 9 of Disks. With Venus in Virgo, balanced structure and managed effort are favored with this card of Elemental Earth. The card itself is so beautiful, with its shades of blue and green. Three orbs appear above and below in balance with three larger orbs in the middle, a golden orb at its center.

Rays extend outward in all directions blending colors from the center orbs. Balanced energy is felt with this card indicating productivity and abundance. A sense of solitary genesis is present as well, all thought emanating from Source Presence.

Thurisaz, the 3rd rune of the Elder Futhark, represents the catalytic energy of Thor’s hammer. This rune neutralizes obstacles, catalyzes change, and provides defensive protection. Dynamic energy is in play when Thurisaz appears, telling us that energies of regeneration are available to us.

Clearly Thurisaz provides the catalyst for gains earned with the 9 of Disks. The numerology reduces to 12 and from there to 3, a catalytic number on its own. Ideas spring forth, manifesting into form, the energy never ending for new creative endeavors.

Today’s reading suggests that we’re primed for new opportunity. We possess the energy necessary to manifest our desires. As ideas take flight, we follow them to their inevitable positive outcome.

Although we often work in concert with others to achieve our goals, it’s our inner commitment or focus that catalyzes our efforts. Our ideas have value and they deserve expression. Allowing them to emanate from Self creates our greatest impact.

The 9 of Disks tells us that we manifest our own reality, in this case achieving abundance. Thurisaz, along with the numerology, tells us that we are a creative force unto ourselves and that we have to power to create whatever it is that we desire.

But what will that be? Will our focus be that of compassion or of self-interest? We may appear as individuals but we are in fact one collective presence. Can we create our own material gain while extending the energies of abundance toward others?

The world at large is in chaos with self-interest appearing to win over compassionate action. Catalytic expression is devoted to separation and division. Unity and love escapes so many. But clearly, it’s not working. Our priorities are egoic in nature rather than for the common good of all. We’ve allowed others to convince us that intelligence and education are suspect. And we give away our rights to increase the material gain of a chosen few, the most obvious example being the income inequality many of us experience.

These choices foster a lack of balance which as we see is ultimately unsustainable. Whether we’re in alignment or unity with others or simply aligning with Self, catalytic energy in balance is far more effective and productive than energy born from chaos. The implication to the individual is that not creating from a place of alignment and balance can have a negative effect upon the outcome.

With balance as our catalyst, our energy expands into positive expression. And from there, everything is possible.

Blessed Be