Bee Journal Update ~ 8/7/2017

Bee Journal Update ~ 8/7/2017

Check out the new update on the Bee Journal here. We look at four of the five hives and all are looking good. I’d love you to also check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel for bee, chicken and fish videos! Blessings!

Adding A Warre' Box To The Hive

Adding A Warre’ Box To The Hive

  When we went out to the Warré hive to fill the feeder with more syrup we noticed that they had begun building comb on the feeder. Lovely. Like many beekeepers in our area, we lost all of our hives during our unusually long, frigid winter. I had ordered bees for some new hives we […]

The Enduring Cycle of Bees

The Enduring Cycle of Bees

We finally pulled the last honey super off the original hive and gave them a pollen cake and a candy board to help them through the winter. We had already done this for the Warre’ and the long hives. Temperatures are still warm enough during the day so we’re feeding syrup as well to help […]

As Garden Season Ends…

  The dome we put in was a complete success. The hugel beds which we also put in exceeded our expectations as everything we planted both inside and around the outside of the dome went crazy. I’ve frozen more beans than I did last year and even though it’s October and we’ve had some frost, […]

Hive Inspection: The Split is Queen Right!

  Apparently after the winter we had a rockin’ bee colony. Both brood boxes from the original hive were full so to try to avoid swarming, a month ago we did what’s known as a walk-away split on the original hive. We took the top brood box off of the second hive on the left, and […]

New Life in the Apiary and the Unexpected Swarm

  Two new hives went into the apiary this year along with two new colonies of bees. We purchased a five-frame nuc for the long hive and a package for the Warre’. The long hive combines the rectangular shape of a top bar hive with the traditional Langstroth design allowing for a nuc to be […]

Thoth Tarot: New Thought, New Beginnings

  I love when The Magus shows up in a reading. I know when I see it that I need to allow for the possibility of. Doesn’t matter what it ends up being, I just need to allow whatever it is to manifest. The Magician in other decks, Crowley’s Magus is active creative energy in motion. […]

At Year’s End: Finding Presence in the Knowing

That feeling of presence in the knowing an empath experiences reflects alignment with Self. It’s a vibration like no other. A calmness takes over, and clarity begins. We may take up residence in the past and future much of the time, but the present moment is all that truly exists. Anything else is based upon […]

Back Porch Herbal: Horsetail and White Willow Bark

  I love wildcrafting herbs. Not all plants that grow in the valley grow on the high desert of Central Oregon. Nettle, chickweed are two that I typically have to purchase, although I found some nettle growing in a pot this year that I plan to cultivate. It probably came in a nursery plant I […]