Creating A Healing Bindrune

Creating A Healing Bindrune

I use a specific process when creating bindrunes. I could select them intentionally, but I prefer to let the runes decide the bindrune which is what I did today. I wanted the focus of the bindrune to be on healing. Many have been through so much lately with the recent hurricanes and senseless violence that […]

The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

Last night was the Full Flower Moon. Symbolic of mystery and emotional presence, witches everywhere stand in observance of the Esbat ritual by drawing down the Moon and communing with their Goddess of choice. I’m partial to Hecate and Brigid but typically I stay more generic, reserving specific Goddesses for Dark Moon ritual. We set […]

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift ~ A Runecasting for 9 March 2017

We exist in a balanced energy exchange not only with others but also between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. We may be unaware of that balance, believing we are only the bodies we inhabit, or we may remember that ours is a constant resonance. We don’t leave it behind when we incarnate into bodies. Beginning […]

Our Unified Self ~ A Runecasting for 4 March 2017

Our Unified Self ~ A Runecasting for 4 March 2017

Life in form is the journey we take in remembrance of our unified Self. Like the tarot, runes illustrate that progression through life. I view both as archetypes and a reminder of who we are. Even though we appear separate from each other, I believe that each one of us is the Creator personified; therefore, […]

Illumination's Growing Momentum ~ Runecasting for 21 Feb 2017

Illumination’s Growing Momentum ~ Runecasting for 21 Feb 2017

It’s fun watching revelations unfold, creating their own momentum. The so-called new guy’s regime should have never underestimated the American people. We’re a spunky bunch. He may indeed prove to be the catalyst we all need to pull our heads out of our asses and begin working together instead of at cross-purposes. If social media […]

Strength, Alchemy, and Justice

Strength, Alchemy, and Justice ~ Tarot for 19 Jan 2017

Under a crescent moon, the Priestess kneels in ritual, encircled by a snake rising upward from a pool of water. Her nakedness denotes strength born from Source Presence balanced with her earthly self reflecting the influence of as above, so below. She represents unconditional love and the wild wisdom of the Goddess, acting with courage, faith, and […]

Healing and Unity cover

Healing and Unity ~ A Runecasting for 12 Dec 2016

I performed a protection spell on the most recent Dark Moon using a bindrune I had created. Tomorrow the Full Cold Moon arrives and I thought I would perform a spell for healing and unity. I plan to use another bindrune, this one created from today’s runecasting. I aligned in Source Presence and asked what […]

A Bindrune For Awakening

A bindrune is a particular expression of rune magick. In this case, I cast three runes and felt them bind together on their own. It’s so cool when that happens. I know if I’m not intentionally selecting them, I have no choice but to hear their call. Fehu, an energy sending rune, binds well with Kenaz, the […]

A Witch Ladder To Awareness

Witches love symbolism. Everything has a vibration and we like to include symbols to enhance energy in ritual or spellwork. Recently I made a Witch Ladder to hang at the entrance of my ritual area to enhance spiritual awareness. Although they can be fashioned in many ways, a Witch Ladder typically begins with a long […]