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The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

Last night was the Full Flower Moon. Symbolic of mystery and emotional presence, witches everywhere stand in observance of the Esbat ritual by drawing down the Moon and communing with their Goddess of choice. I’m partial to Hecate and Brigid but typically I stay more generic, reserving specific Goddesses for Dark Moon ritual.

We set the altar and cast the circle, defining our spiritual workspace if you will. From there, witches may meditate or ride the hedge, or perform magickal workings if needed. I view the Full Moon as a time of purification and alignment with Goddess presence. I also cast the runes, creating a bindrune if energies align which I did for last night’s ritual.


Runes of higher consciousness, openings, and sacred space comprise today’s runecasting. Runes from the Elder Futhark are divided into three groups or Aetts and today’s runes, Algiz, Kenaz, and Othala, are from each aett dealing with practical issues, psychological aspects of self, and universal law.

Representing Air, Fire, and Water, Algiz is our connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Like the horns of the elk, Algiz fosters safety and protection and as the rune of higher consciousness, a connection with the divine resonance within.

Kenaz continues as the rune of openings. Also known as the torch, Kenaz represents the light of truth, healing, and love, revealing secrets by increasing intuition. Transformation and enlightenment are among Kenaz’s primary influences as it lights the way to truth.

Othala is an interesting rune in that rune casters are divided as to its placement in the Elder Futhark. It’s traditionally placed at the end but some switch it with Dagaz, placing that rune as the final rune of the Futhark. I’ve vacillated back and forth on the subject and now I’m back to placing it at the end. Othala is said to contain all energies of the runes as it balances order with chaos, and represents the sacred space of our Akash and universal cosmic law.

A bindrune can be created like the one in the picture above combining the energies of the three runes into a synchronous intention that can then be cast or carried with you like a talisman, bringing the aligned vibrations with you throughout your day. I use bindrunes for both purposes.

What’s nice about this runecasting and bindrune is that it acknowledges our true nature as Source Energy, in unified presence with all. It asks us to remain open to that truth and mindful that all are on the same path to awakening and enlightenment. Some choose a more self-oriented focus while others remain aware of their greater nature as one with all. Either focus is acceptable but one is more challenging than the other. Our perspective while in physical form determines how we see and respond to either choice we make.

When the Moon is full she’s in her full presence reminding us to do the same. During these dark days, we need as much light as we can project to see the truth of what’s going on. This runecasting suggests that perceiving from our higher consciousness allows us to remain open to truth, irrespective of what that might be, secure in the understanding that everything around is a collective projection and as such, subjective and illusory. Finally, Othala reminds us that our sacred space is still safe, protected from the chaos that may be surrounding us. As the Creator, how could we be anything less?

We’re at our best when we stand in our power together as one. The magick of the bindrune is in its synchronicity, both with the runes themselves as well as with our unified presence. We are inextricably bound together, our one family, whether we come together in unity or remain at odds with each other.

Isn’t it time we realized this truth?

Blessings to our one big beautifully messy family! Our underlying love for each other, realized or not, will provide the light necessary to show us the way home.


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The Greatest Gift ~ A Runecasting for 9 March 2017

The Greatest Gift

We exist in a balanced energy exchange not only with others but also between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. We may be unaware of that balance, believing we are only the bodies we inhabit, or we may remember that ours is a constant resonance. We don’t leave it behind when we incarnate into bodies.

Beginning at the top, Gebo, the seventh rune of the Elder Futhark, illustrates that balanced energy exchange we experience. As the gift, Gebo is a rune of Elemental Water fostering relationships of mutual benefit. A sense of equilibrium is felt with Gebo as it creates a link between our external focus and our divinity within.

From there, Thurisaz invokes the power of Thor’s Hammer, in dynamic and catalytic protection. The third rune of the Elder Futhark, Thurisaz represents directed strength while cautioning against impulsive action.

Ansuz represents divine inspiration and the ability to see all sides of an issue. Eloquence born from an inner wisdom allows us to speak from a position of strength and clarity. We channel Higher Self awareness when Ansuz appears in a runecasting and it’s telling us to align in that vibration for our greatest awareness.

Along with accessing Higher Self awareness, Nauthiz provides our inner catalyst for change. It’s experienced as the need within, pressing in nature. Nauthiz asks us to stop and reevaluate what we’re experiencing. Self-restraint may be in order when Nauthiz presents. The future is in question and a new beginning or approach may be in order.

The numerology of the individual runes is 7, 3, 4, and 10 resulting in a final value of 6 representing the sacred and the Higher Self. Ansuz directly aligns with this influence as does Gebo. Thurisaz gives us the strength to pause and avoid an impulsive reaction. And Nauthiz reinforces the same as it asks us to employ some self-restraint.

It’s easy to become distracted by the world around us. A projection of collective consciousness, everything we see is temporary while our Unified Self is eternal. If we take seriously everything going on around us, then that becomes our focus instead of continuing to create new experiences. A dispassionate view gives way to judgment and we jump feet first into the ensuing chaos, our peace of mind a distant memory if remembered at all.

The runecasting is reminding us that we exist as a greater unified presence with a piece of that presence experienced as our physical reality. Our engagement within our physical reality should reflect the remembrance of our greater presence so that awareness of our fundamental unity with all is placed before any thoughts of division.

Of course, the greatest test for alignment comes when emotions are running high as they are now for many. I put together a bindrune for all to use that can be carried or worn as a talisman, reminding us that strength can be found in a balanced exchange with others.

We sacrifice nothing by coming together in love and unity, instead gaining everything. The greatest gift we give others is to experience the Creator within them. To see them through the eyes of Source Vision, in perfect love and perfect trust, we extend that loving blessing to all.

Blessed Be



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Our Unified Self ~ A Runecasting for 4 March 2017

Our Unified Self ~ A Runecasting for 4 March 2017

Life in form is the journey we take in remembrance of our unified Self. Like the tarot, runes illustrate that progression through life. I view both as archetypes and a reminder of who we are. Even though we appear separate from each other, I believe that each one of us is the Creator personified; therefore, we are in truth one with each other.

Prior to drawing any runes, I may pose a question or simply allow the runes to tell me what I need to know. Today I brought my awareness into alignment and allowed the runes to guide the divination. I drew DagazAlgiz, and Othala from my bag. Traditionally, Othala is placed at the end of the Elder Futhark, but some runecasters believe Dagaz should occupy that position. I happen to belong to the second group but now I wonder if its placement is correct after all. Either way, the overall numerology is the same. 15, 23 and 24 are the individual numerologies with 8 its overall influence. Turned on its side, we have the symbol for infinity so eight is a powerful number. It’s Saturnian, therefore earthy, practical and structured and also reflects manifestation.

Dagaz is either the twenty-third or twenty-fourth rune of the Elder Futhark depending upon the runecaster’s persuasion. The end of one phase and the beginning of another is probably why some of us prefer to put it at the end, but when I discuss Othala the reason for the different viewpoints might become obvious.

A Water element rune, Dagaz is the rune of the present moment. One phase is ending and a new one is beginning. We stand in the middle as change flows around and through us. We are awakened, enlightened and know fully who we are as expressions of Source Energy. We experience synchronicity with this rune and it expresses our perfection. Dagaz is an expression of total light and clarity. Our experiences have led us to the moment of complete awareness when Dagaz appears in a runecasting.

Algiz is the guardian rune of higher consciousness and establishes the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. It protects us from harmful forces and represents the influences of Air, Fire, and Water. Friendship and partnerships are strengthed with Algiz and it assists us in aligning in Source Presence.

Our unified Self is signified by Othala, the rune of sacred space. Our Akash or our ancestral inheritance is of influence when this rune is drawn. If left in the final position of the Elder Futhark, Othala expresses our remembrance of our true Self as one with the Creator and as such with all. Does that remembrance arise from the enlightenment experienced with Dagaz or is it that awareness of a unified Self that brings our enlightenment and awakening? At this point, I’m inclined to leave Othala in the final position as the result of enlightenment and awakening.

Dagaz expresses our infinite presence while Algiz links as above, so below aspects of Self. As our journey to enlightenment moves forward Othala establishes our unified Self. We may appear to take this journey separately but that’s an illusion we agreed to when having this experience. In truth, we are all one.

It’s difficult to remember that truth now, with all the chaos and uncertainty we’re collectively experiencing. We’ve agreed to this, some providing the catalyst for the growth of others. It’s not easy to remember when anger and fear dominate our conversation that we can accomplish much if we would only arise in unity.

The unified Self bindrune below combines the vibrational influence of the three runes along with the symbol of Awen. Draw it on any surface to send blessings of unity and love. Used in ritual it can be held while chanting words that invoke the unified Self. It can also be carried or worn as a talisman for the same purpose.

The runes that appeared did so to remind us of who we are, that we belong to each other because as the Creator personified, we are each other. As weird as that sounds, if you think about it, it’s true. And we cannot lose sight of this truth even as the chaos of the so-called new guy threatens to destroy the country. Our collective unified Self will survive this man-child even if it doesn’t seem so right now.

Dark forces cannot overshadow the enlightenment assured by Dagaz. No matter what our problems have been in the past they will never be solved by blowing up the country. The only way forward is together. We are now and forever will be one family. And it’s time the so-called new guy learned this truth.

~ Blessings to all!


                       Unified Self Bindrune
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Illumination’s Growing Momentum ~ Runecasting for 21 Feb 2017

Illumination's Growing Momentum ~ Runecasting for 21 Feb 2017

It’s fun watching revelations unfold, creating their own momentum. The so-called new guy’s regime should have never underestimated the American people. We’re a spunky bunch. He may indeed prove to be the catalyst we all need to pull our heads out of our asses and begin working together instead of at cross-purposes. If social media is any indication, those in control have convinced at least some of us that we are the enemy when it’s been them all along. But the more he speaks, the more we resist and we’re only getting started.

I’ve always been a fan of stepping out of the way and letting the other person’s momentum be his or her own undoing. I’m sure it’s a martial artist thing. But sometimes we don’t have time for that when the stakes are high and giving things a little push may be in order. The so-called new guy’s staggering lack of impulse control will create untold headaches for his regime as well as the country and should respond well to simple nudges or suggestions. He’s really that pliable. Regardless of what we choose to do a bindrune is perfect for that endeavor.

I began drawing runes from my bag and felt compelled to stop at four. Nauthiz, Isa, Inguz, and Ehwaz comprise the runecasting and the bindrune. Fire, Earth, and Water are represented and the numerology is 10, 11, 19, and 22. Two Master numbers (11 and 22) will stand on their own as the Master numbers for illumination and cosmic law. 10 and 19 reduce to 11 as well, again reinforcing the idea of illumination. But even with that influence, there’s a feeling of can we please get this over with sooner than later among the growing masses raising their collective voices in resistance to his destructive buffoonery.

Given that he blames anyone and everyone for his missteps, there’s no reason to interfere other than to continue to demand unity over division, and love over hate. Instead of building a wall between the US and Mexico, we can build a wall of energetic containment around the so-called new guy and his minions. Keep him in place giving him just enough rope as they say.

So beginning at the top with Nauthiz, we have a rune of elemental Fire that links the forces of destiny, in this case, our awakening collective consciousness. Nauthiz assists us in achieving our goals and is useful when circumstances seem hopeless. And it will provide the structure for the eventual bindrune.

Moving deocil, or clockwise, to the next rune in the runecasting, Ehwaz overcomes obstacles by creating partnerships with others. We enter the astral realm through its center transporting our nonphysical aspect of self into unity with all. Together the numerology of Nauthiz and Ehwaz reduces to eleven or illumination.

Continuing on, Isa gives us an inner focus, prevents forward momentum, and stops unwanted behavior. But more importantly than all of that, Isa allows us to focus and concentrate our will. As the eleventh rune of the Elder Futhark, illumination is inherent in Isa’s influence as we seek enlightenment from within. Isa supports our standing firm on our shared values.

Inguz is our desire within, providing the sudden, catalytic release of energy giving us the impetus to achieve our goals. Where we place our focus is the influence of Inguz and as the number for cosmic law, twenty-two is also considered the Master Builder. Our dreams are manifested into reality when this rune appears in a casting.

Speaking truth to power seems to be at an all-time high these days. Our world is at risk of becoming something we never thought possible now that the lunatics are running the asylum. If we surround them with a collective resonance that is loving and based on ideals higher than they’re capable of embracing at this point, their destructive nonsense will reveal itself even faster giving us all a front row seat as we watch their hate-filled paradigm become a thing of the past.

bindrune to create unified momentum
Unified Momentum

Combining runic energies into a sigil assists in our focus when casting our intention, and in this case, it’s to provide an energetic container that will allow his shortsightedness and idiotic behavior to run its course while the investigations continue. We simply need to step back in unison, preventing the new regime from achieving its destructive goals. His behavior and the behavior of his minions and puppeteers will provide all the illumination we can probably stomach until the perp walks begin.

So let’s hang in there. It won’t be long now.

Blessed Be


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Strength, Alchemy, and Justice ~ Tarot for 19 Jan 2017

Strength, Alchemy, and Justice

Under a crescent moon, the Priestess kneels in ritual, encircled by a snake rising upward from a pool of water. Her nakedness denotes strength born from Source Presence balanced with her earthly self reflecting the influence of as above, so below. She represents unconditional love and the wild wisdom of the Goddess, acting with courage, faith, and compassion. A card of Leo, the numerology of Strength is 8 or wholeness, structure, and abundance. Sowilo appears in the top right corner suggesting awakening and healing.

Alchemy is called Temperance in other decks and involves blending together elemental energies into the creation of something new. It also suggests restored equilibrium. The card splits into two sections, blending Elemental Water and Fire, the grail cup appearing on both sides. An image with horns appears in the bluish section depicting Spirit while a more angelic image appears in the reddish section, blending physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. A clown and skull appear below indicating the joy of rebirth. The moon and sun align together, our emotional and catalytic aspects in balance.

As the 14th card of the Major Arcana, its numerology is 5 or change. Laguz from the Elder Futhark represents a strong, assertive woman and as the rune of the occult signifies the witch as alchemist. Invoking her magick, the witch gathers her strength, her intuition, to cast her intentions to the universe.

The 11th card of the Major Arcana, the scales of Justice bring illumination and balance to the reading. The background is filled with peacock feathers finding their own balance. The scales are suspended on their own as if supported by unseen forces. A card of Libra, Nauthiz appears in the upper right hand corner, a Norn rune regarding the future and positive change. Justice encourages us to live in the present moment with integrity and honor.

If you soften your eyes a bit and look again at Alchemy, you’ll see in the background of the bluish section the partial image of a woman. She is the Priestess, the witch as alchemist, her magickal considerations before her. The witch aligns her will with her emotions as she casts her intention of balance and justice to the collective consciousness. In doing so, the witch aligns in her Source Presence, her will flowing freely.

The final numerology of the reading is 6 reflecting the Higher Self. In alignment with her Higher Self, the witch’s strength is found in nonresistance and away from judgment. She manifests her will in alchemical balance, her need for justice her only focus.

It seems as if justice has abandoned us. The world as we know it is about to change and time will tell if any justice is even possible, at least for the foreseeable future. If we manifest our will in direct response to everything we read or hear then our will is ultimately led around by others. It may be better in the long run to observe and gather as much information as possible before we take action, reserving our strength and will for when it can manifest the best outcome.

Influenced by a higher truth, we refrain from overreaction, waiting for events to play out. We may have more allies than we realize and given time they may reveal themselves. And as we know, we’re stronger together than when we work at cross purposes.

Justice BindruneI created a bindrune from the runes appearing on the tarot cards for some rune magick tomorrow. Sowilo, Laguz, and Nauthiz combine together in recognition of our intrinsic need for clarity, balance, and justice. The bindrune can be used during ritual to manifest these principles or can be carried or worn as a talisman or focus. I’ll use it tomorrow during a planned ritual. I can’t bear to watch any of tomorrow unfold, so it seemed best to spend my time with Goddess.

We each have the choice over whom we serve. Some may choose service to self over service to others, surrounding us in darkness in an attempt to control or destroy all that we’ve built. They never understand that it just feels better when we live in unity with each other, where we appreciate others and actually care about what happens to them. Alignment in Source Presence keeps our focus on the greater good, knowing that any beneficial change requires that awareness.

Kindness and compassion costs us nothing and gives us everything.

Blessings to all!

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Healing and Unity ~ A Runecasting for 12 Dec 2016

Healing and Unity cover

I performed a protection spell on the most recent Dark Moon using a bindrune I had created. Tomorrow the Full Cold Moon arrives and I thought I would perform a spell for healing and unity. I plan to use another bindrune, this one created from today’s runecasting. I aligned in Source Presence and asked what we need to bring the most change and I then drew Hagalaz, Jera, Wunjo, and Uruz, representing energetic influences of Elemental Water and Earth.

With Elemental Water, our feelings and emotional presence have influence, with energy that flows into change. Elemental Earth, gives us the more practical side of our nature, focusing on boundaries and material issues. The numerology of the runecasting is 2, 8, 9, and 12, which reduces to 4 or Gaia energy. I can also add the first three reducing them to 10, and then add 12, resulting in 22, considered the Master Builder, manifesting our dreams into reality. Clearly with the right foundation or structure, we can manifest anything we choose.

Beginning with Hagalaz, we have a structural rune, positive and protective in nature, providing the framework for change to occur. As the cosmic ice egg, Hagalaz transforms life anew. Jera adds its own transformative influence to promote positive change. It also brings alignment to relationships. Wunjo follows that direction and offers a sense of happily ever after to the runecasting. Harmony, joy, and fellowship with others is the primary influence of Wunjo.

Well, it’s easy to see where this is going. Evidently the runes would like us to live in peace and harmony. And after all that we’ve been through lately, coming together in love and unity might just transcend anything the dark forces want to accomplish, transmuting hate into love.

Uruz, the final rune in the runecasting, asks what will we manifest. A Water Element rune, Uruz promotes sudden and swift change. Our will is strong as we manifest our intention to the collective consciousness. And in this case, we’re manifesting love and unity with all.

Protection from dark forces flows into healing and love. We can never allow dark energy to overshadow the light of Source Presence. Let’s come together on tomorrow’s Full Cold Moon, and send our intention for healing and unity to the collective consciousness. We are one family, that truth providing all the foundation we need.

Blessed Be

Healing and Unity

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A Bindrune For Awakening

bindrune of awakening

A bindrune is a particular expression of rune magick. In this case, I cast three runes and felt them bind together on their own. It’s so cool when that happens. I know if I’m not intentionally selecting them, I have no choice but to hear their call. Fehu, an energy sending rune, binds well with Kenaz, the rune of openings, giving way to Dagaz, the rune of awakening and enlightenment. It’s almost as if they were made for each other!

But before I begin the interpretation and explanation of the bindrune, I wanted to talk about the crystals surrounding the runes. I like a mandala effect, a circle of sorts, which is important when envisioning the bindrune. It’s essentially the same idea as when casting a circle for ritual work, acting as a vessel for the energy work. Two dragon bloodstones surround a piece of celestite at the bottom of the circle. The dragon stones balance physical and nonphysical energy with the celestite acting as a balance point. Above the runes I placed three amethyst points, signifying Higher Self influences. Along each side are three small pieces of jet for protection and grounding. A piece of flourite is in the middle to harmonize the blending of runic energies into the bindrune.

The first rune in the Elder Futhark, Fehu hastens things along. A Fire Element rune, Fehu manifests energy, and increases its effect. Fehu interacts with and strengthens surrounding runes, making it an excellent option for a bindrune.

Fehu sends its energy into another Fire Element rune, Kenaz, increasing its intensity for revealing that which is unseen. Clarity and intuition are strengthened with the transformational interaction between these two runes. Awakening is at hand.

Finally, Dagaz is positioned at the top of the flourite palm stone. Dagaz is the end of one phase as it flows into the birth of another. It is daylight, our awakening spiritual awareness of who we are. I see Dagaz as balanced awareness with the individual at it’s center. It is Kenaz in all directions. The dragon bloodstones surrounding the celestite illustrate this same principle of balanced awareness. Dagaz was drawn first, as we begin in complete awareness and enlightment. I drew Fehu next, binding it to Kenaz, both energizing and supporting awakening.

I consecrate bindrunes on the new moon, another ten days away. I’ll gather all that I’ve created and perform a consecration ritual, invoking Goddess blessings. This one, I’ll carry with me, as a talisman. It will be a reminder of who I am, of who we all are, as enlightened extensions of Source Energy. It illustrates that our greatest power is in alignment with Spirit, with Higher Self.

See..this is why I love runes..they really do point the way..

~Blessed be the Runes!

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A Witch Ladder To Awareness

Witch ladderWitches love symbolism. Everything has a vibration and we like to include symbols to enhance energy in ritual or spellwork. Recently I made a Witch Ladder to hang at the entrance of my ritual area to enhance spiritual awareness. Although they can be fashioned in many ways, a Witch Ladder typically begins with a long cord, or a tri-colored braided one which is also nice. From there, feathers and beads are added to create whatever effect the witch needs at the time. If the ladder is used in a healing spell for someone, strands from their hair can be woven into the cord. Sometimes it’s used in a manner similar to prayer beads as a way to keep track while chanting, or when performing knot magick.

Because I practice rune magick, I wanted to include some beads with runes inscribed on them.Witch Ladder Rune Beads Since I didn’t have any, I created some beads from clay you can bake in your oven. I’d love to have a throwing wheel and kiln. I wouldn’t need a large kiln, just one big enough to fire some runes and altar tiles. I wouldn’t even need a wheel for that.

Bindrunes are used in rune magick. Each rune has a meaning and combined together they create an intention. So, if you wanted a bindrune for protection, you would combine three to five runes together, creating a symbol to represent protection. They can be drawn on something as a sigil, carried or worn as a talisman, or used in ritual. For the Witch’s Ladder, I used thirteen beads and feathers tied to a leather cord. The feathers were gathered over the summer around our property and along the route during our morning walks.

Feathers appearing in a witch’s path are surely left there as a gift. They symbolize Elemental Air and our intellectual presence. They bind together well with runes as symbols for divination. Each bead on the witch ladder depicts runes from bindrunes I’ve created. On a few, I’ve included the bindrune itself.  I chose to keep the beads white, symbolizing purity and divinity, reserving gold for the runes themselves. I tied each bead and feather to the cord, alternating them up the ladder.

I blessed and consecrated the Witch Ladder when it was finished. Witches bless and consecrate everything. Ritual tools, crystals, oils, incense, we’ll imbue it with all sorts of Source Energy as a means of purification. We channel energy into the item, or use smoke from incense or candle flame as a purification smudge, invoking Elemental Air. Sometimes we bury something in the earth for a time, purifying it with Elemental Earth energy. Or, we might cleanse with Elemental Water, placing it into a vessel for purification. Lastly, we might purify a new athame by passing its tip through flame, invoking Elemental Fire. And then we might place our hands over or around the item and let Spirit flow above and below, within and without, invoking Goddess blessings.

When a witch fashions something to be used in ritual, spellwork or divination, it’s done with intention. And magick is just that. Desire or intention made manifest. This Witch Ladder imbues my ritual space with energy of awareness and awakening. And I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

~Blessings to all!