Protection Bindrune: Binding Our Will Into A Single Focus

Protection Bindrune: Binding Our Will Into A Single Focus

For situations beyond our control, a protection bindrune might be necessary. They can protect the individual from harm or interrupt the behavior of another. For this bindrune, I decided to focus its energies into a sigil that helps and individual stand in their own power and more effectively communicate their needs and boundaries. As usual, I […]

The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

Awakening and enlightenment are the themes from today’s runecasting. Dagaz, Gebo, and Kenaz are today’s runes and a closer look shows us that Dagaz contains both Gebo and Kenaz within its structure. Gebo provides the center and Kenaz opens to all sides. Balanced energy exchange along with the bright light of clarity form the energy of […]

Rune Magick for Protection

Protection Rune Magick

Our brothers and sisters in the Oroville, California area have evacuated their homes due to a break in a spillway at the Oroville dam, so I thought some protection rune magick might be in order. My husband and I spent the first part of December in Clearlake and although it’s closer to the coast than […]

Our Foundation for Clarity and Strength

Our Foundation For Clarity and Strength ~ Runecasting for 9 Dec 2016

I don’t always start out creating a bindrune. Sometimes they just create themselves when I draw them. When I drew Eihwaz, Kenaz, and Thurisaz, the bindrune jumped right out. The numerology is 22, or the Master Builder number, manifesting our dreams into reality. And looking at each rune, it’s easy to see that this is […]

Growth and Transformation: A Runecasting

In today’s runecasting, Jera is placed to the left as significator, the basic premise of this casting. The rune of transformation and balance, Jera brings growth, positive change, and prosperity. It also represents the cyclical nature of life and balanced energy in relationships. Jera manifests in Sowilo, Inguz, and Hagalaz respectfully as they make up […]

Focus Bindrunes

  Sometimes I cast runes to create a bindrune for one purpose or another. I had some larger pieces from a piece of juniper we pruned back and they were finally dry enough to do something with. So I created the three bindrunes above. I’ve been wanting some larger bindrunes to use as a focus […]

Rune Magick: A Bindrune for Clarity and Truth

  The Full Moon arrives on the 21st and I wanted to create some bindrunes for consecration. In particular, I wanted to create a focus or talisman for clarity when interacting with guarded or manipulative people and I chose Hagalaz, Sowilo, and Kenaz for just that purpose. Hagalaz, the witch rune, provides the structure for this […]

Runecasting..A New Day

  I put aside the Tarot and cast some runes. And then decorated the altar with some bind runes and Witch runes as well. There’s a wind advisory for our area and it feels like the winds are blowing much harder than 20 mph. I love the wind. It’s stirring things up, chaos in action. […]

Garden Bindrunes

    Bindrunes are interesting. Runes are powerful sigils in their own right, and combining them together creates a synthesis or blending of each energy into a greater focus. I used Fehu, Uruz, Jera, Wunjo, and Ingwaz from the Elder Futhark to create a bindrune from a flowering plum branch I found to hang in the various garden […]