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Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Sometimes we become scattered, each one of us off on our own path, unable to come together in unity with others. And yet we instinctively know that together we can accomplish far more than we can alone. Even when we have a clear responsibility to each other, we still find it difficult to come together in unified purpose. So I decided to do a ritual for unity of purpose, offering the energy of that intention to the collective consciousness for anyone who might find it useful.

To cast my intention, I chose Thursday (today) during the 7 pm hour. I chose black and white candles for balance and a blue lapis lazuli merkaba and candle for positive Soul communication. Additionally, I created a sigil for unity of purpose using the Square of Jupiter. The planet corresponding with Thursday, I also chose Jupiter for its expansive influence as well as its teaching qualities. Sometimes a little education is required so that people understand the wisdom of unified purpose, so using that particular square to create a unity sigil made sense.

I chose 7 pm as the appropriate time for the ritual as its correspondences include diversity, care for others, and healing differences. Amethyst as well as various quartz pieces, fluorite, and selenite also appear on the altar to bring in energies of Higher Consciousness to the ritual. Frankincense is the incense that I used.

After lighting the incense and candles, I cast the circle, performed the Blessing of the Norns as well as the Pentagrams of Protection before the actual ritual.

Blessings of the Norns

  • Face East and visualize rays of light moving through you as in the symbol for Awen
  • Dea
  • Beo existere, Verdandi
  • Beo existere, Skuld
  • Beo existere, Urdh
  • Perfectus in caritate
  • Et fiduciam
  • Awen

Pentagrams of Protection

  • Face East, drawing a banishing pentagram in each quarter
  • Dea Aradia…erigo navitas   (east)
  • Dea Brigid…erigo navitas   (south)
  • Dea Tiamat…erigo navitas   (west)
  • Dea Elen…erigo navitas    (north) 
  • Coram animus imperium
  • Tergo aqua imperium
  • Dextera incendium imperium
  • Laetrosum terrenus imperium
  • Cinctus excandesco stellae
  • Voluntate servavit et Dea benedictus

Repeat the Blessings of the Norns

Come to alignment and place right hand over the sigil and say:

  • ab initio     (from the beginning)
  • ab intra     (from within)
  • ab origine     (from the Source)
  • alea iacta est     (the die has been cast)
  • audemus jura vostra defendere     (we dare to defend our rights)
  • et simili animos     (and bring like minds)
  • unum est in proposito     (in unified purpose)
  • concilio et labore     (by wisdom and effort)
  • concordia cum veritate     (in harmony with truth)
  • consummatum est     (it is completed)

Repeat the chant three times or as many times as you feel necessary and then close the ritual in your preferred manner. Witches are as individual as the next person and working magick or performing rituals are the same so feel free to begin and end the ritual in a way that makes sense. My rituals begin and end with establishing the circle or sacred space and include various correspondences including the day, hour, moon phase, color, etc. But I don’t belong to a coven or subscribe to any one tradition so I do what resonates for me.

I like sigils whether they’re made using magick squares or circles, or runes. I like how they flow and combine energies in service to a greater purpose and I use them often in magickal workings. I made a smaller version of today’s sigil to be carried in a pocket when communicating with others to help align and unify the moment. Sigils can be drawn on any surface, or carved above a doorway, or in the sand at the beach. I like to draw sigils in the sand and then observe the ocean absorb their resonance, all of Gaia becoming one with my intention.

I offer this ritual with love, my intention only to create the space for unity to exist. It’s a choice that we make, to live in service to self or in loving awareness of Self in others. Unity is our natural state of consciousness, but so many have forgotten that truth. Let this ritual for unity of purpose serve as a reminder of who we are to each other and allow its blessings to fill us with love and joy.

Blessings to all!

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The Nonresistance Found Between Initiation and Retreat ~ Tarot for 22 Feb 2017

The Fool, The Hermit, and the Princess of Wands comprise today’s tarot reading dealing with initiation, retreat, and nonresistance. The Fool represents our creative potential, infinite and without expectation. Androgynous and innocent, The Fool as initiate begins the great work of life in physical form. From Lon Milo DuQuette:

In essence, there are not really twenty-two trumps, there is only one— the Fool. Al the other trumps live inside (and issue from) the Fool. Of all seventy-eight tarot cards, none is more revered and misunderstood.¹

In the Thoth deck, Lady Frieda Harris draws The Fool quite differently than in traditional decks giving voice to Kabbalistic symbology. Three rings surround The Fool depicting the three veils of negativity. A dove of peace, a butterfly, and a caduceus appear to flow along the center ring before him. The sun covers his groin, with a flowery phallic symbol hanging in mid-air above two entwined bodies.

A tiger appears to chew on The Fool’s leg while a crocodile lies below, an upturned crescent moon barely visible above the crocodile’s body. Astrological symbols appear to the right on a bluish cloth. He is smiling and wide-eyed as he takes the leap into physical form and into conscious awareness.

The Hermit is flowing and enigmatic. He looks out at a field of flowing grain, an egg with a snake coiled around it in his view suggesting fertility. This notion is reinforced by the appearance of a single sperm below. The Hermit carries a sunlit lantern with the three-headed dog Cerberus at his feet. His light of divine wisdom shines bright illuminating his path. He is in retreat, in meditation, withdrawing from the world to align in Source Presence.

She has a tiger by the tail, our Princess of Wands. She flows in nonresistance, riding the wave of passion and creative desire. A card of elemental Fire, the Princess of Wands radiates flowing energy and complete joy as she lives in the now using opportunities to her advantage.

The overall numerology is nine with only The Hermit considered. Initiation and completion are part of nine’s influences as well as inner work. We begin our lives as The Fool, an initiate into life’s possibilities. As our creativity flows in nonresistance, we soar ever higher in command of our experiences. We find our balance in meditation and alignment, taking time for inner work and rejuvenation.

The Hermit’s lantern represents the Source Presence within each one of us. We see the same brilliant energy with both The Fool and the Princess of Wands suggesting that while we take this journey in form, we remain the Creator personified. Alignment in Source Presence is our natural vibration and state and mindfully doing so allows us to step away from the world and see with greater clarity.

Like The Fool, we begin our journey in joyful nonresistance, eagerly experiencing all that life has to offer. Taking time for retreat allows us to rebalance and seek inner guidance. We learn the value of retreat from The Hermit so that we allow the light of divine wisdom to illuminate self and others. And from our natural state of alignment, we soar like the Princess unrestrained in present moment awareness.

Depending on one’s worldview, some may be feeling the need for retreat and self-care these days. I highly recommend taking it, and frequently. The so-called new guy is redundant enough that no one will miss much and we’ll gain far more from that inner experience than following this guy’s antics. So take the time and enjoy the quiet respite.

Our initiation into life begins in joy and along the way we realize the blessings found retreat and alignment. Through wisdom gained through our alignment with Source Presence, we know that our greatest strength lies in our nonresistant flow through and around our challenges and experiences. Met with resistance, we remain attached to challenges instead of moving effortlessly beyond them.

We are the Creator personified, here to experience life in love and joy instead of as an endless struggle. Like the Princess, as we stay present in the moment, we allow nothing to get in our way, choosing our experiences in happiness and joy. We’re stronger than the so-called new guy and together we are unstoppable.

Blessed Be



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 97). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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In Consideration of All That We’ve Built ~ Tarot for 31 Jan 2017

In Consideration for All That We've Built

Before the new guy destroys everything in sight, maybe he should rethink that choice, particularly in consideration of all that we’ve built together. You’d think, given all the hotels, resorts, casinos, and golf courses he’s built he’d understand the value of this concept. However, it’s not just the tangible that’s important but the relationships we build as well. Because when everything else is gone, one would hope at least family would be there. And now, incredulous though it seems, our family is being threatened by a man-child lacking any visible impulse control.

Today’s tarot reading illustrates what we’ve built together from love and unity of purpose. It begins with the 6 of Cups illustrating a boy offering a girl a cup overflowing with white flowers. Six cups in all, they reflect love and friendship. He offers the gift of happiness and fulfillment. With six as the Holy Spirit within, we see that love flows from union and harmony with others.

The 4 of Wands is next depicting four wands acting as an entrance to the castle in the distance. A flowered garland hangs at the top of the entrance suggesting happiness awaits whomever passes beneath. Four suggests structure, foundation, and Mother Earth energy. The castle is fortified on its rock foundation, its strength evident as it towers above the land.

Finally, the 10 of Pentacles completes the reading with a couple standing together under an arch, gazing at each other perhaps reflecting on their life together. Two flags are crossed in front of the couple, five pentagrams on each one, suggesting wealth and abundance and a life well lived. The crossed poles suggest the sort of protection that an abundant life brings. Ten is the number for both completion and new beginnings.

The numerology of the reading is two or duality. It also signifies partnership and balance. When in balance, partnerships flow smoothly. When not, all kinds of nonsense happens.

For far too long we’ve lived in an us versus them world with a chosen few deciding everyone else’s fate. And now here we are with a new guy in apparent control, apparent because it now appears certain that he’s merely a puppet and not the guy in charge at all. His personality issues provide ample room for others to manipulate and control his actions while they set about behind the scenes destroying everything we’ve built together.

And if today’s reading shows us anything, it’s that through unity of purpose we can build a strong foundation that sustains and supports our happiness. It’s not about what others can take away, but what we can achieve if we align in one purpose.

Each one of us has worth, irrespective of what the currently chosen few wish to believe. These are sad people hell-bent on control and oppression. Whatever brought them to this disgusting mindset is going to cost us all in the long run. How much remains to be seen.

The shape of the crossed flags on the 10 of Pentacles reminds me of the rune, Dagaz, from the Elder Futhark signifying not only endings and beginnings but also the enlightenment gained from such a process. The background of each card is yellow representing qualities of the Sun including clarity, determination, and will. We don’t need to experience much else to understand what’s at stake. Our collective will is what built this country and what will save us from these delusional people.

Enlightenment can be tough row to hoe, but we’ve come too far to give up now.

Blessed be



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On This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day


It’s been twenty years since my mother’s death. She had been ill with COPD and congestive heart failure for several years before her death one month before her sixty-sixth birthday. She stopped smoking ten years earlier, but it wasn’t enough. She died alone in her home.

My oldest son accompanied me on the drive over when I couldn’t reach her by telephone. We found her lying on the floor of her bedroom; she had collapsed earlier that morning from the look of things. It’s not that I was unprepared for this outcome because we’d known for years that this was coming. But I don’t know anyone who’s prepared to see their mother that way. I certainly wasn’t, nor was my fifteen-year-old son. You persevere through the shock and unyielding pain and eventually it diminishes but it never goes away.

We celebrate Mother’s Day this year on my mother’s birthday, May 8th. Ours wasn’t a perfect relationship, but then that’s not uncommon between mothers and daughters. She had her own set of challenges to deal with and in spite of the issues between us, I was always her support system.

At some point, most children forgive their parents for being human. I don’t see my mother in the same way as I did when she was alive. I’m only eight years away from her age when she died, and it’s not forgiveness I feel, but understanding.

We do the best we can as mothers. Even when no one knows that or understands what it takes for us to do so. Sometimes we make choices that send us in a direction that we don’t expect and we have to wing it probably more than we want to admit, but at the end of the day, our kids are our priority.

My mother raised two children, eventually raising my brother while a single mother. I was in college by the time my parents divorced but I remained in close contact with her throughout the remainder of her life. Although she was reluctant to fully understand me, she did nevertheless.

It’s the knowing a mother has about her children. And it’s the willingness to wait for them to arrive at the same. I miss talking to her. She had a practical way of seeing the world and didn’t suffer fools as they say. A Depression-era baby, she was strong and self-sufficient. She accepted her life as it was. And she always reminded me when to set my clocks back or ahead. I just wish we’d get rid of it entirely because I never get it right.

She’d be so proud of her grandsons and their accomplishments. She loved their strange sense of humor and their natural curiosity. And she would be so pleased to know that they married wonderful women. She would love that the most.

And she would love that Jerry and I celebrated thirty-seven years of marriage today.

This Mother’s Day will be bittersweet, falling on her birthday this time. She always said it was just another day. She was wrong. Motherhood changes along the way. We’re never prepared for it when it happens. And when you lose your mother too soon you don’t have her wisdom to guide you through the rough spots, which are many.

But Mom, I thank you… for everything. You mattered. And it was never just another day.

~Blessed Be


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It’s Not About Forgiveness or Loving Unconditionally

It's not about forgiveness

I’ve been thinking about forgiveness lately and what that actually is. Although A Course In Miracles addresses the notion of forgiveness as a tool, it also suggests that forgiveness is a form of judgment, albeit a somewhat acceptable form. At some point, if we saw everyone as One in Source Energy we wouldn’t even notice the behavior that needs forgiving.

I don’t know, maybe I’m ready to no longer see the behavior of others as good, bad, or otherwise. Because I can’t let go of the idea that forgiveness isn’t the point at all. We all hear about loving unconditionally. But if all we acknowledge is physical form, then loving unconditionally is impossible. All we end up coping with is the guilt associated with not loving unconditionally. I think it’s a disk we stay on and when we do, there’s no way to let go of that process.

So if we break down the forgiveness process into its basic components, we first we experience someone’s behavior. Next, we judge that behavior as good or bad and then we respond according to that judgment. If we judge the behavior as unwarranted or bad then we’re now in the position of conveying to the other person our displeasure. And then we either have a battle or we make someone else feel even worse than we do. In a sense, it’s the other side of our own judgment process.

When someone does do something hurtful, this only reinforces our need to exact retribution. Because of our imperfections in physical form, humans tend to do that sort of thing. We cause harm. Sometimes it’s minor and sometimes it’s not, but humans cause harm. Unfortunately, it’s how some of us learn the cost of our behavior because we can’t seem to simply know that truth. We have to see it play out – see it in action – and then hope we get the right message from it. Do we observe and feel regret or do we observe and want more?

The response we have to our observation is critical to either how that relationship proceeds or even to who we become. Are we compassionate and begin from a place of loving unity with others, or do we become derailed into the ego’s path of dysfunction and pain? Eckhart Tolle talks about the pain body and I think this is what he means. The pain body references our choice to live the ego’s path instead of aligning with our Source Energy within. And clearly, when we do that, we stay on that negative disk, never experiencing the power of seeing through Source vision.

What then is Source vision? In my view, this is seeing through our nonphysical presence instead of relying entirely on our body’s interpretation of what’s happening. I think the problem begins when we see our bodies as all that we are. Our bodies are only vehicles for our soul’s expression in physical form. We respond to everything that’s going on and we forget to initiate or create experiences that are more reflective of our station in life. We are Source Energy in physical form. Stop reading and let that soak in. We are Source Energy in physical form.

Would Source (or Goddess/God/Allah if you like) behave the way we do? Hardly. Source Energy is too busy lovingly creating. And if we’re Source Energy in physical form, why aren’t we doing the same? There’s no need to hate one another.

In Truth, there is never a need to hate another. It stems from a judgment that is destructive and so unnecessary. Yes, people behave in ways that are harmful. But it’s typically temporary with only our memories of the past making it relevant in the present. But when we do that, we’re seeing through ego vision in lieu of Source Vision. Source doesn’t see this nonsense. Source sees only loving creative energy. That’s it. We don’t have anything to fear when we transition fully back into nonphysical awareness because there is only love present. We truly go home.

At some point, we’ll remember to create that same home wherever we happen to exist, bringing all of that loving creative energy into every single present moment we experience. It’s not about forgiveness or loving unconditionally. It’s about seeing differently. We could all do that now if we wanted to.

And Goddess knows it’s time that we did so.

~Blessed Be our One Family!

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Witch Notes…7 November 2015

Witch's notebook


This witch did a double take when reading that the new DEA chief believes that cannabis has no medicinal value, calling it a joke, yet also believes that it’s not as bad as alcohol, which is legal throughout the country. For the love of Goddess, when will we appoint people who can actually think and/or reason effectively? Has he not watched ANY of Sanjay Gupta’s Weed specials? There are three to choose from. Pick any one of them and you can’t help but come away with a different view.

Cannabis treats all sorts of conditions. Conservatives in the government regularly abandon veterans in need of health care, and refuse to allow cannabis as a option, even when it’s shown to consistently relieve PTSD. They view the private sector as the best option for care, ignoring the fact that few doctors in private practice want to accept the fee schedule allowed. In other words, they won’t work for peanuts.

Now we can all agree that doctors charge too much, but it’s a system with a mind of its own and profits are revered over patient care. My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran who has had the option for years to seek care in the private sector. No one will treat him because of the low payment involved. Fortunately we have a local veteran’s clinic near us now, so he receives his care there. But that’s meager at times when the government doesn’t pay its bills. Now if he needs an ex-ray, he must pay completely out of pocket or drive 150 miles to the VA Hospital. Apparently the local hospital hasn’t been paid in three months. And I’m sure sending an email to the Feds, suggesting that they witch up will fall on deaf ears.

So long story short, we’re all kept, in one manner or another, between a rock and a hard place. It begins with opinions, never facts, that end up controlling everthing. Mexico’s Supreme Court just ruled that access to and use of cannabis is a human right, preparing the way for lawmakers there to end prohibition. Israel has been researching cannabis for years, with recent government sponsored studies focusing on not only PTSD but also gerontological conditions with positive results. Yes, that’s right. The goverment of Israel funds cannabis research. The US could take a lesson. Or at least in this witch’s opinion, stop hiring people like the new DEA chief.


I have a hard time with the Law of Attraction because I’m a Libra, an Air Element sign. Librans over analyze everything in an effort to both understand and share what they’ve learned. We’re gabby that way. From A Course in Miracles, I know that I give everything I see the meaning it has. From Human Design, I know I’m a Generator type personality with an Emotional Authority. I need to initiate only after first waiting to respond. Nonresistance appears to be the key. My emotions move in waves, and I need to experience them with nonresistance, particularly in the peaks and valleys of the waves. I posted a graphic from Abraham-Hicks on my Facebook page that said the following:

it should only be talked about if the talking will make you feel better. It is of no value, ever, to activate and talk about something that doesn’t feel good, because it reactivates it in your vibration; it makes it another point of your point of attraction-so you’re less clear.

We’ve become so detached from our point of origin that we don’t understand the effect of thought on reality, when there is no reality without the initiative of thought. A witch understands this idea when viewing spellcraft as desire made manifest. What’s desire, if not thought? But in Law of Attraction, negative thought alone reactivates it in our vibration. Throw in a conversation, and we’re no longer moving in nonresistance. We’re focused now.

Focusing on the past, which the Course makes clear is a form of judgment, creates a moment in time where we’re apt to wobble, another wonderfully descriptive term from Abraham-Hicks that’s easy to identify with. The more we talk about something, even in an effort to understand it, it only creates the space for that “point of attraction” to enter in, and we become “less clear”.

I understand the notion of becoming “less clear” because I feel it. I was born aware, an empath, later identifying as witch. When unimpeded, energy flows freely. In resistance, however, vibration slows down, becoming more dense. What we view as time is merely a collection of these slower, more dense vibrations. The past is sustained in the present, slowing the vibration further, where we become stuck, taking everyone with us. A classic example is found with adult children who hold their parents in place of their own choosing, seeing the present through a more juvenile perspective. Regardless of the example, forgiveness is the release, allowing the individual to move past whatever hurt, real or perceived, that’s still felt.

Participating with others in this vibrational dance can be one of creativity or sorrow. I choose the full expression of creativity, having felt all the sorrow I intend to feel. A witch in her Crone years has her standards after all.

~Witchin’ up and sending blessings to all!

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Walk A New Path..A Joyful Challenge

It’s always nice to change up the walk route. My husband and I have been walking daily for almost three years now. The new route is nine miles. The old route was eight miles, but the new one has fewer cars to contend with, and it’s more secluded. We trek to the pollution control plant and back. In other words, we walk to the poop plant. We can continue on, through the canyon where the picture below was taken, but we discovered that route home is a mile less, and once we’ve walked the longer distance, we feel as if we’re slacking somehow if we take the shorter route.

A walk reveals a fall blooming canyon desert plant
Desert plant in fall bloom

The town runs its sewage through pipes underneath the canyon floor. There are areas smellier than others, but primarily the canyon is a wonderful place to walk. It’s peaceful and walkers and bicycles share the path. A dog park is at one end where people gather daily to visit and enjoy their pets as they play, and further on, some local high school students painted a lovely mural in a tunnel that goes under a main road by the high school. All in all, the canyon itself is approximately eight miles in length, and walking through at least part of it makes my day.

But then walking anywhere makes my day. There was a time my rheumatoid arthritis was so bad that I used a cane to walk. Even walking from my chair at our shop to the bathroom was excruciating, and I truly never believed I could walk again without a cane let alone nine miles. My husband, at 62, is in better shape now than when we taught karate, as am I at 58. So we walk, even in the snow, although I draw the line at rain unless I have a hat.

It’s a blessing that gives me such pause. And there are times I can’t remember how bad I felt, or how difficult it was for me during those years. But now we plan our vacations around places where we can either hike or walk. We spent our vacation a couple of years ago in Incline Village at Lake Tahoe. Everything is on an incline, hence the name. We had been walking six miles per day at that time, thinking we would be prepared. We were wrong. It was exhausting. But after a week there, six miles at home wasn’t enough. We had no choice but to go further.

I thought my life was over. But then I found cannabis, everything changed, and now I have more energy and more of a life than ever before. When you experience the not-so-good big things, it can be the little things that give us the most joy. Even a nine mile walk to the poop plant and back.

~Blessings to all!