Tarot for September 2017

Tarot for September 2017

It’s rare when I do a tarot reading for an extended period of time. Typically my readings are for that particular day or a few days at most. However, I’ve decided to introduce another type of reading to the blog, a tarot reading for the new month. A spread that includes four cards representing each week […]

The Huntress Within ~ Tarot for 18 Jan 2017

The Devil card is so interesting in the Haindl tarot deck. A three-horned goat-like creature with three eyes is depicted, a crystal above its head and a snake below. Card fifteen of the Major Arcana, its numerology is six, or the I Am presence of self. Transformation and rebirth are depicted, the Devil appearing to […]

A Controlled Demolition ~ Tarot for 17 Jan 2017

Change from within, a controlled demolition in lieu of change imposed by others, is suggested by today’s tarot reading. Three cards from the Major Arcana are present indicating archetypal influences are in play. The numerology is 4, 16, and 2, reducing to 22, the Master Builder number representing cosmic law and universal transformation and reinforces […]