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Have We Had Enough Yet? ~ Tarot for 13/14 June 2017

Have We Had Enough Yet? ~ Tarot for 13/14 June 2017

Have we had enough of this crap yet? I drew some cards yesterday prior to the Sessions hearing but I didn’t get around to writing anything up until today, so I’ll interpret the reading as the influences surrounding that event. The overall numerology is 2 or balance, but given the reason for the hearing, it feels more like a decision between honesty and deception. Too much has happened and too many lies have been told and now it’s time for clarity, no matter what that is.

Beginning with the 4 of Pentacles, a balanced structure is represented assuring wealth and material gain. Our legacy of abundance and success is depicted by the lemniscate shapes joining each pentacle to the next, created by balanced effort. The negative side of the 4 of Pentacles arises when we hold on too tightly to our possessions or are unable to let go of what no longer serves.

The Empress is the only card from the Major Arcana that’s present in today’s reading. A beautiful card, the Wild Unknown Tarot depicts The Empress as a white tree with brilliant pink tips while a crescent moon rises in the night sky. The Empress represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect in all her elegance and grace, the essence of fertility and femininity. Both a receptive and creative presence, all life flows from the Great Mother.

Power and protection are depicted in the Mother of Wands by a snake coiled around her eggs, a crude stick ready to defend her brood. She alone stands ready to do whatever is necessary to protect her young with honor and integrity. She is determined and successful, adapting to situations as necessary to assure a successful outcome.

Three swords are bound by a red cord, blood dripping from their tips emerging from what appears like a black hole against a white background. The 3 of Swords often depicts a drama triangle or sorrow. This card, in the position of hidden influence, seems to suggest that we may be either bound by our own competing thoughts, or by the intentional distractions of others. Either way, clarity is available but somehow interfered with by self or others.

The 10 or Swords depicts ten black swords piercing and killing a bull. Ruin, betrayal, and the end of illusion are this card’s primary interpretations. We’ve gone as far as we can and a new approach is necessary. It’s the end of the road, and we’ve hit rock bottom.

Perfect love and perfect trust is an idea observed amongst witches. We perform rituals and spells that invoke perfect love and perfect trust as our foundation. With all the evidence that’s coming forward surrounding the truth of the last election, it’d be nice if we could all have that as our common goal. We need answers from the new guy and his minions, yet only dodges are forthcoming. They think they’re crafty, but as the rest of us watch and are affected by their continued deception, their time is coming to an end.

Mother of Wands is such a powerful card as it illustrates the power of women to guard our future. At least some of the senators interviewing Sessions sounded as fed up as the rest of us are with the endless dodging and weaving by people working in the current information who couldn’t answer a question in a straightforward manner to save their souls. Of course, the best one was Huckabee who believes the Attorney General is the President’s personal lawyer. He ran for President too. I guess these guys think they can write their own laws while they’re in office.

We evidently no longer share the same foundation in this country. The United States of America has become so divided that our future together is in doubt. The numerology of 2 not only indicates change but choice as well. We have a choice to make in this country to either come together and put an end to the deception surrounding our last election or we can continue as we are, at each others’ throats.

We must guard what we’ve built together and refuse to accept the continued deception by the new regime. The expressions of fealty from his cabinet the other day were sickening to watch. What’s wrong with these people? How could any of them choke out the words? This is not normal. This is not what happens in a democracy. We used to be able to depend on that, but now everything is upside down.

For whatever reason, the new guy is providing a catalyst for change. But the change he seeks will make us all the poorer while enrichening a few of his friends. They view him as someone they can use at the expense of the rest of us. We’ve gone as far as we can now. It’s time to put up or shut up and I’m not shutting up anytime soon.

What we’re experiencing is the last vestiges of patriarchy in all its ugliness and oppression. Mr. Sessions sat in his chair and refused to answer anything of substance, offering some sort of ridiculous notion that his boss might at some point claim executive privilege so he’s not saying a word and even giggled when Senator Kamala Harris was shut down during her questioning of him. Besides, to hear him tell it, how could anyone think he’d do anything treasonous to our country? Well, Mr. Sessions, you apparently lied during your confirmation hearing and now you want to blame Senator Franken for that lie. So while you think you’re a patriot, the jury is still out on that.

Blessed Be



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Issues of Focus ~ Tarot for 24 May 2017

Whenever a pattern exists in a tarot reading, it’s best to take notice. In today’s reading. we have a run on twos, three of them in fact. Cups, Wands, and Swords are present representing Water, Fire, and Air respectively with Earth absent from today’s influences. The overall numerology of the reading is 11 or illumination and the subconscious suggesting that clarity is available if our focus is correct.

But we begin with the 5 of Cups depicting an individual bereft and unable to see past his emotional state. Five denotes change and clearly, a change in focus is needed. Five cups surround the robed man, three overturned and empty with the man seemingly unaware of the remaining two, still upright and capable of fulfillment. An arching bridge gives him access to the castle beyond the river if he could only see that it’s there but his focus is downward preventing clear sight.

Our first two, the 2 of Wands depicts a man holding a wand in one hand, a globe in the other, with another wand positioned to his rear. The man looks out over the land with the ocean beyond. The wands represent a doorway of sorts, with the globe suggesting that all options are available, his future as yet unwritten. This is the energy of balanced intention and of standing in one’s power.

Court cards are fun, aren’t they? The Page or Princess in other decks is thought to be the seeker or student, or perhaps a bearer of news. The promise of new experiences and opportunities are met with eagerness and joy by the Page of Wands as he goes forth broadening not only his horizons but his perspective as well.

A loving exchange is shared by a man and a woman in the 2 of Cups. Unity of polarities, partnership, and reconciliation is felt between the couple. The caduceus rises between the two lovers topped by a winged lion’s head supporting healing, strength, and courage. In the position of hidden influence, we’re reminded that there’s value in reciprocity with others. Reconciliation based on love and equanimity respects the positions of each individual valuing balanced interaction over control.

The outcome card is one of my favorite cards in any tarot deck. The 2 of Swords depicts a blindfolded woman sitting with her back to choppy waters, her arms crossed in front of her while holding two swords in balance. A crescent moon rises in the twilight sky adding to the mystery of the card.

She turns her back on the chaos and chooses the dispassionate view, preferring no judgment to one that chooses sides. Her decisions are informed by an inner voice instead of from reaction to the chaos surrounding her bringing us to the overall meaning of today’s tarot reading.

We give away our interpretation of the world to others, forgetting that how we see the world is a choice and not a given. Irrespective of the crappy way that others behave, we can choose a more neutral perspective instead of allowing the silly antics of others to knock us off our game. In reaction, others are in control. In observation, we remain in control. At some point, we have to let go of judgment and meet others half-way. It’s not that we accept nonsense from others, but that we realize that everyone is on their own path. Ours is a diverse unified presence and some of us are meant to serve as catalysts for the growth of others. The less we judge, the more we can get on with our own life instead of continually being caught up in the experiences of others.

It’s a focus issue that we have. Instead of creating our own experiences we rely on reaction to others, believing somehow that we’re in control when that’s sketchy at best. Today’s reading suggests illumination is found when we stay on our own path, guided by Higher Self awareness. And with the chaos that we experience everytime we watch the news, we’ll need as much illumination as we can achieve.

Blessed Be


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The Choice To Let Go ~ Tarot for 15 May 2017

The Choice To Let Go ~ Tarot for 15 May 2017

Two cards from the Major Arcana along with cards representing Water, Air, and Fire comprise today’s Druid Craft tarot reading. The overall numerology reduces to one, or new beginnings. Cups, Swords, and Wands are the suits present reflecting our emotions, our intellect, and our will and morality, with Pentacles absent from the reading typically representing the physical or material side of life.

Beginning with the 5 of Cups, a cloaked individual stands at water’s edge observing a fish jumping away from an otter’s reach. Two cups are upright on a stone slab while three are overturned on the grass. 5 denotes change, so perhaps something upsetting has occurred resulting in disappointment. The individual appears to be lost in contemplation, a decision perhaps necessary. Have we gone as far as we can go? Is it time to let go of what no longer serves?

The first of the two cards from the Major Arcana, Justice is represented by the Goddess as a warrior. She holds a balanced set of scales in one hand with a sword in the other, her wild wisdom balanced with reason. An owl sits at her side, in observation of everything that’s happening. Courage, strength and unconditional love are among the qualities represented by this eleventh card of the Major Arcana.

A woman sits blindfolded, two swords crossed in front representing the two pathways before her in the 2 of Swords. The forest appears dark and barren of life, a potentially precarious choice she makes, the result of the lesser of two evils perhaps. Blindfolded, she takes the dispassionate view, remaining unaffected by either choice she makes. She acts with integrity with a sense of peace her final outcome.

The Magician in the Druid Craft tarot is powerful and inspired. He stands in front of a dolman that rises above him within a henge-like circle. His tools on the rock table below, they represent the elemental influences of earth, air, fire, and water. One hand holds a wand that points upward to nonphysical presence while his other hand points to earth expressing as above, so below. A black rooster watches from one of the dolman’s columns reinforcing The Magician’s spiritual aspect of self.

The Magician visualizes his desires and manifests his world. He possesses raven knowledge represented by his feathered cape signifying the creative force in action. In the position of hidden influence, The Magician reminds us that we possess all the qualities necessary to live our lives in full awareness of our divine Self.

In the outcome position is the only Court card in the reading, the Prince of Wands. A knight charges forth on his steed across the land, his spear advancing before him. He seeks action and adventure, intelligent and protective of others. He’s both passionate and rebellious and eager to embark on new experiences.

It’s become somewhat cliché to speak of letting go of what no longer serves, yet it’s appropriate in this case. Whether it’s something tangible or a change in perspective that’s needed, a decision is required of us, one that should be made with objectivity and dispassion. Letting go of expectations can be difficult whether they center on other people or on outcomes. We’re at times easily disappointed and finding a balanced perspective can be challenging.

However, we possess all that we need to rise above the illusion of form and recall that we are more powerful than what appears to challenge us. We give everything we experience all the meaning that it has and because of that fact, we can choose any perspective we wish. We can always make the choice to see something or someone in a different light, through Source Vision rather than through the judgmental eyes of ego.

As the 11th card of the Major Arcana, true Justice is based on illumination and enlightenment, reflecting discernment and balance, and counsels us to remain apart from judgment. Like the Prince, without the heaviness that judgment brings, we become a catalyst for passion and joy, in eager anticipation of all that life has to offer.

At some point, we have to get on with things. The chaos of the new regime will create its own end brought by their own shortsightedness and stupidity. We have better things to do than to remain focused on the machinations of these sad little people. We didn’t get the administration we thought we would, but it does paint an interesting picture of what life could look like if his puppeteers have their way.

It’s sad, really, to watch this runaway freight train, because it seems likely that he has little intelligence or ability for rational thought let alone the necessary impulse control to be in such a powerful position. He’s easily manipulated by all sorts of people who are either doing so for sport or to further their own agendas, all at the expense of the country. But at some point, we have to get back to living our lives irrespective of what the orange guy is doing or with whom he’s sharing secrets. In my case, I have gardens to tend, a blog to write, and a new book to finish. Oh, and then there’s Aubrey, my new granddaughter who will enter our lives in mid-July. She’s our first grandchild and my husband and I are simply over the moon with joy!

However, it’s time now to let the orange guy go and collectively create a new beginning. If his purpose was to awaken and enlighten, I would say that purpose has been fulfilled. We get it. It’s clear that our way out of this nightmare is found in our unified presence, our unity with each other. We’ll make a better choice, the next time around, a better outcome closer than we think. But until that time we’ll continue to co-create the world we wish to see and focus our attention on everything that brings us love and joy.

Blessed Be



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Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

When I renamed this blog Stepping Aside, I did so because I had reached a point in my life where I was finished with the drama that surrounded me. It was a sort of walking away moment if you will. I had brought my RA into remission with cannabis while the doctors prescribed nothing that helped. I found the whole experience beyond offensive because each one refused to listen to what I had to say. Had they done so I believe I would never have been as ill as I was for all those years. It was such a waste of time, money, and of life really.

Renaming the blog was a statement I suppose. It wasn’t an act as much as an acknowledgment of how things really are. An empath struggles to be heard much of the time. Few people take us seriously when we assert what we know because typically it’s not what they want to hear in the first place. So when I renamed my blog Stepping Aside, it wasn’t that I was doing so, but that I was fully embracing my position in life.

I turn sixty in October, a milestone that. When empaths are born our struggle is not just to be heard but to fundamentally belong. Somewhere. Our awareness prevents a feeling of belonging from taking hold in our birth families which may continue throughout adulthood. It takes a level of strength that can be difficult to find when support is lacking and life becomes so bewildering.

Deception from others is by far the most difficult experience for me to have. I don’t understand lying. I mean, I get why people do it, but you’d think they’d save it for really big things. That way, it might at least be understandable why the lie was told. But no. That’s not what happens. People lie about the stupidest, most insignificant things. And then they compound it further by saying it didn’t happen.

This experience turns an empath inside out. We immediately go into battle mode becoming warriors for the truth. Or we dissolve into a mess because we don’t believe anyone will take us seriously about what we know. And unfortunately, the only real answer is to ignore the rest of the world. It’s just too much for us, especially these days.

Engage with what we can and then step aside from the drama recognizing it for the exercise in futility that it is. When we step aside we control our response instead of allowing the situation to control that for us. I don’t know an empath alive who doesn’t find engagement with others difficult. But regardless of our wish to be around people, it’s no fun if we’re upset by it.

Not everyone appreciates those who seem to always know what they would keep hidden. Empaths disturb that. Our vibration is apparently higher and we experience truth in a visceral manner. In other words, we feel it and we know it. We don’t need any road map or blueprint or crib notes, we simply know. And we learn early in life that this is disturbing to others. So we either go dark or we continue speaking up.

Not that this should be news to anyone, but I chose the second. I speak up. Always have and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. My Human Design chart tells me that the Left-angled Cross of the Clarion influences me and that I’m here to disseminate information to others. On top of that, my godhead is the Christ Consciousness field.

So there you go. So much for stepping aside. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Couple the witch and the empath together and I feel compelled. The recent election has caused concern and upset for so many of us, witches and empaths included. We feel compelled to do something, to bring our world back into a loving balance. We do that by performing rituals. It’s no different than prayer except that we do it with really cool props. The picture at the top is from a ritual for peace that I performed. Nothing scary about it, just a mortar, pestle, some herbs from my garden, some crystals, candles, and a lovely rune and Awen altar tile on my work table. Oh, and there’s some salt for protection. I chanted some words in Latin because that’s really cool and cast blessings of peace to the collective consciousness.

Some of us comfortably perform curses but I prefer binding spells and that’s what a variety of witches around the world cast last Friday evening despite some news articles to the contrary. Everything is energy and as such vibrates. The Creator decided to know more and cast it’s own Thoughts outward to form the universe and all who live there. With that, we now not only have vibration but movement as well.

When a spell is cast, a witch formulates his/her intention and then while chanting specific words, that intention is cast to the universe. In a binding spell, the focus is on a particular behavior that is causing harm. In my own casting of a binding spell, I prefer to see it as interrupting the flow of thought or vibration, allowing the individual to take a time out and give their choice another look. Sometimes as humans we get on a roll and don’t realize the damage we’re doing. Binding someone’s actions will allow him time for reflection. It in no way interferes with the individual’s free will because he’s always free to ignore any resistance he might feel. What if a slight pause was all he needed to reconsider his actions? It’s like rattling a set of keys at a crying baby. Sometimes the distraction is all the infant needs to see that there’s nothing to cry about.

Now I cannot and will not speak for any other witches participating in spellwork who may see this quite differently, but I can say that corralling children is something many of us are quite skilled at. Think of this as a go to your room and think about what you’ve done moment. Considering who it was for, I’d say it’s appropriate and the least we can do.

Because apparently, we’ll all be parenting the man-child in the oval office a while longer.

Blessings to all!

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Where We Focus

Source Vision


Where we focus matters. I know that when my focus isn’t through aligned Source vision, my balance is upset until I realign. An empath often has an other-directed focus to her awareness. In other words, my focus moves in an outward direction. Empaths absorb the auras of everyone around them, and we don’t always realize when it’s someone else’s emotions that we’re experiencing.

I’ve been thinking lately about an inner or self-directed focus to my awareness and how that might help me align more easily. If my focus remains inward and about how I’m feeling at any given moment, then I don’t have to figure out whose energy it is. I realize this may seem odd to those who don’t experience life this way, but rest assured, it’s just as odd to an empath. Mostly, we just try to sort through the confusion in an effort to figure out if we’re insane. Eventually, we figure out that we’re just fine, but it may take nearly a lifetime to realize that. In the meantime, many of us experience an emotional rollercoaster that we’re never sure is our own making.

Except that it is.

Source Energy is all that ever is. And each of us is Source Energy. What we see around us is a projection of collective consciousness. It’s not separate from us, yet it’s not actually us. At least, it doesn’t reflect the eternal aspect of us. We are the creator of what we see and experience and then each of those creations merges with all others to form what we experience as the world around us.

This creative process is never-ending. But at times, we are drawn into our creations and stay too long, becoming stuck there. It’s like a traffic accident. The direction we’re going stops and we focus on what just happened. At some point, the exchange of information needs to end and we need to move back into the creative aspect of self. Yet many will relive and relive and relive and relive that singular moment in time until it’s all that’s in their awareness. They become the individual from the automobile accident. Nothing more, nothing less.

Over time, more experiences will happen that we will fixate upon, adding them to the personal story we tell. The story focuses on past happenings instead of present creation and we really go nowhere in the process. We try to tell others about our story and their eyes glaze over. They want creation as well. It’s the direction that we all want to take. It’s the direction of Source Vision over ego vision.

I remember when my RA was out of control and although I never wanted to be a sick person, nevertheless, I was. Visually, people saw someone who was chronically ill, and as much as I didn’t want to, I became that person. It drove me nuts. At some point, I decided that I didn’t want to be ill anymore. I told my body that enough was enough, telling it that our situation was not permanent and to stop behaving as if it was. I then became a cannabis patient and I healed.

I had allowed myself to become so out of balance emotionally that chronic illness took hold. Fear dominated my thoughts instead of a more dispassionate view of my life and my focus stayed there. I forgot that I have complete control over how I see and react to everything around me. Fear wasn’t the only choice I had, but I chose it anyway. And that’s when everything unraveled.

When I allowed myself to make a different choice that was creation-based instead of fear-based, resistance left and health returned. The conflict we experience and feel a victim to is a choice. We can choose to see and experience life in a non-judgmental and non-resistive manner. Conflict is nothing more than resistance. Drop resistance and then see how you feel about what’s occurring. Does it matter as much as you initially thought? Even if the answer is yes, you still have control over your reaction.

I really think it’s more about how we feel at any given moment, than our response to that moment. Are we creating through Source vision, or the ego’s illusory version of it? Where do we focus? With what are we choosing to align? If it’s not our Source within, then it’s our projection of ego.

Alignment, or the abyss. Choose with Source vision and the answer is clear.