New Video: The Choice We Make

Another video from my YouTube page…I’ll post it as well on Stepping Aside’s YouTube channel. Either click on the title above to see the video if it’s not completely visible from the main page, or click on the link to take you to YouTube. Thanks in advance for watching!  

The Devil and The Choice We Make

The Devil and The Choice We Make ~ Tarot for 29 Jan 2017

The Devil is such an interesting card to consider. Its depiction is as varied as there are decks. The Devil denotes ego potential, primal nature, and materialism. In this version from the Robin Wood tarot we see chains binding an open chest with treasure spilling forth. A young woman, her teeth bared stands in attack position, […]

Stepping Aside

  I’ve spent a large part of my life existing in the negative energy of others. Most of the time I had no choice in the matter. It was an incredible training ground for an empath, but difficult nonetheless. A witch by birth, I learned to stay quiet by not doing so. I still have trouble […]