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Hypocrisy And Leveling The Playing Field

Hypocrisy And Leveling The Playing Field

The new guy and his minions are away at the moment curtsying and engaging in their typical hypocrisy while back home, the forces of truth are leveling the playing field. He tweeted some time ago about how disrespectful Michelle Obama was for not wearing a headscarf while in a Muslim country; however, his own wife and daughter chose to leave their hair uncovered as well while meeting with officials in Saudi Arabia.  I guess because it’s them, it’s all good. Actually, I don’t believe any woman should cover her hair if she doesn’t wish to do so but to slam Michelle over doing the same thing as his wife and daughter is typical of this guy’s unbelievable lack of impulse control.

Some sort of balance or a leveling of the playing field is desperately needed these days with all the confusion our so-called president creates. We need facts now to understand what’s really going on otherwise his distractions are what control the message. But it plays out in other areas of our lives as well, a drama many of us are all too familiar with. It’s the ignore the man behind the curtain scenario that is so confounding as if we’re to move past situations or behavior that is uncomfortable or even criminal without so much as a comment let alone a protest.

Those who seek to manipulate depend upon cooperation from the rest of us who would never behave that way, who accept our responsibilities in life and appreciate it when others do the same. The manipulators will do anything to avoid all of this in an effort to control the narrative, many times successful in their negligence and usury of others.

My husband is one of those really nice guys who can do practically anything. His responsibility quotient, along with his integrity, is off the scales and those seeking to manipulate that tend to find a willing participant. Not that he wakes up every day with the intention of letting other people use him, but typically it involves a situation that requires a cooperative or team approach that without his involvement we would be affected financially. So he continues with his responsibilities while others do nothing.

But whether we’re talking about the hypocrisy of the so-called new guy or the willingness of manipulators to engage in the usury of others, the hypocrisy by people like this is amazing. Any attempt to level the playing field is met with more distractions and more deception. The new guy wishes that the American people would find other entertainment than following all the news reports about his possible impeachment. Those who take advantage of my husband would prefer that he not notice, but in both cases, that ship sailed long ago and they’re all incredibly stupid if anyone thinks any of us are cooperating anymore.

Just as the antics of the so-called new guy are on display, the subtle and not-so-subtle antics of those who expect the moon from my husband while giving nothing in return are also evident. I guess it’s the idea that all of us are supposed to believe that there’s nothing to see here, folks that’s so insulting. As citizens of this country, we’re supposed to believe that the so-called new guy is the way forward, but it’s clear that for reasons too numerous to count that he’s everything but.

The so-called new guy is undoing the social safety net of this country that many depend on for their very survival. He’s leaving people without any solutions and if he goes ahead with suspending the Affordable Care Act subsidy payments like he so callously suggests that he’ll do, people will be unable to pay for their health insurance and some will die.

It’s the general disregard for the lives of others that’s so difficult to understand. My husband will do whatever it takes to fulfill his responsibilities to others, but that level of integrity isn’t shared by said others. The so-called new guy, on the other hand, feels no such responsibility to anyone but himself or quite possibly the Russians. In both cases, we’re supposed to put up with whatever nonsense that’s dished out as if it’s the most normal thing in the world and say nothing.

Except that it’s not.

When compassion for others and a sense of shared purpose exists, life just goes better. Problems can be solved together with everyone sharing some part of that responsibility. Leaving people hanging doesn’t work. It creates resentment that only escalates. Instead of a level playing field, a continuing divide is created and before long the situation becomes just too big for solutions to be easily found. Feelings are stepped on and people like my husband are left with the choice to continue on or walk away. Because whatever he does to help people, it never seems to be enough. He’s more than happy to do his part, just not more than that.

The same is true for those who depend on the social safety net for their survival. They’re not trying to get something for nothing and could pull themselves up by their bootstraps just fine, thank you very much, but it’s not like a living wage is available to all people who live in this country. We have no protection in this country from people who believe that the mega-rich should have all the opportunities and the rest of us be damned.

The so-called new guy’s daughter “wrote” a book that attempts to address the phenomenon of the working mom. Rumor has it that the book is as tone deaf as his daughter. I doubt she knows what it’s like to raise kids while never sitting down and having a moment to herself let alone eating a balanced meal. Most women don’t have nannies to help raise their children, having to deal with the worry and expense of childcare while they work to support their families.

When my boys homeschooled, one of the books they read was Whatever Happened to Justice? which discussed our legal system. Essentially the author brought everything down to two principles: do all you say you will do, and don’t encroach upon others. And if we all lived those two principles, we’d be far better off than we are now. The so-called new guy would understand that he has a responsibility to not destroy the lives of the citizens of this country, and those who use my husband would step up and do their part. Simple concept, really.

Blessings to all!


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Conversations With My Mother

Conversations With My Mother

I remember one afternoon listening to my mother telling me how it was in the work world. I was still in college and although a management position was open at the grocery store where she worked that she was more than qualified for, she told me that she wasn’t permitted to apply for it. I was floored.

My mother had reached the hiring ceiling at the store. She was a department head, but any assistant manager or store manager positions were reserved for men. Their attitude was that men had familial responsibilities that women didn’t share. I pointed out that she was now a single mother with a daughter in college and a younger son who was deaf. But that fact, she was told, was her problem.

She would go on to remind me of the fear she had when attempting to get credit in her own name when newly divorced from my father. That was only two years earlier. The only credit she had was based on my father’s. That’s how it was in those days. But she persisted, established credit in her own name, and eventually bought a home.

She had divorced my father in 1974, requesting only $200 per month child support out of fear of his reprisal. Even the judge was shocked at her request, but my mother convinced him that $200 was enough. My father had threatened her with the warning, I’ll give you more if you let me live.

When I moved into the city to be closer to the college I attended, he increased the amount he sent to $300 per month. She sent me half for the final two years in college to help pay for some of my living expenses. Upon graduation, he stopped sending any child support at all for my brother, only thirteen at the time.

You see, it was possible to get ahead on the books back then. And by increasing the child support on his own without an order to do so, he in effect paid it forward. She could do nothing. My father knew exactly what he was doing when he did it. He manipulated the situation to his advantage like always. But then life was always about him and always by his design.

So it wasn’t surprising in the least to read about Senator Pat Roberts’s snarky mammogram tweet. In fact, I expect nothing else from Republicans. Their jihadist fervor surges while gleefully taking this benefit and that program away from the most vulnerable among us. But mammograms? Do Republican men not realize that men develop breast cancer? Now we can argue how many and how often we need such tests, but there should be no argument that insurance should cover them. Jenna Amatulli reports in an article from The Huffington Post:

Republican leaders are reportedly discussing whether their legislation should abandon Obamacare’s essential health benefits rule. The rule requires insurance plans to cover services that include emergency room visits, hospitalization, outpatient services, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative services, lab tests, preventive care and pediatric care.

Another reason Roberts’ response is off-putting is that many men get breast cancer or need mammograms. This year, an estimated 2,600 men in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and an estimated 440 will die from it. If a man has certain gene mutations or a family history of breast cancer, screening may increase the chances of early detection and successful treatment, according to the Susan G. Komen foundation.²

And now I read that these pissy people want to give a new mother only sixty days at home with her infant, forcing her to find a job or lose her benefits. Let that sink in. From Christine Cauterucci in Slate:

The worst provision in the manager’s amendment is a Medicaid work requirement that would allow states to revoke Medicaid coverage from new mothers who haven’t found a job within two months after giving birth. Medicaid currently offers essential resources for low-income women and their children, including screenings for postpartum depression, in-home educational visits, and check-ups, all of which help babies survive and mothers thrive. Forcing women to job hunt in the weeks immediately following her baby’s delivery—a crucial period for infant care and physical recovery—would be both shockingly cruel and counterproductive as public health policy. Even if Republicans don’t believe that every person deserves basic health care, regardless of income, they should recognize that the government has an interest in keeping children healthy. Healthy children become good students, responsible citizens, and productive workers. Cutting off health benefits from a mother in the first several weeks of her infant’s life sets both the mother and the infant up for a cascading set of impediments to physical and financial health.¹

I have to believe even the so-called new guy’s supporters are watching this travesty unfold in as much shock and horror as the rest of us who knew better than to ever trust this guy in the first place. Everyone suffers under the Republican’s death care bill. Well, apparently not the wealthy among us who can afford a membership at Mar-a-Lago, but then that’s a given.

My mother died from COPD and congestive heart failure in 1996, one month before her sixty-sixth birthday. In fact, as I write this, the twenty-first anniversary of her passing is in a couple of days. She had plans for her retirement and her condition prevented any of that. Within four years of her forced retirement, she was gone.  Had she been alive now and experiencing what she did, she’d no doubt be in a panic over what coverage she was losing and need endless breathing treatments just to be able to, you know, breathe, talk, remain alive.

Even back then, representatives from Medicare told me that their only concern was that she could ambulate from her bed to the bathroom. All she wanted was a smaller liquid oxygen tank to take to the store with her. They had delivered a concentrator instead of liquid tank set-up and left her with a portable E-tank to take with her. The problem was, it was too heavy and awkward for her to use so she would go into the store without it and nearly die in the process. They didn’t care and refused to replace the concentrator with a liquid tank.

When we moved her from the Portland area over to Central Oregon for the final year of her life, her experience was better. For some reason, healthcare over here actually was patient-focused and not whatever that other nonsense was she experienced and she received everything she requested. Actually, I arranged it for her, insisting that she sit down before telling her what I had done. She was so thrilled to discover that she would no longer be confined to the house. They were leaving her not just one but two small liquid “backpack” tanks that would allow her to be away from her home for eight hours if she chose. It made all the difference for her in that last year.

At the heart of this is compassion for all. If we can send people to war, we can fund universal health care. To suggest this shouldn’t be a right for all who live in this country speaks to hearts hardened through a fundamental disregard for humanity itself. We’re viewed as less than, in the way of furthering their agenda.

She would have turned eighty-seven on May 8th, had my mother lived. She would have voted for Hillary and called me daily to rail at what the Republicans are now doing. She despised men like the so-called new guy. She’d had her fill with men like him early on in life, and thought he was a fool back in the day, so voting for him would have been out of the question.

The photo above was taken at my wedding in 1979. I was twenty-one and still had brown hair. I miss you, Mom and I love you beyond measure. You would have been as bereft as I over the outcome of the election, and hearing your outrage would have been so welcome now!



  1. Cauterucci, Christine. The AHCA Would Force New Moms on Medicaid to Find Work 60 Days After Labor. Slate. March 22, 2017.
  2. Amatulli, Jenna. GOP Senator Sorry For Joking About Mammograms, But Still Won’t Cover Them. Huffington Post. March 23, 2017.
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What Does It Take To Hate?

What Does It Take To Hate?

What does it take for someone to hate another? I mean, really hate another. I’ve said on more than one occasion that I hated one thing or another but it was meant as hyperbole, not that I actually hated anything or anyone. Because to hate someone or a group of someones I believe it takes the ability to see them as less than otherwise how could it happen? Moreover, what does this level of hate cost them in the end?

It appears that the so-called new guy and his regime are hell-bent on turning our country into a rich white nation. It involves culling the herd made possible by removing significant portions of the social safety net that some in our country depend upon for their very survival. The guy from the OMB, who probably should have called in sick that day, was foolish enough to suggest that certain social programs which didn’t yield results such as higher grades in school, for example, should be eliminated. And for that, we should be grateful, that defunding these programs is the most compassionate thing we can do.

Apparently not dying from lack of food doesn’t count as results in his book.

The Speaker of the House reportedly said that destroying Medicaid was a goal from back in his college kegger days. I can just see him sitting around with his Ayn Rand support group, drunk on his ass, boasting how he would one day take Medicaid away from the most vulnerable among us, dancing on their graves as he does so. Except not all poor people can afford normal burial costs so who knows what will happen to them.

The middle class is gone, never to return if these people have their way. People finally have health insurance, and while I’m certain the real answer will be single-payer, the ACA is a welcome relief for those who couldn’t afford insurance. Removing the threat of pre-existing conditions as a disqualifier for coverage enabled families to survive intact instead of losing everything if a life-threatening illness occurred.

Republicans are positively salivating over destroying the lives of Americans. The election of the so-called new guy (no, I still can’t call him president) has given these people the cover they’ve needed. No longer are blatantly racist comments and policies off-limits. Instead, they’re to be embraced, disseminated, and signed into law while those who actually care about people watch in horror.

This is not the country I grew up in and while change is inevitable, how we got here is beyond me. We have been manipulated and divided by the machinations of others and are in the process of being conquered by people who have only their own financial interests at heart. The so-called new guy cares nothing for the plight of the American people and if his policies are allowed to proceed unchecked, in this almost sixty-year-old woman’s opinion, he will do irreparable harm to our country and quite possibly the world.

Republicans in Congress lack the self-control to impose any checks and balances on their arrogance and right now they’re the equivalent of a runaway freight train in their attempt to destroy as much as possible before the 2018 midterms. The only real control we have now is to keep the pressure on and convince them that they will lose their jobs if they continue down this destructive path.

I promise that the best feeling ever is when you care about another. No strings attached, just honest compassion for another human being. I would rather see my tax dollars go for programs that reflect compassion than to build a wall of hate that keeps people out. With all the wealth in our country, our focus could be on elevating everyone so that each one of us can pursue our dreams, a focus based on benevolence and community instead of oppression and hate.

We all matter. I’m sorry the current version of the Republican party doesn’t understand this simple truth.

We All Matter.

Blessings to all

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Strength and Integrity ~ Tarot for 27 Feb 2017

Another 6, 7, 8 progression occurs in today’s tarot reading. Communication and balance, intuition and the shadow side of self, and our practical nature comprise the numerological influences of the cards. I pulled a fourth card, an Ace, which corresponds with one or new beginnings. Two cards from the suit of Cups dominate the reading along with one card from the suit of Swords and one from the Major Arcana. The overall numerology is 22, or the Master Builder number that makes our dreams a reality.

A young boy offers the gift of flowers in a golden chalice to his young friend in the 6 of Cups. Beauty and joy are signified by the large flowers with white depicting the purity of new love or friendship. A brilliant yellow background appears behind the young friends suggesting youth and vitality. The cups themselves represent our emotional presence, intuition, and the Goddess. The 6 of Cups suggests balanced emotions and relationships and the happiness both bring.

The 7 of Swords depicts a man carrying off five swords. Two remain, upright and aligned with each other. He appears to be running away, perhaps a thief helping himself. But all we really know is that he appears to be in a hurry as he carries five swords over his shoulder. This is one of those tarot cards where looking at the surrounding cards seems to assist in its intepretation. Otherwise any assumptions made could be incorrect. Deception could be its interpretation or simply someone transferring something from one place to another.

Strength, the eighth card from the Major Arcana suggests the power of the Goddess within. The woman sits quietly with the lion who looks lovingly at his mistress, her wild and practical nature in balance. She possesses the courage necessary to embrace her primal nature and to stand in her own power. But as we can see from the loving relationship between the woman and the lion, each possess a gentle sort of strength filled with trust and a secure presence.

A hand emerges from billowy clouds holding a golden chalice, water overflowing to the lotus flower below. A white dove signifying peace perches just above. The Ace of Cups depicts the beginning of our emotional presence or identity and represents abundance, love, and joy.

If we interpret the 7 of Swords as thievery in progress, then it can be said to represent our shadow side of self. Reason has run amok and we’ve convinced ourselves that stealing is just fine. The compassion we learned as children seems to have been replaced with a self-centered focus. But then it seems some growth has taken place as we learn about grace and compassion from the Strength card.

Finally, the Ace of Cups reinforces that where we begin matters. If we choose a self-centered focus, our interactions may become selfish or oppressive in nature, while a choice to engage with others in harmony and joy results in love that is overflowing and abundant.

Life just works better when we come together in harmony. It’s sad that the so-called new guy doesn’t understand this basic life-affirming concept. Instead he wants to build walls to keep people out and become the biggest nuclear power on the planet.

So while he’s headed off the rails, we’ll keep focusing on a better outcome than he’s capable of creating. A better outcome takes compassion for others and a willingness to work together in perfect love and perfect trust. And while he might not be able to summon the integrity to do right by us, like the Ace of Cups, our own integrity is overflowing. And it will sustain us and give us strength in the days to come.

Blessings to all!


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The Crone: Transformational Power Within

You don’t look like a Crone, a friend on social media said. I smiled, knowing he missed the point entirely. As the Goddess has three aspects, so does a woman. We begin as a Maiden, emerging into the Mother phase either in our early twenties or when we have a child if sooner. When a woman enters menopause, she’s considered a Crone. Of course these are all arbitrary, because even though at fifty-nine I’m the right age, I’m fairly certain I was born a Crone. I think most empaths and witches probably are. Or at least it’s a strong energy that’s felt within.

But deviations aside, a woman emerging into her Crone phase is a beautiful sight to behold. We’ve lived varied lives, some electing to have children, some choosing their profession as their manifestation. Regardless of choice, a woman as Mother gives birth to new ideas and new possibilities, creating a lasting legacy for herself, her family, and friends.

And when the Crone taps us on the shoulder, we’re ready to feel and express her wisdom and loving presence. We’ve lived through much by this time in our lives, experiencing all that life has to offer. We’ve dried tears and raised hopes, stood firm when necessary and showed compassion for no reason at all. We understand what’s been and what’s to come. And we know when to step out of the way, to step aside, and let things unfold as they will.

The Crone knows all too well that experience is our best guide. It’s difficult to watch as things fall apart, knowing the pain it will cause, but knowing as well that sometimes it takes such things to make us pay attention to the obvious.

Hagalaz, considered the witch rune, provides a fixed structure allowing destruction in preparation for positive change. Also a Norn rune representing Urdh and the past, essentially Hagalaz represents the witch as Crone. The Crone has watched the continuous cycle of beginnings and endings, of birth and death, giving way to a rebirth of something better. She has the wisdom to let things unfold, watching as choices are made that further nothing but chaos and destruction, secure in her knowing that truth will remain when there’s nothing left.

Elders aren’t cherished in our society. We leave them wanting for much as we go about our lives, forgetting their counsel, ignoring their wisdom. The Crone witch was tortured and burned for not only her healing skills but for her wise counsel as well, particularly when truth threatened the mighty King.

As every Crone knows, sometimes our words are all we have. Oh, we’ll gladly step aside for you. We’ll step aside and watch as you create your havoc, staying ever ready to act when necessary. But the Crone chooses her battles wisely, saving her energy and commitment for just the right moment, when it will have the greatest effect.

You’ll never see the Crone coming because you pay no attention to us anymore. You’ve disregarded and dismissed our presence, ridiculed us into silence, never realizing you fuel our purpose even more. Underestimate the Crone at your own peril. She’s the Goddess personified. She’s the reason wisdom and compassion won at Standing Rock, and she’ll be the reason we survive.

Because in the end, women will lead us. There is no choice now. The schism that has happened will not be sustainable, it’s purpose not to unify but to further oppress. Crone wisdom will survive all of this and will lead us back into the balance we so desperately seek.

Women have been cleaning up messes created by men since the dawn of time. Sadly, these are the same men we give birth to. Maybe they get too big for their britches as my mother used to say. They’re on a roll and can’t face the consequences of their actions.

Maybe she’s right. Maybe what we’re witnessing is the last vestiges of patriarchy in all it’s ugliness. On display now for the whole world to witness, it can no longer be ignored.

Because at some point, we will all have had enough.

This Crone certainly has.

~ Blessings to all!

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A Sense of Justice ~ Rune & Tarot for 26 Nov 2016

Justice, card 11 of the Major Arcana, and Fehu, the first rune of the Elder Futhark comprise today’s rune and tarot reading. A card of Libra, the Druid Priestess as judge sits holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other. Justice can be swift, yet fair. An owl, reflecting wisdom, sits to her right. Her sword pointing upward indicates balanced reasoning . As the eleventh card, it also represents the Master number of illumination.

Fehu as the sending rune manifests and/or sends productive energy. It can be used along with other runes to stimulate their action, particularly when included in a bindrune. It manifests wealth and psychic awareness. Success is achieved with Fehu as it increases abundance by advancing our goals. Expansive energy is available to us when Fehu is present in a divination or when used with intention in magickal workings.

The numerology is interesting because I’m not going to reduce 11 any further given its Master number status. Fehu’s number is 1, or impetus. 11 gives us illumination, so the numerology tells us that when rendering justice, we proceed from awareness and understanding before making our decision.

The Druidic Priestess renders justice with clarity and vision. She is unbiased and brings all things into balance, her judgment based on reason instead of reaction. With Fehu we have abundance energy at our fingertips. How we use it either fosters balance or chaos. But the presence of Justice suggests that we’ll make the right decision, one that’s based on balanced reasoning, honesty and integrity. We seek to understand, with decisions made born of compassion and dignity. The double edged blade shows us that any decisions can go either way, but with reason and clarity, they’ll surely reflect a balanced perspective.

Inherent in justice is responsibility. We want what’s right to happen. Our integrity is at stake as are the consequences of our decisions. Once made, we can’t always change course and lives can be altered, so acting with honor and integrity is necessary.

But as we all can see, there’s a lack of integrity in our world. Everything comes down to money and power. It’s rarely about doing the right thing, taking the easy solution instead. The problems we face are so simple on the one hand, yet we make them incredibly complex as we view this person or that group as the other. Because when someone is the other it’s easy to dismiss them.

We saw this sickening sense of otherness play out during our recent election. And now that the apparent winner is not locking anyone up, I wonder if the apparent winner’s supporters are feeling duped by their con artist in chief. We see the same vitriol playing out at Standing Rock where one female water protector apparently just lost her arm due to police violence. And now they’ve been told to leave. After all the violence they’ve experienced at the hands of those who should know better. They’ve been told to leave.

The apparent winner has money on the pipeline project in question, so we know where his loyalties lie. Certainly not with our clean water, and certainly not with Sophia Wilansky, who lost her arm to a concussion grenade. Where is her justice? And where will be ours when the aquifer is damaged by a pipeline leak?

We must stand firm because we all have so much to lose.

Our honor and integrity are all we really have in the end. If we come by our success dishonestly, we may have a comfortable lifestyle, but that’s all we have. Do we have to circle the drain to learn that we succeed when we do so together? We should be known for our sense of justice, not our lack thereof. Or is living in service to a higher sense of purpose or justice beyond us now?

Justice isn’t a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing.

We are now and will forever be One Family.

Blessings to all.

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In Harmony with Others ~ Rune and Tarot for 19 Nov 2016

In Harmony With Others

The suit of Swords represents our intellectual presence, or how we convey our truth to the world around us. Princesses seem to be coming up more than anything lately, the Princess of Disks twice, suggesting that much is in the process of becoming. Drawing another Princess for today’s reading, this time the Princess of Swords, reinforces that feeling of becoming. How will we communicate our message to the world? Wunjo, the wish rune, suggests that a feeling of happily ever after, of joy and harmony with others should be of influence.

The Princess is in the process of becoming, learning what works and what doesn’t, at times responding with reckless abandon. She stands ready, sword in hand, emerging from the dark clouds of deceit, brilliant light illuminating her path. The Princess seeks to balance her more aggressive tendencies with her intellect, balancing her intensity with diplomacy.

Like the Queen of Swords, the Princess prefers to cut through illusion, having no time for pettiness and strife. Whereas the Queen can’t really be bothered anymore, the Princess of Swords is focused on her growth and development. The influence of Wunjo counsels her to consider her words, her expression of self to others. Extending compassion and joy to those around her will soften the direct effect of her words, for at times her honesty can be difficult to hear.

It’s easy to go it alone as they say. But because we begin in collective consciousness, we typically want to manifest that same energy while in form. And as we all have experienced, that’s sometimes easier said than done, because periodically we end up in conflict with others. The energy of the Princess of Swords is intense and can easily get away from her. Neither the Princess or the Queen of Swords suffer fools all that well, the Queen taking a more off with his head approach to the nonsense she experiences. The Princess on the other hand tends to get into it with others. She needs to use the harmonious influence of Wunjo to temper her more assertive side, working in harmony with others to achieve her desired goals.

You know, something our new president-elect could benefit from. That and staying off Twitter.

Blessed Be

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A Little Honesty Would Have Been Nice

Apparently the federal government is not yet ready to remove cannabis from the Federal Drug Register. NORML is reporting that the Feds aren’t going to reschedule cannabis after all. Never mind that a profit motive put it there, because it was never about truth. I guess they’re going to allow universities to “study” it now. As if that’s never happened in kitchens across this country, or in Israel and other countries around the world. Evidently Americans aren’t capable of using cannabis responsibly, whatever that means. At least not without years and years of “acceptable” research.

You’d think cannabis would be illegal because it’s dangerous and addictive. But all the hysteria surrounding cannabis’s so-called addictive nature was founded on a lie. Cannabis isn’t addictive, nor is it dangerous. It is, however, the source of healing for all sorts of people, myself included.

Cannabis is an effective treatment for autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis in my case), epilepsy, diabetes, pain, PTSD, cancer, and any number of other conditions that arise when our endocannabinoid systems have nothing to interact with. Our receptors need the cannabinoids found in cannabis so that our bodies can handle the stresses of daily life that all too often result in chronic illness. When the cannabinoid receptors are firing properly our bodies are healthy, when they’re not, illness results. So it would seem the issue is a simple one:

The government has lost its mind and still cannot find it.

It’s embarrassing, really, to think that we have some of the most intelligent people in the world working for our government yet the truth is still not important in the final analysis. Instead people are still arrested for a plant that heals. But then there’s no money in health, only chronic illness, because truth is irrelevant when profits are at stake. I mean, if we actually stopped locking people up for cannabis, we’d certainly see a reduction in the prison population, a job-killer for sure, so we can’t have that. What on earth would all those private prisons do without potheads taking up space?

CNN did an excellent three-part documentary series called Weed with Sanjay Gupta, but I guess a brain surgeon’s investigation isn’t enough to sway the DEA. Various states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, my state included, and others have legalized medical cannabis use. I think half the country or better has done one or both. Every poll I hear about says that the majority of Americans believe cannabis should be legal, so how is it that the DEA can override respected scientists and the majority of citizens who want legal cannabis? They look like fools.

If alcohol and cigarettes are legal in this country, then cannabis should be as well. This notion of legalization with extensive restrictions isn’t legalization. It’s still control. Alcohol isn’t restricted, nor are cigarettes, and cannabis should be no different. If it’s legal, it’s legal. And in the case of cannabis, it’s safe to use unlike alcohol and cigarettes.

Aren’t we tired of crap that makes no sense? I sure am. And I’m pretty certain that everyone sitting in a jail cell for cannabis is as well. All the lives ruined by unnecessary prosecution and prison sentences, and for what exactly? Increased profits for Big Pharma? Asset-forfeiture? All over a little weed?

Cannabis makes us feel better. It heals not just our bodies but our emotions and our minds. There’s nothing like it and to think our government would rather lie about this plant than treat the American people with respect and dignity by telling us the truth is shameful and appalling.

Enough is enough. Come clean. Do the right thing by all of us. The American people will begin to heal and we’ll do that on our terms, not defined by and built upon a lie. Chronic illness will give way to actual health. I know because I healed with cannabis and I’m healthier now at 58 than I’ve ever been in my life. And that can happen for others.

All we need is a little honesty, a little truth, and then for our government to step out of our way.



  1. DEA Reaffirms ‘Flat Earth’ Position With Regard To Marijuana Scheduling

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Empathy and the Empath

empath and empathy

It was suggested to me by someone that empaths naturally express empathy, so if the person doesn’t feel much empathy, then he or she couldn’t possibly be an empath. I responded with, it depends on what you consider empathy. From his standpoint, it sounded like empathy was more of a response to something, than an awareness of another’s feelings or thoughts. Because for an empath, it’s about knowing as much as feeling. I also said that at the center of empathic response is compassion which emanates from our inner Source or Self allowing the empath to observe without losing themselves. Feelings of empathy alone tend to pull in an empath, which is typically uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, for an empath it’s less about the emotional component of empathy and more about knowing. One originates from Source Vision and the other from what we’re currently feeling from others. From Merriam-Webster:

Full Definition of empathy

  1. 1:  the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it

  2. 2:  the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also:  the capacity for this

jasmineGiven that the second definition includes experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another, I can understand the confusion. But for an empath, empathy is what draws us in. And it’s not our judgment of what’s happening that does this, but actually feeling what the other person is feeling. That’s why so many of us have difficulty with mass shootings, or mass anything. It’s just too much to actually feel, resulting in panic, tears, or any number of significant reactions. Remaining aligned in our Source Presence keeps the empath safely in the compassion zone and out of the muckier aspects of empathy. The compassionate response then allows the empath to observe and express kindness without absorbing another’s energy. Using empathy and compassion interchangeably for the average person is probably fine. But for the empath, empathy consumes us while compassion protects us.

In alignment, an empath feels the emotional presence of another without becoming so drawn into it that s/he can’t release from it. Out of alignment, it’s difficult to extricate ourselves from another’s emotional presence. In alignment, I’m in control. When I’m not, chaos ensues. In alignment, I can feel compassion toward another without becoming so drawn in that I don’t experience anything else.

When someone who has never considered the possibility that they’re an empath finally does, it can be overwhelming. Typically, the individual has no idea how to navigate the emotional waves coming at them, and many believe they’re going insane. They’re upset for no reason, they can’t settle down, they can’t be calm. So of course it’s a little freaky to find out you’re an empath. At least you begin to understand, however, that you’re not crazy at all. You’re just more.

love in a mistFrom the perspective of the human experience, realizing you’re an empath suggests the idea that we’re gifted somehow. But in my view, each of is an extension of Source Energy in physical form. So, to me it seems odd if others don’t experience life in physical form this way. Some believe that this happens because during our childhood we forget who we really are. We shape our response to survive.

Trust me, when I was growing up, few adults appreciated an aware child. Many will suppress that awareness until it’s just not felt anymore. Life in physical form doesn’t really allow for the possibility that it’s all an illusion, that we are primarily unfocused, nonphysical Source Energy and not the bodies we inhabit. Everything here is so real. So why would it even begin to occur to us?

Those of us who still experience our nonphysical aspect of Self are called empaths. That’s really all it is. Actually all of us represent aspects of All That Is, but that’s a tough concept for some of us to grasp. Source, or God if you prefer, is believed to be separate from us instead of all that we are. For whatever reason, the empath is just more awakened to our true reality. It’s when we focus too long at what we see around us that we become part of that separation or illusion, believing it to be relevant to who we are.

lady bugWe don’t begin in the illusion. We create it. Collectively. Since I’ve never felt all that attached to my body, feeling instead that I hover around it, it’s easy to move into that alignment with Self. I can say to myself, release, and I can step back away from what’s going on around me and into my safety zone. None of us can help anyone if we’re caught up in their emotions, so staying in your own space is essential.

The individual I referenced at the beginning of my post is an empath. He hasn’t accepted this fact, but it’s true nevertheless. He is just more naturally adept at not getting caught up in the emotional resonance of others. His Indigo nature has always been evident and eventually he’ll realize and be comfortable with who he is. And I will continue to support him throughout as his awareness unfolds.

foxgloveI’ve always felt that we all (empath or not) get caught up in the minutiae of things. We over-define everything and then argue about the differences in definition. And it’s in that argument that judgment resides. So instead, just feel. Let go of your opinions and judgments and let your own natural resonance take hold.

Focus on your own joyous creation. Keep moving forward in blessings and love. Be the Source Energy, the All That Is, that you truly are. Try it for a day or even an hour. I’ll just bet you’ll love it so much that you’ll find yourself wanting to stay in loving Source Presence all the time.

Blessings to all!

~ Jan




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When Others Take Care: Lessons in Partnership

When others take care of us, it can be either uncomfortable or transformational for all concerned. When I was experiencing severe rheumatoid arthritis, my husband took over everything. Our marriage has always been a partnership. So, he cooked, cleaned house, and helped me get from one place to another, even if that was from my chair to the bathroom. My feet were swollen for over thirteen years and felt like they were on fire. But I thought that as long as I could still walk, no matter how painful and slow that might be, I wasn’t using a wheelchair or anything else to get around. Looking back, I think I spent the entire time I was actively ill in disbelief that I was sick at all. And now it seems like a bad dream.

He would carry everythingWhen Others Take Care

When I was unable to walk around the grocery store, he would run all over, gathering our supplies, bringing them back to the cart that I hung onto for dear life. And when it seemed like I wouldn’t survive my out-of-control RA, I decided to become a medical cannabis patient. Then the real work began.

Growing the Garden

We ran a business during this time, so much of our time was spent there. We had begun growing vegetables hydroponically in the house a couple of years earlier, so we were already in gardening mode. But we switched gears and he began growing cannabis. As if he needed something else to do, what with everything he did for me.

I was unable to help for the first couple of years. He had grown cannabis in his youth and loved it so at least his additional responsibilities were fun for him. I’m in clinical remission now, and I’m my own grower now, but we still tend the garden together.

When Others Take Care

But when others take care of you, if you’re not accustomed to such attention, it can be a little unnerving. I’m used to my husband doing things for me, so I appreciated everything he did. But I felt extraordinarily guilty at the same time. And he never complained, not once in all those years.

He felt helpless, you see, to fix what what happening to me. Taking care of the things I couldn’t do anymore was the only way he could help me. I couldn’t stand for very long, so cooking was tough. I could do some of it, but sooner than later, I would have to sit down, exhausted. He would then take over, eventually cooking the meals himself. My hands were so swollen and hurt so much that chopping anything was impossible, so taking over meal preparation was a blessing.

And Then I Got Better

An interesting thing happened when I got better. As I began doing more and more for myself, my husband had a difficult time letting go and trusting that I would be okay. Understandable really, given how many times I fell when I was ill. We had a motorcycle shop and one time he found me under some tires that had fallen on me. Another time it was a bookcase with service manuals. I’d get tangled up and down I’d go, evidently taking all sorts of things with me. So I understand his reluctance to see me go out on my own.

It’s also taken a while for us to share housekeeping chores. He tends to jump right in before I’m ready to do anything. So, we’re learning a new rhythm.

Giving up one’s control is such an odd feeling. Taking it back is equally odd, when others really aren’t prepared for it, regardless of how happy they are that you’re well. But I appreciate the connection we have and after more than thirty-six years together, we couldn’t be closer.

It’s about surrender, really. Allowing another to help when you have no other choice. Surrender to the moment, letting grace lead the way. A vulnerable space is created, one that can be filled with the peace another’s commitment can bring. An unbreakable partnership results, and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

~Blessed Be