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Tunnel Vision: An Empath’s Sanctuary

Tunnel Vision: An Empath's Sanctuary

Tunnel vision is traditionally thought to be a hindrance, but for an empath or other sensitive humans, it can be our sanctuary. Empaths have all sorts of strategies when coping with uncomfortable energy and creating a tunnel is one such strategy. A tunnel is visualized providing a safe space from which to either exist or move about. It’s a great strategy to use in crowds or in large stores. Add a witch walk to it and people really move out of your way, especially men.

Coping strategies for empaths are often thought of as a response to our surrounding energetic environment instead of as a sacred space in which we reside. As we prepare our sacred space by creating what we wish to experience, at least in visual terms, challenging or vampiric energies that we experience are easier to deal with. In my case, I have trees that create natural archways around my property and I typically visualize walking under them while in chaotic or otherwise uncomfortable situations. The apple trees are blooming and their smell is pure nirvana, so I’m sure to include their smell in my visualization.

I focus on the sound of bees as they visit each flower and I’m just fine if it seems as if I’m not paying attention anymore because at that point, I’m probably not. Chaos and conflict can be impossible for empaths to handle with all the disparate and conflicting vibrations that we experience. We struggle to make sense of people and situations when retreating to our sacred space is in order. We naturally want to balance the energies that are swirling about us when we really should be minding our own business.

Empaths don’t simply experience what’s unfolding before them, but all the truth or lack thereof that’s behind it, and with each reaction, a energetic channel is created, locking us into an engagement we no longer control. Instead of observing what’s happening, we fully invest our emotional presence in that experience, absorbing vibrations that aren’t our own.

We see a way forward that others just don’t see. The struggle is an illusion that we create, not a fundamental truth that is eternal. The conflict, the strife, is nothing more than a choice; therefore, a different choice can be made. Empathic awareness is soul awareness. It originates from our unified presence with all and empaths benefit greatly from remaining in whatever sacred space we can create.

I’ve found watching the antics of the current regime to be exhausting. But it’s becoming ever more clear that our one family needs to see the effects of this type of chaos so that we refocus our efforts for the betterment of all. Because that’s all it takes, really, the choice to see all that we can accomplish together.

The process of ascension is a given, but it doesn’t mean that catalysts won’t occur to goose things along as it were. Our current president is apparently one such catalyst. With luck, we won’t need too much more to convince us of our folly and he and his friends will go back either to where they came from or to a prison of our choice.

But until that happens, empaths cannot allow the drama and vitriol that’s resulted from all of this mess to derail their peace. Create a tunnel with anything you like. I plan to put some wire over the hoop greenhouse I have and grow all of my melons and gourds out there so that I can go inside as they hang down around me. I also have a dome greenhouse which if my sweet peas cooperate will create a beautiful living flowered cover for my vegetable garden to grow under. Or I have the trees that arch over my path. All serve as a wonderful visualization for sacred space.

Whether we’re empaths or not, our peace of mind invariably takes a back seat to everything else that’s happening around us. We have to stop doing that and begin creating the sacred space from which we view our experiences. It’s a place of strength amid the confusion and deception that we’re experiencing now and one each one of us should make every attempt to cultivate. Otherwise, we absorb the problematic vibrations surrounding us, reacting instead of staying in control, which for empaths is the last thing we need.

A narrow focus, some tunnel vision, provides respite from the storm that’s raging. Create your sacred space making it as beautiful and detailed as you like, and then engage from that blessed still point. We can be of no help to anyone when overwhelmed by the vibrations of others, so take the time to create your own sanctuary of sacred space. Our peace of mind matters that much.





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Dealing With Extreme Emotions ~ Empath Strategies

Dealing with extreme emotions, whether our own or others, can be challenging for any empath. For those empaths accustomed to this sort of experience, it’s easier to assess the ownership of the vibration. But for the less aware empath experiencing another’s intense emotions can be overwhelming.

Outward expressions of anger are easy for most people to discern. Clearly, it’s someone else experiencing the anger and not the empath. We may be feeling it along with the individual, but it doesn’t generate within us. It’s the unspoken emotion, intense or not, that empaths can confuse with their own.

An empath will pick up on any number of vibrations that come close. I merge with others’ energetic fields so easily that I begin feeling nervous if something is off with any of them. That’s how I know that it’s not mine. I become worried. I begin glancing around, trying to find the source of the uncomfortable vibration, and when I know who it is, I feel in to see what’s going on. If it’s coming from someone that I’m close with I’m usually more susceptible to losing my control than if it’s an acquaintance or a stranger.

We might appear in bodies but in truth, we’re each an energetic field that continually merges with all other energetic fields. And it’s in that energetic structure that an empath or aware person experiences the truth of others. I take literally the truth that God or the Creator is All That Is. Because if this is true, then there is nothing other than the Creator. All that we are, see, and experience around us is the Creator personified. So oneness is not just a nice meme but is, in fact, our fundamental reality, and the very reason empaths experience what we do.

When I experience intense or strong emotions in others, it’s not just how loud they get or the words they use, but their physical posture that affects me as well. If I’m sitting down in a chair for example and my husband is ranting about one thing or another, he has to be careful not to stand over me or lean forward while he’s speaking or I will feel that vibration pound down on top of my head. When it happens, I can’t breathe. We’ve figured out how to let him know to step back without interrupting the flow of his rant. But when it happens, it’s just awful.

Hate-speech is another intense vibration that is impossible for me to experience. It’s as if our family is about to fall apart, or a violent crime is underway. I experience its destructiveness in a visceral manner feeling fear and panic and again I have trouble breathing.

Empaths naturally want to heal people who are having difficulties, irrespective of their nature. We instinctively want to bring people back into alignment with blessings of love and peace. But here’s the thing. Are we helping them or are we really bringing our own self back into alignment by trying to balance their vibration?

In my case, I’ve found that it’s more about me at that point and my ability to remain peacefully in control. Ideally, empaths should be able to observe the expressions of others without absorbing any of their vibration. Instead, we do the opposite and then become distressed when we experience extreme or intense emotion. We judge it as wrong somehow and set about fixing it when instead we could give it no meaning at all. It’s just something that’s currently happening and has nothing to do with us. But no. We get involved and it all goes south fairly quickly.

So what’s an empath to do?

  • Determine if the vibration is your own or someone else’s.
  • If it’s you, take a moment to settle down excusing yourself if you need that.
  • If it’s someone else, then either pull inward from them and shield if necessary, or feel their vibration along with them. Acknowledge to yourself that you’re choosing to do this and simply observe what you’re feeling. When we feel uncomfortable vibrations we tend to tense up and become resistant to what we’re experiencing. There’s nothing wrong with feeling something that’s not comfortable. It’s just one of many feelings that we experience in life. Give it no other meaning than that. Which brings me to the most important truth.
  • We give EVERYTHING in our experience the meaning it has. Knowing this, every so-called negative experience we have becomes just another experience to observe and take in.
  • Until the observation side of self overshadows the absorbing side it’s probably best to align and shield when experiencing intense vibrations. Some simple visualization techniques that are fairly self-explanatory include:
    • Bubble of Protection
    • Suit of Armor
    • Plow the Road (shopping carts work well)
    • Tunneling 
  • Practice controlling your breath when life is comfortable so that it’s easier to go there when things become dicey. Breathe, align in Source Presence, and visualize pulling back your energetic field to a single point. Visualize white light emerging outward from that single point, bathing you in loving, protective light, blessing all who wish to experience that loving resonance. Allow any energetic cords to dissipate and resonate in your purified and divine Self.
  • Understand your limitations and take time out for your own respite. Empaths tend to be self-sacrificing which only contributes to a lack of control so put yourself first. You are that important.

Experiencing Dishonesty

As challenging as experiencing intense emotions are, experiencing dishonesty, at least for me, is far worse. It’s the passive side of passive aggression and from my perspective, it’s as intense an experience as any violent outburst.

Dishonesty hits me like a wave. Inside I’m screaming, NO, but outside I’m in full assessment mode. Most of the time I don’t have to feel in to know a lie is in the works because people really are that transparent. When someone is dishonest, I feel a sense of being tied up in knots. I experience the liar’s desired effect and my outrage begins, matching if not exceeding the liar’s own vibrational intent. It’s why I had a hard time during the election. I knew the so-called new guy would renege on promises he made while up-ending the country in the process so I couldn’t listen to him or his minions then or now.

And because relationships of all sorts have been so impacted by the election it may be necessary for empaths to step back from arguments and confrontations that might take place between friends and family. Those who were duped along the way will have to find that truth for themselves. All the rest of us can do is wait for sanity to return and stay out of the line of fire so to speak.

Besides. Garden season is around the corner. Life is so much simpler there.

Blessings to all!