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The Crone: Transformational Power Within

You don’t look like a Crone, a friend on social media said. I smiled, knowing he missed the point entirely. As the Goddess has three aspects, so does a woman. We begin as a Maiden, emerging into the Mother phase either in our early twenties or when we have a child if sooner. When a woman enters menopause, she’s considered a Crone. Of course these are all arbitrary, because even though at fifty-nine I’m the right age, I’m fairly certain I was born a Crone. I think most empaths and witches probably are. Or at least it’s a strong energy that’s felt within.

But deviations aside, a woman emerging into her Crone phase is a beautiful sight to behold. We’ve lived varied lives, some electing to have children, some choosing their profession as their manifestation. Regardless of choice, a woman as Mother gives birth to new ideas and new possibilities, creating a lasting legacy for herself, her family, and friends.

And when the Crone taps us on the shoulder, we’re ready to feel and express her wisdom and loving presence. We’ve lived through much by this time in our lives, experiencing all that life has to offer. We’ve dried tears and raised hopes, stood firm when necessary and showed compassion for no reason at all. We understand what’s been and what’s to come. And we know when to step out of the way, to step aside, and let things unfold as they will.

The Crone knows all too well that experience is our best guide. It’s difficult to watch as things fall apart, knowing the pain it will cause, but knowing as well that sometimes it takes such things to make us pay attention to the obvious.

Hagalaz, considered the witch rune, provides a fixed structure allowing destruction in preparation for positive change. Also a Norn rune representing Urdh and the past, essentially Hagalaz represents the witch as Crone. The Crone has watched the continuous cycle of beginnings and endings, of birth and death, giving way to a rebirth of something better. She has the wisdom to let things unfold, watching as choices are made that further nothing but chaos and destruction, secure in her knowing that truth will remain when there’s nothing left.

Elders aren’t cherished in our society. We leave them wanting for much as we go about our lives, forgetting their counsel, ignoring their wisdom. The Crone witch was tortured and burned for not only her healing skills but for her wise counsel as well, particularly when truth threatened the mighty King.

As every Crone knows, sometimes our words are all we have. Oh, we’ll gladly step aside for you. We’ll step aside and watch as you create your havoc, staying ever ready to act when necessary. But the Crone chooses her battles wisely, saving her energy and commitment for just the right moment, when it will have the greatest effect.

You’ll never see the Crone coming because you pay no attention to us anymore. You’ve disregarded and dismissed our presence, ridiculed us into silence, never realizing you fuel our purpose even more. Underestimate the Crone at your own peril. She’s the Goddess personified. She’s the reason wisdom and compassion won at Standing Rock, and she’ll be the reason we survive.

Because in the end, women will lead us. There is no choice now. The schism that has happened will not be sustainable, it’s purpose not to unify but to further oppress. Crone wisdom will survive all of this and will lead us back into the balance we so desperately seek.

Women have been cleaning up messes created by men since the dawn of time. Sadly, these are the same men we give birth to. Maybe they get too big for their britches as my mother used to say. They’re on a roll and can’t face the consequences of their actions.

Maybe she’s right. Maybe what we’re witnessing is the last vestiges of patriarchy in all it’s ugliness. On display now for the whole world to witness, it can no longer be ignored.

Because at some point, we will all have had enough.

This Crone certainly has.

~ Blessings to all!

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The Power of a Queen

The Power of the Queens

A witch is drawn to places of power whether it be the mountains, the desert, or the ocean. We’re a curious bunch, and we notice all sorts of things when wandering about. One of the things we notice are rocks, particularly if they have holes in them. Every witch loves hag, or holey, stones. A divination tool, the witch looks through the hole to divine the future. A witch should never purchase a hag stone, instead we’re to find them on our wanderings. I suppose they can be a gift from someone, but it’s better for a witch to find her own. I found a Crone-load of hag stones at the Oregon coast last year while there for our oldest son’s wedding. I use them during ritual or if I need some Crone energy to influence a magickal working of some kind. Below the cards are two of the hag stones I found at the coast. In all of my life, I’ve never found one. But sometimes Goddess provides a windfall because that day, my gathering bag was full.

The Princess of Disks, the 4 of Disks, and the Queen of Swords from the Thoth deck are the cards for today’s reading. Elemental Earth energies dominate the reading with two cards from the suit of Disks. Pentacles in other decks, Disks suggest practical matters may be of concern to us today. The Queen of Swords, on the other hand, appears not to care about such things, or does she? The suit of Swords reflects Elemental Air and our intellectual presence in the world. Absent from the reading are Cups and Wands.

The numerology is easy because Court cards aren’t numbered, so the numerology of today’s reading is four, or Gaia energy. Synchronous with the energies of Elemental Earth, issues of foundation or structure are reinforced by the numerology of the cards.

Beginning with the Princess of Disks, we see a young woman whose focus is placed on practical matters. She stands silently, in deep concentration, her staff points downward to physical form. She is practical, generous, and reliable. The Princess is a student, her careful study transforming her future.

The 4 of Disks depicts the fortress of power, suggesting a strong foundation or structure. The four elements and quarters are represented in the scene, the strength of Elemental Guardians present. The 4 of Disks suggests wealth that’s building toward material or financial success.

And now for my favorite card, the Queen of Swords. She sits on her throne, reclined a bit, surrounded by clouds, her sword in her right hand, a head in her left. Clearly, she takes no prisoners, her effect final. The Queen cuts through illusion getting to the truth of the matter, suffering no fools in her path. She is intelligent and self-reliant, assertive yet graceful. Extraordinarily perceptive, the Queen of Swords prefers the solitary path, relying on her intuition as guide.

When Court cards appear in a reading, they can indicate either the individual on the card or their traits. An initial look at the cards really didn’t give me a feel for their flow. But as I began describing each one, it became clear to me what was going on here. Instead of seeing both Court cards in the same way, I decided to look at the traits of the Princess of Disks, and alternately, the Queen of Swords as an individual. I suppose we could see the Princess as the Queen when she was younger, but I think we’d arrive at the same place anyway.

There’s power in building the foundation for our lives. We seek out education in all forms, determined to learn all that we can, recognizing that the time spent in diligent, focused study will result in future success. We’ve learned from the Princess that transformation is possible with careful management of our resources.

But at the end of the day, the Queen reflects on wisdom gained over a lifetime lived. She’s paid her dues. The Queen uses her sword, balancing intellect with intuition to cut through illusion, finding the dispassionate solution. She lets go of what no longer serves, in this case, a severed head, suggesting it may be her own thoughts that she casts to the universe.

Typical Crone. Over time, we learn to choose our battles, eventually learning to ignore just about everything. In the clouds, she sits apart from the physical aspect of Self, aligning with her Source Presence as she releases her hold on the past. Her foundation is strong, the power of the Queen felt by all.

As women, we have far more power than we may realize. A lifetime of oppression is the cause, but all along, we’ve been building our strong foundation, our fortress. There is no one more determined than a woman. No one. We survive as we always have, with grace and dignity. And it’s time that we embraced that inner strength and resolve that has sustained us throughout our lives.

We’re worth far more than some in our country would suggest. And our time has come.

Blessed Be

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Crone Balance Tea

Tea harvest

In gathering herbs for tea, I do so intuitively. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and then I walk around looking for herbs to fit the bill. All of my teas have herbs that address my rheumatoid arthritis. But they also address other issues as well. As a Crone, I also include herbs that help balance and tone. I refuse to take any hormones and so far I’ve been successful in staying away from them.

My raspberries are ripening and each time I pick a bowl, I also harvest some raspberry leaf. Raspberry leaf is a wonderful reproductive system tonic for both men and women. I harvested some leaf this morning and then got a little carried away harvesting other herbs. I like to select small amounts of each herb and then craft a tea from there.

Wandering about my garden area, I found some comfrey leaf, a soothing, demulcent herb that’s wonderful for healing both internally and externally. Comfrey root has a mucilaginous quality to it and it’s useful as a poultice for bruising and wounds. Comfrey leaf I use internally in teas and tinctures and it’s really good as a green mulch or compost tea for the garden. I gathered a couple of leaves and added them to my bowl.

Nettle grows over by my pond. I found it growing in a hanging planter so I grabbed it and planted it next to the main pond (I have four). Nettle doesn’t seem to grow around the High Desert the way it does over in the valley, so I was thrilled to finally have some. Herbalists hate having to buy herbs that grow naturally. Nettle is a liver alterative herb which tones the master cleanse system. It contains Vitamins A and C and nourishes the body.

Holy Basil or Tulsi is an adaptogen, meaning that it goes where its needed in the body. It’s also a nervine and antispasmodic as well making it excellent for rheumatic complaints. I grow three varieties, Vana, Rama, and Kapur, in both the herb greenhouse and in pots on my deck. The smell is both spicy and minty and it’s lovely.

Another adaptogen is spearmint and likely chocolate mint. The chocolate mint is pure nirvana. It smells heavenly and so far I’ve purchased two transplants this year. Spearmint stimulates digestion, settles an upset stomach and has diuretic properties. I pinched a couple of ends off both plants and included them in today’s tea.

I recently harvested some mugwort, so I grabbed a couple of fresh leaves off the plant itself. I like to use fresh herb when I can. Mugwort is a versatile herb with anti-spasmodic, alterative, and sedative properties. It can be used in ritual as a smudge or to simply burn on charcoal in the cauldron for hedgeriding and shamanic journeying.

A beautiful sage plant is growing in a pot on my deck. It has large leaves, larger than I’ve ever seen on a sage plant and I just had to have it. It’s a nice respiratory herb with its astringent properties, but that also works well for rheumatoid arthritis. Sage also functions as a nervine, helping with pain.

Lemon balm or Melissa is a nervine and liver alterative. It reportedly kills EBV which may be at the root of rheumatoid arthritis. So, I grow it and use it daily as a simple tincture as well as in teas. It’s delicate and lemony.

I love the look of California Poppy. I discovered if I harvest it periodically, it grows back more lush and thick than when it comes up initially. A perennial, it comes back year after year. When I turned my outside garden space into a medicinal herb garden in the shape of a pentacle, I planted white California Poppy on each tip of the pentagram. But today, I clipped a couple of yellow flowers and stems for my tea. It has mild sedative properties, similar to its cousin the opium poppy, but not as strong, so it’s safe to use, however I have read that it may aggravate glaucoma, so those people suffering from that condition might want to consult a practicing herbalist before using California Poppy.

I think it’s possible that all four of my beehives are foraging on my borage. I have borage planted in two separate areas of the medicinal herb garden and they’ve gone nuts this season. They’re just covered in flowers and I gathered some as well as a couple of small leaves for my tea. Borage is both demulcent and diuretic and only undamaged leaves should be used. It has a cucumber flavor and can be used raw in salads as well. The flower is lovely to float in iced teas and other summer beverages and has a sweet taste.

Lastly, but definitely not least, I included some oat seed and oat straw in my blend. While not gathered fresh, I just finished harvesting and processing my first attempt at growing oats so they were fresh in that respect. Harvest happens when the oats reach a milky green color. Separating the seed from the stem is exhausting and I kept my arnica tincture next to me while I did it. My middle knuckle on my middle finger of my right hand was damaged by a customer in my former business when he crushed it while shaking my hand, all while knowing I suffered from RA. It was hard to miss my swollen hands, particularly if you held them in any way, but he was not happy with a competitor of ours and because I couldn’t make his experience over there better, he decided to take out his frustrations on me. And now I have permanent damage from his petulant and abusive behavior. You’d think a guy in his mid-sixties would know better, but apparently not.

Herbs like oats and oatstraw, along with comfrey leaf, are nutritive and soothing to the nervous system. Oatstraw is a nervine, demulcent, and tonic. It aids digestion and elevates the mood. Just what a Crone witch needs. I planted the oats in the top point of the pentagram, reflecting Spirit, to nourish and balance Self.

The idea behind today’s tea was to soothe and balance. The events of the past few days have left me feeling somewhat drained, but then that happens with empaths and other sensitive people. I’ve had to limit my news access because otherwise I experience overwhelming pain. I don’t understand the killing of others and we’ve lost too much in the last few days.

So let’s take extra care of each other, love each other instead of all this other nonsense. Let’s be the one family that we truly are.

Blessed Be

tea in pot


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The Intrinsic Value of the Crone


I grew up as a witchling and empath in a family that didn’t understand me but certainly defined themselves by my achievements. It wasn’t so much about my success, but how that success made them look. The expectations I learned to live with made it difficult to be who I was. I tried to be acceptable to people which never turned out as I expected. People pleasing typically backfires. When you give your power away to others, they know it on a visceral level, even if they don’t realize it intellectually at the time. They will repeat the expectation of you, and you’ll need to respond or risk rejection.

Empaths have a tough go of it when they’re young if they don’t grow up in an aware household. We know everything and it’s so difficult not to share what we know. But when it’s information that we have no real way of knowing, no one believes us. And if we’re calling someone out for their nonsense when we don’t have any direct knowledge of it, the individual typically uses that fact to dismiss what we say. We’re shamed as know-it-alls. It’s like standing on the outside of everything with people too afraid of what we know to let us in.

When you’re a witch as well, and you know that from age three as I did, you might as well give up on having any sort of a normal life. No matter how much normalcy you try to include in your life, it will never feel right, so you might as well live as you wish. If you can socialize easily with others, then that’s fabulous, but for most of us it’s not the easiest thing to do. We feel out of place as we pick up on the emotions and thoughts of others. It’s hard to stay aligned and centered in a group of people, so we tend to steer clear of parties and large gatherings.

Over the course of our lifetime a witch may choose to remain alone, but many marry and have children and not all of us are out as witches when we do. I wasn’t, although I didn’t exactly keep it a secret with respect to my behavior or beliefs. My husband wasn’t surprised when I finally confessed my truth and he has no problem being a consort to a witch. He’s a bit of a shaman as it is, and after thirty-seven years of marriage, we still click.

In witchcraft as well as pagan culture, the Triple Goddess is revered. Maiden, Mother and Crone are Her aspects which depict the three phases of life a woman experiences. Reverence is the key word here. Lately, I’ve been hearing negativity expressed by some about embracing their Crone aspect. The Crone has gotten a bad rap over the years, referring to her as a Hag, etc. But then in this country, we don’t exactly revere older people. We dismiss them, relegating them to someone we simply aren’t ready to be. Instead of a repository of wisdom, older people are treated with disdain and at times, contempt.

When I was so ill with rheumatoid arthritis, it was difficult to walk from point A to point B. I walked slowly and with great pain, using a cane most of the time. Shopping at large stores was a nightmare because everyone was in a hurry, I was always in the way, and no one seemed to care if they slammed their carts into me. I understood immediately what it must be like for older people who have similar trouble ambulating. It was terrifying. I remember one time going to the car after shopping a local big box store. I was trying to get across the parking lot and a horn blared. I jumped, nearly fell, and looked back to see an old man and his wife screaming at me to move out of their way. I burst into tears and continued on my way.

It speaks to how we view someone who is either old or sick. We’re in the way. We’re a bother. We have no value anymore.

To that I say, bullshit.

I was participating in a discussion online in a group I belong to about what age becoming a Crone begins. I was so disappointed to see some of the comments that essentially took the view that they would go down kicking and screaming before they’d ever be a Crone. Seriously? I was stunned.

My hair began turning silver at sixteen. I was born with medium to dark brown hair with lots of red highlights. When I turned 33 I stopped dying my hair. By that time, my witch streak was fully defined and the rest of my hair was filling in with silver. So I decided I was done with all of that and before I turned 40, my long hair was fully silver. Given that chronology, I’m fairly certain I’ve always been a Crone. The Maiden and Mother probably happened in another incarnation. My mother and her friends used say that if an older woman wore her hair long she was considered to be one of those kind of women. To this day, I have no idea who they are, but clearly I’m one of them.

Our society values youthfulness. Women bear the brunt of this attitude, relegated to withering on the vine while men in our patriarchal world, on the other hand, do as they please. So I understand a woman’s reluctance to embrace her Crone aspect.

A Crone is full of the wisdom that living life gives. She is not someone to be feared or to be rejected. I participated in an online group a while back where the individual controlling the group chose to prevent me from responding further to something she posted after my initial comment. It had to do with witches charging for what they do, which is something that many witches frown upon. It has to do with ethics. I said that I thought it was fine to charge for tarot readings and the like because it’s a skill that takes time to learn and it should be acceptable to charge for one’s time at least. She responded and then blocked me from commenting further. There was no drama, nothing. Just the suppression of a Crone’s voice in a group where all voices were supposed to be honored and cherished.

I left the group shortly thereafter. I don’t have time for such disrespect. No Crone does. We’ve learned over a lifetime where to put our energy and who not to give a rat’s ass about. It’s not that we ask, who do you think you are, but more like, oh, there you are. Because as the saying goes, a Crone doesn’t suffer fools gladly. At our age, we’ve seen and experienced far too much to spend any time all with people who are self-serving.

I turn fifty-nine in October. I fully embrace my Crone Aspect as the tagline at the top of my blog states. It’s the best time of my life. I can do what I want, think what I want, and say what I want. I can spend my days as I please, putting my energy into any creative endeavor I choose. In many respects, a woman’s life truly begins during her Crone years. So to dismiss that time or us as something to avoid at all costs seems sad and so unnecessary.

I offer some of my history to show that each of us has a story to tell that has purpose and value. Those witches who grow up solitary as I did bring a perspective to the conversation, a perspective that’s valid and necessary. Our craft, our magick, wasn’t dependent upon initiation into a tradition. We didn’t have the benefit of a Crone’s guidance along the way. We learned by doing, by allowing, and by knowing. We had only our awareness of what resonated as our guide.

What a Crone has to say matters. Our wisdom is gained over a lifetime lived, and we have so much to offer. We have value and purpose and a presence like no other.

~Blessed Be the Crone


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Explain Yourself To No One

Explain Yourself To No One

What do we hold on to? What keeps us in the same place, doing the same thing we’ve always done, reacting the same way we always have? It’s easy to see when others are stuck in some fashion, riding the same wave they’ve always ridden. It’s much more difficult to see ourselves in that same process.

The rune, Hagalaz, is thought to be transformational energy that is structured in some way, as opposed to energy that flows at will. Also known as the witch rune, Hagalaz, like the witch, focuses energy for a particular purpose, in much the same way a spell is cast. Candles of a particular color, stones, incense are all utilized providing a structure or framework to focus or direct the witch’s intention.

But when does that framework or structure limit us? I think as humans we tie everything up with a nice little bow in an effort to make sense of our lives. Daily routines are an example of this tendency. We like the familiar in our lives. The problem is that we become stuck in that familiar routine creating a comfort zone that we we resist stepping outside of.

As witches, we must not be afraid to step out of our magickal comfort zones, embracing new ideas and change with childlike curiosity, jumping into the deep end with our clothes still on if necessary. Let no one draw lines in the sand, defining you with their limiting judgment. Move quickly away from those wishing only to judge, because instead of ignoring such negativity, judgment stops us in our tracks. And then we forget to witch up and stand in our own power, moving forward in what we know, not in what we’re told is true.

Maybe I see things differently because I’m in my Crone years now. I’ve been doing the work around for far too many years, moving around people who never have my best interests at heart. I couldn’t even earn a Black Belt without listening to endless disrespectful comments. As the wife of the instructor, of course my belt was given to me. Never mind I trained every day, attended every class, my own and others. Never mind a seventh degree tested me as well, reaffirming my husband’s decision. But time and again, going the extra mile to become acceptable has always been something I would do.

And then one day I stopped. I finally realized that in my effort toward acceptability, I kept myself from living authentically. Somehow, I had convinced myself that I could do both – live my truth and be acceptable to others. I didn’t realize that my mistake was in doing anything other than living my truth.

I told myself it was none of anyone’s business that I was a witch. I’m sure my choice was based on my life growing up as an empath in a dysfunctional family. I didn’t really understand that term when I was young, believing my awareness was because I was a witch, which was certainly true, but not the whole picture. That understanding would come later.

But a witchling develops her coping strategies early in life, and it is what it is. On a side note, an ancestor, King Edward III, came up with that saying, it is as it is. I’ve always had a strong connection with my Akashic Record, which may account for my unexplained obsessions with runes, sayings, Nova Scotia, Ireland (okay, my Grandmother was born there, but still), herbal medicine, Druidry, and divination.

And as for the acceptability I desired, I’m not sure it ever happened. It’s like trying everything to improve a relationship only to find out that all your hard work was for nothing. Your partner was leaving anyway. So the day I stopped was the day I realized that no matter what I did, I had no control over what others believed about me.

At that point, it became about where I wanted to put my energy or my intention. I stopped paying attention to what was coming from others and began doing what I wanted when I wanted. And the more I did that, the more I realized that I’m here only for myself. After all, it’s my focus into physical reality. I didn’t come here in tandem with anyone else. It’s my life and I’ll live it as I choose. And that’s a really great thing.

Now, typically when people notice changes like this in a woman my age, witch or otherwise, it can be disconcerting for everyone concerned. Ignore them. They can say whatever they want, have whatever reaction they choose. It’s none of your business. Get on with things.

And the best part, tell no one you’re doing this. Just do it. Break out of the mold you’ve created and begin anew. Let no one interrupt your flow. You’ve arrived, finally. No apologies, no regrets. The past is over. It has no bearing on the present, on the Now. You owe no one and no one owes you. Doesn’t that feel fabulous? Ignore the naysayers. Regard them as the nosy busy bodies they are. Explain yourself to no one.

Let me repeat that last one: EXPLAIN YOURSELF TO NO ONE.

I mean, really, what witch does that anyway? It’s just that many of us just find the work around instead of not giving two fucks about what others think. Maybe I’m in a blessed place now, Cailleach and Hecate more relevant than Persephone or Demeter. When you step away from the self-imposed framework of your life, possibility gives way to actuality, a posse ad esse. Let the chaos continue around you. Stay in your centered still point. Your power is there.

Let your magick flow unfettered, unbound. It’s your birthright. It’s your calling. It’s your resonance. You’re an unstoppable force of nature.

And you already know that.

~Blessed Be the Witch





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In Need of No Definition

This may be a rant. I won’t know until I’m finished. When others define us, we’re put in the position of either ignoring what they say, agreeing with them, or establishing how wrong they are. Labels and definitions ultimately give way to permission, as if any of us need another’s permission to be who we are. I certainly don’t.

Women give away so much of themselves throughout their lives. We put our partners and children first before we ever think of ourselves. We run on nervous energy, trying to be all things to all people. And if we also have a job, which most of us have because we can’t make ends meet if we don’t, we have to figure out a way to take care of our families while making our employers feel that they have our complete focus as well.

And then people have the audacity to suggest that women want to have it all. We don’t want it all. We just don’t want anyone or anything to fall through the cracks. We want to assume our responsibilities to the nth degree. It’s how a woman is built. It’s the Mother aspect of us, whether we have children or we don’t. It’s the nurturer in us that wants everyone and everything to be okay.

I was told one day by someone close to me that I can make my tinctures if I want, but being a Reiki Master was apparently a bridge too far for this person. As if I’m trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes with Reiki. I don’t even charge for a session. I thought at the time, wow, what a narrow definition. I’ve earned a Black Belt. I’ve owned and managed two businesses, one a karate school. I facilitated my boys’ homeschooling. I’m a herbalist and beekeeper. It doesn’t typically occur to me that I can’t do something which sometimes gets me into trouble. My husband is an authority on that subject. Praise Goddess, he doesn’t have a blog.

It was irritating when I was growing up having to live up to other-imposed definitions of who I was supposed to be. I should be a teacher, my father would say. It’s a nice job for a woman. I could work while the kids were in school and I would be home with them in the summer. Smart-ass witch that I was, I would ask him why he assumed I would marry and have children. Needing to break free, I graduated high school at the end of my junior year and began college that summer while I was still sixteen, earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at twenty. My parents were divorced by that time and that was that. 

After college, I married, had two kids, earned my Black Belt, taught karate, later returning to college to pursue additional education while homeschooling the boys. So a teacher of sorts I became, but on my own terms, functioning more as a facilitator with respect to the boys than an actual teacher. The lives of women don’t always turn out as expected. We learn early on to roll with the punches and to move around obstacles, always creating something new in the process.

And we do it while others try to limit our expression. It’s fine to succeed, but only if we’re acceptable and we have the permission of others to do so. And Goddess help us if we assert ourselves. And may she help us more if we don’t.

These days I try not to watch much election coverage. The standard to which Hillary Clinton is held is so much higher than the men in the race. But then that’s what happens. And I guess that’s what I’m so weary of. The fact that there’s so much that’s what happens in our lives. It’s become the norm to narrowly define women to suit someone else’s comfort level, when what they really need to do is get over themselves. Power is seductive and no one seems comfortable with women having any. And it’s not that women need to support other women simply for the sake of doing so. In fact, that’s just as bad as all the ridiculous patriarchal definitions of women that exist. It accomplishes nothing in the long run.

Maybe it’s because I’m in my Crone years that this nastiness directed at a woman only ten years my senior irritates me so. There but for the grace of Goddess and so forth. It’s ugly and beneath everyone who participates in it. It would be one thing if the comments were focused only on her work and qualifications, but they’re not. Many feel cheap and self-serving and I just can’t listen to them. And then Bernie suggested the other day that she’s not qualified. I live in Oregon. The bird was cool and a totally Oregon-esque thing to happen. I love Bernie. I’ve contributed to his campaign. But that was a stupid and pissy comment. And I won’t vote for him in our primary because of it. If he wins the nomination, then I’ll support him. But not until then.

Whether Hillary is our next president or not, she’s certainly more than qualified for the job. To suggest she’s not is asinine. How is she less qualified than Bernie? And what exactly does she have to do to rise to his definition of qualified? Although I’m a Democrat, my beliefs are more Socialist, so to have someone like Bernie in the race is a dream come true. His election could foster true progressive change with the right balance in Congress, assuming that would happen. But people are tired of what passes for conservative thinking these days and the time might be right. But he needs to win by rising above the fray, not stooping to asinine comments that have no basis in reality. I think it’s clear that both candidates are qualified. Now they need to focus on the issues and leave the asinine comments for the TV guy and his Canadian friend. Because I’m done with all things asinine and I vote.

So, define that. And yes, I guess this was a rant.



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Influences of Alignment or Derailment – 9 January 2016

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jan - Transit 192016On this new moon, Personality Moon transits at Gate 61, Line 5 – occult knowledge. Well, it is the Dark Moon after all. The Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) remains active, so a little unstable or crazy energy along with occult knowledge will make for some interesting intention-setting during ritual. I prefer the Dark Moon over all other moons. It’s Crone energy at its purest. With the influences happening today, it suggests a wonderful time for hedgeriding, or shamanic journeying.

The Full Moon is exciting, but when in her Dark phase, I feel a quiet resonance with Goddess. It’s a time for gathering energies back to Self, recentering and aligning for the month to come. The energy flows inward, as intentions are set, a genesis of something new, of something more.

The Dark Moon is the time of beginnings and endings, of balance and renewal. Align with Self; align with Goddess. It’s the night of the Crone. Let the world disappear as you embrace Her resonance and power. And know.

~Blessed Be

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Tradition Reconsidered On The New Moon

Tradition reflected in a New Moon altar

Tradition takes on a different meaning when you believe the world we see and experience is a collective illusion. Because then the question becomes, how real do we want to make all of this? I’ve never been a witch who embraces tradition anyway, preferring instead to craft my own. We’re here to create, not react, but it’s easy to get that one backwards. Most of us react all over the place.

Which brings me to hexes and curses. I know witches don’t take these things lightly, but I’ve never been comfortable with them. I confess to thinking, oh a little binding spell is okay, after all, it’s just a little time out to think about things. It’s a gift, really. They could think of it as a spa day or something. About that time Higher Self taps me on the shoulder, asking me how real I want to make all of this, and I’m we go. And suddenly my mother’s voice is there saying, well you know I’m right.

All of this leads me to wonder who it is I’m actually binding with a binding spell. Am I binding a specific person or situation, or is it my perception alone that I’m binding? One guess as to what Higher Self and Mom both said.

We experience our bodies as dense because they look and feel that way. Empaths have the sense that we exist both within and without, watching our life unfold as much as experiencing it first hand. It’s as if we look out from behind our eyes, from a place that’s outside perception, where truth is eternal and we are all one.

I remember reading something a long time ago that suggested everthing is a reflection of agreement. Energy coalesces into form because of an agreement to do so, a consciousness-based creation. Take a moment and think about that. Pull back away from what you think you are, go within and align with your Higher Self. Feel the resonance of the collective consciousness. You’re never alone for Source sustains you always. Extend that awareness to others, seeing them as the family they indeed are, as extensions of Source, and you’ll feel no judgment, but only love.

Sorta makes it hard to hex someone, no?

So on this New Moon, reflect on what you’ve created, and consider a new tradition as you willingly let go of what no longer serves.

~Blessings to all!



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Walking the Canyon As I Greet The Day

Walking the Canyon

Walking every day is not really a goal anymore, but a requirement. A day missed leaves me out of sorts. I need to breathe the air, feel the wind, hear the birds. I need to experience the seasons changing, and walking even a portion of the canyon brings a sense of calm as I begin the day.

In preparation for the walk, I lose my keys several times, and my IPod earbuds even more before ever leaving the house. My husband, intelligent man that he is, wisely stays out of the way. Hats and gloves are added to the morning search party during the winter. Sometimes I’ll take everything with me when walking from room to room, which is fine if I set nothing down. But if I do, then Goddess only knows what I’ve done with it. And then the hunt is on.

There’s an app for everything now, and walking is no exception. I have a Map My Walk app on my phone which I activate when we leave the house. It would be interesting to track the distance I travel in the house just looking for my stuff over the course of a week or so. But then there would be evidence and hubby would tell the kids and I’d never live it down.

Walking eight miles, sometimes nine, I gather together protein bars, dried fruit and a banana to eat along the way while my husband prepares the water bottle. I must have ice. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, I must have ice. It’s a Crone thing and I make no apologies for it. Ice is so critical at this stage of my life that the first thing I do when I check into a hotel is locate the ice machine. Trust me, never get between a witch and her ice bucket in the midst of a hot flash. I’ll just say that everything you’ve heard about a witch in her Crone years is quite possibly true, and leave it at that.

When our days are filled with distractions and chaos, walking the canyon is the best way I know to connect with the energy of Blessed Gaia. I find my center there, walking the canyon, the smell of sage and juniper permeating the air. Memories of keys lost drift away as calm returns. And I return home feeling blessed from the folks I meet along the way.

~Blessings as we walk our path together!

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The Crone..Blessed Mother, Wise Woman, Warrior


Crone altar


I love Halloween. Samhain to witches and pagans. It’s my favorite holiday. Christmas is fun and it’s a wonderful time for families to get together, and I love all the lights so much that in lieu of a front porch light I keep them up all year long mixed in with my Halloween lighting. It’s nice. But I was born in October, so it’s always been my month and my holiday. I’m certain of it.

Samhain represents the Goddess in her Crone phase. As a Crone, I have to admit it gets old seeing the Crone represented as a nasty and mean hag. The hag part is fine, it’s the nasty and mean part that I find troubling. Women have enough problems these days, still fighting for even the most basic of human rights, particularly the right to be left alone by their government. Depiciting the Crone as someone to fear sadly reinforces the notion of the witch as evil and demonic, a belief the patriarchy needs to remain in control.

In reality, the Crone is the Wise Woman, the Warrior who lives her truth at all costs. She’s compromised enough. She stands strong as the example of wisdom and grace. She is the Goddess in all Her glory. She is there to gently guide and nurture. She sets boundaries that others may find difficult, but it’s typically a sign to take stock of oneself. Dismiss a Crone and her wisdom and you might just miss a chance for growth.

While the chaos of life ensues, the Crone remains the stillpoint, unaffected by the drama around her. She knows well how to navigate these egoic waters, refusing to create space for the intentions of others to take hold. She needs no approval, which some may find unsettling as they seek to control her wild nature. They never noticed it was there, under the surface all along, waiting to emerge into fullness. For that is the Crone..the time when a woman emerges into her fullness, becoming the unstoppable force that she is.

Crones are beautiful. They are your Grandmothers, your Mothers, your Sisters, Wives, and Daughters. Celebrate them this blessed Samhain season!

~Blessings to all!