The Crone: Transformational Power Within

You don’t look like a Crone, a friend on social media said. I smiled, knowing he missed the point entirely. As the Goddess has three aspects, so does a woman. We begin as a Maiden, emerging into the Mother phase either in our early twenties or when we have a child if sooner. When a […]

The Power of the Queens

The Power of a Queen

A witch is drawn to places of power whether it be the mountains, the desert, or the ocean. We’re a curious bunch, and we notice all sorts of things when wandering about. One of the things we notice are rocks, particularly if they have holes in them. Every witch loves hag, or holey, stones. A divination tool, the […]

Tea harvest

Crone Balance Tea

In gathering herbs for tea, I do so intuitively. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and then I walk around looking for herbs to fit the bill. All of my teas have herbs that address my rheumatoid arthritis. But they also address other issues as well. As a Crone, I also […]


The Intrinsic Value of the Crone

I grew up as a witchling and empath in a family that didn’t understand me but certainly defined themselves by my achievements. It wasn’t so much about my success, but how that success made them look. The expectations I learned to live with made it difficult to be who I was. I tried to be acceptable […]

Explain Yourself To No One

What do we hold on to? What keeps us in the same place, doing the same thing we’ve always done, reacting the same way we always have? It’s easy to see when others are stuck in some fashion, riding the same wave they’ve always ridden. It’s much more difficult to see ourselves in that same […]

In Need of No Definition

This may be a rant. I won’t know until I’m finished. When others define us, we’re put in the position of either ignoring what they say, agreeing with them, or establishing how wrong they are. Labels and definitions ultimately give way to permission, as if any of us need another’s permission to be who we […]

Influences of Alignment or Derailment – 9 January 2016

Saturday, 9 January 2016 On this new moon, Personality Moon transits at Gate 61, Line 5 – occult knowledge. Well, it is the Dark Moon after all. The Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) remains active, so a little unstable or crazy energy along with occult knowledge will make for some interesting intention-setting during ritual. I prefer the Dark Moon over […]

Tradition Reconsidered On The New Moon

Tradition takes on a different meaning when you believe the world we see and experience is a collective illusion. Because then the question becomes, how real do we want to make all of this? I’ve never been a witch who embraces tradition anyway, preferring instead to craft my own. We’re here to create, not react, but […]

Walking the Canyon As I Greet The Day

Walking every day is not really a goal anymore, but a requirement. A day missed leaves me out of sorts. I need to breathe the air, feel the wind, hear the birds. I need to experience the seasons changing, and walking even a portion of the canyon brings a sense of calm as I begin […]

The Crone..Blessed Mother, Wise Woman, Warrior

    I love Halloween. Samhain to witches and pagans. It’s my favorite holiday. Christmas is fun and it’s a wonderful time for families to get together, and I love all the lights so much that in lieu of a front porch light I keep them up all year long mixed in with my Halloween lighting. […]