As The Mother Wolf Rises

A lunar eclipse occurred this morning which I confess that I slept through. Since I’m beginning the intepretation of this tarot reading before it gets dark and the Full Super Moon in Leo rises, I’ll include a picture from last night’s Maiden Moon in the unlikely event I finish while it’s still light. Tonight’s full […]

Manifesting the Divine Feminine

Manifesting The Divine Feminine ~ Rune & Tarot for 22 Nov 2016

Representing the Triple Goddess, the Priestess sits with her arms in supplication to the Moon, manifesting the Divine Feminine within. She is our gateway to the unconscious realm, our nonphysical aspect of Self. Full of inspiration, the Priestess serves as the wise counselor, possessing inner wisdom and secret knowledge. Intensely perceptive, her eyes are covered […]


The Feminine Influence

We have a female Presidential candidate. Let that sink in for a moment, will you? She’s strong and steady and will lead with a full heart and an intelligent mind. But then that’s Hillary. I think it’s telling when people suggest that women will vote for her because she’s a woman. Please. That’s ridiculous. Women are […]

Take the Risk

  It’s risky for a woman who begins to live her truth. Not everyone in your life understands the change in you; not everyone will get on board. Some will even sabotage your efforts, your voice, your inner power. No one seems to understand that you have no choice. You’ve waited long enough. You’ve lived your life […]