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The Suffering of Fools

The Suffering of Fools

It’s true that witches do not suffer fools gladly. I use Mistress in part of my name on social media as a witch reference, as in, for example, Mistress of the Realm, Mistress of the Moon, or Mistress of Dragons. It’s actually part of my witch name, the rest of it known only to the Goddess. When I taught martial arts, Madame or Mrs. Erickson was appropriate as was Sensei. These are terms of respect in a world where there’s little now. And then there are those who turn it all into something else. I like to refer to those people, particularly during my more magickal moments, as fools.

Ask any woman out there and she’ll tell you that the foolish among us tend to be men. I co-owned a motorcycle shop with my husband and on any given day this was true. Just ask their wives. After the laughter died down, the stories shared would take hours.

A witch has a bullshit meter that’s neverending. Most of us are empathic so there’s no getting around when we know nonsense is afoot. And whatever you do, don’t ever lie to a witch. We don’t like it. Because when games are played, a witch is at her best.

Integrity is also important. We prefer to meet others on a level playing field with all voices heard and respected. And we don’t like hidden agendas that we have to then figure out because we most assuredly will. And it’s at that point the whole suffering of fools notion comes into play.

It’s difficult to always rise above the fray to stand as witness to the chaos that surrounds us. It’s hard for any of us to do that let alone the more magickally inclined. A witch feels compelled, you see, to bring a sense of order and balance to the situation unfolding before her and the greater the mess the more powerful the working.

It takes men longer to grow up than it does women. I used to be of the opinion that it wasn’t until most men were well into their thirties that they were finally done cooking so to speak. But after my experiences in my last business, I’ve been forced to reassess this idea. I now believe men are forever a work in progress with some, like the so-called new guy at the Maralago House, never reaching that goal.

Of course, this could all represent the ramblings of a witch now in her Crone years. But sadly, I know that it’s not. The recent transcript of the interview the so-called new guy gave to the Associated Press is evidence of the difficulty some men have letting go of foolishness, or in his case, with eloquent speech. And if the information that’s coming out about his ties to Russia is true, all the obstruction by his party won’t help him or them. Truth has a way of coming out and it seems that citizen journalists are more than ready to help.

But in the meantime, a witch does what a witch does, observes and then observes some more, writing a few things down, gathering her tools together, waiting for the right moon phase and time of day for the best outcome. And if there’s no time for that, the witch does what witches throughout eternity have always done. She stands in her full power and acts. Now. In the preservation of safety and truth.

Like I said, witches don’t suffer fools gladly. Never have, never will. And with the combined intellectual level of the current regime in power, they’ll provide all of us, witches included, with a front row seat to their delusional thinking and behavior. Because without any clear evidence of an integrated thought process in play, all we have are fools running the country.

The other thing witches don’t like? Assumptions. My fourteenth great-grandmother, Lady Janet Douglas, was burned for the assumption that she was a witch. King James, a cousin in my ancestry, ordered her burning. Bloodline witches are throughout my heritage so it’s possible that she was such an individual, but James, having written Daemonologie, was obsessed with witchcraft believing that a group of Scottish witches caused a storm preventing his future wife, Anne of Denmark, from reaching him so he felt his own sense of compelling to the detriment of many.

It was Sir Francis, 5th Earl of Bothwell, who actually caused all the ruckus in the first place. His aunt was Mary, Queen of Scots, and when she died he believed he should occupy the throne instead of her son, James. But by that time, Francis was believed to be the devil incarnate and thus began the North Berwick Witch trials bolstered by his own machinations which ultimately backfired. He would eventually leave Scotland alive and in disgrace. On a more positive note, I have an uncle who was known as the Wizard of Yester Castle who reportedly commanded a goblin army to build said castle. They put in a hall in the lower level apparently known as Goblin Hall. Family. Whether it’s Druids, Plantagenets or Merovingians, my magickal background goes back forever.

The so-called new guy reminds me of Francis, running his mouth about this or that and causing all sorts of consternation in the process. My great-grandmother was burned for Francis’s foolishness along with hundreds of other people, not all of whom were witches. Not that any of this should have been happening anyway. We were so feared by clergy and their royal counterparts that instead of valuing our services as healers, midwives, and counselors to the village they were instead threatened by our valued place in the community. The patriarchy by then was in full swing and we’re still experiencing its effects. And I still can’t wrap my heart around the fact that I had family on both sides of the equation.

We can hope that the so-called new guy, like Francis, runs away with his tail between his legs, but prison seems more likely. A fool, he assumed we wouldn’t notice, that we wouldn’t respond.

But we are.

The silly season of fools has begun and it’s not ending anytime soon. And this witch is ready.



  1. Transcript of AP interview with Trump
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In Consideration of All That We’ve Built ~ Tarot for 31 Jan 2017

In Consideration for All That We've Built

Before the new guy destroys everything in sight, maybe he should rethink that choice, particularly in consideration of all that we’ve built together. You’d think, given all the hotels, resorts, casinos, and golf courses he’s built he’d understand the value of this concept. However, it’s not just the tangible that’s important but the relationships we build as well. Because when everything else is gone, one would hope at least family would be there. And now, incredulous though it seems, our family is being threatened by a man-child lacking any visible impulse control.

Today’s tarot reading illustrates what we’ve built together from love and unity of purpose. It begins with the 6 of Cups illustrating a boy offering a girl a cup overflowing with white flowers. Six cups in all, they reflect love and friendship. He offers the gift of happiness and fulfillment. With six as the Holy Spirit within, we see that love flows from union and harmony with others.

The 4 of Wands is next depicting four wands acting as an entrance to the castle in the distance. A flowered garland hangs at the top of the entrance suggesting happiness awaits whomever passes beneath. Four suggests structure, foundation, and Mother Earth energy. The castle is fortified on its rock foundation, its strength evident as it towers above the land.

Finally, the 10 of Pentacles completes the reading with a couple standing together under an arch, gazing at each other perhaps reflecting on their life together. Two flags are crossed in front of the couple, five pentagrams on each one, suggesting wealth and abundance and a life well lived. The crossed poles suggest the sort of protection that an abundant life brings. Ten is the number for both completion and new beginnings.

The numerology of the reading is two or duality. It also signifies partnership and balance. When in balance, partnerships flow smoothly. When not, all kinds of nonsense happens.

For far too long we’ve lived in an us versus them world with a chosen few deciding everyone else’s fate. And now here we are with a new guy in apparent control, apparent because it now appears certain that he’s merely a puppet and not the guy in charge at all. His personality issues provide ample room for others to manipulate and control his actions while they set about behind the scenes destroying everything we’ve built together.

And if today’s reading shows us anything, it’s that through unity of purpose we can build a strong foundation that sustains and supports our happiness. It’s not about what others can take away, but what we can achieve if we align in one purpose.

Each one of us has worth, irrespective of what the currently chosen few wish to believe. These are sad people hell-bent on control and oppression. Whatever brought them to this disgusting mindset is going to cost us all in the long run. How much remains to be seen.

The shape of the crossed flags on the 10 of Pentacles reminds me of the rune, Dagaz, from the Elder Futhark signifying not only endings and beginnings but also the enlightenment gained from such a process. The background of each card is yellow representing qualities of the Sun including clarity, determination, and will. We don’t need to experience much else to understand what’s at stake. Our collective will is what built this country and what will save us from these delusional people.

Enlightenment can be tough row to hoe, but we’ve come too far to give up now.

Blessed be



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Delusional Choices and Broken Hearts ~ Tarot for 30 Jan 2017

Delusional Choices and Broken Hearts

How many more hearts will break from the new guy’s delusional choices? Today’s tarot reading asks this question given the ban on people from certain Muslim countries. His cravenness knows no bounds as the ban doesn’t apply if he’s doing business with said Muslim country. It’s about money for him and not about human rights let alone decency or democracy.

The new guy has chosen to ban immigrants from entering our country. Attorneys and protesters are at airports all over the country and perhaps the world trying to take care of travelers affected by this ridiculous and oppressive order. Senators and Representatives as well are at the airports helping those returning home. Because that’s what many of them are doing. They’re coming home. Which seems to escape the new guy.

He’s caused quite a mess, this man-child and his minions.

The 3 of Hearts, 2 of Cups, and the 2 of Swords appear in today’s tarot reading from my Robin Wood tarot deck. The numerology is seven or the number of divinity and magick. On the far end, the woman in the 2 of Swords presents as the significator, or the one making the choice. Dark, angry clouds surround her as the water crashes about her rock throne. Her arms are crossed in front with two swords extending upward. She is blindfolded suggesting the need to ignore the chaos around her and to look within for clarity.

The 3 of Swords illustrates three swords pointing downward piercing a red heart. Rain pours down indicating further sorrow. The sword in the middle is larger, indicating a dominant force or oppressor in the heartbreak. The smaller swords indicate the oppressed. Clearly someone power has exerted enough chaos to cause heartbreak for others. Three denotes triple aspects and creativity, so this situation could have turned out better if compassion had influenced the oppressor’s choice.

The 2 of Cups appears again today suggesting love and union. It stands counter to the 3 of Swords offering radiance and healing. We see a couple standing before each other in partnership and love. The exchange chalices, a winged caduceus arising from the energy created from their commitment. Healing is possible through positive union with others.

So the choice we and the woman from the 2 of Swords have to make is whether or not we will respond to others with love and compassion or with oppression and hate. We can see the effect of either choice in the cards and if you can’t then go online and see the video and pictures from airports across America.

Look critically at what this new guy is doing to all of us. This ban will only create more conflict and untold worry for innocent people who already live and work in our country. It’s going to affect the tech industry among others and it will separate families needlessly. I posted a graphic on my Facebook page that I found that lists the countries he does business with that are exempt from the ban and it sure looks like these are the same countries where the most trouble comes from.

So what again is this for? Because the last time I looked, we’re better than this.

The new guy hasn’t even been there a month and his delusional choices already causing so much hell. And he’s just getting started.

Blessed Be

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Preservation of Hearth and Home ~ Full Moon Rune and Tarot for 14 Nov 2016

Preservation of Hearth and Home

Water and Earth are today’s elemental influences from our rune and tarot reading balancing self-discipline with our intuition. Laguz and the Knight of Disks comprise today’s dual reading. The King in other tarot Decks, Crowley depicts this powerful ruler as more focused on tending his crop than to more violent enterprises. He’s focused on the harvest, his flail in one hand, his helmet pushed away from his face. Building wealth or one’s legacy is felt with the Knight of Disks. The battle is over, love of home and family his primary focus. Even his horse can’t be bothered to pay attention as he lazily eats the grain around his feet.

Our clairsentience is in play with Laguz, the twenty-first rune of the Elder Futhark, representing Nerthus (Njord), a Vanir Goddess of fertility. Laguz represents our emotional balance and is considered a rune of the occult. We’re cleansed and purified with Laguz, the vitality of our life force increased. Laguz can be used to draw in magickal energies to be utilized by and to strengthen our will. This is drawing down the moon energy, gathered and focused, intention set and then set free.

The Knight of Disks (Pentacles in other decks) tells us to focus on what’s important: love of home and family. He’s left the battle behind, returning to gaze out over the impending harvest. It’s time for preservation and gathering stores for the winter. The battle was long, but now he sets it aside for more important endeavors.

And it feels as if we’ve all been through the battle of our lives, doesn’t it? Laguz counsels us to step back, to think rationally, to gather our will, before making any further decisions. We align with Source Presence, allowing our Higher Self to guide our choices so that we remain in emotional balance.

Winter is upon us. We focus on preservation as we continue our regenesis. Cold nights will eventually give way to signs of Spring. We’ve set the intention for our growth to continue irrespective of any influences hostile to that outcome. Like the Knight, we know what preserves and what destroys and our focus is on preservation of family.

We have always been stronger together. The preservation of hearth and home has been threatened. Let’s take the time we need to gather our strength, focus our will, and cast the intention that we are one family where all are necessary, all are beloved. The numerology of the reading is 3. A catalytic number, 3 indicates we’re in a state of flux. Not everything is known at this time and instability is still felt. We can either create or we can destroy.

Tonight’s Full Super Moon in Taurus asks us to set a powerful intention for love and unity of family. Preservation over destruction. It’s simple notion.

Blessed be

Full Super Moon,


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Our Journey Back to Family

Fifteen years have passed since planes hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. And our family has never been the same since. We began as the United States of America. Now, we’re something else. Instead of the tragedy of 9/11 bringing us together, helping us to remember that we’re one family, it seems that we began a downward spiral that we haven’t yet recovered from.

I thought we might have turned a corner when we elected Barack Obama as our President, but if the current election is any indicator, that didn’t happen. Racism and sexism is on display for all the world to see. Congress actually had to be convinced to provide medical care for first responders. It only took fifteen years. From an article dated 12/18/15 on the Maddow Blog by Steve Benen:

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) proudly proclaimed, “After 15 years, the heroes and survivors of 9/11 will know that their health care is permanent and their compensation is full.”
Specifically, the Zadroga measure was included in the omnibus spending bill, which passed the House this morning, and cleared the Senate soon after.
Proponents benefited from some key allies, but it’s worth emphasizing that one of the highest-profile activists in this fight was Jon Stewart, who raised the visibility of the effort in ways public officials couldn’t.¹

I can’t even imagine how first responders and their families felt all those years, waiting for someone to care, some losing their lives in the process, while GOP lawmakers left them alone and hurting. This is NOT what we do to family. It is NOT what we do to each other. Not when they sacrificed everything for us.

Whenever life doesn’t make any sense at all, I cast the runes. In today’s runecasting, I drew Berkano, Ehwaz, and Fehu. Right away, Berkano brings family into the picture; Ehwaz, our soul journey; and Fehu energizes the surrounding runes, sending their energy into the universe. Ehwaz directly follows Berkano, the 18th and 19th runes in the Elder Futhark. The numerology is prescient in that 18 reduces to 9, 19 reduces to 1, 9 plus 1 equals 10, which also reduces to 1. Fehu is also a 1 as the first rune in the Futhark. If we leave it there, we have an expression of unity. Added together, we have 2, the expression of duality. So what the numerology tells me is that our unity is at odds with our duality.

Invoking Gaia energies, Berkano brings healing, fertility, and new beginnings. We give birth to new ideas and bring them to fruition with Berkano. An Earth element rune, Berkano grounds and calms, giving us a chance to align and see what’s important.

Ehwaz represents safe travel as well as abrupt change. In addition, it represents marriage and partnership. But more interesting than that, Ehwaz also represents the vehicle for our soul’s journey or our Merkaba. It supports the family aspect of Berkano in that it reinforces partnership, something that has been compromised of late. We see too many differences between us when we should be experiencing unity. Instead of the wagons remaining circled, we let fear take over and watched them go in unsustainable directions. And now hatred is everywhere.

Expressions of separation have taken priority as perceived differences are more important than treating others with respect and dignity. Today’s runes suggest however that a sense of family is still possible for us, that our journey to oneness has not been fully compromised. Fehu, the sending rune, brings the energies of Berkano and Ehwaz together, binding their partnership aspects in creation of a new sense of purpose.

Fehu’s traditional meaning is cattle or wealth. But our true wealth lies in our unity, in our expression of family. We began as the United States of America. At times it’s been a rocky process in our pursuit of that unity, but we’ve come too far to watch it all go to hell in a hand basket now.

The runes provide some measure of comfort when hearts are still broken from that fateful day. They tell us that family is still possible if we only let go our perception of separation from one another and come together in love and peace. We’re far greater together than we are apart and together we can accomplish anything.

Our journey of recovery and healing continues. Let’s make that journey together.

Blessings to all!



  1. Bill for 9/11 first responders finally passes Congress. Benen, Steve. Maddow Blog. MSNBC. 2015

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Seeing Otherness

Mother's Day

I’ve said it before, but life in physical form is tricky. Instead of feeling our oneness with each other, all too often all we see is the otherness. Today is an example of this as another lunatic with a gun killed more than fifty people and wounded fifty-three more in a local LBGTQ nightclub. And although he was evidently born in this country, he has a Muslim name so cue the inappropriate comments from the crazy guy with the funky hair.

Opportunism is apparently more important than sensitivity with the funky hair guy. We live in the United States of America. As I was typing that, I initially typed Untied instead of United. Maybe I should have left it that way, because our country feels increasingly untied these days. The venom amongst the progressives rivals the take back my country teapartiers of a few years back. It’s disgusting and I refuse to participate in it.

We have a woman who is more qualified than anyone we’ve seen in a long time running for President but do we all rally behind her? No. Instead, people believe the lies that have been orchestrated by the conservatives over the last twenty years or so. I read tweets on Twitter by younger folks that seem to parrot everything FOX Noise has said, thereby avoiding critical thinking at all cost. Because after all, if we hear a lie enough times it becomes true, no?

Better healthcare? Nope. She tried when her husband was president, but they vilified her. She was a terrific Senator and her staff loved her when she was Secretary of State, but do progressives rally around her? Nope. Instead they bring up Benghazi and then demand her arrest.

Because she understands Wall Street, she obviously must be in cahoots with them. She’s a woman, so she must be playing the woman card, odd then that so many top military leaders support her. Her husband dishonored her, so she must have been involved somehow. Their friend commits suicide, so of course she had a hand in it.

And if women support Hillary, then we’re doing it because we’re all girls. And it’s known everywhere that girls do everything together. Evidently no one is capable of independent thought. Right. Well, think what you like, but I’m with her.

Whether it’s women, gay people, people of color, old people, young people, poor people, uneducated people, or anyone else that doesn’t find themselves in the one percent of those who believe they hold all the cards, it’s the arrogance of the haves in this country that has cost everyone. For some reason, many in that long laundry list of people that I happen to belong to sometimes adopt this same arrogance that oppresses even them, something I’ll never understand.

It takes no time at all to find examples of otherness. We saw such an example in Orlando today. Look around and you’ll see it everywhere. But we have a chance to rethink, to regroup, when tragedies like this mass shooting occur. We can see past the otherness and see a friend, or family. We can see the Source Presence within all and experience the oneness that is our true essence.

But for now, we’ll hold our friends and family a little closer and extend love and blessings to those who have lost so much.

~Blessings to all as we find our way back to each other.


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It’s Not About Forgiveness or Loving Unconditionally

It's not about forgiveness

I’ve been thinking about forgiveness lately and what that actually is. Although A Course In Miracles addresses the notion of forgiveness as a tool, it also suggests that forgiveness is a form of judgment, albeit a somewhat acceptable form. At some point, if we saw everyone as One in Source Energy we wouldn’t even notice the behavior that needs forgiving.

I don’t know, maybe I’m ready to no longer see the behavior of others as good, bad, or otherwise. Because I can’t let go of the idea that forgiveness isn’t the point at all. We all hear about loving unconditionally. But if all we acknowledge is physical form, then loving unconditionally is impossible. All we end up coping with is the guilt associated with not loving unconditionally. I think it’s a disk we stay on and when we do, there’s no way to let go of that process.

So if we break down the forgiveness process into its basic components, we first we experience someone’s behavior. Next, we judge that behavior as good or bad and then we respond according to that judgment. If we judge the behavior as unwarranted or bad then we’re now in the position of conveying to the other person our displeasure. And then we either have a battle or we make someone else feel even worse than we do. In a sense, it’s the other side of our own judgment process.

When someone does do something hurtful, this only reinforces our need to exact retribution. Because of our imperfections in physical form, humans tend to do that sort of thing. We cause harm. Sometimes it’s minor and sometimes it’s not, but humans cause harm. Unfortunately, it’s how some of us learn the cost of our behavior because we can’t seem to simply know that truth. We have to see it play out – see it in action – and then hope we get the right message from it. Do we observe and feel regret or do we observe and want more?

The response we have to our observation is critical to either how that relationship proceeds or even to who we become. Are we compassionate and begin from a place of loving unity with others, or do we become derailed into the ego’s path of dysfunction and pain? Eckhart Tolle talks about the pain body and I think this is what he means. The pain body references our choice to live the ego’s path instead of aligning with our Source Energy within. And clearly, when we do that, we stay on that negative disk, never experiencing the power of seeing through Source vision.

What then is Source vision? In my view, this is seeing through our nonphysical presence instead of relying entirely on our body’s interpretation of what’s happening. I think the problem begins when we see our bodies as all that we are. Our bodies are only vehicles for our soul’s expression in physical form. We respond to everything that’s going on and we forget to initiate or create experiences that are more reflective of our station in life. We are Source Energy in physical form. Stop reading and let that soak in. We are Source Energy in physical form.

Would Source (or Goddess/God/Allah if you like) behave the way we do? Hardly. Source Energy is too busy lovingly creating. And if we’re Source Energy in physical form, why aren’t we doing the same? There’s no need to hate one another.

In Truth, there is never a need to hate another. It stems from a judgment that is destructive and so unnecessary. Yes, people behave in ways that are harmful. But it’s typically temporary with only our memories of the past making it relevant in the present. But when we do that, we’re seeing through ego vision in lieu of Source Vision. Source doesn’t see this nonsense. Source sees only loving creative energy. That’s it. We don’t have anything to fear when we transition fully back into nonphysical awareness because there is only love present. We truly go home.

At some point, we’ll remember to create that same home wherever we happen to exist, bringing all of that loving creative energy into every single present moment we experience. It’s not about forgiveness or loving unconditionally. It’s about seeing differently. We could all do that now if we wanted to.

And Goddess knows it’s time that we did so.

~Blessed Be our One Family!

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New Moon Musings..It’s Not That Complicated

Take the riskI love both Hillary and Bernie. I’ve contributed to both. I’ll vote for whoever wins the nomination. What I don’t like is the vitriol between progressives. Now there’s a problem between older and younger feminists. Apparently some of us, yes I’m one of the olds, have indicated to our younger counterparts that somehow they’re foolish if they vote for Bernie. Oh for pity’s sake, no they’re not. I’m a Democratic Socialist who has no problem voting for either candidate, but I’ll vote for Hillary when our primary comes. I’m not doing it because she’s a woman. I’m voting for her because I think she has a better grasp of the issues. I fully support Bernie’s progressive agenda, and I would love to see a Clinton/Sanders ticket.

I understand the need for a truly progressive agenda. The election of President Obama firmly planted that seed. I would dearly love to see a more socialist consciousness awaken amongst us. And maybe we’re ready for that now. If he wins the nomination, Bernie will have my full support. But then I’m one of the olds, so my socialist views are tempered by a little pragmatism, which I’m sure some would call stodginess and a lack of vision.

I read a response to Gloria Steinem’s comments on Bill Maher’s show the other night about younger women voting for Bernie. I guess I didn’t hear what she said even though I was watching the show, being one of the olds can be challenging. I can understand why women might be upset with her comments, but for the author to suggest that older feminists who disagree with them don’t have their backs is a stretch. Maybe some just disagree. We can do that. Our history is a little different and that affects our perspective. And although many of us might take issue with Ms. Steinem’s viewpoint, she shouldn’t be dismissed for her beliefs, even if poorly expressed. It’s a throw the baby out with the bathwater approach that seems unnecessary.

Now it’s not to say that the author doesn’t make some really fair points. In fact, it seems like the author is suggesting that the current mindset of younger women is the effect of all the hard work feminists have put in over the years. And that’s an interesting perspective and one that in some ways I agree with. My kids are in their 30’s and they do see the world differently. They’re more willing to stay out of drama than some of the more ancient among us. So there’s that.

When I talk to younger people it seems as if some historical perspective is missing from their awareness. But then it also seems like there is a willingness to let go of the system, to continue on without it, or perhaps in spite of it. And maybe that courage, that willingness to look beyond what is, to consider the possibility of, is the end result of all the work we did.

Look, everyone has their opinions. We can’t be so sensitive to suggest that anyone who doesn’t vote for a woman is a traitor to women any more than we should suggest that older women don’t have younger women’s backs if said olds disagree with the political choices of said youngs. Surely there are bigger fish to fry here, and the last thing we need to be is enemies.

I think we do a disservice to the whole process by categorizing everyone into older/younger or progressive/not progressive enough. I mean, where does it end? I don’t like this notion that we should vote for a woman for the sake of having a woman president and I would never do so. But Hillary isn’t just any woman. She’s actually qualified. Now, folks may take issue with one thing or another, but they can’t really argue with her experience. Well, they can, and they will, but it makes no sense to me when they do. I’m never sure if the point they’re making is their own or someone else’s.

The trick to respecting the viewpoints of others is to not get upset when it’s something we don’t want to hear. It doesn’t have to result in feelings of abandonment by one party or the other. The other trick is for those expressing said viewpoints to consider choosing less provocative or judgy words. Because whenever we get into an either/or perspective, we lose sight of the bigger picture. For me, that bigger picture leads to voting for Hillary. For others, it means voting for Bernie. I completely understand and support their choice. I just think there’s room for them to understand and support mine.

Blessed Be

sacred space ritual

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Synchronicity, Numerology and a Tempest in a Teapot


Synchronicity is amazing, isn’t it? Feathers appearing before me on my path, random shiny pennies found while on a walk, I feel surrounded by the energy of the universe. I love when I look at the time and see master numbers appear. 11:11 is common, but anything with 11 or 22 is significant. Of course 10:13:57 is awesome because it’s my birthday. I’ve only seen that twice since I’ve been paying attention. And I don’t think waiting for the numbers to appear by watching the seconds tick by counts. It’s the glancing up and seeing it as it appears that creates the synchronicity.

Numerology involves reduction. My birthday, for example, reduces to 9. This happens by adding up the numbers until you can’t anymore. 10 becomes 1; 13 becomes 4; and, 1957 becomes 22. From there, 1 + 4 + 22 = 27. And lastly, adding 2 to 7 reduces to 9, representing my life’s path or destiny. Nine is the number of completion and indicates a sensitive, psychic person with a humanitarian focus. Interesting that I’m both a witch and an empath.

When I’m looking at the number 13, I tend to leave it as it is. It can reduce to 4, symbolizing Gaia energy, structure and foundation, but it’s interesting on its own. It’s karmic and reminds me of the rune, Hagalaz. The ninth rune of the Elder Futhark, Hagalaz is the rune of destruction before transformation. Thirteen represents both dragon energy as well as the Blessed Virgin, an ancestor of mine. To a witch, thirteen also represents the number of moons in a year.

Never a bad day for a witch, Friday the 13th is filled with possibility and magick. Had I been born on Friday instead of Sunday, my synchronicity with thirteen would be complete. But Sunday has significance as well. From Llewellyn’s 2105 Magical Almanac:

Sunday (Sun): Healing, spirituality, success, strength, and protection.¹

And from Wikipedia

Sunday, being the day of the Sun, as the name of the first day of the week, is derived from Egyptian astrology, where the seven planets, known in English as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon, each had an hour of the day assigned to them, and the planet which was regent during the first hour of any day of the week gave its name to that day. During the 1st and 2nd century, the week of seven days was introduced into Rome from Egypt, and the Roman names of the planets were given to each successive day.

So while it may not be as interesting as Friday the 13th, Sunday is right in line with my life’s destiny. On a sadder note, on Friday, 13 October 1307, my 21st great grand uncle, King Philippe IV of France, ordered hundreds of Knights Templar³ (some of whom are also ancestors) executed, some by burning. He’s not the only destructive character in my ancestry. Plantagenet history is a veritable tempest in a teapot. Henry V (a cousin) accused Joan of Navarre, the Dowager Queen, (another cousin) of trying to poison him with witchcraft. She was convicted in 1419 and spent four years in prison. She survived and lived in Nottingham Castle until her death (4). Lady Janet Douglas, my 14th great grandmother wasn’t as lucky. She was burned to death for witchcraft by my 15th great uncle, James V, King of Scotland, during the North Berwick witch burnings.

Like I said, my family is a tempest in a teapot.

~Blessed Be


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Gratitude and Thanksgiving #NaBloPoMo 26

Gratitude and Thanksgiving


It’s said that expressing gratitude changes your life. I tried having a gratitude journal, but it felt false somehow. But in reality, it was probably just my reluctance to give up focusing on nonsense. And now that another Thanksgiving has arrived, I feel compelled to express some gratitude.

  • I’m grateful that I’ve learned how it feels to stay in my own focus. I don’t always achieve it, but at least I know when I’m there and when I’m not, so that’s something.
  • I’m grateful for Jerry, my husband, who knows how to do everything. Seriously. I think he was born knowing. He grew my cannabis for me in the early years of my recovery, and taught me everything I know about growing. He saved my life. But then he’s like that.
  • I’m grateful for my two sons. After being a mom for thirty-five years, I know less than I did when I started and I’m more confused than ever. But believe it or not, their chaos keeps me focused on my own alignment. The alternative to that is tears, endless tears, and I’m not doing that anymore. Adult children have a way of breaking a mother’s heart that feels never-ending. And I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to look past anyone’s behavior and see him or her as the holy extensions of Source that they each are. It’s a blessing beyond measure. Especially when it’s your children.
  • I’m grateful for my home, five acres of lovely diversity. Life abounds here. Even after we put up the eight foot fencing to keep out the deer. They had taken over, you see. And as dear as they are, I wanted flowers without the inevitable carnage that would ensue. Around here, deer-induced carnage is almost a rite of passage for any gardener. You either fence, or you give up. After giving up for years, we chose fencing. And now we have flowers and a beehive, with two more hives going in the apiary next Spring. Which brings me to the next entry.
  • I’m grateful for my bees. I know that it’s the other way around. We’re their humans; they’re not our bees. But still, I love them. We began with 10,000 bees. I don’t know how many there are now that the hive is covered in snow, but they were out and active the other day before the snow fell. I stood there, a few feet away from the hive, entranced and enthralled, as always. I needed to hear them, and they were pure magick!
  • I’m grateful for my recovery. I never thought I would survive rheumatoid arthritis, but then I gave in to Jerry’s insistance that cannabis could help me. The drugs clearly weren’t moving me out of the severe range and I was only getting worse, so I figured, why not? At least I might be comfortable in my last days of life on this earth. I had no idea that three months later I would be in remission, but that’s what happened. I’m one of those cannabis success stories. And I don’t think I’d be here without it, writing a blog post on Thanksgiving for #NaBloPoMo. So there you go. Plus, I can walk now, which gets its own bullet point.
  • I’m grateful I can walk. Anywhere. Quickly. Sprinting, even. I power walk nine miles a day, unless there’s a foot of snow out and I can’t wear my tennis shoes to do it. If my Camry could get down the driveway, I’d drive somewhere to walk, but we’re snowbound at this point. When I was ill, I was lucky to walk from the car to my chair inside our shop. Airports were a nightmare as was a large grocery store. I was a former Kenpo instructor, a Black Belt, who trained daily. When I became ill, that ended. And the damage I have from the RA prevents me from training in the way I’d like now. During the thirteen years the RA was at its most severe, I couldn’t train at all. For a Black Belt, that’s horrific. Injuries are difficult enough, but I’ve had to accept that there are some things I just can’t do anymore because I have too much damage to deal with. But you never know. I’ve been able to come back from a really bad place. So I’m grateful for the progress I’ve made, because anything is better than what I was experiencing.
  • Saving the best for last, I’m grateful for this wonderful blogging community I’ve joined. Your writing is thoughtful, funny and informative. There’s always something wonderful to read and I love what you all share. You challenge me to write more and better, all the time. Being in your company has been and will continue to be an honor. Thank you so much!

When you start listing all the things you’re grateful for, it’s hard to stop. Suddenly, your mood changes and you feel like cooking a turkey. Which I’m going to do now in my new convection oven. It’s purple inside, almost like they knew a witch would be using it.

So blessings to all on this snowy Thanksgiving! In spite of distances, real or imagined, we’re all one in love and in Source.

Purple Oven