Issues of Focus ~ Tarot for 24 May 2017

Whenever a pattern exists in a tarot reading, it’s best to take notice. In today’s reading. we have a run on twos, three of them in fact. Cups, Wands, and Swords are present representing Water, Fire, and Air respectively with Earth absent from today’s influences. The overall numerology of the reading is 11 or illumination […]

Taking Back Control ~ Tarot for 24 Feb 2017

Taking back control is the theme of today’s DruidCraft tarot reading. Even though I’m a solitary witch and not Wiccan, I dearly love my DruidCraft tarot deck. I have Druid ancestry so it’s always resonated with me giving me a feeling of heritage or ancestry when I look at them. Two cards from the Major […]

Sunday runecasting

Sunday Runecasting ~ Stillness, Transformation, and Magick

Isa, Eihwaz, and Tiwaz comprise today’s runecasting with stillness, transformation, and strength as its focus. Each rune depicts a type of strength, internal, external, and transformative in nature. Elemental influences are from Water, Air and Fire, our emotional, intellectual, and catalytic presence in form. The numerology of the runes reflects the Master Number of 11 (Isa), […]

Book One

Finding That Still Point

Energy swirls into manifestation. Everything amounts to thought in motion. Some view that as a spiral, some a vortex, but however you view it, energy moves. The universe and all within it is a projection of collective thought or consciousness. That collective thought is the Mind of Source Energy, the presence behind our form. Now […]


A Cursin’ and a Healin’

To suggest that a witch can’t heal if she can’t curse is an interesting idea. As a Reiki Master and herbalist, of course I disagree. As a witch, I always thought witches were more versatile than that. And I’m not exactly one of those love and light oriented witches although I do believe in the notion of the highest good. […]

tunnel vision

Empath Strategies: Tunnel Vision

  What if it was never about experiencing life in duality, but simply about experiencing life? Definition limits us. The more we define something, the more narrow the box in which it lives. What if we were never supposed to see the differences? Or at least not let what we see affect us? We’ve put […]

At Year’s End: Finding Presence in the Knowing

That feeling of presence in the knowing an empath experiences reflects alignment with Self. It’s a vibration like no other. A calmness takes over, and clarity begins. We may take up residence in the past and future much of the time, but the present moment is all that truly exists. Anything else is based upon […]