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Issues of Focus ~ Tarot for 24 May 2017

Whenever a pattern exists in a tarot reading, it’s best to take notice. In today’s reading. we have a run on twos, three of them in fact. Cups, Wands, and Swords are present representing Water, Fire, and Air respectively with Earth absent from today’s influences. The overall numerology of the reading is 11 or illumination and the subconscious suggesting that clarity is available if our focus is correct.

But we begin with the 5 of Cups depicting an individual bereft and unable to see past his emotional state. Five denotes change and clearly, a change in focus is needed. Five cups surround the robed man, three overturned and empty with the man seemingly unaware of the remaining two, still upright and capable of fulfillment. An arching bridge gives him access to the castle beyond the river if he could only see that it’s there but his focus is downward preventing clear sight.

Our first two, the 2 of Wands depicts a man holding a wand in one hand, a globe in the other, with another wand positioned to his rear. The man looks out over the land with the ocean beyond. The wands represent a doorway of sorts, with the globe suggesting that all options are available, his future as yet unwritten. This is the energy of balanced intention and of standing in one’s power.

Court cards are fun, aren’t they? The Page or Princess in other decks is thought to be the seeker or student, or perhaps a bearer of news. The promise of new experiences and opportunities are met with eagerness and joy by the Page of Wands as he goes forth broadening not only his horizons but his perspective as well.

A loving exchange is shared by a man and a woman in the 2 of Cups. Unity of polarities, partnership, and reconciliation is felt between the couple. The caduceus rises between the two lovers topped by a winged lion’s head supporting healing, strength, and courage. In the position of hidden influence, we’re reminded that there’s value in reciprocity with others. Reconciliation based on love and equanimity respects the positions of each individual valuing balanced interaction over control.

The outcome card is one of my favorite cards in any tarot deck. The 2 of Swords depicts a blindfolded woman sitting with her back to choppy waters, her arms crossed in front of her while holding two swords in balance. A crescent moon rises in the twilight sky adding to the mystery of the card.

She turns her back on the chaos and chooses the dispassionate view, preferring no judgment to one that chooses sides. Her decisions are informed by an inner voice instead of from reaction to the chaos surrounding her bringing us to the overall meaning of today’s tarot reading.

We give away our interpretation of the world to others, forgetting that how we see the world is a choice and not a given. Irrespective of the crappy way that others behave, we can choose a more neutral perspective instead of allowing the silly antics of others to knock us off our game. In reaction, others are in control. In observation, we remain in control. At some point, we have to let go of judgment and meet others half-way. It’s not that we accept nonsense from others, but that we realize that everyone is on their own path. Ours is a diverse unified presence and some of us are meant to serve as catalysts for the growth of others. The less we judge, the more we can get on with our own life instead of continually being caught up in the experiences of others.

It’s a focus issue that we have. Instead of creating our own experiences we rely on reaction to others, believing somehow that we’re in control when that’s sketchy at best. Today’s reading suggests illumination is found when we stay on our own path, guided by Higher Self awareness. And with the chaos that we experience everytime we watch the news, we’ll need as much illumination as we can achieve.

Blessed Be


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Taking Back Control ~ Tarot for 24 Feb 2017

Taking back control is the theme of today’s DruidCraft tarot reading. Even though I’m a solitary witch and not Wiccan, I dearly love my DruidCraft tarot deck. I have Druid ancestry so it’s always resonated with me giving me a feeling of heritage or ancestry when I look at them.

Two cards from the Major Arcana influence two cards from the Minor Arcana in today’s reading. The 2 of Cups and the Ace of Swords along with the High Priestess and Cernunnos give us the feel of inner work giving way to new thought. The overall numerology of the reading is four or structure and Gaia energy reflecting issues of foundation in our lives. The elemental energies are Water and Air or emotions and intellectual presence.

Looking over the reading it appears to represent a  progression of thinking or unfolding awareness. The woman in the 4 of Cups is draped over a gnarled tree branch deep in thought. Three empty cups are placed before her with one overturned while another cup remains hidden from her view. She cannot see what she still has as her focus is elsewhere. The Four of Cups can typically mean a fallow period or a time for respite but in this case, it feels more definitive.

While the woman is lost in thought, she invokes The High Priestess within. In the second card of the Major Arcana, we see a priestess with her arms raised in supplication to the crescent moon above. Her eyes are closed suggesting an inner focus or presence. Her grimoire is placed before her on a stone table, a pentagram appearing on its front. Clouds and stars are above suggesting inner mysteries. A cat appears to her left on a rock by the dark water signifying intuition, perception, and awareness.

Cernunnos, or the Devil in other decks, reflects the egoic potential of form. We see Cernunnos himself, large and imposing, looking on while the lovers sleep below on the ground, satiated and at peace. While this individual can take on a negative aspect when he appears in a reading he can also indicate that relying upon our instincts might be in order. The woman may feel bereft from a lost or troubled relationship, her own needs too great perhaps to sustain it. Or the appearance of Cernunnos may indicate that she feels controlled by an outside force greater than herself.

A brilliant sword rises from the water, a new idea manifesting from pure consciousness. The sun rises in the distance with the promise of clear skies in the future. The Ace of Swords cuts through illusion allowing us to begin anew in balance and clarity. New ideas foster new beginnings as we see clearly both what is and what can be.

When our thoughts become focused on things beyond our control, we can become stuck and unable to move past the situation. A new perspective is needed. Like the woman in the 4 of Cups, we may be unable to see any value in what’s before us. Lacking clarity, The High Priestess tells us to go within and access our inner knowing.

The value of instinct is strongly reflected in the presence of Cernunnos. Are we allowing another to control our thoughts and emotions or are we choosing the state of being that we now experience? Either way, it’s still our choice to react either way.

Letting go and moving on isn’t always easy particularly if loose ends exist. But irrespective of how upsetting or annoying it all is, at some point, we have to pursue new experiences. In the final analysis, the reading is asking us to embrace our intuition and instincts and allow for the possibility of new experiences to enter out lives.

The Ace of Swords counsels us to cut through illusion and to see what’s in front of us in clarity and balance. We foolishly give control to others, believing they’ve stolen it somehow. But while oppression from without certainly exists, our primary source of discontent lies within. It’s the choice we make to either move in resistance to our experiences or to allow the fullness of the present moment to be our foundation. for it’s in that awareness that our real power lies.

Choose the creative power within and let go of that which no longer serves.

Blessed Be



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Sunday Runecasting ~ Stillness, Transformation, and Magick

Sunday runecasting

Isa, Eihwaz, and Tiwaz comprise today’s runecasting with stillness, transformation, and strength as its focus. Each rune depicts a type of strength, internal, external, and transformative in nature. Elemental influences are from Water, Air and Fire, our emotional, intellectual, and catalytic presence in form. The numerology of the runes reflects the Master Number of 11 (Isa), 13 (Eihwaz), and 17 (Tiwaz) bringing in the energies of illumination, structure, and strength. Only Eiwaz and Tiwaz are reduced further, arriving at 3, a catalytic influence.

Beginning with Isa, we have a rune of Elemental Water as well as a Norn rune depicting the static realm. Isa brings situations to a standstill, allows for the development of will, and protects against unwanted forces. But it also allows us to bring our awareness inward to that place of stillness where we find the most clarity. Alignment with Self, with our Source Presence is indicated here. If we’re in the process of creating something or responding to a particular situation or individual, Isa in a runecasting can indicate that we need to take a step back and take another look. There may be more than meets the eye, or there may be more we can to do create a successful outcome. Either way, Isa counsels us to go within before moving forward.

rune magick bindruneEihwaz, the 13th rune, is one of my favorite runes. For a witch and empath, Eihwaz represents the bridge between realms, between the physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. As the axis of magickal transformation, the witch uses Eihwaz in trance work or hedge riding and connects other runes in a bindrune for rune magick. Some regard Eihwaz as a rune of Elemental Fire, others of Air, but I view it as both. Air stirs Fire, and clearly, Eihwaz brings Source Energy into physical presence, moving energy up and down from one state to another. It can also be used when considering connections between situations or in relationships and is considered protective in nature.

Tiwaz is the rune of the god, Tyr. Justice and sacrifice are its themes. The spiritual warrior within is revealed in this rune of Elemental Air. It represents our highest ideals as we uphold our faith and integrity in all things. Tiwaz represents confidence and victory with the strength to accept what must be. The 17th rune of the Elder Futhark, Tiwaz aligns with the eighth card of the Major Arcana, Strength.

So, lots of energy here. But looking again at Isa, it seems that this rune represents a moment of genesis for us. Perhaps we’re considering a new direction in life. Isa suggests that we go within and create from a place of alignment. Eihwaz brings Source Energy into physical presence, so we draw inspiration and momentum from there. Tiwaz gives us the strength and self-discipline to pursue our goals.

I love that the Norns of Fate are represented in the Elder Futhark. Hagalaz, Nauthiz, and Isa representing Urdh, Skuld, and Verdandi respectfully, resonate as the 9th, 10th, and 11th runes of the Elder Futhark. Isa manifests our creative focus in this runecasting. Verdandi, the Norn of the static realm or present moment, focuses our will. Magick is desire made manifest. In truth, this runecasting describes the process a witch uses when casting a spell. She goes inward, building the momentum necessary, speaking her words, catalyzing her intention, which she then casts to the universe.

But it also describes the process we can all use when beginning something new. Going within helps us organize and plan without distraction from the world around us.

Or maybe it’s just telling us that it’s time to work some magick!

Blessed Be


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Finding That Still Point

Book One

Energy swirls into manifestation. Everything amounts to thought in motion. Some view that as a spiral, some a vortex, but however you view it, energy moves. The universe and all within it is a projection of collective thought or consciousness. That collective thought is the Mind of Source Energy, the presence behind our form.

Now if we move from the collective to the individual expression, we experience a tangible world surrounding us, ourselves included. We sense our own presence behind form and the world we see, think about, and respond to comes from there. Each thought sends a a swirl of energy into the collective field surrounding us, a pathway or channel created between Self and whatever we’ve given our attention to.

It’s what we give our attention to that fosters the moods we experience. Instead of choosing our mood or state of mind before we give our attention to something, we give control to our reactions. Our attention stays on people or situations that cause us discomfort instead of giving our attention to something more positive. Apparently the drama is more interesting than maintaining our happiness.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me this feels like chaos. It feels like standing in the eye of a storm, winds swirling around me. And if my thoughts are on things that bring me unhappiness, then the winds swirl unabated. If I focus my attention on happy things, the winds die down to a calm breeze.

Alignment is like that. Letting go of negative thoughts and allowing our mind to calm and settle brings a sense of peace. From that point we can choose to engage or remain in our own space. Engagement with others from an aligned state fosters less reaction and allows us to remain in control of our experience.

We can jump head first into the chaos or we can step back, align and then observe before engaging. And in the end, it’s not really about the outcome but our experience within all of it that matters. And it seems that it’s how we feel about what’s happening that stays with us more than the experiences themselves. So staying in control of how we experience life, particularly when something doesn’t sit well with us, is key to our happiness.

Blessings to all as we find our still point, where the chaos ends, where the winds die down, where peace and calm reside.


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A Cursin’ and a Healin’


To suggest that a witch can’t heal if she can’t curse is an interesting idea. As a Reiki Master and herbalist, of course I disagree. As a witch, I always thought witches were more versatile than that. And I’m not exactly one of those love and light oriented witches although I do believe in the notion of the highest good. I earned my black belt in Kenpo twenty-five years ago and I turn fifty-nine in October. I’m a Crone witch who doesn’t suffer fools as they say. Although the love is still there, the only light’s coming from the hot flashes I experience. So you’d think I’d be cursing all over the place. I guess I’ve never really been into it. Swearing, yes, particularly when the hot flash hits. Binding spells, sure. But I suppose that’s just about degree because you could view a binding spell as just a lesser version of a curse.

I remember the first time I heard that expression, if a witch can’t curse, she can’t heal, immediately thinking, what..I’m not capable of understanding the difference without first hand experience? I’m a witch, not a dumbass. Witches understand everything. It’s one of the reasons we’re witches. I don’t need to perform a hex or curse to know how to perform a healing spell and it’s just silly to suggest otherwise.

We’ve taken the notion of duality or polarity to the point that everything is either/or, good/bad, and us versus them, the last one the end result of the first two. First we judge, then we act. We feel the need to respond somehow. There’s justification after all. It’s not as if witches perform these things on a lark. Typically an extreme situation exists for which there should be some response. Sometimes it’s an exercise in taking back your power, or doing that on behalf of another. And in performing the curse, healing can also take place.

But still, the expression is simplistic and limiting; the witch is complex and limitless. It doesn’t do her justice and she is far more powerful than the expression would suggest. Just as we can hold more than one idea in our heads at the same time, we can choose to incorporate a whole range of ritual and spellwork in our craft or we can keep things more simple. It’s really up to the witch how she expresses her craft.

As an empath, however, I know that when I turn my attention or focus to something or someone it’s easy to begin feeling the resonance of that situation. It’s not just that I see what’s going on, I experience it. It can be overwhelming and then it’s hard to disengage. So alignment is key. But when I’m aligned, although I may have an opinion about what’s happening, I don’t invest enough of my own focus to lose any of it to someone else’s situation. I guess it’s about staying in control, something that can be nearly impossible for someone like me.

To choose to curse or even bind takes a focus that really isn’t healthy for me. I get too caught up and I have trouble disconnecting from the energy. And it disrupts my inner peace. I like it when I invoke Reiki. It feels wonderful. Binding spells, on the other hand, do not. And where I put my energy matters.

Besides, no one should tell another witch how to be a witch. It’s not our business. My mother would have called that being too big for one’s britches. And trust me, that was NOT allowed. There’s room enough for all of us whether we choose the whole gamut or not. But go ahead and try. Who knows? Maybe a hot flash will hit…

~ Blessed be says the Crone





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Empath Strategies: Tunnel Vision

tunnel vision


What if it was never about experiencing life in duality, but simply about experiencing life? Definition limits us. The more we define something, the more narrow the box in which it lives. What if we were never supposed to see the differences? Or at least not let what we see affect us?

We’ve put interaction before our own presence. How often do we simply observe without judgment? The minute we engage with what we see around us then we become part of another’s creation. And that’s when our vision is limited to what’s in front of us. We either see it from the other’s perspective, or we judge the situation and form our own. Either way, we’ve stopped our own creative process in lieu of someone else’s.

If we never get into the either/or of something then we stay in nonresistance, effortlessly flowing through life. But we’re asked to have opinions and judged harshly when we don’t. It’s as if we’re viewed as someone who doesn’t participate in life. And to that I say, thank you.

The minute empaths feel something, we want to feel in and see what’s up. We’re all told to observe instead of absorb but we apparently haven’t figured out that to do that we have to stop feeling in all the time. Notice, but don’t stay. Develop tunnel vision. Ignore the folks that say you’re aloof or standoffish. It’s about survival and they don’t understand what you’re dealing with anyway.

Regarding that tunnel vision I mentioned, when you do this, you’ll find that you will shield much less. It takes engagement for much of the vampiric energy we experience to affect us. It’s the seeing of it that takes away our control. We look too long, feel in too much, and then there you go, we’re off and running in someone else’s experience. And as empaths we really need to see all of this as someone else’s experience if we want to stay in our own alignment. Trust me on this. Getting through the day is so much easier if we can stay aligned in Higher Self presence.

How others view us is none of our business because it’s their view. Even if it’s spot on, what difference does it make in the long term? It’s judgment and something we all need to stay clear of. Responding to it makes it real and why would we ever want to do that? It has nothing to do with the life we’re supposed to be creating for ourselves.

Yes we’re one in Source Energy. And it’s also true we’re still one in Source Energy while in physical form even though it doesn’t appear so. So if someone suggests that we’re out for ourselves, to that I say, yes we are. And it’s not selfish to say this. Instead, it reflects an understanding of our true purpose.

Although I know people who seem to enjoy conflict with others, I think most people aren’t comfortable with it. So can you imagine if we eliminated that type of engagement with others? What if our engagement with others centered around support and encouragement? I’d certainly rather do that than argue with someone or feel uncomfortable with their energy.

If life in physical form reflects a singular focus, in other words, we each exist in only one body, then pursuing that focus without derailing anyone else’s should be our primary goal. Take a day, or even five minutes, and try that.

You’ll feel lighter. A sense of peace envelops you. It’s addictive. You’ll want more.

We’re here to be happy. We’re here to create. And we are so Blessed Be.

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At Year’s End: Finding Presence in the Knowing

bees presenceThat feeling of presence in the knowing an empath experiences reflects alignment with Self. It’s a vibration like no other. A calmness takes over, and clarity begins. We may take up residence in the past and future much of the time, but the present moment is all that truly exists. Anything else is based upon perception or fantasy.

I use the expression, the knowing, intentionally because it feels separate from physical presence. I suspect that feeling may indeed be the very experience that allows us to understand our multidimensional nature. It also adds to a feeling of being inside a body but not actually part of it. Many witches believe in an in between area, just beyond physical awareness, and I’m no different. In fact, at least where I’m concerned, I may hover in and around my body, but it’s in the knowing or in between that I find my true resonance.

On this last day of the 2015, I feel that presence within grow ever stronger as I continue this journey of awakening. I’m reminded of the Eight of Cups, where the individual moves on, ready to pursue a new path. The knowing of an empath requires alignment with Self. The instant that presence is exchanged for perception, knowing slips away, all clarity gone. Because we focus upon what we know, not what we knew or will know.

Empathic awareness is in the now. A empath feels knowing’s presence in the present moment because it resonates differently when perception filters in. Knowing happens easily. Perception, on the other hand, takes time, and if time is present, then it’s the past that governs perception. It’s not a conclusion that we arrive at after careful research. So, if that much can be realized in the now, why wouldn’t we want to stay there? Because empaths are no different than anyone else. We just sense our collective consciousness or resonance. The blessing of the present moment, however, is experienced by everyone.

If I relax into being and stay in my own resonance with Self, I can move about my day in peaceful alignment. The expression, living in the present moment, has almost become cliché in that we hear it all the time. But it’s the way forward for all of us. It’s how we experience the oneness of our collective, multidimensional nature.

I challenged myself this year in ways I had not done before. I’ve begun other writing projects and expanded this blog somewhat. I participated in National Blog Posting Month, writing daily for a month, and now I can’t seem to stop. My herbal work continues as I create more herbal remedies to help maintain my health, with cannabis still a primary part of my treatment. I’m already planning next year’s garden space, with a new living dome greenhouse to enjoy.Warre hive

We also became beekeepers this year. Two additional hives are going in the apiary, the new bees ordered today. I’ll have three hives to love instead of one, and I couldn’t be happier. The two new hives have foundationless frames, so we’ll be able long hiveto watch the bees make their own comb. Bees reflect true presence. It’s no wonder beekeepers sit next to their hives, existing in the hive’s resonance. I’m never more calm than when I’m with the bees, and I visit them often.

Much of what I undertook this year focused on expressions of presence. I would have accomplished nothing had I remained focused on past drama. Instead, I’m looking forward to the new year beginning. Letting go of the past to experience the peace of the present assures the new year will be filled with endless opportunities for creative expression. And bees..lots and lots of bees.

~Blessings to all!