Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath's Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

I’ve been experiencing some panic attacks lately due to the antics of a handful of manipulative people. It’s one of the downsides of being an empath and has nothing to do with any fear on my part. It’s just an empathic awareness that becomes so overwhelming that panic results. When people seek to deceive, I experience their […]

Dealing With Extreme Emotions ~ Empath Strategies

Dealing with extreme emotions, whether our own or others, can be challenging for any empath. For those empaths accustomed to this sort of experience, it’s easier to assess the ownership of the vibration. But for the less aware empath experiencing another’s intense emotions can be overwhelming. Outward expressions of anger are easy for most people […]

As Garden Season Ends…

  The dome we put in was a complete success. The hugel beds which we also put in exceeded our expectations as everything we planted both inside and around the outside of the dome went crazy. I’ve frozen more beans than I did last year and even though it’s October and we’ve had some frost, […]

Hugeling the Dome and Other Gardening Adventures

  A couple of years ago, we bought a dome kit and then life got in the way of assembling it. But we had the area prepared and this year we put it up. I hijacked my vegetable garden for a medicinal herb garden. Witches are like that. We had put in a living greenhouse […]

Witch Notes: At Loose Ends Edition

I’ve completed my herb course with Sage Mountain. I’ve submitted the last assignments and exam and now I await the results. I feel pretty good about it, though. So, fingers crossed. A certificate in herbalism doesn’t exactly allow me to be a practicing herbalist, but I like that I completed the course because it helped […]

With the Standoff Over, Let the Gardening Begin!

Oh thank you Goddess, those people have left the Refuge. It was touch and go but they finally surrendered. The final holdout sounds so delusional that he’ll need heavy medication and evidently pizza to deal with what’s in store for him. I would suggest gluten-free pizza over the regular kind. I listened to the broadcast […]

Garden Bindrunes

    Bindrunes are interesting. Runes are powerful sigils in their own right, and combining them together creates a synthesis or blending of each energy into a greater focus. I used Fehu, Uruz, Jera, Wunjo, and Ingwaz from the Elder Futhark to create a bindrune from a flowering plum branch I found to hang in the various garden […]