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Fate, Free Will, and Our Complicated Destiny ~ Tarot for 9 Jan 2017

Fate, Free Will, and Destiny

I was looking through my tarot notebook and found a tarot spread dealing with fate, free will, and destiny. Given what’s going on these days, it seemed apropos. A six-card spread, it defines the issue at hand, looks at a possible reaction, and then discusses what’s inescapable, possible changes in store, and the choice we make. Finally, the unexpected finishes out the reading.

Two cards from the Major Arcana, The Empress and Art, are present along with one Court card, two cards from Disks, one from Swords, and one from Wands. Air and Water aren’t included. The numerology of 3, 4, 5 10, and 14 reduce to 36 and from there to 9 or Completion. The spread begins at the bottom left and moves to the right and upward from there.


The Issue

The 4 of Swords supplies our issue for the day, Truce, and asks us how we move forward when the way isn’t clear. The points of four swords come together in the center of a flower suggesting an uneasy peace after conflict. A card of Jupiter in Libra, the card contains colors reflecting influences of equilibrium and justice, the numerology of 4 suggesting Gaia energy and structure.

A balanced force is reflected, precarious in nature, perhaps choosing the lesser of two evils in our uneasy truce. While conflict cannot continue, our destiny is still unclear. The current situation is in flux and the risk is that we give away our power in any truce we strike. However a truce of sorts also gives everyone a chance to go within and assess not only the present but also the future as well.

Possible Reaction

Strife is how Crowley conceives of the 5 of Wands. Four wands appear in balance behind a single ornate wand in front, the catalytic colors of Saturn in Leo providing its energetic influence. While the card indicates a certain sense of resolve, it would seem that choosing this option creates more of an impasse than resolution.

Unavoidable Aspect

The 10 of Disks suggests Wealth as the unavoidable aspect influencing our viewpoint. Either we have wealth we wish to preserve, or our choice is based on the promise of future wealth gained. A sense of completion is felt with this card but is that completion certain or at risk?

Potential Change Needed

Integrity fills the heart of the Knight of Disks. The Prince in other decks, the Knight sits on his horse, resting after battle in a field of grain. All danger has passed as his horse looks for sustenance, the Knight’s face looking toward the horizon. He is responsible and trustworthy in all matters, particularly with respect to finances.

The Choice Involved

Art, also called Temperance in other decks, suggests the alchemical principle within. We are purified with this card from the Major Arcana. The card represents balance within, the individual on the card depicting both sides of self, blending together a potion in the cauldron that brings forth a new creation. The colors used depict balancing Fire with Water, our catalytic and emotional presence into harmony and peace.

Unexpected Influence

The Empress as Goddess, the other card from the Major Arcana, represents the unexpected influence of the reading. She reminds us that she’s been waiting for our call, for our ascension into Spiritual Oneness. Her elegance, graciousness, and strength of influence will outweigh anything the negative or dark forces have in store for us. She is our Mother reestablishing the very foundation of our lives.


The reading is suggesting that a truce of some kind is in order. We’ve fought a long, hard battle where so much hate and division has surfaced. We’re at odds with each other, much of it based on lies and deceit. We’ve been sold a bill of goods and a truce is needed so that deceit gives way to truth. But where will our free will take us? One option, to continue the strife felt by all, doesn’t seem to be the way out of our conflict.

Wealth seems to be at issue as evidenced by all that we appear on the verge of losing. The winner of the election that has caused such upset has suggested that his win will result in abundance for all. Few believe that as our health insurance, our vote, and our democracy is upended as we watch in horror.

The change that’s suggested is one born of integrity. Instead of creating a world of lack, which is what he and his minions seem hell bent on doing, we could be creating a world where all are uplifted. Our free will can choose harmony and love, living in service to others instead of service to self, finding our strength in unity instead of division.

I have to wonder if his supporters really understood who he is when they voted for him. Did they know what we all stood to lose? Time will tell how this will unfold but currently the outcome is questionable at best.

The unexpected influence of the reading is the Empress. We’ve come full circle in this dance between projective and receptive influences. Goddess presence has returned and will surely have something to say about all of this. Irrespective of the dark forces that surround us, we cannot turn back now from coming together as one. It’s our birthright. It’s who we are.

With free will, we choose our fate. And with love and unity as our choice, our destiny isn’t complicated at all.

Blessed Be


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The Inexhaustible Well of Source Presence ~ Tarot for 6 Jan 2017

The Inexhaustible Well of Source Presence

The hexagram on the 10 of Stones defines today’s reading. Gua 48, or The Well, represents replenishment and nourishment, or in my view, the inexhaustible well of our Source Presence. From The Complete I Ching:

The well supplies replenishment but is never exhausted.¹

Two cards from the Major Arcana are also included, The Hermit and The High Priestess. The numerology is 10, 9, and 2 reducing to 3 or Triple Aspects, creativity, and joy. A Fire element number, three is catalytic and expansive. In addition to the hexagram, Isa and Uruz appear on The Hermit and the High Priestess respectively suggesting inner work.

Ten stones appear suspended on the 10 of Stones with a sun shining in the distance. Haindl calls this card Richness and I agree. His use of large stones to depict the suit of Pentacles fully illustrates the power of Elemental Earth as our foundation, the below of as above, so below. A feeling of legacy and blessings is reflected in this card along with wealth and prosperity.

The Hermit and The High Priestess supply the as above aspect of the reading. In The Hermit we see a robed man standing on a mountain top, white beard flowing, arms outstretched in supplication. He holds his staff in his right hand and a lantern in his left. The lantern shines bright, illuminating his path. Birds surround him suggesting spiritual influence. Gnomes appear in the rocks to symbolize elemental energies. The All Seeing Eye of Source appears within a pyramid, reinforcing the numerology of the reading. He draws down moon energies from above, gaining wisdom from her divine blessings. The Creator personified, he retreats from the world, supported by the influence of Isa, seeking alignment and clarity.

The High Priestess manifests secret knowledge. Uruz provides the impetus for change. She is the Feminine Divine, the Triple Goddess. She is our memory, our gateway to the unconscious and inner wisdom. The High Priestess stands with her arms upraised, like The Hermit, in supplication to the moon reflecting inner mysteries. She speaks to us in dreams giving us wise and inspiring counsel. When she appears in a reading, we’re to go within and know. Our intuition is strong at this time and going within to know truth is essential.

The cards are suggesting that we go within to find our solace and comfort as well as our truth. Our strength of spirit will sustain us as we draw from the inexhaustible well of Source Presence, that eternal place of Self. As we go within we draw from the foundation we’ve built over a lifetime lived, guided by our compassion and integrity.

Unlimited reaction such as that we are seeing from the new guy only causes problems. He would do well to go within and seek his own divine counsel. He would find that his focus is on self at the expense of others. He would know that all are an expression of the Creator, of Source Energy, and that a course correction is necessary in order that he fulfill his true purpose.

We’re here to remember who we are as the Creator personified. It’s from this truth that we drink from the inexhaustible well of Self, of Source Presence.

Our purpose is remembrance. Go within and know.

Blessed Be



  1. Huang, Taoist Master Alfred. The Complete I Ching — 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Translation by Taoist Master Alfred Huang (Kindle Locations 6820-6821). Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Kindle Edition.


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Goddess Presence: Arousing Revolution ~ Tarot for 2 Jan 2017

The Goddess as Empress along with the 4 of Stones and the 5 of Wands comprise today’s tarot reading. Earth and Fire elements are represented and the numerology is 3, the catalyst of the mind. Creativity, intuition, and joy are embodied by both the number three as well as the Empress, the third card of the Major Arcana. Given this synchronicity, I’ll consider the Empress as significator for the reading.

Haindl included on this card the Hebrew letter, Daleth or door, as well as the rune, Thorn, or thunder, also known as Thurisaz, the 3rd rune in the Elder Futhark which I use. A door is depicted on the lower left side of the card, open into the light, water flowing forth. A triskele sits atop the door. The Empress stands on an upturned crescent floating in the water, her pine cone scepter in her left hand, a serpent coiled around her right symbolizing fertility and growth, hair flowing around her. A crystal is suspended above her head with the rune Hagall or Hagalaz from the Elder Futhark contained within, providing a fixed structure for the All-Seeing Eye of Source above.

Our true power lies in nonresistance. In doing so we focus our attention on solutions instead of becoming caught up in drama. The 4 of Stones depicts strength and earthly power. The tree’s roots suggest a grounded feeling, of legacy and security. The hexagram corresponds with the Arousing, the fifty-first gua of the I Ching. From The Complete I Ching:


It symbolizes the beginning of a created being. After the eldest son is born, a new cycle starts, and a new generation sets out. Thunder is a gua of the spring season. An ancient Chinese adage says, “once the spring thunder bursts, myriad beings on earth are awakened.”¹


Taking Action advises people to adopt a cautious heart and a cautious mind in dealing with a new situation before expecting success. Taking action brings success, and it is tempting to try to enhance success. But the wise man keeps himself calm and remains at ease. He does not let the excitement lead to failure in important matters. With a cautious mind, he cultivates his virtues and examines his errors. This is the key to success. The host of the gua is unusual— it is the solid line at the bottom. It hints that the positive energy is taking action and moving upward from below.²


The 5 of Wands typically describes strife of some kind, and Haindl names this card Conflict. Five swords with tips of fire are suspended in the air, an active presence that stands ready, a bloody battlefield in the background. The hexagram corresponds with the 49th gua of the I Ching, Revolution.

This gua takes the image of the conflict between Fire and Water. It describes the truth of revolution. Revolution takes place not merely to overthrow the old. Its purpose is to establish the new. The new should be better than the old. It is progress, an improvement. Revolution does not happen by accident. There is always a reason. One can never create a revolution. On the other hand, if a revolution is on the road, no one can stop it. Only by following the will of Heaven and acting in accord with the wishes of people, can revolution be made unnecessary.³


I’ve never been the sort of woman who appreciates it when family is threatened. And I’ve never known any women who feel differently. With luck, whatever chaos this nonsensical man-child some elected will give us all the clarity we need to mitigate the fallout in the interim while we make a better choice the next time around.

We’ve come to this crossroad because of our lack of balance. Too much masculine energy resulting in power and oppression, feminine energy its casualty. But it’s not just the esoteric aspect that’s at issue, because as thought gives way to form, people are harmed by these attitudes.

The Empress as Goddess Presence is awakening within so many of us now. We arise in revolution, bringing much needed change and balance to our family, the revolution of hexagram 49 reflecting transformation for the greater good in lieu of the ongoing power grab by a few. We adapt to the situation as it is, in full clarity, aligned and empowered.

Ascension marks the return of the Goddess, our spiritual awakening where love and understanding will illuminate our way forward. Together. Our positive energy…taking action and moving upward from below.²

Blessed Be



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Strength and the Feminine Divine

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Venus of the Willendorf represents the Goddess as the Mother of Cups. Known as the Queen of Cups in other decks, Hermann Haindl paints her in her donii form, her abdomen bulging with life, her breasts full of milk. She is the loving Earth Mother, the matriarch who, aligned in Source Presence, guides her family and the community at large. She observes in quiet reflection, her intuition her guide.Venus of Willendorf

The stone artifact depicted on the card was unearthed by an Austro-Hungarian archaeologist by the name of Josef Szombathy in 1908 near the village of Willendorf, Austria and has been determined to have been carved between 28,000 and 25,000 BCE during the paleolithic time in our history. Artifacts such as this one are believed to depict the Goddess as Mother and were carved in reverence to her blessed Divinity.

Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when women were actually revered instead of what we experience now.

The 2 of Cups continues the emotional presence of the Mother with a peacock lovingly gazing at two golden chalices made all the more magickal by the seven stars arising from each. A sense of things to come, perhaps children in the future are felt with this card. The magick of love heals everything. But also, this card is about balancing the masculine and feminine nature within, a balance that’s sorely missing in today’s world. Are we in service to others, or service to self? It’s not that service to self can’t be a rewarding and loving experience, but when it turns to the oppression we experience today, then it’s clear our balance has been lost.

The 10 of Stones, Pentacles, Coins, or Disks in other decks, is called Richness. This suit of Elemental Earth indicates the richness of our foundation. Depicting ten stones in balance, the card reflects strength and prosperity as well as legacy. When in balance, we create a successful outcome for all. When we’re not, then we fail to see the larger picture and the strength that unity provides. Instead, we seek to oppress others in an effort to be a winner as our upcoming president is fond of saying.

Win at all costs. Never for one minute be responsible for the lies it takes to win, just do whatever it takes to win. Find strength in the oppression of others because it’s all about the money and control you believe you have.

The cards today suggest another approach. A return to the strength of the Feminine Divine in all. Love is the only way forward. The 2 of Cups fully illustrates this with the promise of richness ours when the Mother presence is respected.

The numerology is 2 and 10, resulting in 3, or the principle of unity. Mother and Father unite in creation of a child, thereby expressing their unified presence. We’ve lost that these days, the creation becoming far less than it could be.

Today’s reading illustrates that a loving and balanced presence is our only way out of the nightmare we’ve created. Disunity must give way to our fundamental unity in Source. We are one in Source Energy. That doesn’t change while while appearing in individuated form.

When we oppress others, we oppress our own Selves. All are a reflection of the Creator, of Source Energy, and although we may appear different, we are in fact one infinite vibration of love.

Go within and remember.

Blessed Be

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Venus of Willendorf 

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The Crone: Transformational Power Within

You don’t look like a Crone, a friend on social media said. I smiled, knowing he missed the point entirely. As the Goddess has three aspects, so does a woman. We begin as a Maiden, emerging into the Mother phase either in our early twenties or when we have a child if sooner. When a woman enters menopause, she’s considered a Crone. Of course these are all arbitrary, because even though at fifty-nine I’m the right age, I’m fairly certain I was born a Crone. I think most empaths and witches probably are. Or at least it’s a strong energy that’s felt within.

But deviations aside, a woman emerging into her Crone phase is a beautiful sight to behold. We’ve lived varied lives, some electing to have children, some choosing their profession as their manifestation. Regardless of choice, a woman as Mother gives birth to new ideas and new possibilities, creating a lasting legacy for herself, her family, and friends.

And when the Crone taps us on the shoulder, we’re ready to feel and express her wisdom and loving presence. We’ve lived through much by this time in our lives, experiencing all that life has to offer. We’ve dried tears and raised hopes, stood firm when necessary and showed compassion for no reason at all. We understand what’s been and what’s to come. And we know when to step out of the way, to step aside, and let things unfold as they will.

The Crone knows all too well that experience is our best guide. It’s difficult to watch as things fall apart, knowing the pain it will cause, but knowing as well that sometimes it takes such things to make us pay attention to the obvious.

Hagalaz, considered the witch rune, provides a fixed structure allowing destruction in preparation for positive change. Also a Norn rune representing Urdh and the past, essentially Hagalaz represents the witch as Crone. The Crone has watched the continuous cycle of beginnings and endings, of birth and death, giving way to a rebirth of something better. She has the wisdom to let things unfold, watching as choices are made that further nothing but chaos and destruction, secure in her knowing that truth will remain when there’s nothing left.

Elders aren’t cherished in our society. We leave them wanting for much as we go about our lives, forgetting their counsel, ignoring their wisdom. The Crone witch was tortured and burned for not only her healing skills but for her wise counsel as well, particularly when truth threatened the mighty King.

As every Crone knows, sometimes our words are all we have. Oh, we’ll gladly step aside for you. We’ll step aside and watch as you create your havoc, staying ever ready to act when necessary. But the Crone chooses her battles wisely, saving her energy and commitment for just the right moment, when it will have the greatest effect.

You’ll never see the Crone coming because you pay no attention to us anymore. You’ve disregarded and dismissed our presence, ridiculed us into silence, never realizing you fuel our purpose even more. Underestimate the Crone at your own peril. She’s the Goddess personified. She’s the reason wisdom and compassion won at Standing Rock, and she’ll be the reason we survive.

Because in the end, women will lead us. There is no choice now. The schism that has happened will not be sustainable, it’s purpose not to unify but to further oppress. Crone wisdom will survive all of this and will lead us back into the balance we so desperately seek.

Women have been cleaning up messes created by men since the dawn of time. Sadly, these are the same men we give birth to. Maybe they get too big for their britches as my mother used to say. They’re on a roll and can’t face the consequences of their actions.

Maybe she’s right. Maybe what we’re witnessing is the last vestiges of patriarchy in all it’s ugliness. On display now for the whole world to witness, it can no longer be ignored.

Because at some point, we will all have had enough.

This Crone certainly has.

~ Blessings to all!

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A Protection Spell..Because Evidently We Need One

Protection Bindrune

So I thought I’d post a protection spell and illustrate how I created it. Witches use elemental correspondences along with moon phase, day and time to craft a spell. The idea is to align energies to increase the intention of a spell. But first the witch must decide the spell’s purpose. We’ve had some upset in the world over the last few days and I thought we all needed some protection because we don’t know what’s ahead of us. Spells don’t have to include such specificity, but given the travesty we all just experienced, I thought it would be best to throw at it everything I could think of.

Now that we know the type of spell we wish to cast, we need to decide when we’re going to perform it. I initially look at the phase of Moon that represents what we’re trying to accomplish. For serious protection matters, I like to perform the spell on the Dark Moon. Looking at the calendar, the next Dark (New) Moon is on November 29th. It’s in Sagittarius, bringing an influence of higher purpose to the spell. From there, we need to find out when sunrise and sunset occurs on that day as well as when sunrise happens again on the following day.

planetary hours tableIn this case, sunrise occurs on the 29th at 7:21 am, with sunset at 4:25 pm. The sun rises again at 7:22 am on the following day. At this point we need to do some math and figure out how many minutes comprise the time between sunrise and sunset to begin to fill out our sunrise table. Then we do the same for the sunset table only this time using the sunset time from the first day and the sunrise time from the next.

There are 9 hours and 4 minutes during the sunrise hours on the day of the Dark Moon. As we all know from grade school math, there are 60 minutes to an hour, so we multiply 60 by 9 and then add 4 to reach 544 minutes. From there, we divide 544 by 12 and we arrive at 45.3333 which I reduce to 45. It won’t be exact because I’m not using the .3333 but these are desperate times and Goddess isn’t a stickler for such things.

Now we can begin our table with 7:21 am as the beginning number. Adding 45 to each successive time will complete the sunrise table. But we’re not done because we have to do the same with the sunset table. Using 4:25 pm as sunset and 7:22 am on the following day as sunrise, we arrive at 14 hours and 56 minutes. Multiplying 14 by 60 gets us 840 plus 56 gives us 896 minutes. Divide that by 12 and we arrive at 74.6666 minutes which I round up to 75. Beginning the table with 4:25 pm as the first hour of sunset, I added 75 minutes to each successive hour to complete the table.

The Chaldean Order of Planets are used in this table. It’s a fixed thing and you’re welcome to copy it from this post if you don’t already have your own copy of it. The only thing that changes are the hours. Everything else stays the same. But the idea is to familiarize yourself with planetary influences so that you can choose the one you think will energetically support your spell. In this particular case, however, the day itself drives the planetary selection. You find it in the table and next look at the time associated with that planet. That’s the hour you’ll choose to perform your spell.

November 29th happens to be a Tuesday, which is fortuitous for protection spells. Mars is the planet associated with Tuesday, so I looked up the times for Tuesday that correspond with Mars. 7:21 am, 12:36 pm, and 6:55 pm. The other time falls at 3:40 am on the next day, so I won’t be considering that one. Mars gives the spell the boost of energy it needs to have its highest impact which is exactly what we need about now. Since the 6:00 hour is positive for safety and protection, I’m going to perform the spell using the 6:55 pm time. It will no doubt continue into the 7 pm hour which reflects healing our differences and care for others. We need that influence as well.

So now that we know the day and time of the spell, we need to put together all of the additional energetic influences that bring synergy to the spell. I’ll add some Fire Element crystal correspondences to the altar or workspace including bloodstone and carnelian, maybe a little amethyst for spirituality and connection with Source Presence. Red and black candles will also be placed on the altar with the bindrune I’ve created for this spell engraved on each one. Herbs for incense include cinnamon, garlic, nettle, hawthorn, and basil. Resins include copal and juniper. After engraving the bindrune in basil oil, I’ll annoint the candles.

A small cauldron will be used to burn the incense and the runes Thurisaz, Sowilo, Hagalaz, Isa, and Dagaz from the Elder Futhark will be used for the bindrune. I chose to make my bindrune ahead of time, burning it into a round piece of juniper for use on the altar. I’ll be consecrating it, however, during the magickal working to increase it’s alignment effect by aligning myself with Source Presence during the consecration.

So now we have everything we need to perform the spell. I begin by aligning with Goddess Presence by Blessing the Norns of Fate:

  • Face East and cast a circle or create sacred space
  • Hands out in supplication, visualize three white orbs of lights above your head and say: Dea
  • As the center orb moves through you, downward into blessed Earth say: Beo existere, Verdandi… Isa
  • As the second orb moves through you, observe it as it moves downward and to the right and say: Beo existere, Skuld… Nauthiz
  • As the third orb moves through you, observe it as it moves downward and to the left and say: Beo existere, Urdh… Hagalaz
  • With your hands remaining up and out in supplication and say:
  • Veritas revelat (reveal truth)
  • Salva veritate (truth preserved)
  • En statera (in balance) ¹

Next, I perform the Pentagrams of Protection:

  • Still facing East, draw a silver and blue flaming pentagram with your projective hand, wand, or athame. Point to the middle and say: Dea Aradia… erigo navitas (raise energy)
  • Moving deocil to the South and visualizing a blue line of fire from one direction to the other, draw a silver and blue flaming pentagram with your projective hand, wand, or athame. Point to the middle and say: Dea Brigid… erigo navitas
  • Moving deocil to the West and visualizing a blue line of fire from one direction to the other, draw a silver and blue flaming pentagram with your projective hand, wand, or athame. Point to the middle and say: Dea Tiamat… erigo navitas
  • Moving deocil to the North and visualizing a blue line of fire from one direction to the other, draw a silver and blue flaming pentagram with your projective hand, wand, or athame. Point to the middle and say: Dea Elen… erigo navitas
  • Returning to face East, say:
  • Coram animus imperium (Before me the powers of Elemental Air)
  • Tergo aqua imperium (Behind me the powers of Elemental Water)
  • Dextera incendium imperium (To my right the powers of Elemental Fire)
  • Laetrosum terrenus imperium (To my left the powers of Elemental Earth)
  • Cinctus excandesco stellae (About me flame the pentagrams)
  • Voluntate servavit et Dea benedictus (My will preserved and Goddess Blessed)
  • Close by repeating the Blessings of The Norns² 

protection bindruneOkay. Now that we’ve cast our circle or created our sacred space, blessed the Norns and asked for the Goddess to protect us, it’s time to light the charcoal in the cauldron. While the charcoal is heating up, I’ll carve the bindrune into the red and black candles and then dress each with basil oil. Place cinnamon, garlic powder, nettle, hawthorn, and basil along with copal and juniper resins into a mortar and begin grinding deocil, then drawing each rune in the herbs while chanting three times:

  • Thurisaz veritas revelat (Thurisaz reveals truth)
  • Hagalaz cessat actio (Hagalaz ceases the unwanted action)
  • Sowilo removet claustra (Sowilo removes all barriers)
  • Isa coalescit (Isa coalesces)
  • Dagaz en statera (Dagaz brings balance)

The intention set forth by the chant is to reveal truth, interrupt behavior, remove all barriers to harmony, coalesce the intention into reality, as we remain always enlightened and in balance. So after the chanting and grinding of the herbs, I place the mixture in pinches onto the burning charcoal in the cauldron and repeat the above chant again three times letting Elemental Fire catalyze my intention, Elemental Air sending my intention to the universe.

The last portion of the spell includes consecrating the bindrune. I created a nicer one as an altar tile for future magickal workings and that’s the one I’ll consecrate. In alignment with Source Presence, I’m able to focus that aligned energy into the bindrune itself, consecrating and catalyzing its power. This consecration is not in Latin, however.

Holding my hand over the bindrune, I say:

  • I bind these runes
  • Blending energies within
  • Bringing balance without
  • Infused with immanence
  • I bless and consecrate this sigil
  • In alignment with Source Presence

After consecrating the new bindrune, I’ll repeat the original chant three times, holding my hand over the bindrune. In total, I will have repeated the chant nine times. Nine is the number for completion and also corresponds to Mars and Elemental Fire.

At this point, I’ll raise my hands in supplication and thank the Goddesses for their protection during the ritual and in the days to come. And to the Norns of Fate I’ll place my trust in their capable hands.

To close this spell of protection say:

  • I am She Who Creates
  • I am She Who Loves
  • I am She Who Manifests
  • My will preserved and Goddess Blessed
  • I am So Blessed Be

Lastly, I’ll have a nice cup of tea confident in the spell’s successful outcome. Difficult times may be ahead for many of us. We’ll need all the strength we can muster to stay aligned and safe. The witch stands as observer, acting only when hearth and home are threatened. That time has come. If we come together on the Dark Moon and work our spells in unison, irrespective if it’s this one or another that speaks to you, our effect will be at its most powerful.

Join me. We’ve got this!

Blessed Be.





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Building Harmony ~ Tarot for 7 November 2016

tarot 1172016

So many of my tarot readings these days contain cards from the Major Arcana, sometimes dominating the reading. The 3 of Cups begins this three-card spread with both The Star and The Hermit giving a dominant influence. 11 represents the numerology of the spread suggesting illumination is at hand. Tomorrow brings what may be the most important Presidential election of our lives. A qualified woman versus every woman’s nightmare. Easy choice to make.

Success, abundance, balance, and celebration are illustrated in the 3 of Cups, a suit of Elemental Water. Three friends sit together in celebration, in loving harmony, cups full in front of them. The Hermit is Source personified, the quiet counsel on the hill, illuminating our way. The cloaked priest stands holding a staff in one hand, the light of Source Presence represented by the glowing Merkaba within a lantern held with the other. Also representing Hecate, the Goddess in her Crone aspect, The Hermit represents Divine Wisdom within, giving light to creation. The Hermit withdraws from the world, aligning with Source Presence, in observation and reflection.

The cards from the Major Arcana (NEVER calling them the T word ever again..ever) indicate archetypal or foundational influences or energies. I see them more specifically as qualities depicting the attributes our Source Presence while in physical form. The Star ends the spread kneeling with one foot in the water and one knee on land, her pouring of water representing our emotional balance in form.

We are energetic beings, with emotion at our essence. If that emotion is out of balance, then we judge harshly the world around us, resulting in the daily hate we’re seeing during this election. We fool ourselves into believing that we intellectually process what we see and experience, but in truth, we do that from an emotional state. Mind can tell us all sorts of things that we want to hear, but it’s our emotional resonance, when in balance, that tells us the truth. In balance, our emotional presence brings us together. When not in balance, judgment and hate rule the day.

We wish upon a star, hoping our dreams will be fulfilled when The Star presents in a reading. The Star is the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical presence, She is hope and inspiration, and her presence and vision tells us that bright days are ahead. We know from the 3 of Cups that a celebration is in store, with harmony and love as its focus. Our way is illuminated by our alignment. We know what’s necessary to bring purposed fulfillment to our lives.

The Goddess is rising within us all. Patriarchy..misogyny..neither has a place in our world anymore, replaced by loving Goddess Presence. Harmony is our way forward, with division a thing of the past. This election gives us a chance to build a harmonious future for all of us.

One more day, my sisters and more day.

Blessed Be

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Going Within To Know Truth

What truths inspire us? It helps to be naturally curious, I suppose. But when I wander about, I find such inspiration in the present moment. No agenda, no purpose other than wandering about looking at all the flowers and plants growing, coming upon a snake or a lizard sunning itself. And who doesn’t love a good argument with a duck who seems to think the strawberries on my front deck belong to him? Of course the ultimate in present moment inspiration is found when I sit and watch my bees coming in and out of their hives.

But a witch realizes that everything we do, everything we are, comes from within, including inspiration. I’ve always had an inner focus that I’ve relied on. We can have all the crystals, candles, and incense we want, but at the end of the day our awareness and true inspiration emanates from an inner focus.

There’s plenty of discussion these days about reawakening the Goddess presence within each of us. Patriarchy has all but destroyed our spirit, allowing oppression to take a firm hold. We’ve lived under a destructive imbalance resistant to change for thousands of years. The return of Goddess presence allows resistance felt to fall away, replaced by a quiet dignity that respects all. We reawaken our Source presence and then remember who we truly are. But know that it’s a reawakening that we experience, and not a redefinition. Because a redefinition assumes a central truth when each of us is here to express our own. Who we are hasn’t changed, we need only reawaken and remember that truth.

We’ve felt the effects of patriarchy in our lives from the moment we’re born with behavior reinforced along gender lines. I remember being told growing up that I should be a teacher because I would be home with my kids in the afternoon and summers, as if my future husband would have no responsibility whatsoever for our children. And that glass ceiling women experience, it’s movable to any position necessary in order that a woman is kept in her place. I earned a Black Belt in Kenpo, but instead of receiving the respect due a person who trained daily for three years to achieve such an honor, my achievement was viewed by some as a gift from my husband, the instructor. I worked my ass off but truth didn’t matter.

And then there’s the intrusive way some men speak to women. And trust me, it doesn’t matter if you’re married or single, some men still believe they can say anything they want to a woman and she’s supposed to be grateful for the attention. Except that we’re not. And when it happens we experience fear, anger, rage, and powerlessness. As if we have no right to speak up and say no.

The choice that began long ago to force patriarchy on the world has taken us off track, creating an imbalance between us that is unsustainable. But the last thing women need is for anyone else to define their own awakening. We need only go within to know our truth. And that truth isn’t found in the past but in the present moment.

Each of us focuses into form to experience life on our own terms, to live our own truth. We don’t replace patriarchy with someone else’s take on our collective experience. We replace it with our own, in alignment with our inner Source Presence. We find our inspiration in the present moment, without the past to influence any outcome. We know what the problem has been and continues to be. Change happens when we live the solution.

Blessed be.


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Our Goddess Presence: A Runecasting for 18 Sep 2016

I’m using a pentagram spread for today’s runecasting. A symbol for power, Spirit unites Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, all elemental influences affecting our lives. Air represents our intellectual presence, Water our emotions, Fire our intuition, and Earth our physical presence with Earth. Spirit represents our beginning, our true essence, and our Akash. Positioning each rune on each element, we see how each one combines with that particular element and what the resulting influence might be.

Transformation and illumination begin our pentagram runecasting with Kenaz in the position of Spirit. Secrets are revealed with this rune of openings. Things may not be as they seem when Kenaz appears. Truth may either need to be ferreted out, or it will be on display for all to see. As a Fire element rune, Kenaz sparks our intuition and brings enlightenment, awakening our creative purpose. Our creative essence is Source energy, and Kenaz tells us to let that be our guide.

Jera is in the position of Elemental Water. Another transformative rune, Jera’s fertile influence brings events to pass and speeds growth. An Earth element rune, Jera brings peace, luck, and prosperity. Cycles are reflected with Jera as well as our unfolding spiritual awareness. We balance and align our relationships with Jera. When Jera appears in a reading, positive rewards can be expected and in the position of Water, those rewards will flow effortlessly.

For the Fire position, I drew Nauthiz, the rune of Skuld, the Norn representing the future. A Fire rune itself, Nauthiz links the forces of our destiny, assisting us in achieving goals and creating positive change. It’s useful to include in binding spells and to turn a negative situation into a positive one. We are cleansed and protected with Nauthiz.

Earth gives us Laguz, a rune of Elemental Water. Our clairsentience is in play with Laguz. As the rune of the occult, Laguz gives us access to the realms of dreams and sorcery, allowing us to gather energies to be invoked by our will. We allow our practical side to be guided by our inner voice, our intuition as we flow easily around obstacles with this Water Element rune, preserving our emotional balance while embracing change that’s inevitable.

Finally, representing the god Tyr, the rune of the spiritual warrior, is Tiwaz, in the position of Air. Itself a rune of Elemental Air, Tiwaz teaches us justice and sacrifice. The spiritual warrior inside us upholds higher ideals and strengthens our self-discipline and character. A sense of order is preserved with Tiwaz with victory assured.

The numerology adds up to 66 which reduces further to 12, and from there to 3. The more I think about the number three, the more I liken it to the Empress in tarot. She takes intention, brings energies together in balance and gives birth to her experience in the world. She embodies the alchemical experience of creation, the Goddess presence within.

Sometimes I don’t know what a runecasting is about until I’m nearly through its interpretation. When I came to the numerology of the reading, I knew at that point what this runecasting is about. The runes suggest a manifesting power and I can think of no power greater than Goddess Presence. She’s been speaking to us for some time now, and She will no longer be dismissed. She seeks not to control or destroy, but to bring truth to bear, replacing the skewed vision of our world we all experience with a more balanced approach.

How then do we manifest Goddess presence in the world? We do it by standing in our own power as Source Energy, expressing ourselves with integrity and truth. We stand as spiritual warriors, ever ready to meet challenges with grace and dignity. We stand firm, yet loving as we know who we are as Source Energy, creating with passion and joy. Our Goddess presence catalyzes and transforms, balances and aligns, cleanses and protects, strengthens and sacrifices, preserves and invokes.

It’s not that things are not what they seem as Kenaz might suggest, but that they’ve been off balance. The lie of patriarchy has been told and believed and its effects are on display for all to see, its consequences felt by so many. And the presence of Nauthiz, the Norn rune depicting the future, tells us that positive change is upon us.

We’ve been silent for too long. We’ve stayed in the background for too long. It’s time to stand up, for ourselves and others.

And it’s time to stand together, allowing the love of Goddess Presence to awaken all to the truth that:

We are one in Source. We are one in love. We are one in joy. And we are here for each other.

~Blessings to all!

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The Strength of Goddess Power Within

As the Dark Moon approaches, this reading feels reflective to me. And as I look at the Strength card, I remember as a child having an interesting effect upon animals. Even nasty animals seem to have an affinity for me. Growing up in Alaska, my family raised sled dogs and it was normal for us to have at least 50 dogs to care for. They loved me.

I was eight years old at the time when I was teaching myself to play guitar and I used to take my guitar out to the dog area during the summer and practice. All the huskies would begin howling while I attempted to play. It was amazing even though in retrospect they were probably asking me to stop. That summer some friends left their 60 dogs with us while they went outside for three months. So between ours and theirs, I took care of 125 dogs that summer. Needless to say it was a noisy summer. Oh, when you live in Alaska, you’re either inside the state or outside the state. So when anyone left the state for vacation, it was known as going outside. It’s an Alaska thing.

Strength cards


I love the Strength card in any Tarot deck. In today’s reading, I’m using the Robin Wood tarot deck and this deck features the lion more prominently than do other decks. The Druid Craft tarot deck at the top uses a wild boar instead but the effect is the same.

LustIn Thoth, Crowley moved this card from 8 to 11 and renamed it Lust, including the lion’s presence, but modified with multiple faces. The woman controls the many-faced lion, yet the card gives the impression of balanced energy holding up creation. Strength, passion, wisdom, tenacity.

The Strength card resonates perfect love and perfect trust, and the balance between wild, instinct-based wisdom and the more civilized aspects of self. In the Robin Wood deck, the woman gazes lovingly at the male lion at her side, an expression of receptive and projective energies in balance. It speaks of allowing yet with a quiet determination and presence.

The next two cards in this three-card reading involve the suit of Cups. So perhaps our emotional strength is in play here. A Water Element suit, Cups deal with our emotional presence, relationships, creativity as well as our subconscious.

The 7 of Cups shows a woman daydreaming, about riches and successful endeavors. And dragons and serpents because who doesn’t want a dragon around them? The cup in the center with the mask could indicate that these are flights of fancy rather than any serious imagining, but I see it as anything is possible. She’s willing to push, if not eliminate entirely, the boundaries and allow for anything to unfold, peel back the mask and look at all her options.

The stars emerging from the top cup on the left bearing a red heart are perhaps a wish for love, the castle below, a wish for structure and stability, the cup at the bottom, wealth, the cup on the right with a green wreath indicating success over adversity or even death. The placement of the cups with the snake and the dragon is interesting as I see this as an expression of as above, so below. I don’t know if the deck’s creator had that in mind or not, but the snake with the triple moon represents Goddess energy or Spirit, with the fiery red dragon as our more earthly passionate side. So it seems that our dreaming woman is looking at integrating various aspects of a new path to take.

The 10 of Cups shows a happy family, sitting together, enjoying their day. Birds fly above toward the light from the sun emerging from behind the clouds, a rainbow springing from beginning to end of the ten cups beneath them. A genuine flow of love surrounds the family. A desired outcome has been achieved and the family can sit together in contentment and joy.

With this in mind as well as the approaching Dark Moon, our daydreaming woman may be reflecting on all that she chose along the way to establish security and stability for her family, clearly including a variety of considerations. Their happiness indicates that she chose wisely, using the Strength of the Goddess within as her guide. She didn’t rest in her dream but instead made choices that resulted in the security of her home and family, all done from perfect love and perfect trust.

Women have a way of understanding the greater good. We know how to balance strength with wisdom, knowing when to allow and when to take command. It’s that awareness that drives us forward, particularly in times of difficulty and hardship.

It’s the power of the Goddess within us that gives us the Strength to endure amid the chaos. And maybe dragons. Yes, for sure, dragons.

Blessed Be