A Sword in One Hand, A Severed Head in the Other: The Goddess Has Returned ~ Tarot for 16 January 2018

A Sword in One Hand, A Severed Head in the Other: The Goddess Has Returned ~ Tarot for 16 January 2018

The Star, 7 of Wands, and the Queen of Swords comprise today’s tarot reading. Six is the overall numerology suggesting an overall influence of harmony and the sacred. And there is one card from the Major Arcana, one Court card and one small card representing Elemental Water, Fire, and Air or emotions, will, and intellect […]

Fate, Free Will, and Destiny

Fate, Free Will, and Our Complicated Destiny ~ Tarot for 9 Jan 2017

I was looking through my tarot notebook and found a tarot spread dealing with fate, free will, and destiny. Given what’s going on these days, it seemed apropos. A six-card spread, it defines the issue at hand, looks at a possible reaction, and then discusses what’s inescapable, possible changes in store, and the choice we […]

The Inexhaustible Well of Source Presence

The Inexhaustible Well of Source Presence ~ Tarot for 6 Jan 2017

The hexagram on the 10 of Stones defines today’s reading. Gua 48, or The Well, represents replenishment and nourishment, or in my view, the inexhaustible well of our Source Presence. From The Complete I Ching: The well supplies replenishment but is never exhausted.¹ Two cards from the Major Arcana are also included, The Hermit and The High Priestess. The numerology is […]

Goddess Presence: Arousing Revolution ~ Tarot for 2 Jan 2017

The Goddess as Empress along with the 4 of Stones and the 5 of Wands comprise today’s tarot reading. Earth and Fire elements are represented and the numerology is 3, the catalyst of the mind. Creativity, intuition, and joy are embodied by both the number three as well as the Empress, the third card of […]

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Venus of the Willendorf represents the Goddess as the Mother of Cups. Known as the Queen of Cups in other decks, Hermann Haindl paints her in her donii form, her abdomen bulging with life, her breasts full of milk. She is the loving Earth Mother, the matriarch who, aligned in Source Presence, guides her family and […]

The Crone: Transformational Power Within

You don’t look like a Crone, a friend on social media said. I smiled, knowing he missed the point entirely. As the Goddess has three aspects, so does a woman. We begin as a Maiden, emerging into the Mother phase either in our early twenties or when we have a child if sooner. When a […]

Protection Bindrune

A Protection Spell..Because Evidently We Need One

So I thought I’d post a protection spell and illustrate how I created it. Witches use elemental correspondences along with moon phase, day and time to craft a spell. The idea is to align energies to increase the intention of a spell. But first the witch must decide the spell’s purpose. We’ve had some upset […]

tarot 1172016

Building Harmony ~ Tarot for 7 November 2016

So many of my tarot readings these days contain cards from the Major Arcana, sometimes dominating the reading. The 3 of Cups begins this three-card spread with both The Star and The Hermit giving a dominant influence. 11 represents the numerology of the spread suggesting illumination is at hand. Tomorrow brings what may be the […]

Going Within To Know Truth

What truths inspire us? It helps to be naturally curious, I suppose. But when I wander about, I find such inspiration in the present moment. No agenda, no purpose other than wandering about looking at all the flowers and plants growing, coming upon a snake or a lizard sunning itself. And who doesn’t love a […]

Our Goddess Presence: A Runecasting for 18 Sep 2016

I’m using a pentagram spread for today’s runecasting. A symbol for power, Spirit unites Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, all elemental influences affecting our lives. Air represents our intellectual presence, Water our emotions, Fire our intuition, and Earth our physical presence with Earth. Spirit represents our beginning, our true essence, and our Akash. Positioning each […]