Words Matter, Donald ~ Best Words Edition

Words Matter, Donald ~ Best Words Edition

Words matter, Donald. You know, I started out writing up a tarot reading, and then I turned on the news. So, here we are again, a witch explaining life to a rich guy. Donald, listen up. When children enter your office, it’s never appropriate to ask them how the media is treating them. But even more […]

New Moon 10302016

A New Moon in Scorpio ~ Finding Sacred Space

Tomorrow’s New Moon transits in Scorpio (9° Sco 25′ 29″) in the Ninth House. Emotions will be heightened and we take pleasure at the beauty that surrounds us. But as emotions run high during this time we should stay aligned in an effort to keep overreaction to a minimum. Just sit back, enjoy your process […]

Of Wands and Witchlings.. #NaBloPoMo

  A wand..my friend had a wand. I was a witch, and she had a wand. True, it was part of a fairy princess Halloween costume, but seriously. A wand is a wand. Atop her magickal blue wand sat a shining gold star. And did I mention she had lovely blonde hair and looked every bit the […]