Just Don't Start?

Just Don’t Start?

Here we go again. Donald, you’re channeling Nancy. Only now, instead of just say no, it’s just don’t start. Wow. That’s so easy. Donald, do you understand that a significant part of the opioid crisis involves prescriptions written by doctors? I’m certain that most doctors don’t want anyone to become addicted, but to ignore this aspect of the […]

A New Moon For Transformation And Healing

A New Moon For Transformation And Healing

Today is the New Moon. During this powerful Crone phase, along with divinations, witches work magick that is transformational in nature. With the Moon in Leo, I plan to perform a healing ritual this evening. Divination is also wonderful to include in a New Moon healing ritual and as customary, I drew four runes to […]

Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis With Cannabis

Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis With Cannabis

I really shouldn’t read articles about Rheumatoid Arthritis anymore and I absolutely should NOT read any comments that might be posted. Even when my RA was severe, I could only handle so much time on forums because it was too depressing. Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks. When it took over and became severe, which it remained for […]

Healing With Cannabis Is Worth The Risk

Healing With Cannabis Is Worth The Risk

It felt as if my body wasn’t my own. I had retained so much fluid that it felt as if I was sloshing about in boiling hot water. My thirteen-year nightmare with rheumatoid arthritis was surreal. It exploded into my life preventing any further training in Kenpo. Although my husband and I had closed our […]

Replacing Conflict With Love

Replacing Conflict With Love ~ Tarot for 27 Jan 2017

More patterns emerge in today’s tarot reading. Swords, extending rays, and the shape of a caduceus appear in today’s three card spread. The Ace of Swords, King of Swords. and the 2 of Cups bring influences affecting our intellect and emotions. The numerology of the reading is three, or mastery and Air and Water are […]

Awakening the I Am

Awakening the I Am ~ Tarot for 3 Jan 2017

The 2 of Cups has been coming up more frequently in recent divinations. The Sun and the 3 of Cups join in to set a catalyzed emotional tone of love and joy to the reading. The numerology is 2, 3, and 19 resulting in 6 or Higher Self, harmony, love, and the I Am layer […]


New Book! Empath

I confess that I have difficulty advertising what I do. It feels like bragging somehow and I really have to step outside my comfort zone to do any of it. But it’s part of the process I guess. My blog has been active for four years and over that time I’ve worked on several books […]

healing and unity

Spell for Healing and Unity

With tonight’s Full Cold Moon also a Super Moon, I wrote a short spell for healing and unity. I posted yesterday the drawing of the bindrune I’ll use for it, and today I created the actual bindrune for this evening’s ritual. Full Moons are the time for setting our intentions for the coming month, or […]

Healing and Unity cover

Healing and Unity ~ A Runecasting for 12 Dec 2016

I performed a protection spell on the most recent Dark Moon using a bindrune I had created. Tomorrow the Full Cold Moon arrives and I thought I would perform a spell for healing and unity. I plan to use another bindrune, this one created from today’s runecasting. I aligned in Source Presence and asked what […]

In Healing Retreat and Reflection

In Healing Retreat and Reflection ~ Tarot for 8 Dec 2016

Snow is falling (and not just on the blog), I’ve been shopping, and now I’m ready to be stuck inside for the next week, although I hope it doesn’t come to that. I shuffled the cards of my Thoth deck and drew three cards, counting until I reached thirteen each time. Interesting that Death came […]