Life As A Cannabis Patient

Life As A Cannabis Patient

Life in Oregon as a cannabis patient is typically non-eventful. Patients actually have amounts that work out well for those who wish to create their own medicines. I’m one such patient. I wrote about my healing with cannabis in my first book, Confessions of a Back Porch Herbalist in which I shared how I healed my severe […]

Worksheet For Tincturing Using Grain Alcohol

Worksheet For Tincturing Using Grain Alcohol

Grain alcohol is a favorite among herbalists for tincturing both fresh and dried herbs. However, the way in which we utilize grain alcohol is different for each type. Below is a worksheet with formulas you can copy into a spreadsheet of your own and if you name each cell referenced with the same names that […]

New Book! Hedgewitch of the Village!

New Book! Hedgewitch of the Village!

It started out as a witch’s book on herbal teas and then one day I wondered what it might look like as a novel. It was at that point that I began thinking about a new title and finally settled on Hedgewitch of the Village. Never having written a novel before, I thought about saving […]

Comfrey and My Possibly Broken Toe

I won’t bore anyone with the picture of my toe. It’s on my Facebook page and anyone can see it there. I confess I unintentionally kicked a stool that I didn’t see was in my way after listening to a clip on the television from that crazy guy running for President. I’m a Democrat and […]

Tea harvest

Crone Balance Tea

In gathering herbs for tea, I do so intuitively. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and then I walk around looking for herbs to fit the bill. All of my teas have herbs that address my rheumatoid arthritis. But they also address other issues as well. As a Crone, I also […]

Liver cleanse tea

Liver Cleanse Tea

My knee was hurting this morning so I decided to make a tea to help with that. Years ago, when my rheumatoid arthritis was severe, I fell, tearing my inner meniscus on my left knee. Many years earlier, I had done the same on the outside meniscus of that knee while teaching karate. So I […]

Wildcrafting My Morning Tea

  There’s nothing like wandering about, gathering herbs to use for tea. I live on five acres, three of it pasture. I never know what I’ll find growing out there, but mostly that’s where the red clover grows. I commandeered my vegetable garden and turned it into a large medicinal garden. Raised beds comprising the […]

Medicating with Cannabis – an Update

  I thought I would do an update on how I’m medicating with cannabis. I’ve been a patient now for almost six years and over that time, I’ve modified how I use cannabis for my rheumatoid arthritis. I’m in remission now and I don’t need to use as much as I once did. As a […]

Witch Notes: At Loose Ends Edition

I’ve completed my herb course with Sage Mountain. I’ve submitted the last assignments and exam and now I await the results. I feel pretty good about it, though. So, fingers crossed. A certificate in herbalism doesn’t exactly allow me to be a practicing herbalist, but I like that I completed the course because it helped […]

Witch Notes, 11/21/15: Gunshots and Face Cream

The week began with gunshots and ended with face cream. I know, but I promise, I’ll get from one to the other. The poster child for the NRA lives next door to me. I made my husband walk down the fence to see if there were any holes. We heard voices and there were flashlights. Fortunately, […]