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Trusting The Process With Strength Found Within ~ Tarot for 19 Mar 2017

The Knight gathers strength as he sits atop his steed holding a golden pentacle in preparation for a new journey. The Knight of Pentacles is practical and trustworthy, living his life with purpose and integrity. His appearance in a reading can also suggest movement of a financial nature, positive and hopeful. The significator for the reading, the Knight expresses purposeful exchange with others in balance and harmony. All suits and elements are represented in the reading with an overall numerology of one or wholeness and new beginnings.

Surrounding the Knight are the 9 of Wands and the 8 of Swords. I’ll go into the interesting numerological synchronicities in the reading later on in the interpretations, but suffice it to say that everything centers on the idea of inner strength.

A man stands defensively holding one of nine staffs in his hand. Rays of light extend in all directions from the staff’s crystal tip suggesting clarity is available if he would only drop some resistance. The man appears to stand his ground but it feels like the eight additional staffs in line behind him are less about his defense and more about holding on to his perceptions.

The 8 of Swords in the Robin Wood Tarot is so cool. A blindfolded woman looks away, her arms and torso bound by a rope. Eight swords impale the earth around her as the choppy water appears to be receding while dark clouds dissipate from the sun’s rays beaming forth. Her eyes are blindfolded, the woman’s scattered thoughts binding her focus and preventing her from seeing clearly. The 8 of Swords asks if we are blocking our own process, our own forward momentum.

As we take our journey through life our choice is to do so in unity with others or to go it alone. But as we see with the man in the 9 of Wands, although he stands in his own power, his perceptions prevent any clarity. We can block our own process as with the woman in the 8 of Swords, but at some point, we have to ignore the noise both around and within us and find our divine strength within.

The numerology of the two cards reduces to 8 or strength, the title of the eighth card of the Major Arcana. And here we have the synchronicity I referred to earlier. The Strength card depicts a woman peering lovingly at a large lion. Grace, acceptance and unconditional love are represented by Strength along with the balance between our instinct and intelligence. Representing influences that are hidden or subconscious in nature, the card is telling us that our greatest strength lies in allowing.

The 3 of Cups appears in the outcome position of the reading. Three women dance happily about in a circle, free spirits all. They represent life lived in harmony and joy. Mind, body, and Spirit are one with the 3 of Cups, our emotional presence in balance.

Cups represents Elemental Water and as an empath, I can say with certainty that our energetic vibration or signature is emotion-based. We gauge everything by how it all feels to us. We can interfere with that process by becoming either stuck in or bound by our perceptions, or we can trust in and engage fully with the process and allow ourselves to flow effortlessly in creativity and joy.

We’re here to experience life in nonresistance, without judgment, and with clear sight. Given the chaos of the world that may seem like a daunting task. We can spend our time in resistance to the world, in reaction to others, or we can allow ourselves to experience life as intended. In resistance, we feel fragmented and off balance, bound by our own subjective perception; whereas, in nonresistance, we summon the strength within to ignore the drama around us and make the conscious decision to live in joy.

Or we let the orange guy win.



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The Power Within ~ Rune and Tarot for 19 Dec 2016

The Power Within

The power within to transform the structure of our lives is represented by the Four of Stones. A suit of Elemental Earth, Stones represents our physical presence and relationship with the Earth. From the Haindl deck, it’s another in a varied expression of this suit, Pentacles, Coins, Disks among its other names. A generally positive card, The Four of Pentacles can refer to miserliness and greed, or to the structure to build wealth. In this deck, however, it refers to the overwhelming energy to manifest new ideas.

The power within - arousingThe small interpretation handbook states the rocks are in water, but I don’t relate to it that way. I see them as suspended, an expression of their great power. The card is titled The Power of the Earth and reflects the strength and power of manifestation. Tree roots are visible under the rocks, each rock representing the four elemental directions. Hexagram 51 from the I Ching appears in the upper left hand corner called The Arousing, or the drive to adapt our response to chaos and shock, gaining the inner strength to act.

Jera, an Earth Element rune, is considered the rune of transformation and balance. The 12th rune of the Elder Futhark, Jera, or year, brings events to pass and represents our unfolding spiritual awareness. Cyclical movement is felt with Jera as it speeds growth, particularly in the garden, and balances and improves relationships.

The numerology is 4 and 12, reducing to 7. the number for divinity, intuition, and magick. Transformation is felt with the seven as well. If I include card 51 from the I Ching, then we add 6 to 7, 13 the result, which although I view it as a Master Witch number, I’ll reduce it to 4, bringing us back to structure and power.

The Haindl tarot deck evokes such feeling. Hermann Haindl’s attention to detail along with some of the more hidden aspects of each scene really requires a magnifying glass and proper lighting to truly appreciate each card’s message. The 4 of Stones represents our power within to manifest anything we choose. Jera moves energy from one state to another, adding the power of Source Presence to our Earthly intention. As above, so below.

Today begins our transformation. Elemental energies flow in synchronicity, reinforcing our power of manifestation, transmuting the shock we’ve felt into alignment and joy. As we align our Earthly power with our Source Presence the collective consciousness feels and responds to that resonance raising the vibration of all.

It’s easy to react in fear to how our world is about to change given all that we’ve witnessed. Aligning in Source Presence allows us the clarity that reaction prevents. We’ll need that clarity in the days ahead. This sort of chaos or shock can propel us in any direction we choose, down in the muck or arising into Higher Self.

We change nothing if we remain in lower, chaotic vibration. It’s time we arise in alignment with who we truly are as Source Energy in response to the chaos of the physical world. Let that propel us into our collective shift in consciousness, love for humanity our only focus.

Blessings to all!

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Manifesting Higher Self ~ A Bindrune for 15 Dec 2016

Manifesting Higher Self

If the election stands as it is, then we’ll all need to be fully present in Higher Self in order that we get through all of it. Some runecasters choose the runes they use for a bindrune. I prefer to pose the question and then cast the runes to create the bindrune. The runes never fail me and I trust their message.

Algiz, Sowilo,and Inguz comprise today’s bindrune. The numerology is 15, 16, and 22 respectfully. We can reduce the all of it to 8, but with 22 as the Master Builder number, I’ll only reduce the first two to 4 and leave Uruz on its own as the Master Builder energy.

Algiz has always resonated as the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, representing our higher consciousness. Algiz represents the elk and protection from harmful forces.

Sowilo expresses our will and Higher Self energies. It brings illumination and guidance and strengthens the bindrune. It brings loving, healing energy to bear and guides us to the light.

Lastly, Inguz brings sudden release to the bindrune, casting its intention to the universe. It both calms and awakens, brings fertility and invokes expansive inner desire. Inguz represents not only our genetic inheritance but our manifesting intention as Source Energy. And it draws all runic influences together into a cohesive expression of Higher Self.

We are all Source Energy. I realize it maybe challenging at times to remember that when so much conflict and hate are present. But if we’re all to survive the dark forces that surround us, we need to remember at all times who we are. We need to stay away from judgment and away from rage and see all of this through Source Vision. That loving resonance will have more effect than anything the dark forces can accomplish.

We can hold fast to the bindrune, using its strength to align us in Source Presence. The runes within coalesce into an influence that overshadows all that the dark forces wish to achieve. We can use that bindrune as a focus during meditation, or to carry as a talisman throughout our day as a reminder to stay present in Higher Self awareness.

With any luck, our electoral college members will find their humanity and do what’s best for our country. Otherwise, I’ll be using the bindrune continually for the foreseeable future.

Blessings to all.

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Higher Self Over Tradition ~ Rune & Tarot for 5 Dec 2016

The Hierophant is placed in the position of significator for today’s rune and tarot reading. He sits between the pillars of Mercy and Severity, knowledge, structure, and tradition represented by the staff in his left hand. Two keys cross at his feet suggesting balance. Although the Hierophant possesses divine wisdom, there is always another perspective, another experience that awaits. Free choice is ours to conform to established values or to think outside the box and choose our own path. Do we align with established tradition or do we create our own?

The lower three cards represent the suits of Pentacles, Wands, and the energies of Elemental Swords and Earth, Fire, and Air. The numerology is 4, 5, 6, reducing to 6, representing our emotions, Source Presence, Higher Self, harmony, love, and communication. So again, do we align with our Source Presence within, our inner voice of Truth, or with the established views of others? I prefer rebellion.

Whenever I draw a 4 and a 6 from any suit, I like to observe together. Today, they just happen to be placed side by side so I don’t have to move them around. These two numbers together have an either/or feel. A choice perhaps, or a before and after scenario could be in play.

In this case, we have a 4 of Pentacles and a 6 of Wands. The 4 of Pentacles suggests wealth building a legacy for the future. The 6 of Wands suggests victory and leadership. One man appears relaxed, comfortable that his future is on the right course, while the other arrives on his steed, a leader victorious from his recent battle. On the surface the two men have different focuses, one taking care of hearth and home, and the other the community at large. But each take seriously the choices they’ve made and approach their lives with a sense of responsibility.

The Page of Swords seeks adventure. He is intense, intelligent, and thinks on his feet, although his occasional outbursts can limit his choice of solutions. Both diplomatic and vengeful, the double-edged sword of the Page represents the balance he strikes between instinct and intellect.

The Page looks to the future, his sword in hand, possibly choosing adventure over building wealth or risking everything on the battlefield. Where four pillars once stood, only three remain standing. He’s chosen his own path over established tradition.

The runes for today’s reading are Ansuz, Hagalaz, and Berkano representing our Higher Self, protection, and Gaia energy. 4, 9, and 18 are their numerology, reducing to 31 and then 4, or Gaia energy, the structure and foundation of our lives.

Ansuz invokes our divinity or Source Presence within. Higher Self looks with clarity at all angles to understand and choose the correct option. Our will is strong as we choose protection and wholeness with Hagalaz, overcoming obstacles in our path. Berkano invokes and manifests Gaia energy, expresses motherhood and feminine life force, and extends protection and preservation of family.

Various roads may lead to the same goal. In this case, we have traditional methods of preserving home and family by either building wealth with hard work or by conquest in contrast to seeking the adventure of a new approach. The runes suggest that our choices reflect Higher Self awareness of the greater picture involved. While tradition may have its place, the energy of Berkano brings new ideas to fruition, balancing the protection and security of the family with continued growth and success.

Again we see another 4/6 combination with each numerology, although the order makes it 6/4. Higher Self, instead of tradition, drives the choices we make to preserve home and family.

Perhaps the new approach is one of unity. We’ve tried both either/or strategies and now the Tower is burning down when what we’ve needed all along was compassion and love to guide our choices. Some people say that the guy who won represents a change from the establishment. I say the so-called establishment works for guys like him.

So barring recounts and electoral remedies, we can react to all of this with a traditional response, or we can observe and reflect, allowing Higher Self to make our choice. Reaction won’t help and only inflames an already uncertain situation. Tradition may be less relevant now, but burning down the Tower isn’t necessarily the right option either.

It’s time for focus, for a new approach, influenced not by tradition but by our inner voice, our Higher Self. It’s there we find our balance and our true purpose.

Blessed be.

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Runecasting: A Witch’s Focused Presence



Today I drew the runes and cast them intuitively without using an existing spread. Initially, I drew Dagaz, Isa, and Othala followed by Berkano, Sowilo, and Thurisaz. Because it felt like there was a connection missing, I drew Fehu to place in the middle. Fehu is considered a sending rune in that it is catalytic in nature and sends energy or intention. Directionality isn’t really a factor in this reading because Fehu can send it in either direction. In a sense, it becomes the center of Dagaz, the pivotal point where energy reaches it’s completion and becomes something new. So I think I’ll interpret this runecasting from that standpoint…energy moving from completion into something new, but I’ll begin first with some definitions so we know what we’re dealing with.

From Grimoire of a Crone:

Dagaz means day and represents complete enlightenment. All doors are open. All options are available. One phase is ending and other beginning. The witch stands in the middle, the in between, holding the balance, as witness, as observer. The rune of the present moment, Dagaz may used to achieve balance, clarity, and alignment.

 Isa means ice or stillness. Representing Verdandi, the Norn of the static realm, Isa halts undesired situations, shields negative energy, and assists in the development of the will. Isa represents our inward focus, giving us time to center and achieve necessary clarity.

Othala represents kinship and ancestral land. It’s our inheritance and the rune of sacred space, balancing order with chaos. Magickal workings may center on protection, balance, prosperity, Akashic memories, and sacred space.

Fehu represents wealth, abundance, and life force. Energy is manifested with this rune and it’s useful in increasing the effect of other runes.

Berkano represents the birch tree and fertility. New beginnings, ideas coming to fruition, and motherhood are influences of Berkano. Magickal workings involve healing, protection, and fertility.

Sowilo represents the Sun and is another rune of Higher Self. Victory, confidence, and illumination are among Sowilo’s influences. Its energy is useful in meditation and hedgeriding, and it strengthens all other workings.

Thurisaz is the hammer of Thor, representing giants and chaos. The rune of catalytic energy, Thurisaz brings new beginnings and renders opposition useless against you. It can be used in weather and love magick as well as protection and defense.

Looking over the descriptions of each rune, it feels like this casting may be more about creating our sacred space within than creating something new, although it could also suggest our center, our alignment from where all creative energies flow. With Berkano and Sowilo in the casting, this seems to support the notion of something new on the horizon, catalyzed by the power of Thor’s hammer with the appearance of Thurisaz.

We can view Berkano, Sowilo, and Thurisaz as influences from the physical realm and Dagaz, Isa, and Othala as influences from our nonphysical presence, balanced by Fehu as it sends energies in reciprocity, our nonphysical presence energizing our physical aspect of Self, and our physical presence informing our nonphysical aspect of Self. In truth, this is the only real polarity or duality that exists. Any other duality felt is based upon subjective definition.

Isa, a Norn rune, represents stillness and focused will. It stands in the center of Dagaz and Othala, bringing forth the energies of enlightenment and our Akash, our inherited awareness of Self, with Fehu sending it into the physical realm. Berkano brings that creative energy into focus, breathing new life and energy into new endeavors. Fehu sends Isa’s focused will downward, infusing Sowilo with Higher Self awareness, strengthening our creative process. Thurisaz catalyzes the process, ensuring a successful outcome.

This is a really interesting runecasting. It illustrates the inner strength and focus brought by our Source presence as it energizes into physical expression. For a witch, this is particularly significant as she becomes the sending energy of Fehu, casting her intention to the universe.

The witch is sacred space. She is the pivotal point from which all intention flows. She gathers her magick, focuses her will, and all things are possible. This runecasting illustrates this process beautifully! A bindrune of the casting is below and can be used as a focus during magickal workings.

Blessed be the witch!

~ Jan




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Thoth Tarot: Aligning in Higher Self Presence

thoth tarot



I love the Thoth Tarot. It’s my favorite deck although my new Haindl deck is a close second. In  today’s reading, the Princess of Swords is followed by two cards from the Major Arcana: Adjustment and The Hermit.

With the Princess of Swords, we have woman who takes risks and seeks adventure. A natural diplomat, the Princess uses her intelligence to overcome obstacles in her path. She possesses strength of character, is quick thinking and practical. And for the purposes of this reading, we’ll view her as the significator or focus of the spread.

thoth tarotAdjustment is known as Justice in other decks and it suggests maintaining equilibrium. It’s alignment with the Goddess within. It indicates that clarity is either present or needed at this time. Additionally, this card counsels us to stand in our own power, that we have the strength necessary to meet any challenge.

The Hermit, the second card in the reading from the Major Arcana (still can’t call them Trumps) tells us to align to find insight. Self-reliance is key. Wisdom is best found within and away from the distractions of the world at large.

Tarot readings can focus on general influences or can relate to specific issues. Typically I only look at general influences. We each have ultimate control over how we see our world. And because we exist along side other expressions of Source Energy, they too have ultimate control over how they see their world. The trick is in how we lovingly co-exist while each of us lives our own individual life.

In a spread like this one, the general influences focus on alignment as a precursor to everything we do. The Princess of Swords aligns first then proceeds on her path, letting her intellect and practical nature guide her way. She makes use of the energy of self-reliance brought by the Hermit with her sense of equilibrium influenced by Adjustment card. The Princess aligns with Goddess presence and clarity is revealed.

Now for a spread that focuses on love issues, the presence of the Hermit may indicate that the Princess may be needing some time alone for reflection. Adjustment supports this idea, allowing the Princess to take the time she needs to know what she wants from her relationship with a lover in question. Or it could indicate that her lover is hesitant or needing his or her own time for reflection.

In a spread focusing upon material gain such as employment or on general prosperity concerns, again retreat to find what’s important so that new endeavors can be revealed. Going down the same road doesn’t necessarily result in future gain, so the intelligent and quick-witted Princess would be wise to consider all options before her. Here the Hermit guides her, bringing the strength of Hecate to bear. She aligns, the influence of Adjustment strong in her, bringing balance and justice to new endeavors. With that as her premise, success is in sight.

The numbers are interesting in this reading. Adjustment is card 8 and The Hermit is card 9. Together they add up to 17 which reduces to 8, bringing us back to Adjustment. So influences of balance and of cause and effect are important to the Princess, and she will choose wisely.

The presence of two cards from the Major Arcana suggest that Higher Self energies are fully available to the Princess, which she will embrace and extend with wisdom and grace. Whether in a general influence reading, or a reading concerning love or prosperity, align with Higher Self presence and the way forward will be clear.

Again, where we begin matters. If we align first, it’s far easier to see the path in front of us, whether it be general in nature or with respect to love or material concerns. We are Source Energy. It’s easy to forget that while in physical form. But remembrance of that fact is critical to our happiness so align first, then know. It will serve you well.

~Blessed Be

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Source Vision: a Runecasting



I really like this type of spread. There are other spreads like it, but I came up with this one during a 3 card Tarot spread. I wanted a little more information, and I ended up adding three more cards. The lowest line reflects either unconscious or hidden influences. The middle two runes either reflect receptive and projective influences or influences that are in our conscious awareness. The top rune is the position of significator.

I’m using my hawthorn rune set which I love so much. A note about rune sets. It’s fine to purchase them, but you really should make them yourself. I typically crochet a bag to keep them in or I stitch one together. I purchase my crystal runes, but I make the rest. I love hawthorn for rune making. Willow is very nice as is apple. Juniper is a dark and variegated wood and it makes a lovely set of runes. All of these can be used to make wands as well.

Ansuz sits in the significator position representing the Air Element, communication and inspiration. Known as Odin’s Rune, Ansuz reflects our Higher Self, invoking our divinity within. Eihwaz and Mannaz are on the next line, bringing influences of paradox and the rational mind into play. Finally, Kenaz, Wunjo and Ehwaz make up our hidden or unconscious influences, enlightening, bringing joy, and movement around obstacles.

Looking at the unconscious or hidden influences first, it appears that we may have more clarity than initially thought. Kenaz, or Torch, reveals truth and transforms magickal energies. Creative potential is ours with the appearance of this rune.

Wunjo is all about joy and happiness. It’s our happily-ever-after rune that brings joy and contentment. It signifies fellowship with like-minded people and peace.

Ehwaz is an interesting rune. It represents Sleipner, Odin’s 8-legged horse that one rides to Hel to meet Hecate. And before you get all excited and think I believe in Hell, I don’t. It’s Hel, not Hell, and represents the underworld and domain of Goddess Hecate. I have an assortment of Goddesses I relate to, and a few I’m apparently related to (Elen and Melusine), and Hecate is one of them.

Safe travel is part of the meaning of Ehwaz, with astral travel or hedgeriding an important aspect of this rune. It’s also about partnership toward a mutual end, represented by the horse and its rider. I see it as the Merkaba, or vehicle for soul travel. In meditation, the rune can be visualized as a doorway into other dimensions.

So, to sum up the unconscious influences, there is more clarity available than we think to draw from. Positive influences support us as we move toward a more enlightened state.

Next, Eihwaz and Mannaz represent receptive and projective influences respectively. Paradoxical influence is brought by Eihwaz as it provides the connection between opposites. Non-resistant flow is represented by Eihwaz as it moves energy up and down, from one state to another. Eihwaz is the link between worlds and assists in shamanic journeying or hedgeriding.

Mannaz represents humanity’s fragility. A rune of Elemental Earth, Mannaz blends intuition with rationality and influences our role in society. A thought rune, Mannaz increases intelligence and memory and brings educational success. Social integration and harmony are favored with Mannaz as it influences peaceful co-existence with others.

And now we’re back to where we began, with Ansuz. I believe our presence is primarily nonphysical and who we are begins and ends there. Our physical presence or body, is simply our vehicle to move about. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our resonance is as extensions of Source Energy. We are Source Energy. Whether we realize it or not, because we do become caught up in drama, our awareness of everything is through Source Vision. Or at least it should be through Source Vision instead of through the ego’s questionable vision.

So, I think this runecasting is about how we actually see the world as Source Energy. We have all the clarity we need and nothing is truly hidden. We co-create easily with others, extending love and peace to all. This runecasting really represents the truth of who we are, reminding us that we are powerful beyond measure.

See..this is why I love runes..

~Blessings to all..especially to my neighbors in Burns..

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Runecasting: Pentagram Spread

2015-08-19 20.30.41


I love this set of opalite runes. Opal is my birthstone, and these are so delicate and feminine and feel wonderful in my hands. I like the pentagram spread for elemental influences. From the top, Kenaz sits in the position of Spirit. Moving to the right, Uruz represents Water. Continuing downward, Ansuz represents Fire, with Fehu on the left depicting Earth. In the final position on the top left, Nauthiz represents Air. In the middle sits Algiz as significator. I’ve included each elemental correspondence associated with each rune below, indicating when there are more than one per rune. Sometimes correspondences are a matter of perspective. I like to include everything if I can, especially if they disagree.

Each rune’s elemental correspondence may not align with its position in the spread, bringing into play additional interactions within the spread. Elemental influences represent our presence in the world. Water represents our emotional presence or identity, while Fire, our catalytic presence, our authentic self and our moral compass. Earth represents physical presence and defines our boundaries, and Air is our intellectual presence, and our mental attitude, where we convey our truth to others. Algiz, in the center as significator represents not only our Higher Self, but also Elemental Air, Fire and Water which comprise the BiFrost Bridge, the bridge which joins our nonphysical and physical self.

In the position of Spirit sits Kenaz, the Torch, a Fire element rune. I view Spirit as our Higher Self in play. It’s our transcendent self that nurtures and guides us if we would only align and listen. Kenaz is the rune of openings, transforming our creative energies as it purifies and brings spirtual enlightenment. Awareness and increased intuition are in play when Kenaz appears in a reading and in the position of Spirit, suggests that it’s our beginning point. Be aware, listen to our intuition, feel our gut response. It’s telling the significator, Algiz, to center, align and know.

Uruz, a Water element rune, strengthens the position of Elemental Water. As the archetypal pattern of creation, the energy of Uruz dares to flow downward into manifestation, into form. The movement of water can bring about gradual change, but can also destroy. The emotional resonance of the significator can either bring change that is subtle, or extreme. Remain calm amid the chaos if possible, leaving little, if not no, impact.

Ansuz, an Air element rune, interacts with Elemental Fire, increasing clarity and passion. Ansuz invokes the significator’s divinity within. As Odin’s rune, Ansuz is the force of creation. As it interacts with Fire, it promotes positive communication, confidence and wisdom. The mind rune, Ansuz brings both Air and Fire together, activating our will, and invoking an unstoppable creative force.

The position of Earth is represented by Fehu, both an Earth and Fire element rune. Fehu manifests wealth through productive energy. By itself, Fehu can be used in ritual to send energy, and to advance projects to their next phase. Together with other runes, Fehu can increase their effect. Fehu reminds the significator that grounding is part of alignment, and that we’re here to create.

Elemental Air is represented by the Fire element rune, Nauthiz. Again, our passion and will are influenced by our intellect. Traditionally a Norn rune depicted by Skuld, who represents the future, Nauthiz is our link between destiny’s forces. Awakening our inner will, it’s the rune of positive change, turning negative situations into positive, helping to shape our world in a productive manner. Nauthiz teaches the significator to slow down, re-think and to wait for clarity. The answers are often found within.

Algiz holds special significance for me as empath. Feeling the connection with my Higher Self as I do, Algiz represents that for me. I wear it as a talisman and use it frequently in bindrunes. It represents the elk and its connection with the Divine protects us from harm. The significator can be viewed in two ways. It can represent the individual surrounded by Elemental and Spirit influences; or, it can reflect the nature of the rune itself, in the case of Algiz, our Higher Self.

I begin interpreting the runecasting from the perspective of the individual, but then a conversation with our Higher Self is what resonated instead. Our Higher Self is reminding us to remain calm within the chaos, seeking our divinity within. Activating our will, we remain grounded in our alignment as we create new experiences. We center, align, wait for clarity, and find our answers within.

Well that was pretty cool..I really do love runes..


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How Real Do We Want To Make It?

2015-07-28 18.52.28

This always seems to happen. I’ll be struggling with a missing piece of a puzzle so to speak, and then I’m suddenly inundated with the answer. It comes in all forms, while on my daily walk, online in articles I read, or even watching television. Little moments of truth. Except this one wasn’t little.

I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles for around thirty years. I found it in the early 80’s and it has transformed the way I see everything. Not that I’m adept at seeing everything and everyone as holy extensions of Source Energy, but at least I know we all are. Abraham-Hicks explains our interaction in physical form from the perspective of the Law of Attraction. Each complements the other and to me, it feels like the Course sets the basic premise of who we are, and then Abraham explains how to navigate this experience while remaining in alignment with Source.

My issue has always been, if I am responsible for everything I see and the meaning it has, then how do I explain, let alone process, negative experiences which happen seemingly without my own involvement? How is it that we draw these things to us? Then I read a couple of quotes attributed to Abraham-Hicks that explained it. It’s not that we participate in things that then come back to us, it’s simply that we focus our attention there, active participation not required. Of course. That’s it exactly. I had always attached intention to the process and I thought I couldn’t be that dysfunctional.

If we focus in to physical form, then how is that any different than focusing our attention on something happening while here? It’s all focused attention. So I guess the question that comes to mind is, how real do we want to make it? Do we focus our attention on the drama that’s happening around us or do we focus instead on creating our experience? Focusing on the drama, from a Course perspective, leaves our focus in the past, where nothing real exists. No creativity there, just swirling energy going seemingly nowhere. Our life occurs in the present moment. That’s all there is. And each of us defines that moment because we give everything the meaning it has. Judgment reflects the past.

I don’t know, maybe empaths have an easier time adjusting to this because it validates their experience of the world. We already sense the fluidity of physical existence, experiencing the everchanging emotional resonance around us. There’s a certain sense of unreality that we feel and for me, the Course explains this well. We grow up knowing that our reference point is far greater than our physical bodies. We feel it. We also feel responsible for everything, as if it’s our job to bring clarity to every moment. Right. That won’t happen because we’re only responsible for our own experience here. We sense the connection with others and want to open channels to awakening. However, that’s not our job.

And that’s where my confusion began. I couldn’t get past the idea of intention and how that relates to the Law of Attraction. The answer is, it doesn’t. The Law of Attraction expresses indifference to what’s happening. It sees only our focus. If we’re looking too long in any one direction, we get more of what we’re seeing. It’s not that we’re asking for more, it’s only that we looked too long at it. And then we’re off and running, trying to figure out how we got there.

Wow. With that concept finally hitting home, every piece of responsibility that I carried for no reason at all left. Every time I try to put some of it back, it won’t let me. The Course says that “I need do nothing” and that’s true. Empaths cannot be lookey-loos. We become stuck in the sticky icky, making everything more real than it ever needs to be. We undertake an exhaustive task by responding to everything that comes at us. We forget that what comes at us is someone else’s expression, and as tempting as it is to dive right into it with them, it’s best to look away..quickly. As justified as we might feel, that’s the ego’s influence tapping us on the shoulder, and not our Higher Self at work.

We need to stay in the resonance of our Higher Self. Begin there. Each of us is here doing what we came here to do. While that may seem problematic at times, there’s always something to take from the experience, even if only an opportunity not to judge. And if we get off course, which we will, let’s begin by not judging ourselves.

~Blessed Be


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Thoth Influences of the Day

Thoth infl 7152015


The Thoth deck is my favorite. I love how the artist, Lady Frieda Harris, uses color to illustrate the energy flow of each card. Apparently this deck isn’t for everyone because typically tarot images are more pictorial in other decks and therefore more easily relatable and understandable. This deck takes a leap of faith in a way. I’ve read various books on interpretation of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck, and find them interesting because many of the interpretations resonate intuitively. Having said that, I don’t necessarily agree with Crowley’s sometimes pessimistic view of things. I view both tarot and runes as a method of looking at energetic influences. I try not to ascribe any more meaning to them than that. Each of us creates our reality and divination tools such as tarot or runes help us stay aligned on the path as we go about our day. It’s when we become too focused on the world around us that we lose our alignment and things get dicey.

First off, we see there is one Trump and two Court cards. I view the Trumps, or Major Arcana cards, as soul archetype cards. When one appears, it’s our Higher Self that’s speaking and we need to pay attention to that more than any other card(s) in the spread. Also, the numerology of the card is a factor as well.

The Chariot represents mastery and strength, movement and balance. The rider knows when to take control and when to surrender to the process at hand. The seventh card of the Major Arcana, the Chariot suggests through our focus and will, we are well prepared to achieve our goals. Typically associated with magick, the seven itself is mystical in nature, representing our Higher Self exerting its influence over our alignment in Source, pulling us back from the abyss of the ego.

Next we have the Queen of Disks. I love how she sits there, holding a golden globe and a scepter, gazing off into the distance, appearing passive, yet she’s a Queen, so she’s a creative force to be reckoned with. She waits, ready for whatever comes her way. Understanding her receptivity, she gives nothing away, aligned in her stillpoint, aware of everything.

The Princess of Wands rides the energy of the Fire element, moving nonresistantly, effortlessly, as she rides that wave of leaping flames higher and higher. She is kundalini rising. I love the Princesses in the Thoth deck. Lady Harris perfectly captures their essence. When this Princess goes too far, she can be self-absorbed and shallow, a regular energy vampire, so using all that energy requires some balance and wisdom.

So what we have here is the Higher Self suggesting that we need to learn when to take control and when to surrender, with the Court cards illustrating what that might look like in practice. Use the energy of the Princess of Wands to accomplish your tasks and create your future, but do so with some reflection along the way. It’s too easy to become caught up in the subjective energy of ego. Taking time, even a few minutes, for listening to your inner voice can make all the difference when finding your balance and alignment.

See why I love the Thoth Tarot!!!

~Blessed Be!