The Will And The Path Ahead

I like using non-traditional Tarot decks. They reflect the author’s perceptions and it’s interesting to see how their depictions correspond with traditional interpretations. My favorite is Crowley’s Thoth deck but the one I’m using today, The Wild Unknown Tarot deck, is hand-drawn, full of interesting lines, and replaces people with wildlife and I really like […]

Trusting The Process With Strength Found Within ~ Tarot for 19 Mar 2017

The Knight gathers strength as he sits atop his steed holding a golden pentacle in preparation for a new journey. The Knight of Pentacles is practical and trustworthy, living his life with purpose and integrity. His appearance in a reading can also suggest movement of a financial nature, positive and hopeful. The significator for the reading, […]

The Power Within

The Power Within ~ Rune and Tarot for 19 Dec 2016

The power within to transform the structure of our lives is represented by the Four of Stones. A suit of Elemental Earth, Stones represents our physical presence and relationship with the Earth. From the Haindl deck, it’s another in a varied expression of this suit, Pentacles, Coins, Disks among its other names. A generally positive […]

Manifesting Higher Self

Manifesting Higher Self ~ A Bindrune for 15 Dec 2016

If the election stands as it is, then we’ll all need to be fully present in Higher Self in order that we get through all of it. Some runecasters choose the runes they use for a bindrune. I prefer to pose the question and then cast the runes to create the bindrune. The runes never […]

Higher Self Over Tradition ~ Rune & Tarot for 5 Dec 2016

The Hierophant is placed in the position of significator for today’s rune and tarot reading. He sits between the pillars of Mercy and Severity, knowledge, structure, and tradition represented by the staff in his left hand. Two keys cross at his feet suggesting balance. Although the Hierophant possesses divine wisdom, there is always another perspective, […]


Runecasting: A Witch’s Focused Presence

  Today I drew the runes and cast them intuitively without using an existing spread. Initially, I drew Dagaz, Isa, and Othala followed by Berkano, Sowilo, and Thurisaz. Because it felt like there was a connection missing, I drew Fehu to place in the middle. Fehu is considered a sending rune in that it is catalytic […]

thoth tarot

Thoth Tarot: Aligning in Higher Self Presence

    I love the Thoth Tarot. It’s my favorite deck although my new Haindl deck is a close second. In  today’s reading, the Princess of Swords is followed by two cards from the Major Arcana: Adjustment and The Hermit. With the Princess of Swords, we have woman who takes risks and seeks adventure. A natural […]

Source Vision: a Runecasting

  I really like this type of spread. There are other spreads like it, but I came up with this one during a 3 card Tarot spread. I wanted a little more information, and I ended up adding three more cards. The lowest line reflects either unconscious or hidden influences. The middle two runes either […]

Runecasting: Pentagram Spread

  I love this set of opalite runes. Opal is my birthstone, and these are so delicate and feminine and feel wonderful in my hands. I like the pentagram spread for elemental influences. From the top, Kenaz sits in the position of Spirit. Moving to the right, Uruz represents Water. Continuing downward, Ansuz represents Fire, […]

How Real Do We Want To Make It?

This always seems to happen. I’ll be struggling with a missing piece of a puzzle so to speak, and then I’m suddenly inundated with the answer. It comes in all forms, while on my daily walk, online in articles I read, or even watching television. Little moments of truth. Except this one wasn’t little. I’ve […]